July 2018

The week that was July 14th, Merritt British Columbia, Ca

The A & W has a free root beer offer on for today, the city has one location it is in the downtown part of the city a block from the Saturday farmers market. The Chamber has a Friday evening open market from 6-9 PM all summer and there is music in the park in the downtown Rotary park Thursdays all seem to conspire to a concert of activities for tourist and local alike.

A big old Canadian  Beaver is back in the river close to the Voght street bridge. A big slap of its tail signals is disdain for watchers however you can often see him from the Desert in parking lot or the little parks close to the bridge if you make no sudden movements. He had been absent since high water in June, its good to see him back.

Merritt weather is extremely good with long range forecasts near straight lines showing daytime temperatures just under 30 degrees C and over night lows straight line for low teens.

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The week that was July 7th. Merritt, British Columbia. Ca

The city and chamber have a Friday evening Market for the summer. From 6-8 PM Fridays the market has the block between CIBC and the Royal Bank downtown Merritt on Quilchena avenue. Last evening the event premiered with many downtown business front doors open as well, including the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame, Blacks Pharmacy, and other concerns in the 2000 block. The event also included vintage automobiles and some government services.

The farmers market is on today , a source says that  cabbages are coming soon Romine lettuce is now on the table. The market has items that are farm to table and often organic. Saturdays 10-2PM in the shaded parking lot on Voght downtown next to the tourist info center 2202 Voght, One new fast charger and one 70 amp EV charger available.

Tom Reynolds was at the evening market selling personal items and advertising for the Merritt Country Run that is held in September, the organization raises money for disadvantaged kids that to participate in things like sports. Tom is a retired city administrator.

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June 2018

The week that was June 30th, Merritt, British Columbia, CA

Construction was stared on Monday to the street lights on the corner of Voght and Nicola Avenue. Holes are dug back from the existing light poles on the corners that control walking lights, they expose old  infrastructure set back from the corner. The intersection had work recently completed as the Nicola avenue underwent a major upgrade. A heritage building is built out to the opposing corner off Nicola that creates a blind for traffic coming north on Voght. The heritage building is receiving new widows at this writing on the second floor. A new business is having its grand opening on the Canada day. It is a cultural first nations art business the two other tenants also have first nations service as their main concern.

Posters are up about town for the annual Art Walk, the walk features local artists at business locations. The show starts on the 3rd with passports at locations. Art walk is a partnership with the local  chamber and the arts council. There are 19 artists involved and the Old Court House Gallery has complementing show starting July 4th to the 29 th .  Show

The Valley is enjoying moderate weather and rain fall this summer with the forest fire hazard level being reduced to moderate during the week.Danger

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The week that was June 23rd,Merritt, British Columbia, Ca

The high school graduation class had their march to the Nicola Valley Memorial Arena Friday. The parade was headed by two scarlet tunic wearing  members of the RCMP. A female and a member of a visible minority lead the 99 grads to the service doors of the arena to begin the ceremony to leave grade school. Ron Brown the elderly, retired businessman, CAF sergeant, insurance broker and travel agent was there to wish his God daughter well. Ron was also the retuning officer for elections Canada here for a number of years.

The committee on flood control headed by Nick Beers is near completion of removing sandbags from the spring runoff . There was a severe weather warning for 25 MM rain per hour and thunder storms, the thunder and rain while heavy didn’t last long, resulting in some pools in parking lots in low places.

Thursday saw the indigenous people celebrate their day at central park. The event was on the Nicola river and enjoyed the water park ( new rubber matting by recycled car tires society of BC) and the use of the Princess Dianna memorial band shell.

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The week that was June 16th,Merritt, British Columbia, Ca

The City has made a committee up to come up with a timely action plan for flood intervention. After two years if watching high waters ,  we need an action says Mayor Menard. Nick Beers a long time contractor and minor hockey coach has headed a group to do that. There has been a lot of backlash against the runoff intervention by authorities here.

The court house gallery ended its latest showing  show Into The Valley by Natalie Rostad Desjarlais and Pauline Ouellet. Both artist expressed satisfaction with the showing. The rock paintings of  note and embedded faces and figures in oils drew comments. Paintings of U2 celebs by Natalie Rostad Desjarlais made a good balance between two cultures in the showing.

Happy Fathers day weekend to all you!

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The week was June 9th, Merritt, British Columbia, Ca

The Nicola Naturalists had their last presentation meeting of the season on Wednesday night. Dave Manning talked about Vultures in BC.  ” I don’t believe BC was the bird historical range’ Dave asserted without reference to global warming. Dave said that there are 3  members , Condor, Black, and Turkey.  The book The Old Man and the Vultures was presented for sale at the meeting. Dave is from Pender Island on Vancouver Island, he showed pictures of turkey Vultures  Kettleing and watching in a Venue.

Starbucks renovation is progressing and is expected to be open by July 1st. The renovation will include an addition to the number of washrooms.

The First Nations students of School District 58 Merritt Similkameen  had a graduation at the Merritt Civic Center Friday at 5:30. They had their 7th annual Pow Wow in May and have many observances  including culture camps, and aboriginal day.

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The week that was June 2nd,Merritt British Columbia, Ca

The fire hazard for the area went down to moderate from extreme this week. green succulents are doing well along with overnight temperatures being in the single digits.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation had its big bike ride for heart health awareness. four teams of riders, Coopers foods, Credit union, Merritt fire and rescue, and Community futures took the 18 passage peddle bike about the town. The RCMP was short staff to escort them across major roads so the group stuck to Merritt avenue and some residential streets.

The Merritt Starbucks are open after having to put ” all new plumbing “into their trailer. There are two trailers set up to service coffee sales while a complete gutting of the store and renovation to another theme is taking place.

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May 2018

The week that was May 26th, Merritt British Columbia, Ca

The high water is much abated at this writing, occupancy was granted to 2325 Garcia on Friday the building had been under an evacuation order since the 17th. Two basement units remain under restricted access. There were nearly 30 people from the Bedford apartment complex under order ( life endangering).

Starbucks is under renovation the outlet on the off the highway 5 exit Voght street is being totally gutted and redone. A trailer brought on site to serve coffee was not in operation on Thursday but expected to be soon after. A source says some pipes suffered freezing from storage last winter.

The Court House Gallery had its artist reception on Friday, a pair of women are presenting at the 1840 Nicola Avenue until June 16th. Natalie Rostad Desjarlais and Pauline Ouellet are calling the show Into the Valley Spirit, energy, and Life. the gallery is open Thursday-Saturday noon to 6PM

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The week that was May 19th, Merritt, British Columbia, Ca

The authorities evacuated two buildings of the Bedford apartments complex on Thursday. The Nicola Meadows assisted living complex was also evacuated this week to the new Best Western Inn on the high ground off Highway 5A leaving Merritt to the North. The evacuation center  know as the Cadet hall on Coldwater Avenue takes registrations of those ordered out registrations for people and facilitates Emergency Social Assistance for rooms and meals.

The Farmers Market had its official opening day of the season today at the arena parking lot. Honey from the Grimshire apiary garnered comments from buyers. The family run artisan business also sells at the Olde Court House Gallery.

The Nicola Naturalists had there May meeting featuring a government agrologist talking on government range licences. Philip  Gyug presented  the structure and mission of his job with government range use and regulation.

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The week that was May 12th, Merritt, British Columbia, Ca

The Voght Street bridge was closed to vehicle traffic today as water on the highway was being managed at the corner to the city park and the Nicola river. Water levels in the Nicola river are encroaching on the Desert Inn parking lot.

The regional district toxic substance free pick up went on today to 3 PM,the free dump day was rescheduled to June  16th 17th due to traffic concerns in Lower Nicola due to run off.

Three keen booth operators were at the start of the Farmers market next to 2202  street even though the day had been cancelled  by the organization. The farmers market is a registered society and operates May to October Saturdays 9 AM to 2 PM. Run off concerns occupied the president in his farm in Lower Nicola. It is expected to be in operation next Saturday.

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The week that was May 5th, Merritt, British Columbia, Ca

The contractors turned over the building extension at NVIT on Monday. The extension includes a Sustainability Center and completes in most the circle of the complex. The extension also has a ground water thermal heating system. Garth the IT guy at the school says that the original building was wired for low voltage computer draws.

Water levels are up on the local rivers here and the river ranch fields are beginning to fill. The ranch lost its crop of cow corn last year from water damage. Little sandbagging of the river is evident at this writing. Flows are controlled from a dam on Nicola Lake. Buds have burst about the valley giving a happy concert to frogs and birds of many kinds.

Rich Hodgson has resigned his membership in the local Rotary organization citing his work with the Nicola Valley Community Theater project as a priority. rich is a retired forester and public health advocate.

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April 2018

The week that was April 28th, Merritt, British Columbia, Ca


School district 58 had its artist reception on Thursday, the district had an arts festival and all grades contributed filling the Old Court House Gallery and the foyer of the Civic center with pictures and craft. The show goes on until May 12th.

Water levels are rising in the local rivers with some warm weather this week, no sand bags have been placed as yet. The drought level is showing normal water table levels.

Repairs at e under way to the Mongo restaurant on Garcia. The Mongolian food out let was in a fire last month, Although damage was not extensive the apartment above and the business is undergoing a” total gutting”

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The Week that was April 21st, Merritt British Columbia, Ca

The Nicola Valley Institute of Technology is into its second week of it displaying of the residential school experience.  There are numbers of  photos displayed of First Nations children in residential schools. The federal NDP party is talking about a private members bill to ask the Pope for and apology.  The motion has been blocked by a conservative MP, private members bills require unanimous  consent to be heard. NVIT is located top of the hill Belshaw avenue in Merritt . They also have a campus in Vancouver.

No visible support for 420 was apparent in public places in Merritt.

Earth Day is tomorrow, and the ospreys are back and nesting at the highway 8 entrance to Merritt.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.

The Week that was April 15th, Merritt British Columbia, Ca

Constable John a tall, dark member of the RCMP that is at the local Starbucks from time to time, said that the Mounties famed musical ride is coming this summer. The constable said to Rich Hodgsen that he was willing to speak to the local Rotarians about the event. Rich is a member of rotary and on checking the schedule for the ride they are booked for August 7th here in Merritt, and are sponsored by the local rotary bunch. The last time the ride was performed here was the summer of 1988 at the local Rodeo grounds.

The City workers were preparing the flower beds this week; a real effort is put into city flowers for the summer season. The downtown tourist info center has a new employee Debbie Griffiths, will be part of the public garden staff at 2022 Voght street. May   brings  a  visual show of flowers and ground covers.

Colin Gage is finishing off his landscaping on the old Schuring house that he purchased last this winter. Numbers of truck loads of fill from a sewer and water upgrade on Coldwater avenue were hauled into the property to build up the grounds of the property above the high water levels of the Nicola river.

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The week that was April 7th Merritt British Columbia, Ca

There was an apartment fire in the upper level of the commercial building on the corner of Garcia and Nicola on Saturday. Two engines had responded however the fire was put out by a ladder and hose from a hydrant across  the street. A depot of oxygen and welding gas at an industrial supply business next door was not considered a risk and the fire was quickly dealt with.

The Merritt Centennials are had a camp at the Nicola Valley Memorial Arena on the weekend. The camps purpose was try outs for the 2018/19 season. The BCHL hockey team is the longest franchise in the province going back more then 4 decades.

There is a concern for the conservation of game fish in the Valley, more restrictions have been put on local lakes. An example is Courtney Lake 1 fish limit over 20 inches.  The regulated lake is one of many were catch’s have been limited  and methods regulated.  It is necessary to check regulations lake by lake to avoid fines.

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March 2018

The week that was March 31st Merritt, British Columbia, Ca

Wyatt Collins the 20 year artist with severe autism has sold two pieces at the March art show Court House Gallery in Merritt. A graduate of Merritt Secondary School Wyatt has a number of guests in the show with him. the pieces Wyatt sold are wood framed cardboard (recycle type ) in in abstract leaving a feeling of ecology and painted sublime. The two pieces sold for 150 dollars each.

Rich Hodgson is recently back from a two week holiday in the sandwich islands.         Rich is a principal in the Nicola Valley Community Theater society and is engaged in a project to raise money and support for a new downtown theater.  Rich compared a visit to Nova Scotia and the home of Alexander Graham Bell as an experience worth having. He compared the real time trip to media surfing and the dislocation it does.

A contractor is building up the old Schuring house on the north side of Garcia street in the 2300 block. The house has also had electrical and mechanical work done in the recent weeks. The property received some flood damage last spring and was purchased by Dr. Collen Gage and local chiropractor and business owner. The home circa 1920s is a large stucco covered natural wood interior house with three city lots. the Schuring family had a honey business and numbers of retail and restaurant concerns in Merritt’s downtown core.

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The week that was March 24th Merritt, British Columbia, Ca

The first week of spring saw little  change to weather. Longer days and strength in the sun has produced some wild flowers in Lower Nicola a small community about 6 KM to the west of Merritt. The local garden society had their AGM  and seed swap on the 21st  at the public library. Sandy Curnew the manager at the Baillie house downtown tourist center said she had all the seeds she wanted before coming to the AGM. Sandy also does manage the public garden at the facility located 2202 Voght street.

The Court House Gallery is having a showing of abstract art by a local young man named  Wyatt Collins The artist is a twenty year old autistic man with community support. He is a graduate of Merritt Secondary School. The show runs to April 7th, 1840 Nicola Avenue in Merritt.

