John Paul taking a tree down, bench area November File Photo KDG Photo KDG

John Paul taking a tree down, bench area November File Photo KDG

The forest service requires something called a pre-harvest siliva-culture prescription before logging plans can be approved by mills. Starting in May of most years some crews are about Merritt to plant trees. One time catch phrases such as Weyerhaeuser’s  We plant two trees for everyone one we harvest have not rung aloud as much as in previous decades. Regulation seems to have taken over a little from public relations.

There are tree-planters at work this summer in the Black Diamond Ranch area by Brookmere in the Coquihalla, one from Salmon Arm, an immigrant from eastern Europe  says that it is possible to plant 3000 a day at piece work rates. A long slender shovel blade distinguishes them from other forestry workers.

The Merritt Desert Inn is an annual venue for a Tree Planters Ball that sees many dress up in costume for a night of hilarity. The Ball was held in June this year and a management source at the Desert Inn said there were few planters this time and she knows of none at this writing.

Weyerhaeuser (pronounced “Warehouser[4]) is one of the world’s largest private owners of timberlands. It owns or controls more than 6 million acres of timberlands, primarily in the U.S., and manages another 14 million acres under long-term licenses in Canada. The company also manufactures wood and cellulose fiber products. Weyerhaeuser is a real estate investment trust.[2] source wikipedia 

A logger sports day in forestry week is on the agenda for Merritt this year, celebrating forestry week September 23rd-25th 2016. Billed as West Coast Lumberjack Show, it will feature a chainsaw carving competition. By two Carver Kings as seen on HGTV. The show will include will be forestry logging equipment displays and a big rig show and shine.

Forestry week was observed with a parade in recent years and the Fall Fair grounds sported two high spars for climbing competitions. Climbing with spurs was a skill that hydro, telephone and loggers practiced at work.

On this Day: July 12th 1971

The Australian Aboriginal flag flies for the first time.