Film Review: Mr. Brooks: A response.

Kevin Costner, Demi Moore, Dane Cook, and William Hurt:  DVD 2007

Restricted: over 18

The quest for empowerment goes awry with some people. Decision making that comes close to divine is that of life and death. Not a doctor then maybe serial killing will make your emotional need to decide valid. Outsmart the police and once again you are the decision maker. The protagonist in this film is all of that and more with an alter-ego named Marshall they conspire to end life in a dramatic and artistic way. Things go a fowl when an upstart finds out and wants in. The plot becomes more twisted when the taste is thought to be in the genes as and other family member takes it up.

Set in the urban jungle watching this you will understand stalking and terror although no torture or games with this psycho just the clean business of killing for the thrill of the power. Copy cats need not see this film and nor should the desperate for empowerment; as the film could be inspirational.

To respond to this work we think that it was well done and the catharsis is the kicker.  The last death is that of his own and then…. He wakes from a dream with the last word coming from his alter ego Marshal l “why do you resist me” .Was the whole thing a dream? Was the alter ego the only real thing afflicting the person or was the pray to god, attend AA, and fabulously successful business man, serial killer protagonist the real deal, and that raises the question is he or others like him out there.

Why does he resist him, that’s easy ,something to lose, like all of us he has something to lose by not resisting that out ways the addiction.

For a life lesson on valuing your assets, relationships and personal safety this film rates: Good:

Mr. Brooks is available on Netflix films, now in Canada. One month free trail gets you immediate streaming 7.99 a month thereafter all the movies you want.

Restaurant Review: Lads Restaurant Voght Street, Merritt B.C.

This is a mom and son operation, it is clean and spacious up to about 50 people. The decorum is not intimate but open and is interestingly displaying local art and pictures.

The chili in a bread bowl I tried  for around 8 dollars was a family handed down recipe and served in a mild but tangy level of spices , and accompanying  chipotles sauce is a creation of Chef Allen’s and both the sauce and the Chili can be upgraded for spiciness on demand. The proprietors say that it was hard won by being applied as a real time Chuck-Wagon staple and Cow Camp regular; all according to the Proprietor. The owner says they will guarantee your taste buds a pleasant adventure.

The till receipt for a light supper including a small scoop of house made vanilla ice cream and about four table spoons of house made Saskatchewan apple crisp  and a small pot of coffee came to  $12.88 including a 12 percent tax. The restaurant is at 3581 Voght Street Merritt at the top of the hill with a great view to the south and the near coast range sub –mountains. Rates: *** A bit above average. Great value and friendly people.

August 12 2011,Lads restaurant is closed as of this today and not in business as a water leak caused a mold problem and has made continuation at hat location impractical. The owners are considering options.

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