There is a new quick charger at the EV station on Vought street. Clearly marked as BC Hydro the unit has two charge cords. There are 1000 public EV charging stations in BC. BC Hydro estimates the cost of charging a Nissan leaf at home is 2 dollars. The Vought street new charger is one of 30 quick chargers that can charge a car in about a half hour. There is  also 9 Tesla quick chargers in the province. Photo

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The week that was March 17th Merritt British Columbia, Ca

The Nicola Naturalists had their presentation on fire ecologies of  Southern BC  on Thursday. Don Grayton made the point that fuel remains in the forest from the  good job the forest service has done in putting out fires. A five to 35 year cycle of natural fire had cleared undergrowth and there-bye fuel for eons of time has been broken by the need to preserve infrastructure from destruction. Photos showing the fire proof large trees with little fuel an d low branches were the natural result of fire in the province before suppression was a public demand, ( Smokey the bear).Editors note: The presenters name  was Don Gayton, an ecological consultant from Summerland BC.

A Colletville resident said that his 350 dollar a year charge for water and sewer hook up has ended after the term expired. The small unincorporated community to the south of Merritt was brought into the city more then a decade ago and went on Merritt community water and sewer. The area is also the site of the Collet Ranch an historic pioneer family the raised cattle. The ranch also has been used to raise bison.

A 20 year old severe autistic man is presenting his art at the court house gallery this month. Wyatts World  displays the creativity of Wyatt Collins and guests from March 15th to April 7th 2018, 1840 Nicola Avenue in Merritt.

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The Week that was March 10th , Merritt British Columbia, Ca

The local BCHL hockey team, the Merritt Centennials was put out of the playoffs on Wednesday night by the Wennachee Wild team from Washington state. The series ended with four straight loses delivered by the wilds.

The local Merritt Herald news paper published the fact that the city has a budget set aside to have turn lanes at the Nicola Voght intersection. This after the death of a 92 year old women pedestrian  when struck by a vehicle  in the area . No indication if there was a cause and effect to the accident.

Clocks go ahead an hour tonight.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The Week that was March 3rd , Merritt British Columbia, Ca

The Merritt Green Energy Plant is being turned over to the operators from Iberdrola the builder. A source says that in two weeks he will be finished here and is returning to Mexico in readiness for his next project. The company is expected to send him to another country Israel, Arabia or his home country of Mexico to construct another plant. Iberdrola is a Spanish company that has made electric generation plants around the world. Iberdrola

The Coquihalla highway has been closed numbers of times in the past week. Snow and windy conditions make driving a challenge resulting in a number of accidents. Consult Drive BC to be sure that your vehicle is legally equipped to be on that highway.

The extension to the local community college is progressing with an expected completion at the end of April. NVIT Nicola Valley Institute of Technology is a provincial public school with university  transfer and technical certificate and diploma offerings. The school has an emphasis on aboriginal peoples. It has been in operation here for more than three decades, starting out in store fronts and an unused rural grade school. The expansion completes the circle of buildings at the Belshaw avenue campus .

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

February 2018

The Week that was February 24th, Merritt British Columbia, Ca

The real estate company Royal Lepage moved in to its new office above  on the corner of Voght and Walters. The company renovated the once police station and put wood panel floors making a spacious and clean office. A grand opening is expected at some point.

The museum and archives had an open house on Thursday. The museum is in the Seniors complex behind the Coopers of Garcia St. Murphy Shewchuck a long time free lance writer  and Merritt Mayor Neil Menard were in attendance. The collection local pioneers models of the industries at the turn  of the 20 century to the Craigmont mines era. Aboriginal personalities. Dry goods, ranch tools , grist mills medical and religious artifacts.

The Merritt Centennials hockey team will finish it’s regular season this week and is in the playoffs. The team is on a 3 game win streak going into a game in  Langley at 7 PM tonight. The Merritt Centennials (24-26-5-2)  know their opponent for the first round for the 2018 Fred Page Cup playoffs, it is the Wenatchee Wild. from Washington state.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.

The Week that was February 17th, Merritt British Columbia, Ca

The Nicola Naturalists had their monthly meeting on Thursday, Bruce Walter presented his collection of photos to the group. The digital array was mostly of local forest, mountains and trails. Bruce likes to shot in full pixel and uses Photoshop to work the photos after being taken. Bruce is about to be  retired from the forestry and intends to devote more time to his photo collection. There was agreement from the bunch that modern digital equipment can result in multiple tens of thousands of photos without much difficulty. Bruce had a reasonable selection of his work to share. At the presentation was freelance photo journalist Murphy Shewchuck and Alan Burger fresh from his return from Antarctica.

The Merritt Centennials played Chilliwack on Friday winning 5-2. They have 4 more games to play in the regular season however a source says that they have secured a playoff spot.

A severe weather warning is in effect here and at his writing there is about 7 inches of fresh snow on the ground, with more to come. See drive BC for travel warnings.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.

The Week that was February 10th, Merritt British Columbia, Ca

Rich Hodgson of the Nicola Valley Community Theater Society says they have financial support coming from the Province  “Its a small amount, but we now have a lawyer from the east coast who is confident that we can have charitable status and he will apply for it” the society has plans to build a downtown theater facility near the Coopers mall of Garcia Street.

Franz Reuters a former professor from the University of Toronto, and adventurer that spend a lot of time in Africa presented slides from a recent trip to Chad. The 20 day safari across desert conditions saw many challenges and romantic images of camels, natural vistas, buildings and peoples. Franz came to Merritt in 1981 and worked in forestry, he made the point that the use of firewood and its dependence was severe amongst the peoples of the desert areas.

Gasoline prices are at $1.22.9 cents a liter in Merritt that’s up from the summertime  and down a nickel from last week. Distillates are said to be up at refineries, that includes gasoline as a by-product of refining fuels such as or heating oil, or bunker oil. The price is nearly a dime under the BC average and prices are trending up. This is in part due to profit for oil producers.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

February 2018

The week that was February 3rd, Merritt British Columbia, Ca

The court house gallery has its artist reception on Friday. The February show is the annual community show. Local artists Gale Simpson, Pious Chong, and Joel Reid are entered. The Gallery is open noon to 6 PM, Thursday through Saturday.

Rich Hodgson says that the Nicola Valley Community Theater Society has gotten 500 thousand dollars of funding for the project. The funding came from the Rural dividend program of the provincial government. It recently had its 4rth offering.

Slip and slide is a concern down town as snow over ice makes for hidden hazards. DR. Glen Carlson found himself seeking treatment at the local emergency ward on Thursday.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was January 27th, Merritt, British Columbia, Ca

A blue Kenworth logging truck  marked 17 clipped a GMC 2500 series pick up in the intersection of Voght and Nicola on Thursday. The pick-up was in the intersection turning left when the fully loaded logging truck  clipped it making a very loud crashing sound. The impact resulted in the front end being destroyed on the pickup. Both drivers were able to leave the vehicles and were not visibly  shaken. Sorry said the 30 something women to the bearded trucker.   Does any one have a phone The light was yellow and I thought you were stopping. We can not say what the color of the lights as we were about  100 yards down the block when the crash was heard.

Today the national news is reporting a crack down on people entering the cross walk while the timed count down is in place, $109.00 fine is possible. There was no one in or near the intersection on Thursday.

Friday afternoon saw 5 police vehicles in the 711 parking lot and responding to a situation at the next door extreme weather shelter. A young man was in handcuffs in the back of one of the SUVs. A source at the shelter told us that the problem was taken care of.

A snow warning is on for today with heavy snow falling in the valley and surrounding hills, the expectation is for more then 20 centimeters.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.

The week that was January 20th, Merritt, British Columbia, Ca

A commissioning company is in town working on the Trans Mountain compressor station at Kingsvale. The worker from the east coast is driving an Alberta plated pickup and staying the new Comfort Inn. The company truck says Soucon  Commissioning on its tailgate. The man wears a jacket boasting a million hrs free of lost time accidents. He speaks of Savona as a pipeline presence.

The Nicola Naturalists had their monthly meeting on Wednesday with Jessica Urquart presenting the Nicola Tribal Association and its Salmon monitoring  and enhancing program. The placing of trees and rocks to form pools for fish and a trap for catching and examining returns were shown on power point, as well as the returns to the Coldwater and Nicola river.   When we get more then 40 Cohos we are excited, we are  excited she said. The Valley is serviced by a fish hatchery at Spious Creek, the hatchery raises and releases Coho and Chinook Salmon.

Ed Morris a retired worker from the cities waste plant says that we was responsible to record weather daily, I did that for 20 years he said. Ed agreed that the proximity to low land and the river gives a warmer temperature then higher on open terrain. The college at the top of the hill on Belshaw avenue has a weather station on its roof but is not active and short of the software to run it. There are also stations at the airstrip and at Kengard near the Nicola river in town.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG. 2degrees C raining 1-C, raining 1-21-18 4:22 PM

The week that was January 13th, Merritt, British Columba. Ca

Leonard Male a volunteer at the Baillie house and a retired man in his 7th decade said that he no longer needs his cane or walker after a rest period for hip replacement surgery. He added a vivid accounting when we related the experience of another hip treatment for Rick Gardner. Rick had said that they opened up his body a lot to do the procedure that saw the ball of his hip removed and a metal one installed. Male was objectively satisfied of the experience.

The local A and W has reduced its open time to 9 PM during the week from 10. The restaurant is an icon here as its long operating history included being owned by Del Saunders the namesake of the local air field here. Del owned another restaurant in neighbouring Vernon and used a small air plane to operate the two restaurants.

The city is on the radio reminding the public that they expect people to remove snow from walks within 24 hours of snow falls.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was January 6th Merritt British Columba. Ca

New years saw an extreme quite about with little movement of traffic, a city sponsored observance of the passing of 2017 was held at the civic center. A muffled clean and bright start to the new year was the result of snow and cold and a reserved attitude of people.

Expectations on the local junior hockey time are at a high, the oldest franchise in the BC league, the Merritt Centennials is producing a respectful and hopeful outcome for the futures of the young people playing. The next game is against Penticton on January tenth in Merritt. Game time is 7PM

The city is placing  signage about town with walking directions. A sign at the corner of Quilchena and Garcia gives distance in walking minutes to a number of places including the library, tourist info center, museum etc. A map of streets is placed in front of the Chamber  and transit office 2200 Block Voght Street. The map is held in a shelter made of  wood with a copper top. The structure has a piled and cut  softwood mosaic that compliments a recent theme for the meeting rooms at the Merritt Civic Center that sees rooms named after deciduous trees.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

December 2017

The week that was December 30th,Merritt British Columbia, Ca.

Anne Pang returned from a visit to Singapore and is back at work at the Merritt Library today. Anne originally from Singapore lives on a rural property outside Merritt with her husband Pious a renowned sculptor.  Anne said that while in Singapore she had a hair cut the cut was billed as a quick cut, 10 minutes. Branded as a K cut the Korean style cost 12 dollars.

The city bylaw for sidewalk maintenance allows for people to forgo snow removal until snow fall ends and after a weekend. Most public buildings have the snow removed from walks, however  the disabled may be challenged by snowy walks in front of some buildings. Snow accumulation a has not been an issue for some time, due climate change.

Happy  New Year and  look for a super moon on the 2nd.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was December 23rd,Merritt British Columbia, Ca.

There is a report that mill parts have left the Tolko mill site to go to two mills in Williams lake. The mill has been closed for a year . The unconfirmed report is that two ring barkers are involved.

The green energy plant was fired up for testing on Friday as smoke could be seen coming from its stack. The plant has a goal of firing up for operations at the end of February.

Temperatures are high double digits on the minus Celsius scale ( -17)  and are forecast to remain though Christmas.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was December 16th, Merritt, British Columbia, Ca

The equipment fundraiser for the expansion of the ER of the local hospital hit the half way mark of the half million dollar goal. The expansion of the local hospital is the first major one since its construction in the 1960S. Merritt is part of the Interior regional health care system with Royal inland hospital in Kamloops the anchor.

Rich Hodgson of the local community theater society says that they are sensitive to fund raise on their project while the ER project is on. He says that they are participating  however to the Rural Communities  Divided Fund 4rth intake by the Province and thinks that they may qualify  for the 3.7 million dollars needed for the construction  phase due to the closure of the Tolko saw mill. The funds usual participation is at 100  or 500 thousand dollars.

Sources say that Christmas travelers are stressed at his time and people need to be aware of dangers. Driving defensively is always a good strategy but more so at this time of year. There is no understanding for those that drive under the influence at this or any time so govern your self accordingly!

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was December 9th, Merritt, British Columbia, Ca

The local library concluded its used book sale Saturday. The sale saw ten thousand items from paperbacks , hardcovers, DVDs French, large print, withdrawn and donated offered at reasonable prices to the public. Unsold items are usually given to the local Legion .source

The Merritt Green Energy Plant is firing up next weekend as a test. The plant had some trouble with valves and needed tuning. The plant is hoped to be turned over to the operators by the contractor in February. source The plant is a 40 mega what steam generator that was made to burn green wood waste.

The arts council is having and artisan White Christmas sale to January 13th at the Old Courthouse Gallery, 1840 Nicola, in Merritt. The items for sale include local honey, purses made for leather jackets, paintings by Gale Simpson, and Joel Reid, stained glass, winter ware and others.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was December 2nd  Merritt, British Columbia, Ca

John  Kim a Korean Presbyterian minister has just returned from a month in Korea. John said at an interview at the local college library that he has an interest in ministry to first nation youth. John operates from his Bann street home in Merritt.

Harry Lali former NDP MLA was meeting with Robert Baird at Tim Hortons today. Lali and Baird have a labour background, Baird was the steelworkers president at the local Craigmont mines , Lali came from a milling labour background and was elected to a number of terms of MLA for the local riding. He also served as the highways minister in Glen Clarks government. He has joined the local community theater society and is lobbying for its construction. Lali will be attending his second meeting on the sixth of December and is wanting to give it a push.

According to Rich Hodgson a local Rotarian,activist and retired forester, a Syrian  refugee family is now living in Merritt at the 3 Eagles  social housing project Belshaw avenue. Rotary has been working for some  time to secure and participate in the crisis.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

November 2017

The week that was November 25th Merritt, British Columbia,Ca

The Christmas parade was held Thursday, according to Elf and General Manager, of Q101 Liz  Laird 50 floats took the route that lead through the downtown Quilchena avenue business area. The parade included the  Lt. Gov Judy Guichon, A hot chocolate was hosted by MLA Jackie Tegart at the Music hall of fame as well a MacDonalds Mcafe concession  gave free product out on the same block. Legend ,a Mac D’s worker from Zimbabwe   was among the servers with coffee and hot beverages  The tall Shana looking young man said that Victoria falls is worth seeing as a matter of conversation.

A bylaw for  borrowing for a second stage expansion to the local fire hall was stopped on an oversight of procedure, access to a public process of calling for a repeal by 10 percent of the electorate was deemed to have been out of the time frame called for by law. The borrowing bylaw will start again from the beginning.

The local library is putting out two truckloads of used books to sell and and  give away to the public starting next week. Meg the TNRD library head has covered the tabled books with cloth and placed signs against peeking until the sale start on the 28th. The sale continues to the 9th of December. The Library is at 1691 Garcia in Merritt.

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The week that was November 18th,Merritt British Columbia, Ca

The Nicola Naturalists had their monthly meeting Thursday and club president Alan Burger showed his slides on a recent trip to the Artic. The presentation was on East Greenland and the Islands off Norway. Burger presented many photos of flora and fauna as viewed  at the height  of summer in August Polar Bears Foxes birds were among many of the capture. Burger took a moment to express a concern over planet warming  saying that access is easier now then in the 70 year recorded weather history of the area. He pointed out that a village has had a population drop of over 50 percent from 500 to 200 in the time he has been visiting as conservation concerns support  tourism rather then resources. Burger says that he is on his way to the other Antarctic  he  in 4 weeks.

The City has put out its winter banners this week  as well bright holiday lighting on Voght street. A city worker said that they have Caribou and Elk but no Reindeer for the banners. A discussion ensued over the difference.

A barn is near completion on the Ware 5 acre farm at the end of Garcia street. The property had been rezoned to Agricultural last year from single family dwelling. The family had had trouble with a bobcat after their chickens  and had recently began farming pigs. ( since harvested)

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The  week that was  November 11th Merritt, British  Columbia, Ca

Rich Hodgson of the Nicola Valley Community Theater Society Says that they had a meeting Wednesday and there is no government funding approved for the project as yet. The group had applied to the Rural Divided fund and had received 100 thousand dollars previously. The project remains under funded however the land is owned in fee simple. He also said that former NDP cabinet minister and local MLA Harry Lali has been excepted to the board.

Sean Torgerson is about town with petition forms  to have 556  electors call a council meeting to reject city Bylaw 2223,2017 borrowing authority to fund a fire hall expansion of 2.2 million dollars over a minimum of 25 years.  The fire department had a presentation on their plans for a decontamination facility, permanent housing for work experience trainees, A short way radio tower, and a variance for set backs. The project  includes  separate facilities for female fire fighters. and more training rooms.

Weather has changed slightly this week to day time thawing and overnight lows in the single digits.

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The week that was, November 4th Merritt British Columbia, Ca.

Gasoline prices are spiked at $1.38 a liter in Merritt this weekend. The province is reporting similar rapid rises in gasoline prices.

Gordon Prosper a drilling mud tech and tar sand worker says he has work in  Fort Murray, coming in December. Prosper had not worked there for sometime and had told us before that  wages had shrunk over low periods of demand there. According to prosper . .

The local weekly is reporting that the city of Merritt gave right of way to land north of the local airstrip to Trans Mountain pipelines last  week.

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October 2017

The week that was, October 29th, Merritt, British Columbia, Ca

Ollie a person on site at the Coho study on the Coldwater river says that the water level and temperature is good for fish spawn. They have not stopped any fish as of Thursday, and are only interested in stopping Coho. The study done by the Nicola Tribal association uses a trap made from metal with pens. Ollie says also that they are sonar equipped and observed the passage of the Chinook salmon in recent weeks; “there were also some pinks.”

Al Horne finished  his series on Alexander the Great Thursday with the death of the warrior king. Objective toward a poison in a wine  used with a return toast at a dinner. He outlined the death bed journey of Alexander’s 12 day decline, (an argument against poison, some comments were, sounds like arsenic “. The world conqueror died in the second week of June 323  BC. His death prevented  his planned campaign into Arabia.

The weather here in Merritt is bright and warm with frost over night, a forecast for snow is coming next week, Thursday.

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The week that was October 14th Merritt British Columbia, Ca

Former 5 time mayor and 5 time city council, Bob Baird said that the Presbyterian church at Nicola is being painted with the  money from a Canada 150 grant. The historic church called the Murray church after its first minister was the first of its type in the interior. Located at Nicola it is near the ranch house of the Nicola Ranch and has a early court house and a store on the property. According to Baird the grave yard has as its earliest a baby the died in 1876.

The city is seeing its senior mechanic retiring, Doug Graham son of Charlie Graham of Merritt, is retiring after several decades of service.

The Nicola Naturalists  had their October meeting on Thursday. David Pitt Brooke presented slides of his 1000 kilometer walk through the Grasslands of South Central BC’s Interior grasslands. David called on the Douglass lake Cattle company to donate their ranch to the use of a national park, at the end of his presentation. He has a second book that he has published on the grasslands , titled Crossing Home Ground.

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The week that was October 14th Merritt British Columbia, Ca

The Pacific Forest Rally is on this weekend, in Merritt. Thirty one rally cars got a ceremonial start from Spirit Square at 5:30 PM Friday by Mayor Neil Menard. The rally concludes this evening at the Best Western off Voght and highway 5.

The Old police station on Voght and Walters,  street is showing a sold sign the building has been vacant for many years and was last used by a church group from Kelowna. Prior to that the building housed the Merritt News, a glacier press publication and the first sponsor of the Nicola Valley Film Society.. The Merritt news was closed along with glaciers publication the Kamloops Daily News.

The Nicola Valley Film Society elected Kathy Star to a tenth term as President and treasurer at an AGM at the public library October 10th.

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The week that was  October 7th Merritt British Columbia.

The regional district had a reception and public meet and greet Friday with cake and information on there 50 years of operation as our third level of government. The district operates libraries, garbage disposal, building inspection services, and film production support as well as many other services. Local directors at the event were Merritt Mayor Neil Menard, directors Herb Graham and Randy Murray.

Al Horne had his lecture on the life and myths of Alexander the Great on Wednesday, the four session series runs through October. Al covers a range of links and apologises, Greek, Aramaic, Babylonian and others cultures in a context for the  world conquering Alexander.

The local Junior hockey team, the Merritt Centennial’s have be on a win streak of late winning the last four  games before the game in Salmon Arm last night. Mayor Neil Menard says that he still desires them to come up to 500 hockey and win more on the road. The team lost against Salmon arm last night with their next game a road game in Prince George on the 11th,returning for a home game against Penticton on the 13th.

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September 2017

The week that was, September 30th Merritt BC.CA,


The Nicola Naturalists had their annual meeting on Thursday at the lecture theater at NVIT. There was a constitutional review to meet the societies peoples request to drop the purpose from 5 items to three. Two purpose items were accommodated in bylaw changes. A slate of directors were acclaimed after 3 calls for nominations from the floor. Alan Burger, Diana Grimshire, Norm Hansen, David Kerridge, Margeret Kerridge, Bonny Kozub, Anne Pang, Bob Scafe are the acclaimed directors from which the 2017/18 executive will come. The society will be filling with the society’s act people. An income statement showing expenses slightly over income was presented and accepted. The society remains with a cash bank asset value.

Don Gallaher from Black Diamond Alberta was here and together we attended the Rocky Mountain Ranger meet and greet reunion at the armoury in Kamloops. AGM and dinner continue today.

The city has been doing street repairs on the 1900 block of Quilchena Avenue including replacing bricks in the walk in front of Royal bank, corner of Garcia street.

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The week that was Merritt BC.CA,

September 23rd 

The NVIT people had  a tree planting to remember those that “walked before us” Elders that had past away over the thirty plus years of the operation of the community college. A sign was installed just off the north entrance of the school on Belshaw avenue listing  Fourteen elders that had passed on: Margret Tom, Lottie Lindley, May Moses, Johnny Joe, Alvin Dixon, Pat Brownlee-Baker, Bernice Squakin, Felix Squakin, Mary Coutlee, Michel Bob, Pearl Clayton, Daisy Major, Josie Saddleman, Eldon  Nast were all honored on a permanent sign and tree planting  Thursday morning.

A sign has returned outside the Merritt Civic center showing it as an emergency reception center, marking its place as it operated in the recent forest fire state of emergency. The official FS sign shows that fire hazard has dropped one place from extreme to high. The forest service sign is at the city fire station on Nicola avenue

There are street repairs and water works ongoing on Coldwater avenue dead reasoning from the mini mart off Voght park to the old armory (Elks Hall). No vehicle traffic available on those 4 blocks.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

  The  week was September 16th

 Merritt British Columbia Canada

There is a 1st annual national forest day and loggers sport day at central park today. The event features wood carving with chain saws as well as info booths.

The Nicola Valley Food bank is having a food drive about today solicitations and a plastic bag were dropped off during the week to receive non perishable food items for the centralized distribution to those between. Food banks were the brain child of the Mulrony conservative government of the 1980’s and were to be temporary. They have stuck at least here.  They are operated by volunteers.

Salmon or in the river to spawn this week and overnight temperatures are in the single digits again. No forest fire smoke is seen.

The provincial legislature is debating a budget at this time after being recalled on the 13th. The liberals have lost two members of the caucus Christie Clark resigned her seat in Kelowna and a liberal became the speaker. The budget runs out in October.

An expansion to the local hospital emergency ward is under way with a fund raising campaign board for  equipment on its front lawn,

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.

The  week was September 9th

 Merritt British Columbia Canada.

The marker on the Community Round Table’s  sign board has moved to extreme from its position of very dry. The marker on the hill going up  Voght street leaving Merritt toward  highway 5A north is visible on the right going out and is blue in colour.  Rain is trace so far today as has been most of the summer. Rain is in the forecast.

Bev Veale had her reception for her art show on Friday at the old court house gallery. The 81 year old presented a number of water colours and detailed  paintings of local landscapes, flora and fauna. Bev takes pride in the old court house gallery as one of the original drives to bring it about. Murphy Shewchuck was in attendance and is expecting his fourth book  from his publisher in his series on hiking trails the book is Kootney trails and was a collaborative work.

The work at NVIT is progressing with the floor area full of black one inch PVC lines sticking out of the ground after thermal drilling made holes to take water from the ground to the surface to exchange heat.

The assisted living comples the Florentine has a spring water problem that  caused the removal of about twenty feet of retaining wall to invest age what to do with the water.

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The week that was September 2nd

Merritt British Columbia Canada.

There is chatter about voluntary water restrictions for  up stream users of the Coldwater river. Ed Ables an official at the Cascades Forest District, BC Government was not able to confirm any mandatory restrictions. He did say that his office has reorganized to be responsible for water last year. ” Water licences and permits are our main concern.” The Cascades district office is  off Highway 5A in Merritt dead reckoning past Walmart and Boston Pizza. Merritt has experienced a near rain free summer.

Bev Veale is the featured artist at the September Court house gallery show. Bev is a member of a pioneer family here and a retired person and an enthusiastic artist. Bev was a reporter for the Merritt Herald and worked during the heady days of the Craigmont copper mines opening in the late 1950’s. The mine was considered progressive it billion pound of copper mined in trackless wide drifts that were sprayed with concrete. The mine had two customers The Japanese government and American mining and smelting.

School is back in next week, remember that speed zones will be in effect. A moments careless non observance can cause a life time of regret.

August 2017

The week that was  August 26th

 Merritt British Columbia:

The forest fire hazard level sign on Nicola has returned to extreme from high it now occupies the  highest level. The drought level sign on Voght is a at very dry leaving one position to ascend to. The water temperatures are alright in respect to fish as yet according to an source with the local tribal council.

John Kim a Korean Presbyterian  minister says that in September he is having a fellowship with 8 Vancouver based Korean church’s and 3 Chinese. The fellowship will have meetings at the arbor on the reserve at Lower Nicola Band west of Merritt.  John will also be raising a yard sale to supply  two  bursaries to NVIT students.

The Arts council and the Chamber had a wind up of the summer art walk and artistic activities at the Courthouse galley last night with live local music ad entertainment. Tom and Shirley Reynolds were in attendance as well as the chamber manager. Reynolds was the City administrator and is retired Shirley is an avid artist.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.

The week that was  August 19th

 Merritt British Columbia:

There is a multifamily yard sale outside Pharm save this morning. The staff of the pharmacy are raising money for the up and coming Terry Fox Run on September 17th. About 5 tables of new glass wear ni -nacs, helmets backpack’s are being offered by volunteers.

The forest fire risk sign has been  brought down to the High warning from extreme. This in the context of the province extending to a 3rd state of emergency period for fires to September 1st. Smoke has returned to the Valley this morning after a windy start to the weekend. Business insurance is said to kick in when an area is in evacuation alert.

Hans  Kruse a long time Nicola Valley figure and businessman is about in his Van and travel trailer , marked in red letters fresh fruit. Hans took up selling fruit at private highway locations after retiring to assisted living. Hans is the father of NHL player Paul Kruse a product of the Junior hockey system here. Hans operated HK trucking a business he expanded in the 1970s after deregulated licencing made more opportunities in the trucking industry in BC.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was  August 12th

 Merritt British Columbia:

The drought level sign board on Voght street, right hand side going up the hill past the  police station is moved up to very dry, the third position of four. Rain is expected over night but very little, slightly past measurable. At this writing the humidity  is dropping however smoke is returning to the  valley.  Tuesday also has a high probability of rain.

The price of regular gas at the Shell station off Belshaw is up to 1.15.9  a liter up 5 cents since the long weekend. They were also out of gas for more then a day last week. Prices range from a dollar 10 to a dollar 15 in the city.

Starbucks off Belshaw has added two tables in the store in Merritt. The tall 2 seat-ers  take the place of a display bin in the center of the isle. The number of washrooms remain the same.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was  August 5th

 Merritt British Columbia,

The Rockin River festival is on this weekend, with a downtown street mall taking the 1900 block of Quilchena avenue. People are talking about the Sunday star for the wind up. Eighty four year old Willie Nelson is the performer and is capturing the imagination of numbers of people and fans. Victor Coutlee a retired diamond driller was making a point of taking him in on Sunday. Victor a owner operator of a Longyear 38 drill, and a first nations fisherman has a long history in the Valley here and thinks Willie Nelson is a good choice of a windup.

Smoke fills the valley and the moon and sun appear red in the evenings. The province renewed its air quality alert  this week including the south coast. The Elephant Hill fire in Cache Creek continues to pour out smoke. The next few weeks are the usual peak of the fire season. The acreage burned is approaching the 1958 record of some 700 thousand hectares, however the  subjective value of forest is different as is the value of people property. The forecast for Sunday calls for clouds in the Nicola Valley.

The drought indicator board on the Voght street hill has climbed from normal to the next  position of 4 it had returned to normal this spring.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

July 2017

The week that was July 29th

Merritt British Columbia, Canada

The open door group had a showing and meet the artist  session last night. Cassandra Dolen presented about a dozen paintings made in interpretation of Poets. Two paintings were marked sold early in the evening. The 1200 dollar Goliath Country was the first one marked as unavailable with a red spot. The show will go on in the Brambles meeting room for the next  weeks.

Line painting has started in the City a lot later then the usual spring time. The painting trucks have begun to downtown on Garcia and Nicola and have traffic cones marking off the wet paint.

At this writing the skies are clear of smoke. Forest fire smoke had  been creeping in Thursday and Friday.  The emergency situation and evacuation notice in the district had been reapplied last week making the reception center in the city civic center active again.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was July 22

Merritt  British Columbia, Canada

The state of emergency due to wild flowers was extended by the government because of wild fire conditions. 40 thousand people have been evacuated from homes in the province. There is an emergency center at the civic center and they say that more then 150 people one day registered ” Most people were traveling with trailers and campers and chose not to use our cots” Registration made a record for separated people and authorities. The Saturday Film Boss Baby was cancelled by the rec department and the annual Provincial Ambassadors , youth program moved to the high school as it was its practice to use the civic center.

Rain fell in Merritt yesterday and the skies remain clear of smoke at this time. Fire conditions remain extreme. The local fire station has applied for a variance on set back for another expansion including a radio tower. The unit has a live in work experience program for fire persons and a bakers half dozen of them live on site for about a year per intake. The fire risk sign is on their lot in the 1700 block of Nicola Avenue.

The A and W has mailed out free root beer coupons for today; the annual Nicola Valley Classic Car show and shine is about and has a showing tomorrow. The restaurant has T shirts available for sale the representing the classic car club..

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.

The week that was July 15th

Merritt  British Columbia, Canada

There was a considerable clean up of grass and underbrush at the Nicola river bridge this week the area before the walk bridge on both sides were cut back of any tall weeds and grasses leaving a clean slope into the river and a good line of site to the picnic tables on the park side. The park had been under water in May however no real tree damage was suffered. Deer were seen walking and browsing in the river on Thursday, highlighting the difference from May to July in water levels.

Footings are seen as coming along at the 14 million dollar construction site of the new center for sustainability excellence at NVIT. The local community college is in its 4rth decade of university transfer, diploma and certificate courses. The college is at the top of the hill Belshaw avenue, Merritt BC

Gasoline is at $1.11.9 today down a cent from the week. Traffic is observed as robust.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was July 8th:

Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

Twenty eight people were evacuated to the Merritt Florentine retirement home today because of fire in Ashcroft, One man is said as to have lost all his property as his home was destroyed by fire. three others were moved in from 100 mile house. An alert for air quality was put in effect at 9: 29 for the Nicola Valley. Smoke from fires in he close community’s filled the valley until about 5:30 PM. There remains a 20 percent chance of rain for the evening. A slight breeze made the early evening here comfortable.

The Ware 5 acer farm got about a half dozen truck loads of fill delivered this week. “we are trying to build it up said Gary Ware.’ We are putting in a “swirl” said his Daughter in law Ros. The Wares had the property taken back to agri use from single family dwelling last year and experienced flooding this spring. The high water was well over the mark in recent years. The small farm has pigs chickens and turkeys in small quantities and hosts Grannies Quilting club. The couple planted a 30 thousand dollar garlic crop this spring, its condition is uncertain at this time.

The fire condition is posted as extreme at this time check government sources for fir and cooking bans.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was July 1st:

Merritt British Columbia, Canada

A crew from Matrix Diamond Drilling, 420 aspen Kamloops BC is staying at the downtown In Town Motor Inn. The drillers are operating a core drill on Swakum Mountain north of Merritt. Rob a driller says that hey want to be known for environmental sensitivity.  We take any small contaminations out to disposal, and if we find a tire we take it out of the bush. says Rob The job is HQ coring using ten foot core tubes and mud instead of grease according to Rob. They are expecting to be working for another 11 days here.

The Dog Show is on at Voght park. Saturday saw 400 of the 800 breed animals shown and judged. There are seven events with ribbons, a Karelian bear dog took top spot in the working dog class.  The show finishes up Sunday.

The Canada 150 celebration saw Central Park  host a number of activities including face painting ,cake from the Mayor games and fire truck demos, among others. A classic car club from Victoria visited as well the members are on a cross country tour after dipping their wheels in the pacific they intend to drive on to the east coast. The members spend the night at Lower Nicola. A grass fire at Lily lake gave a smoky sky late in the afternoon, the fire is since controlled. The Citys fire works were presented again at dusk.

That’s it from  Merritt this week KDG

June 2017

The week that was June 24 th:

Merritt British Columbia, Canada

The local grade school community had their grad on Friday 90 grade 12 students had a grad march that ended at the Memorial  Arena for a ceremony. The parade was headed by two scarlet clad RCMP officers.

Construction signs are up and fencing surrounds the extension of the NVIT campus, Lead Core Construction had heavy equipment leveling an area near the existing parking lot at the Belshaw street facility. The hole for the new construction is also dug. The campus is moving to completing the circle of buildings that insulate an inner arbour. The 1  million dollar construction budget was announced last year by the authorities.

The Merritt Otters swim club is hosting its swim meet at the Nicola Valley Aquatic Center this weekend. the pool had a Make Canada Work infrastructure grant to redo the roof  and is substantially complete. The swim club bills its self as  competitive , there is no minimum age for kids to join, however they must demonstrate an ability to swim across the width of  the pool to join the program. Coached by Gabriel Lee and Jenson Cavalier the club has an annual meet to compete and record records for swims. The club has a permanent bin at the local Return It, recycle depot where fundraising is available to members and supporters to drop of  bottles.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was June 17th:

Merritt British Columbia, Canada

Planting at the picnic park  at the Nicola River bridge was done this week. City crews weeded and planted the flower beds with a large white and red lily plants. Crews were also seen painting the hand rails on the bridge. Barriers to the park entrance were down and washrooms available. The park had been a focal point for people to check high water levels from the spring runoff, with some picnic table partially submerged.The high water did not take out any trees, or do visible damage to the park or  bridge.

The Nicola Valley Cruisers had a meet and dinner on Tuesday with provincial members. The classic car group has had a productive membership here for some time and enjoy a sponsorship from the local A and W. A member from Quesnel sported a 1950’s Ford convertible T Bird and said that they were continuing to Barkerville and then to Yellowknife with  the  roadster.  About a hundred  classic cars were randomly parked in the arena parking lot at 4PM and met and greeted then had dinner and were to meet again Wednesday in  Abbotsford.

The Arts council is having a body painting in central park on the 1st of July to celebrate Canada’s 150 years of confederation.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.

The week that was June 10th:

Merritt British Columbia, Canada

The barriers are back up at Lions park off Voght the barriers had been down after the Nicola rivers level fell dramatically  in recent days. Rain and the fact that snow levels are still high in the local mountains have people talking about weather.

The Secret Door Group had a new presentation at its Brambles Bakery location on Friday evening. Robert Bertrand played his guitar and harmonic to a group of artist photographers and supporters calling them self’s The World through the Lens group. The show continues for the next four weeks.

Johnny Kim had garage sale at the Crossroads community church Saturday.  The Korean protestant minister raises  money for bursaries for students at the local community college.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.

The week that was June 3rd:

Merritt British Columbia, Canada

Water has well retreated from sandbagged areas on the Nicola river, and the submerged picnic  table scale at the park at the Voght street bridge is near able to be used again. Snow pack remains visible from town looking southwest through the Coquihalla pass.


Coopers have begun to charge for grocery bags at their Rail-yard mall location. They sell reusable bags for 99 cents, Coopers were once  Overweighteas here in Merritt and remain part of the Pattison food group of companies.

Rich Hodgson of the Merritt Community Theater Society said that the group submitted an application to the governments rural development program in December for 2.7 million dollars to be managed by the city. They have heard nothing from the program and ” we are certainly eligible because of the loss of 200 jobs caused by the Tolko mill closure.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

May 2017

The week that was May 20th:

Merritt  British Columbia, Canada

Warm weather is back to Merritt this week end with high ceilings and run off from the Nicola River and Coldwater rivers seemingly continuing at a static state. The Nicola Meadows seniors home was partially evacuated last week. The home built at the end of Garcia Street had water up to in its parking lot as a result of sandbagging. Linda Epp a resident  is still at the building and the owner Vince Smallock provides a ride in his 4 wheel drive truck though a couple of hundred yards of water in the street. The other residents went to Kelowna. Linda was recently displaced from her former home by a fire.

The Farmers Market is taking advantage of the great weather by having a open house at the Voght Street Arena parking lot location downtown. The market runs from May to October Saturdays 9 -2 morning PM.

The Nicola Naturalists  had a last minute program change for the Thursday meeting.  The scheduled speaker Joanne Hales an employee of a Kamloops BC Indian Band  cancelled due to flooding of her reserve. Norm Hanson and Murphy Shewchuck filled in with  a talk on GPS. Norm gave his preference to the Universal Transverse Mercator ( UTM) system if position identification sitting that meters are better then Kings feet.” you know the distance easily” 60 zones are better then seconds to feet said Norm.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.

The week that was May 13th:

Merritt British Columbia, Canada

Flood waters came up Garcia Street to within the last 2 hundred feet of the corner of Merritt Avenue on Friday. The Nicola River is at the north end of the block with the Nicola Meadows assisted living home at near the river,flood waters took up part of the parking lot with an estimated 1.5 feet of water on the road. water reseeded in the late afternoon after never advancing past the storm drain at the Garcia Apartments 2325 building. The fact that the storm drain took the water showed that the river level were it empties into was not higher then the drain. Numbers of relatives were relieved that waters never cased an evacuation of the block.

Paul and Dorthy Molnar had their black stallion horse at the Quilchena avenue bakery on Friday night to kick off the Secret Door art show. The show this months features a rendering of art with the horse (Max) as the subject. The horse is used as a movie extra and Paul said a member of the Garwaite family has been riding him for that purpose. The Garwaite family are long time ranchers and hold the lease on the bottom land in Merritt  known as the River Ranch.

Snow is retreating up the top of Iron Mountain and remains visible at about the 4500 foot level of the 5000 foot peak. A cut line on the face  that faces Merritt is a popular thermometer for planting of gardens by locals, ” that  peak clear of snow or the long weekend in May”  is said to be reliable advise. There was a slight frost on the top of vehicles in the downtown this morning. The farmers market  has the parking lot on Voght for a preseason sale by members with about a half dozen spaces taken up.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.

The week that was May 6th:

Merritt British Columbia, Canada

Flooding of the Nicola River on Friday evening was moderate and controlled. When asked on Thursday Mayor Neil Menard said that the city was ready and ” we need to be on top of that”. Sandbags were out to control the river banks on the corner of Voght  Street. Water came up Garcia street about 200 yards causing a partial road closure. The river stopped rising  during the night and abated any alarm that the close proximity on Nicola Meadows assisted living home to the rise of water may have caused.

The Nicola Tribal Association had a fisheries course at NVIT this week. The course lasts two weeks and includes river mapping and skills. Participants included workers that had placed the trap for a Coho species study last fall on the Coldwater river.Coho Study, fall 2016

The Court house Gallery is having an artist reception at 4 PM today for three contributors to The Poetic Language of Landscape show that runs to June 3rd.The artists are Pat Peters, Cathy Stewart, Bev Biddulph. The media for the show is painting.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.

April 2017

The week that was April 29th:

Merritt British Columbia, Canada

There was a forum for the the provincial election candidates at the Merritt Civic center on Thursday evening all the four candidates were present. The forum was hosted by the Chamber of Commerce and the foyer was full of art from the elementary students of School District 58. The District was having a Canada 150 project that included art and entertainment. The election is on May 9th advanced voting starts today.

The intersection of Voght and Nicola recently had its pedestrian lights upgraded. The new signals include an orange walk signal and a white don’t walk icon they are larger and brighter then before. There are signs above the push button explaining timing and when to walk, the signs are steel and durable and securely bolted to the light post.

There is a tow truck training course going on on the  parking lot behind the Desert Inn off Merritt avenue with about 40 students from Merritt and other locations around the province. The group is recovering large vehicles form upsets today.

That’s it from Merritt KDG

The week that was April 22nd:

Merritt British Columbia, Canada

Earth Day 2017 sees the 1st anniversary of the Paris Climate Accord and its non enforceable agreement between a majority of nations. The UN brokered forum sees an increased awareness of points of view about carbon emissions. In Merritt the En corp recycle depot is celebrating with pop and donuts today as well as Johnny Kims Korean Presbyterian group of 22 Korean nationals having a yard sale for 9-1 PM today. ” we want to make it an quarterly event and provide an entrance scholarship to NVIT” Kim.

BC hydro had a two man crew on Garcia street this week  digging a 6 foot hole for their 40 foot replacement pole across from the pool. The hole was dug to replace a marked pole tagged after an internal testing some months ago. The marked poles  have a red patch and a tag to show they will be replaced . “Hydro is behind”and the crew to place the pole will likely come in June.

The Nicola Naturalists had their April meeting on Thursday ” Sharing Berried Knowledge ” saw local Brambles baker and Masters in geography candidate Sarah Desrosiers present on her work. Her work had sponsors including UBC and involved  the Arctic with berries and local people. She had an emphasis on climate change and its impact on berry health. “We detect a change in the seasonal pairing of berry growth and its pollination actuates” fly’s and insects.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was April 15th:

Merritt British Columbia, Canada

The writ for the provincial  election dropped this week , there remains 3 days to the nominate for the run. Nominated candidates in Fraser Nicola are: Arthur Green , Green party, Michael Henshall, Social Credit,Harry Lali NDP, Jackie Tegart BC Liberal. General election day is May 9th.

Rich Hogson a retired forester and a principal in the Nicola Valley Community Theater Society  said that they have not gotten any money from the Rural Communities initiative of the  provincial government. The Finance minster and the incumbent MLA visited and hosted a 40 dollar per person volunteer event in the civic center just before the May 11th writ period began.

The Nicola Avenue upgrade continues to be finished with plantings in the traffic islands. Swedish Columnar Poplar is being  placed this week ” they grow strait up” said a city worker on the parks crew.

That’s it for this week KDG.

The week that was April 8 th:

Merritt British Columbia, Canada

The Nicola Avenue upgrade that was mostly completed last fall is seeing its traffic islands plumbed for sprinkling and soil and plants added. Besides a bunch grass, a shrub tagged as Minex T-2  and  a succulent  called Sunsparkler Cherry Rant, Stone Crop Orpin is being planted.

Gene Moffatt a member of the city summer maintenance crew said that that they were hired for the summer season on April first. He also said that the washrooms at the park near the Nicola river will be open when the city is sure that freezing will not occur. He also said that the new facility in Central park near the ball field off Voght and next to the RCMP station are open now for visitors and users.

Nova Scotia transplant Robert Bertrand said that he is settling in after buying a home here. The 69 year old Musician plays guitar and harmonica at the Secret Door group artist receptions and Fridays at the Country Music Hall of Fame . He also is seeking “gigs” in Spence’s Bridge and summer music festivals in Clearwater.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.

The week that was April 1st:

Merritt British Columbia, Canada

Jamaica successfully put a man on Mars, touch down was o7:42:99999 this morning when the converted bob sled from the Calgary Olympics snagged the top of the Mars rover causing a loop around effect lasting 8 minutes. Damage was serious enough to put the escape velocity needed to return in doubt. However the crew will jury rig their medals from Olympic participation into  a sling to shoot them off after the mission ends.

The Merritt junior hockey team lost 6 to 2 in Pentiction Monday night, giving the Vees a 4 game series to their 3. The season is ended for them and an intermediate summer camp will be on the players agenda. verified.

Harry Lali  won  the nomination for the New Democrats in our Fraser Nicola riding and incumbent Jackie Tegart is mailing out re-elect brochures for the May 9th provincial election. Lali was a former cabinet member and MLA for the riding over several terms.  In Cabinet as highways minister he completed  the Okanogan connector into Merritt form the Kingsvale cut off as well as renovated the local high school.  Jackie Tegart is a 2 term MLA she calls her self a strong person and is yet to serve in Cabinet. She is hosting a volunteer  meet and greet with the provincial finance minister on the coming weekend. The evening starts at 6 PM on Friday the 7th Merritt civic center 40 dollars.

Starbucks has a new Dark Roast Coffee, Colombia Narino, chocolate, bittersweet, black walnut.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

March 2017

The week that was March 25th:

Merritt British Columbia Canada

The secret door group began a new art show at he Brambles Bakery Quilchena avenue location, a artist reception saw Tiffanee Griffiths and show partner Lenard George  Jr present paintings as well The artist reception also saw the playing of soft rock by Robert Bertrand a solo guitarist and harmonica accompany from Nova Scotia. Robert is a regular at the monthly art shows. In attendance was  Janice Antione widow of Coldwater Indian band Chief and founder of the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology and Jean Anderson mining pioneer of the Nicola Valley,  retired business women and activist for social justice. Len A. George Jr. has Dreaming Eagle Studio and bills himself as a painter carver. Tiffanee bills her self as a Canadian Environmental  Artist. the show runs for four weeks from the 24th of March.

The local BCJHL hockey team, The Merritt Centennials won a must have game in overtime last night over the visiting Pentiction Vees. The 2 to 1 score sees them go to Pentiction for a March 27th series final that could see either team advance to the next round of playoffs. The Merritt team is the longest franchise in the league going back more then 4 decades in Merritt. Listen for pre game post game and everything in between on Merritt’s own Q101 FM. Game time is 7 PM on the 27th.

People displaced from the 36 unit Kengard Manor  Apartment building met for options in the civic center and are placed in different situations  while a decision is being made about one half of the building being inhabitable. Merritt’s emergency Social Services are involved, only 3 of the 35 displaced apartments carried tenant insurance. One women a 67 year old working librarian said that she will be seeking a place in a retirement home.

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The week that was March 18th:

 Merritt British Columbia, Canada

A fire near the end of Merritt avenue  consumed most of the apartment building called Kengard Manor. The building nearing 5 decades was built as a development that saw an elementary school added to the district. The school now serves as a SCIDES facility that has reabilative learning. Smoke was visible after the lunch hour however emergency vehicles were on scene at  noon.

Ginny Prowal the junior councillor was unable to put her cell phone on airplane mode at the Thursday Naturalist meeting because of the fire and a reported developing Ice Jam on the Coldwater river east of the Voght street Green Energy Project. An ice jam caused a foot of water more then ” twenty five years ago” GP  That event  saw the construction of a dyke inside of Voght park. The city maintains a concrete removable flood wall at Voght park. the wall gives the city flexibility in managing blockages in the river.

This is the last day for the Community Art show at the Court House Gallery,  a juried panel will award 2 cash prizes today . Four items sold over the course of the show including a painting of aspen trees by Gale Simpson.   A community choice award will also be awarded by ballots collected over the show.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.

The week that was March 11th:

 Merritt British Columbia, Canada

BC Hydro crews were here this week working on a burial cable that runs by the fenced housing community on Voght and Central park. BC hydro owns all the offsite lines and poles on public property in the province and regulates the installation of poles and lines on private property by service agreements. BC Hydro is a monopoly with a non for profit mandate to utilize all water in the province for Hydro generation of electrical Power.

Chin a expatriate of China has returned from a two and a half month trip to his home land. Chin is the owner ( with partners) of a 44 unit motel in the downtown of Merritt acquired in the last few years. He says that he comes from the area of China near the  South China Sea and is fond of the historic Silk Road trade route of antiquity. When asked what is home land is like after his visit he said ” It’s getting expensive”

Snow falls are still persisting in the valley  that Merritt is in at the 700 meter level. Linda Epp a librarian at NVIT said last  year the last snow fall was  at the end of the first week of March. The forecast is for double digit  above zero highs starting on Monday of next week. Numbers of people are expressing impatience with snow conditions but not skiing fans.

That’s it from Merritt this week….

The week that was March 4rth:

 Merritt British Columbia, Canada

Gasoline prices are at $1.11.9 a liter this weekend a full nickel below the national average. Severe snow fall and cold weather forecast by the weather channel have not come as yet this weekend, however the snow was coming down on the upper level highways and conditions were visible on the provinces highway cams. A chain up notice for commercial vehicles was in effect  north of hope and little box canyon.

NVIT had an open house for the public and interested students Thursday and Friday. The school is a stable employer in Merritt and has been here for over three decades. It recently had a trades building added to its circular building plan and was opened last year by Premier Christie Clark. NVIT is a public post secondary institution and has a First Nations motif it has certificate courses in natural resources and health care as well as university transfer.

Political adds are starting in anticipation of the May provincial election. The riding here is called Fraser Nicola and is held by Liberal MLA Jackie Tegart. The government of BC legislated fixed election dates numbers of years ago. However it still has to maintain the “Confidence of the House”. http://jackietegartmla.ca/

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.

February 2017

The week that was February 25th:

Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

The Court House Gallery hosted the start of 11th annual Community Art Show for the Nicola Valley Community Arts Council last night.  The two rooms had a good representation of age and perspective in art. The youngest was a 3 year olds finger painting using bright colors it was posted by a 5 year olds triage of color and figures called metamorphosis displaying the change from a caterpillar to a butterfly. Helmut Kanduth a 75 year old naturalised immigrant from Austria had three paintings one on an old women tending her flowers outside a picket fence. The others were called the end of the road and La La land. The front room had paintings ranging from abstract to impressionist to First Nations. A piece of west coast art by Lenard George, Grandson of Chief Dan George the Canadian film star and activist was sold during  reception. The Merritt Community Quire, Ellen Nast directing, had a song recital that included its a old time favorites. The evening was capped by the local group Six more Strings, led by Bobby Garcia a descendent of the pioneer Spanish settler Jesus Garcia that first tamed the valley to ranching. Dr Glenn and Margaret Carlson were in attendance.

Deborha Merrick is reported to have fully retired from the library system. She had moved to a position of overseeing 10 small libraries in the system.  Deborha came from Quesnel and was the library head for decades here including its move and upgrade from its Granite Avenue location to its present location on Garcia street. It is said that she has plans to write a book.

Gasoline prices are at $1.12.9 a liter at this writing and have been that way for about a week. The price of gasoline includes a  revenue neutral carbon tax applied by the government of former Premier Gordon Campbell OBC. The CBC has been reporting prices in some parts of the country in the dollar thirty range and are attributing it to carbon tax’s being applied by the provinces of Alberta and Ontario in recent months.

The week that was February 18th:

Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

The Nicola Naturalists had their February meeting on Thursday, the  scheduled speaker was cancelled do to illness and a film was played in its place. The People of the Feather, a documentary on water temperatures in Hudson Bay and how they effect birds was shown to approximately 80  people instead. The film also got perspective from Quebec hydro and had outtakes from David Suzuki’s reports on the effect of water retained for hydro production on water temperature.

Friday saw the secondary roads closed to the lower mainland as rain had caused rock slides, washouts and dangerous conditions on the Trans Canada and other single lane roads into Merritt from the coast. There had been rain in Hope and there remained 3 feet of snow in front yards of some residents. The Coquihalla highway was reported to be open and in good driving condition for the weekend. Equipment is still active around Merritt removing snow from parking lots.

Rich Hodgson was named a community builder by the local MLA. Jackie Tegart recognised him with a published add in the local newspaper. Rich is a long time member of the local Rotary club and is on the board of the community theater group.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was February 11th:

Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

Snow on Thursday challenged removal workers as the remains of  upper level moist air combined with lower Artic air to dump over 30 cms of the white stuff fell. Freeways were closed Friday when snow turned to freezing rain.

Sidewalk care Photo:KDG

Sidewalk care
Photo: KDG

The city is advertising support for family day on Monday including a free swim front two to four pm at the Aquatic center. For other events check Wednesday’s City page in the local  paper.

Lower Nicola Indian Band is said to be looking for a new administrator .The Band’s chief , Aaron Sam is intending to seek the nomination for the NDP in the spring provincial election.

That’s it from Merritt this week, KDG

The week that was February 4rth:

Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

The Secret Door group had a new art show and reception last night. The event is held at the Brambles Bakery and will run for a month. The artist was wearing a mouth and nose filter mask and it was billed as a come meet the artist but please don’t wear perfumes or fragrances that may provoke allergies. The show presented landscapes of mountain and valley scenes of the Rocky Mountains. The artist has a resume that includes 20 corporate offices displaying his works. Freelance writer Murphy Shewchuck was in attendance, Murphy has been working on a new trail book in the Kootneys. He has published several books on hiking and trails. Merritt painter Roger Kemp ‘s show of original oils of the Rockies will continue for the rest of the month at Brambles Bakery Merritt.

The Merritt Desert in has several workers for the Merritt Green energy project staying as guests, one a welder says that the opening start up will be delayed for several months ” I just do my job and don’ t get into issues”

Snow and cold is back this week and will persist for the next few days at double digit  over night lows, Celsius. Snow is also visiting the lower mainland presenting challenges again. A person that drives form Logan Lake said that only one lane was plowed and she gave herself extra time to cope. Triage for snow clearing applies when resources are deployed.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

January 2017

The week that was January 28th:

Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

The Merritt green energy project had some lawsuits filed for from sub contractors for payments of invoices not paid. the multi million dollar suits include the City of Merritt. Sources have been saying that a fault with some expensive and necessary valves have allegedly caused a problem. The green energy project with its 44 mega watt capacity should have come on line in December it is now not expected to complete for the best part of a year.

A sewer freezing problem saw the city use its jet truck to blast a hole between the arena and curling rink. The hole exposed and gave access to a repair of a line .”Its asbestos” said a city worker on the project. ” we had a lot of calls over the cold spell this year for frozen pipes”, he added.

Literacy Merritt had an event at the civic center on Friday encouraging membership and reading. The public library had a call in for reading 15 minutes on the day and responses were over 1700 with give cards to a book store a prize to be drawn for. The library says head office is managing the draw.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was January 21st: Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

A mountain lion was seen coming into Merritt on Voght Street on Monday, the cat was dead and on the back of legendary local Kim Robinsons truck. Kim stopped at the Ponderosa Sport shop across from the Coldwater hotel with his cat as he has other time with big game. The sport shop has many photos of mountain lions taken by locals. a sources says that big cats are easy to hunt with good dogs GPS collars and center rim ammunition. ” When the GPS shows they have stopped moving then they have it treed”

The Old Court House Gallery has a show on until February 18th, Elements is the theme. Shirley Reynolds is asking 1500 dollars for one of her works: Ice and snow is a foreground to a foray of farm buildings in a predawn light….The gallery is open Thursday to Saturday noon to six PM.

Tracy Wimbish presented at the Nicola Naturalists on Thursday, she presented her credentials as a grad of the local NVIT  natural resources program. A coordinator of projects for the Nicola Tribal Association she showed slides of salmon activities in near by Lytton. ” we stopped harvesting  Chinook when they became near extinction”.  The presentation showed habitat ( piles of trees and rocks ) tied together along barren river bank. In response to the question what could we do to help salmon she said that tress at the river banks are the best she could think of.

Editors note: The Nicola River System had visible Chinook spawning this year. The Coldwater Indian band filled suit to stop the approved twinning of the Trans Mountain Pipeline twinning this week and a source says they want the twinning in a different valley then the present location that runs through their reserve along the Coldwater River.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was January 14th: Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

The temperature remained double digit below this week, calm cool days and clear skies saw orange full moon rises in the north sky. Robert Holmes posted on facebook ice conditons around the local hospital emergency entrance. Bob is a retired Doctor  that started his carrer in Africa and served the public at the local hospital and his clinic for decades here.

The week that was January 7th: Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

There are reports  that BC Hydro, has been building a turbine generator in the area. Decades ago there was a study done and it concluded that the wind was not the right type for generation here as gusts were a problem. The project is to produce  green energy for up to 2500 homes. It is located at Penask lake west of Kelowna. A source says it is completed and no date is given for start up.

Rich Hodgenson of the local community theater society said that the project has applied for funding for the construction phase of their progect.” the city will recieve the money for our use and it is cominng from a fund that is an inititive for transition when a rual community has an industry close. The Tolko mill closed on December 16th. Bagater Mann a forty year imployee of the mill said he is moving to the isIand to retire with a good union pension and his CPP or eight hundred dollars a month. He said that the combined pensions amount to about 2000 dollars a month.

Houses are selling according to listings in the Royal lepage office downtown with 5 of about 40 listings saying “sold” and numbers of others saying ” New Price” an apartment in the diamondvale area goes for 150,000.00. The unit is abot 10 years old and is subject to strata fees.

Thats it from Merritt this week KDG

A diamond drill is starting an exploration program at Swakum Mountain. The drillers are from High Teck Drilling of Smithers. The program is said to be going into spring.

Weather is below  double digit lows and expected to continue for the next week.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.

December 2016
The week that was December 24th: Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

The extreme weather broke this week with fresh snow on on Thursday accompanying the warming trend.  Counselor Christopher son was shoveling the walk by the property that the Theater Society acquired on Thursday evening he said that they received  a 100 thousand dollars in funding recently and will hear in March about the application to the province for major funding.

Jean Moses a retired first nations entrepreneur was sporting a trans mountain Pipeline hat  while returning borrowed items to the Public library this morning. “I still am available to help out my friends with their business’s ” Said Jean…

Merry Christmas to all from us here to you there, KDG…Please don’t travel when conditions are a disadvantaged it to nice a time to spoil…

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was December 17th: Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

Cecilia Dyck had her piano class recital at the library on Thursday afternoon. The event was enjoyed by about 20 people and the preteen and  junior teens all had a Christmas joke to tell before  playing a number. ” The Christmas Alphabet has 25 letters Noel” Dyck has about 12 students and is self employed.

Telus is discontinuing service to its flip phones, that are not sim card enabled in January. Bob a sales rep says it is for the 4G network estimates that the sim card flip phones they now have is a about 5 year old technology,” we will not be offering service to older phoned due to volumes”

The Nicola River is iced over in town and temperatures remain double digit. The forecast for Monday is for highs slightly above freezing.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

Deborah Merrick had her meet the new librarian afternoon on Thursday. Meg Gregory the new librarian was greeted by friends of the library as well as the interested public. Meg is in her third library related position after employment in Hamilton and London Ontario. The event was attended by supervisory staff of the TNRD. Retired Doctor, Robert Holmes, Author, Murphy Shewchuck, and former City Administrator, Tom Reynolds were among those that attended the event. Light snacks and coffee were provided by the Friends of the Library.

The sidewalks from the Arena to the corner of Garcia and Voght were un shoveled at noon today the city recently passed a bylaw that allowed people not to have walks cleared by the day after a fall at 10:AM, if the snow clearing occurs on a weekend. The area is filled with city properties including the public pool and arena. This is a change of expectation for those that may be from other jurisdictions.

Bob, the former mine manager passed this week as reported by the Merritt Herald and friends he was in his hundredth year.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was December 3rd: Merritt, British Columbia, Canada.

The Court House Gallery had its reception for its December showing on Friday. The artisan collaboration included wild honey, dress’s and many crafty arti9cales for the Christmas season.Wooden serving trails for wine was presented by Tania Rauch under a brand called RU Crafty? The line was highlighted by punched out 5 point stars and a device to separate glasses from wine bottles in the wooden trays: RU Crafty woodwork on Facebook. The show runs till the 23rd Thursdays through Saturday 12-6PM.

The Merritt Herald is reporting that the City has applied for a 3.2 million dollar grant from the province for the construction of the Community Theater planned for the Corner of Garcia and Coutlee down town.  The project will see 4 separate theater venues in one building with an overall cost of 5 Million dollars.

The BC wilderness committee showed their film Toad People on Thursday. The film centered on environment was a viewpoint on environmentalist concern for the impact of development on the eco- system. Ann Chong said ” it was good they warned us that it was only their view” meaning it was not journalism that found alternative views.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

November 2016

The week that was  November 26th,Merritt, British Columbia, Canada:

Fifty one floats took part in the Santa Parade Friday evening mustering at the Civic center the parade was marshalled through streets to the main focus Quilchena Avenue by BC LT Governor Judi Guichion. Hot chocolate and coffee was hosted by the local MLA until 9PM at the Canadian Country Hall of Fame. Carols broke out to the sound of a piano and mouth organ. The room was decked out in a decorated tree contest and a nativity collection. some young elf parade’s participants  played board games. And conversations and well wishes were the norm of the capping of the parade. Also present was local rancher Kevin Anderson. A ballot result for the best tree will be announced Saturday. A snow fall that started in the later hours saw a clean white sheet of mood cover the ground Saturday morning.

A pile of broken lens and plastic marked a car accident on the corner of Voght and Merritt avenue. Near the entrance to the local A and W the incident was un known to the usual coffee clutch at the restaurant. The A  and W is a popular spot for retired and near retired locals, Retired Drs Glen and Margret Carlson are often there in the mornings catching up on  the national papers.

The Upper Nicola Indian Band has a tree display in the City Furniture store front in the 2000 block of Quilchena Avenue. Tickets on the drawing for a tree are 1 dollar . One tree is resplendent with lottery tickets as if they were Christmas balls. The Upper Nicola Band is situate on Nicola lake and the world famous Douglas lake,the home of the Douglas lake Cattle company.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.

The week that was  November 19th,Merritt, British Columbia, Canada:

There was a cross border junior hockey game Friday evening, the Merritt Centennials and the Wenatchee Wild . The game was won by the local cents 4-1. ” Awesome outcome I think Wenatchee is first in their division” said a local fan. The Merritt Centennials are the longest existing franchise of Junior hockey in the Province . the Washington State wild say that the 4-1 loss was due to an early deficit. The Wilds are BCHL and boast a perfect home winning record this season.

Graduate student TJ Gooliaff presented his UBC sponsored  study results at the local Nicola Naturalists on Thursday. A good turn out of the members saw about a hundred and twenty people here of the range of Bobcats and Lynx in BC.  He noted that to the untrained it is difficult to tell the difference between the two cats and it is further compounded by the presence of hybrid lynx and Bobs producing a perhaps sterile off spring. Habits can help make a determination as Lynx stick together in family units and Bobs are usually solitary. Bobcats will kill all the chickens they can when they come across them and experience coo berated by Janet Roth. “That cat killed 35 chickens and was taking them under the shed.”  TJ asserted that range may be changing due to Global warming dynamic, a voice from the audience said ” maybe its the chickens bringing them” A Bob cats lifespan was estimated to be about 10 years.

The Desert Inn is  posting no vacancy on the hotel and it is attributed to crews on the Local green energy project  staying there. A source says that worker levels are returning to about the 300 man range to complete the project.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.

The week that was  November 12th,Merritt, British Columbia, Canada:

The local arts community had a commercial showing once again this month Thursday at the Brambles Bakery on Quilchena avenue . Twelve artists came together under the umbrella of the name Creative Compass. The evening saw a crowded meeting room resplendent in colorful art and profiles. Wine and apps were in abundance as well as live entertainment. Many former and current public school teachers presence helped to create and atmosphere of a large crowd. This in the context of the SCC’s call yesterday that BC  teachers have a right to negotiate class sizes seemed a coincidence.

Remembrance day observances included ceremony by the First Nations at the Shulus Reserve led by John  Issit a retired local First Nation Veteran and former infantry officer.

Flu shots were available on November forth for at risk persons  including aged, first responders, and others deemed medically necessary under MSP regulations. The advice of former premier Gordon Campbell, still stands including coughing into your sleeve, and hand washing regularly after handling common property such as door knobs. Masks and advice is available posted on entrances for those visiting care homes with flu. Flu shots are available at local pharmacies for both medically necessary and fee paying public.

That’s it from Merritt this week. KDG

The week that was  November 5th,Merritt, British Columbia, Canada:

The Merritt Stockcar  Association had its annual due  Saturday. One hundred and fifty people celebrated the completion of their 2016 race schedule. the group operates an oval track in Lower Nicola, a small unincorporated community west of Merritt.  http://www.merrittspeedway.com

Joel Reid had his artist reception at his courthouse gallery showing, Fresh Paint. Joel is also doing a art course through the city recreational department, his medium is aresol cans and says not to do use his imparted skills on private property its illegal !

The window and door is in to the back office build for Deborah Merrick in the public library. Deborha has the responsibility for 10 small libraries in the Thompson Nicola Regional District.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.

October 2016

The week that was  Oct 29th,Merritt, British Columbia, Canada.

Cladding can be seen to be being applied to the main building of the Green energy project.  The contractor had a soft deadline for December completion and start up, sources say that that may be a little more  time  then that. The construction work force has been cut back considerably on the 44 megawatt generation plant.

The old John post grocery store on Quilchena avenue is receiving a façade and a renovation. The store a cider block building sold grocery and meat products in the 1960s.  A source says the funding came from a grant.

Its been a number of months since Dr.s Bester and Smit closed their practices. No word on attracting an other doctor to the community to fill the void created with the departure. Rich Hodgson a retired forestry manager says he goes to Logan lake  to see a doctor, the community is something over a half hour drive from Merritt.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.

The week that was  Oct 22nd,Merritt, British Columbia, Canada.

Rob Higgins a Thompson Rivers University professor gave a talk on ants at the Nicola Naturlists on Thursday. Rob talked of invasive ants to BC as well as the ones native to the province. He also documented an Asian invasive that while not in Canada as yet has been found in Bellingham Washington.” I fully expect a report in the future of this ant being found here.” He showed a picture of a man that spend 4 days in the hospital with an-filectic shock. ” He had no epee-pen”.  When asked after the meeting why there are many ant piles at the north end of the Merritt airstrip he said ” open and warm.”He said they are resilient and will come back” when asked how the twinning of the trans mountain pipeline that runs by the north end of the strip may effect them.

A poetry bash was held at the local library on Wednesday, Billed as a regional and National Champ ” I competed at the Vancouver Bash”  John Macrae facilitated a two day program of workshops, ( a high school English class attended during the day session) and a reading on Wednesday evening followed by prizes and a reading of a poem in the first person of Van Gogh by Macrae. There was an interest survey taken after for a poetry club by Ms. Lord, a high school teacher , first meeting November 13th at the library.

Bright and beautiful is the Nicola Valley at this writing as fall colours are in full splendor and the light of the current high pressure system keeps sunlight and shadow interesting for photography.

Editors Note: It is Poetry Slam, not bash.

Norm Hansen a retired professional forester, was surprised to see an ant eating a spruce bud worm in the Naturalists program. He was unaware that they would prey on them. Merritt had an infection of budworms some years ago.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was  Oct 15th,Merritt, British Columbia, Canada.

Al Horne gave his talk on the ancient world on Thursday. The lecture will continue for the next to Thursdays and is titled: The Final Chapter , Al spoke on the context of Alexander’s world including civilizations roots in language religion and government, progress  in cultures and the importance of  the Hammurabi code to the near east.

The fish trap on the Coldwater river is back up to snuff again and awaiting a Coho study. The trap suffered some distress when  a heavy rain swelled the river bring debris and high fast water to bear on it. The main trap was laid flat and a number of cables unattached while the water passed. Coho or Silver Salmon run in late fall and winter . Their eggs hatch in the spring after about 6 weeks of gestation in the gravel beds.

The Nicola Valley Film Society has its film on Monday, the monthly showing will be Dark Horse a big versus little conflict in a small Welsh horse breeding town.


That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was  Oct 8th,Merritt, British Columbia, Canada.

The pointer on the drought level board went to the to the first position sometime in the last short time. The Normal position indicated by a blue icon attached with screws is a concept by the Nicola Valley Community Roundtable as well others. John Anderson a long time rancher in the Valley is a principal in the Roundtable and has a ranch out Coldwater road. The  road follows the Coldwater river towards Brookmere and eventually to Hope BC. Water is often taken from the river for hay production and  can be stopped to protect water levels for migrating Salmon. There is a fish trap constructed this summer on the Coldwater river in Merritt to accommodate a Coho research project. The trap station now has trailer on site. Coho Salmon run in the Fall and winter. The Spius Creek Hatchery off Highway 8  releases smolt ( small salmon) into the  river system here. They are tagged by a cut in the dorsal fin to see how many make it back . The hatchery dumped Chinook smolt into the Nicola River this spring. Chinook were seen spawning in the river in September and their spent bodies are still visible in the waters. Naturalists say that they return nitrogen to the cycle by dying where they spawn.

The Coldwater Avenue redo started laying down new pavement this week. The redo includes new manhole covers. The Coldwater avenue is a provincial highway that goes through Merritt to the freeway on the east end of town and is shared as an infrastructure bed with the city of Merritt. The highways act says that highways must continue to connect populations along the route.

The office being constructed in the rear of the Library has gone to the drywall stage, it will be used by a head of 10 smaller libraries in the interior. The Merritt library is being labeled as a regional library at this writing ,as well the transit system has a website for Merritt as the regional head of its handy dart service. Handy Dart is a small bus service that can be directed to a location in difference to a schedules service it  has a reserving service for disabled people by email. The disabled users must be registered as Handy DART patrons. https://bctransit.com/merritt/home  The service is operated by BC Transit.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was  Oct 1st, Merritt, British Columbia, Canada.

The Royal Visit week was a little soured by the announcement that the Tolko Sawmill will be permanently closing in Merritt. The closure will effect something over 200 employees that will be out of a job on December 16th when the doors will lock. Thirty of the workers have been on layoff over the last year. Tolko industries operates a number of other mills including one in Quesnel . Don a worker that got a notice letter outlining his options said that he would start at the bottom of the seniority list if he took that option. The mill has operated on that site for more that a hundred years under various names including Nicola Valley Sawmills and Balco. The mill is said to be under obligation to supply wood waste to the new co-gen plant next to its operation.

Five motor cops were getting gasoline at the White Spot on Wednesday morning. The tall officers were from Abbotsford, Surrey and three  from the RCMP. They had just done escort duty for the Royals in Kelowna. When asked if there were 50,000 out to see the event they said we didn’t see ( notice). An inference on their task of escorting.

An office is being constructed in the rear of the public library  for the former library head to take up her duties being responsible for 10 small interior libraries. The library is still recruiting for a replacement for her position here. Deborha Merrick is a long time employee of the TNRD.

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The week that was Sept 24th Merritt, British Columbia, Canada.

The farmers market is down to six booths today and according to the 3 bar farm booth it is because of the success of the Lower Nicola Garlic Festival and a loggers sport day this weekend. Bob an artisan and a school guard at Bench elementary school is selling growth boards for children. Starting at six inches and ending at 6′ 6″ ‘s the painted wooded charts are well marked in inch increments  and in a variety of colors. Bob a retired fellow from California says that they have been successful selling approximately 50 of them since staring this year. Bob boasts dual citizenship with the US and a 77 dollar a month US pension. Bob’s booth is at the corner of the lot and down from the 3 bars farm booth that has organic vegetables. The market has 3 more Saturdays to operate this season” till thanksgiving”Source.

Construction on Nicola avenue has progressed into the 2000 block with traffic islands being removed to accommodate repaving. Pavement is being removed to a depth to repave, leaving a base as the city has decided to accommodate new water line construction under the sidewalk area .

Norm Hansen is taking an interested party on a hike to see a Fir stand near Swakum mountain this morning. He says that the fir stand shows evidence of surviving many fires and is old . The Nicola Naturalists announced it at the last meeting, for information on the activities of the Society go to its web site: nicolanaturalist.ca

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The week that was Sept 17th Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

The Nicola Naturalists had their AGM on Thursday a serious quorum was present as Alan Burger chaired the brief meeting that saw a full slate of directors elected for the 2016/17 year. Reports were tabled and then accepted as presented by the membership. the society reported and operating deficit t of $439.64 cents on the year. The society has a cash position of 4,235.63 and no liabilities to begin the year. The income/spending statement says that a 25 dollar filing fee was paid again for to the Societies act people to maintain their status. Reports on directors electio0ns are filed yearly for the public entity.  The Society gets about half the money for their 300 dollar a month operating  costs from memberships.

There was frost on the Merritt Lawn Bowling lawn on Thursday and Friday mornings. Breath produces a vapor that could be seen while walking until open country and breeze brought warmer air . Friday night saw a low pressure front move in and produce cloud and rain this morning.

The Ultra violet light water purification project includes the new city well area near the Nicola River by the Ken guard school: source there will also  be building in Voght park.

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The week that was Sept 10th Merritt, British Columbia, Canada.

The construction on Nicola Avenue is progressing with the laying of new water and sewer lines being laid under the area where  sidewalks were torn out. Today they have torn sidewalk out from the corner of Chapman to the parking lot behind the historic Post Meat Market building on the corner of Voght street. The building that houses the Local Butcher Shop that sells beef from a slaughter house in Lower Nicola has a parking lot entrance. The building recently sported a sold sign  now is offering leasing which may be the vacant part once the original meat market.

Voght park has activities around the installation of water lines. A source says that they are making three loops to treat water by UV ultra violet light ” once its through the loop nothing is alive in the water’ source. There are three city wells involved in the scheme two in Voght park and one in Fairly park on Quilchena and Cleasby street.

Millie Mitchell was remembered by the city with a plaque dedicating a picnic table to her in the parking lot used by the farmers market. The market operates Saturdays May through October,the lot is the Arena’s and has islands and trees that make it a sheltered and pleasant place for the 5 hour weekly market. Millie worked as an MLAs assistant for some time she was 82 years old when she expired.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.

The week that was Sept 3rd Merritt, British Columbia, Canada.

The  Brambles Bakery was the site of the  Angelina Brooymans Art / photography show reception Friday evening. The show titled Fire and Ice the fragility of life on the high plateau reception, started at 7 PM with access to about 20 pictures and a guitar soloist. John a recent arrival and resident from Nova Scotia played to an attendance of something under 30 people. The photos ranged from 40 to 150 dollars. Angelina is a retired nurse living in Mamette Lake, west of Merritt in the Highland Valley. Her husband Bill was supporting her effort at the reception.

There is a fish trap in the Coldwater River at  the counting area off the walking trail in Voght park. The trap was recently installed using the permanent cable made for its use. The rivers were closed to fishing and water extraction this week because of drought/ temperature conditions deemed necessary by authorities including FN bands.

The Merritt Pro Rodeo is on this weekend as well as the fall fair making for a lot of traffic in town from outlying  ranch’s, farms and reserves. It is the 58th annual Merritt pro Rodeo and is a significant cultural event in the Nicola Valley.

That’s it from Merritt  this week KDG

August 2016

The week that was August 27th Merritt, British Columbia, Canada.

The City has a new bylaw to stop smoking in City Green spaces. Rod a worker was attaching a signs to the utility shed and washroom building in the Lions Park and the lacrosse/ multipurpose facility at central park on Thursday.

The City has changed the sprinkling regulations to 2 days a week for each of odd and even properties.  The regulation is in effect until September 30th.

Deborha Merrick is changing her job status from library head to be responsible for 10 small libraries in the district. The change is in effect starting September 1st.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was August 20th Merritt, British Columbia, Canada.

The Thompson Nicola Regional district  had a volunteers appreciation night and dinner at the civic center on Wednesday. The community has many volunteers. However the volunteer fire department has gone from pure volunteer to paid on call status in recent years. Local volunteer auxiliary police went by the board some years ago because of issues. The downtown tourist info center logs hours of volunteers with the city. The hospital axillary operates a thrift shop. The museum and archives have volunteer management. Paid summer students are often a fruit of these groups.

The Thompson Nicola Regional District had a gathering at the local public library on Thursday , the 30 member board heard from library head Deborha Merrick as a speaker. She talked of the programs the library had taken on and the volunteer involvement including the model train that the train group worked to give a representation of the Canadian Pacific Railways presences here from 1912- 1989.

The Merritt Herald reported this week that the Nicola Avenue highways upgrade will begin in September. The historic site Posts Meat Market is sporting a sold sign, after being for sale for some time. The old store now houses an aboriginal employment office as well as a ” don’t panic we have bannock” first nations restaurant. The building has an empty portion and is  on the corner of Nicola and Voght the intersection is the main focus of the highways upgrade. A temporary lane barrier in front of the restaurant made of upright plastic pipes has stopped left hand turns into the Petro Canada from traffic turning right off Nicola for a long time. The highway upgrade is reported to be in the million dollar range,

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.

The week that was August 13th Merritt, British Columbia, Canada.

The British Columbia Ambassador Society is having its competition here this weekend. Seven candidates from seven communities, Lake Cowichen, Kamloops, Kelowna, Castlegar, Quesnel, Trail, Vernon, and Ladysmith. The supporting groups of parents  and supervision had lunch and tours at the Bailie house Saturday before the final competition and awards tonight starting at 6 thirty. About a hundred people and well wishers were in attendance at the lunch.

The local bylaw officer was at the off leash park this week when we tried to talk to her she used her authority to keep us out ” this is a dangerous dog” she said “”you can’t come in here”. The large mixed dog was under her supervision and was later put on a leash.

There was a service to celebrate the life on Don Mosley at the cadet hall Friday afternoon. Don a reported stationary engineer and miner passed away last November third. The family were to spread his ashes in the Lundbom lake area at the top of Hamelton hill, east of Merritt. Don is survived by among others, a nephew Randy.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.

The week that was August 6th Merritt, British Columbia, Canada.

The local farmers market is on again today with 11 booths in its Voght Street location. Market President Lucas Handly says that fees for participation is still 90 dollars for the season and a 10 dollar membership. He says that the group is a registered society with an annual meeting in March.

The fire hazard board for the forestry was set at the lowest or green this week. The dew point was around 11 degrees Celsius and overnight dew was evident on grass this week. Merritt is about 600 meters above sea level.

The Merritt Seniors Center is offering bridge lessons for nine weeks coming in September. Ross Kid is instructing and the fee is 100 dollars. Liis Jefferies is taking registrations at liisjefferies@gmail.com. The program starts on September 15th and a drop in rate of 10 dollars is also welcome.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

July 2016

The week that was July 30th Merritt, British Columbia, Canada.

The Merritt Rockin River Music Festival is on this weekend. The event is at the grounds south east of town with access of Coldwater RD and Midday Valley Road. There is bus service staring at four PM on the 1/2 hour from several downtown locations inducing the Desert Inn, the Grand Hotel, and many others. There is also afternoon entertainment at the Spirit Square off Granite and Voght as well as some vendors of used books and films as well as an exquisite gem and semi precious stone booth.

The telephone poles were replaced between the new 138 KV hydro poles on Voght by a contractor. The poles replaced were not ones tested by drilling sample holes as other hydro poles are every 8 years. There are a few marked poles with red paint about the downtown Desert Inn location that were recently tested and ready for replacement.  A contractor, Rebel Contracting said he has been testing them every 8 years since the early 1990s.

Chris Lepsol a retired teacher from the local community college is hiking the Hudsons Bay trail from Hope. The trail is an old one from the 19th century and was important to keep the Americans at bay with their 54-40 or fight claim and  asserting the current border. The old trail continues to Little Fort and was the subject of a talk by Kelly Cook at the Nicola Naturalists. Chris is an involved member of the local group.

Editors note: Bus shuttle runs from 10 am for the duration after Thursdays performance: Sam Hunt is the Saturday night feature.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.

The week that was July 23rd Merritt, British Columbia, Canada.

There is a tour group that stops at the local Starbucks on Thursday morning, this week the people were from Mexico typical tourists they had cameras and a need for the washroom. Bus tourism is important to our local economy as Korean, Chinese, and Japanese groups stop here for a meal on their way to Banff and Jasper in Alberta.

Andrew from the city was measuring and taking pictures of the quick charger on Voght street Friday. He is going to get it covered in vinyl graphics as a number of hydro, telephone, and street light connection boxes were done last year in themes depicting flora.  Andrew a city works supervisor said he choose’s the pictures used but  does not have the final say on which ones are used. A Vancouver graphic firm has been doing the work.

Don Gallaher and Lynette were visiting Merritt at the B and B on the corner  of Merritt and Garcia. The home was built by his grandfather JJ Gillis a railway doctor and long time MLA for this area. Don is a Veteran from the Canadian Military and was a paratrooper in the Royal Canadian Regiment.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was July 16th Merritt, British Columbia, Canada.

Moderate temperatures are still  being enjoyed in the Nicola Valley and the long range forecast is calling for below average twenties Cecilius for the remainder of July.

A source says that the green energy project, ( 40 KV wood waste sustainable generator) will lose 2/3rds of the 300 man crew sometime in August. Another source says that they are looking for a turn key completion by the end of December.

Reaction to troubles in Europe is muted however the regard for liberty still strong in conversation.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was July 9th Merritt, British Columbia, Canada.

The pointer is back on the drought level board going up the hill from the Cop Shop toward highways 5 and 5A. The signage has for levels of drought and the pointer disappeared last summer before reaching level 4, it has returned to the board indicating level 2 ( dry). Rivers were closed for fishing last summer for low levels of water. It is always good to check the government websites for fishing bans before going fishing, level 4 drought conditions were the action point for fishing and farm use of rivers to go into effect last year.

Rain here in Merritt has been a near daily event last week along with cool conditions. Giving the local Farmers Market on Voght a battened down presence at 11 degrees Celsius, at 9 AM today.

A pole was removed from the old lawn bowling yard in the 1900 block of Nicola Avenue. The light pole had lain in on the ground for a couple of weeks since an alleged vehicle accident took about 5 meters of fence and cut the pole off at about 1 meter above the ground. One source said it was a late model sedan another talked of a U turning large truck. The pole was a light pole for the old facility and was sound.

That’s it for this week KDG

The week that was July 2nd Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

The City celebrated Canada day at Central Park Friday the Community Band presented music and the anthem at noon. Cake and croquet were the highlights of the observance as well as fireworks at 10 PM. Numbers were reserved because of rain.

The Merritt Otters swim club is having a meet at the Aquatic Center. Six divisions of scoring are on the board. The city drains the wading pool to accommodate air mattress and sleeping inside. As well as waiving the bylaw for campers in the arena parking lot and the outside grounds. It is an invitational meet held annually.

Rich Hodgson from the Nicola Valley Community Theater Society says they are ready to apply for their development permit for the five million dollar downtown theater facility project.

That’s it from Merritt this week. KDG

June 2016

The week that was June 25th Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

Graduation of the local secondary school was held Friday evening at the Nicola Valley Memorial arena. Something over a hundred grade 12 students received school completion in ceremony. Merritt Secondary School is in School district 58 Nicola Similkameen and is one of thirteen facilities providing public education to over 3000 children .

Mark Cameron presented his book Goodnight Sunshine on Tuesday at the Public library 1691
Garcia Street. He and his family are doing a 30 stop tour around the province doing selective readings and promoting the self published book set in Honduras with a plot involving an invention. Mark lives in Gibson’s BC , his tour concludes in Victoria. “the seagull stood out in the murder of crows” A copy of his book was left and is being processed for use by Merritt Library patrons.

The old Merritt News building is getting a western facade. Vice Smallock, the owner is having it done as well as the neighboring buildings he owns. The building is next to Spirit Square, a legacy project of the winter Olympics. Glen Campbell’s star was moved over to face the garden area of the square by the city. Harvey Keys a Merritt artisan is doing the work. Harvey says he worked as a set person for Hollywood films including Volcano. He has lost a leg to diabetes and considers his engagement an inspiration to disabled people. He is seeking media attention.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was June 18th Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

Fort McMurray is reporting that its first birth in the hospital since evacuation, has happened. If the cycle of weather brings similar conditions around during its lifetime we hope that the current bunch has the foresight now to turn the situation to advantage. Perhaps rezoning the fire corridor effected part of town to light industrial with metal building or fire breaks . It is shovel ready. Life is supposed to get better by our experience for those that come later. Many young people from Merritt worked and established them self’s in the Fort McMurray area.

People are reporting a  summer flu bug, ” It starts with a sensation in the back of your throat and produces phlegm.  ” according to Grant in the line at the grocery store. “I know people that spent the last 5 days in bed.”

Fathers Day Sunday, a reserved and personal acknowledgement of those once  children that became Fathers to children. For those  that have lost the that link , condolences and  thoughts. To those  that failed in part or in whole, well there’s nothing to say. Grace and peace to all  who try….

Editors note: most over the counter medications have advice on when to seek professional medical advice.

or as a Pharmacist.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was June 11th Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

The Country Run is going on tomorrow in Merritt, cool weather and all .There is also a Lifestyle Exposition at the Merritt Civic Center. The show features organizations that have connection to youth. The Merritt Family and Youth resources say that they are expanding and looking to build a new building. Organizations such as the Merritt Centennials , Big Brothers and Big Sisters, the City and others augment a registration table for the Country Run. The country run raises money for kids that can’ afford some activities. Terry Baker the mentoring coordinator for BBBS at the Merritt office has applications for mentors and has a concern for the disadvantages “we are a national organization” Her office is at 2013 Quilchena Avenue and can be reached at 250-378-4930. See you at the Country run at Voght park in the morning Coffee from Macds is available at 10:30 AM.

The Baillie House took delivery of their strawberries from the Fraser Valley for the annual Strawberry fundraiser. The 60 dollar white sealed buckets of  processed fruit is a once in a year event in cooperation  with a Rotary Club in the Lower Mainland.

The City Hall building is getting replacement of some water sprinklers and pipe in their Voght Street location.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.

The week that was June 4rth, Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

The building next to the Spirit Square is having its roof replaced and its inside repaired. The cinder block building was built by the Hartwigs in the 1970s as a sport shop and had a basement with a small caliber hand gun range. The Hartwig family operated the sport shop after moving to Canada from the United States because of a love for the fishing and hunting available here. Known as the old Merritt News building it has been mostly unoccupied since they occupied it. The Hartwigs business did well here in the 70s when the gold standard was removed to pay for the Vietnam war caused local copper mines to have better markets for products.

The downtown CPO has moved from Quilchena Avenue to the old warehouse building behind Spirit Square and the old Merritt News Building. The entrances face the square which has had  arm rests put on the Concrete curved bench’s to accommodate  sitting and to frustrate skateboarder. The building is owned by the City and was renovated by local cops as volunteers. The renovations included drywall and offices being partitioned. The Community Policing Station is a  catalyses for volunteers particularly speed watch and crime stoppers. The building has a Granite Avenue address.

PS: Bob one of the Craigmont mine managers and retiree had his 100th birthday at the Florentine assisted  living complex on the 18th of May. We had a report that he fulfilled a vow to dance on a table at his one-hundredth birthday. He met the spirit of the promise by dancing on a table cloth on the floor beside the table. Bob was a trainer in the Allied Air Training Program in the Second World War.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

May 2016

The week that was May 28th, Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

Henry Contracting, had a drill auger boring holes for hydro poles at the fence line of the closed community in Central Park on Thursday and Friday. A source supervising, says that there may be a trench at some point to take the place of the poles that continue across the golf course to the junction of the Nicola and Coldwater river at Hyway 8. The source said that they invited archeologists from the all the local Indian bands to take advantage of the dig. Three people were working soil shifters at the site. The source pointed out members of the Lower Nicola Band. The project takes the place of an existing 61 KV line and upgrades it to 138 K, to the Green Energy wood waste generator.

The local save on more store placed banners about the entrances of the mall the occupy of Garcia Street.

The MacDonald fast food restaurant is sporting signs saying “Open Twenty Four Hours”. this is a return to earlier business hours, the owner had a outlet at the local Wal-Mart that ” didn’t generate enough traffic.”

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was May 21th, Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

The Nicola Naturalists hosted a presentation by the people constructing the Merritt Green Energy Project.

As everyone knows, the multinational energy company Iberdrola is building a bio-energy plant in Merritt. Nathan Dyck is the the Environmental Manager for this project. He has a broad knowledge of bio-energy and has studied many issues relating to this in B.C. Nathan and his colleagues will give a presentation on the issues facing bio-energy generation in Merritt, and in the province as a whole. People have many questions about bio-energy and the Merritt Green Energy Project – here is the opportunity to find out more.

Enrique Reyes, construction manager with Iberdrola presented the scope of his company’s work in sustainable alternate energy plants around the world and said they hoped to turn the keys of the plant over to the operator next March. He said that the plant would have 10 trucks an hour bringing wood chips for 24 hour operations once started.( the three local mills) He said efficiency of fuel maters as there is 70 percent with wood chips alone and it would go to 79 percent if mixed with natural gas. Enrique said that the 40 mega watts of capacity could service more then 10 thousand homes agreeing with the fact that it could service all of Merritt. Naturalist president Alan Burger ended the meeting with questions and a comment that in a year we should have the operators come.

The Nicola Valley Institute of Technology had a celebration of student success on Thursday ( graduation). The event was held downtown at the Merritt Civic Center. The local lower Nicola Indian band has an environmental monitoring agreement with the operators of the Merritt Green Energy Project, in respect to downstream of the Nicola River.

Rain and cooler whether is Merritt lot this long weekend with significant falls Thursday and Friday , with light rain so far at this writing. The pointer on the drought status indicator at the top of the hill on Voght is still missing it made it to the third stage last summer before going missing. Peggy at the city hall desk was made aware of it early this spring by the PR.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was May 14th, Merritt British Columbia, Canada

Lucus Handley of the farmers market was out in the Arena parking lot with a run up to the farmers markets official first day.  With about a bakers half dozen of venders offering plants, preserves, art lawn decorations etc. the president, Lucas spoke to walk buys while offering his starter plants.

Farmers Market . Merritt File photo KDG

Farmers Market . Merritt
File photo KDG

The local Naturalists are advertising their last regular monthly meeting for the season. They are having the manager of the Merritt Green Energy Project to speak on Thursday the 19th at the NVIT lecture theater, Belshaw Avenue at 7:PM.  Enrique Reyes  is with Iberdrola Energy and is coming with Nathan Dyck from DWB Consulting who  is the Project Environmental Manager. Free parking no food or drink in the lecture theater , all welcome membership or donation requested. Hosted by The Nicola Valley Naturalist Society. Alan Burger President.

The lot manager from Murray GM says that the Nicola Avenue upgrade is to include a corner of their lot for a right turn lane. The light across from the corner is often struck by large trucks turning right.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.

The week that was May 7th, Merritt British Columbia, Canada

A unconfirmed source carrying  DMD Consulting blue prints said that the upgrade for the Nicola Avenue includes two property acquisitions. The corner of Nicola and Voght have had numbers of  incidents with the light standard  involving trucks turning right. The source says that the lights will be upgraded in that intersection.

The local public library is having a guest speaker on June 21st from 6-8 PM.Mark Cameron will be presenting his book on an Invention in Honduras that comes into conflict. The book is entitled,  Good Night Sunshine. Sign up at the counter.

The Nicola River is being managed by the Dam at the lake. No sandbagging by the city as yet. River banks may be softened by water saturation care should be taken around them. Local government do not protect private property with sandbagging only municipal infrastructure.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

April 2016

The week that was April 30th, Merritt, British Columbia,Canada

The city started its gardening plan for the summer season .Tanya a long time seasonal from nearby Lytton is once again in charge. Water restrictions begin tomorrow. Lytton is a village west of Merritt, in the Fraser Canyon and often has the distinction of being Canada’s hotspot in the summer time.

The Merritt public library hosted a seminar on concerns of the elderly on Tuesday evening. The presentation was given by a ministry of Health rep named Lin Chen with the BC Center for Elder Advocacy and Support. “55 plus, drivers license concerns, family conflicts” etc they have a site at http://www.bcceas.ca.

The United Church had a yard sale today. They often have them on the lawn and in the building hall on the corner of Quilchena and Chapman. They are also hosting a performer from Newfoundland tomorrow evening. https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=trinity%20united%20church%20merritt

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was April 23rd, Merritt, British Columbia,Canada

The Nicola Valley Memorial Arena has its cooling system replaced this week. Brian Barret the arena manger says the replacement of the heat exchangers is a 70 thousand dollar maintenance item.  the equipment was new with a million dollar federal infrastructure program  to the arena 20 years ago. A source says that the removed equipment went to Jackson’s welding to be recycled as metal.

The Spius creek fish hatchery was dumping Chinook smolt into the Nicola river by the local golf course this week. The fish are a year and a half old and are 170.000 total off load as the product of “50 pair” of  adult salmons enhanced reproduction of the fish hatchery.

The local community college NVIT has a partnership masters program with the University of British Columbia announced this week. Jackie Tegart MLA announced it and a speaker presented it to students at the lecture theater yesterday.  A student attendee says “its with any bachelors degree and its a masters in leadership skills.”

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was April 16th, Merritt, British Columbia,Canada

The Bedford apartment building on Garcia Street published a newsletter recently outlining their desire to refurbish the complex of  a half dozen buildings.  The apartments were built in the early second half of the 20th century by George Bedford . George was a contractor  that had a single family dwelling in the 1700 block of Granite avenue. The local man kept with the demeanor and style of the other buildings on Garcia using high quality materials for the time. The street is in a once agricultural area that ends at the Nicola river. The corner kitty to the apartments has the restored home of Dr. JJ Gillis a founder of the community and long time MLA. JJ’s service included the second war and the great depression. He was invited here by a director of the CPR after getting a medical degree from Magill University before the first war.

There is announced tax increase at the city of 2 percent. Budget discussions have been on going with published press on the effectiveness of local policing actions taking headlines in the local paper being obvious .

The local public library is having a free presentation on elder abuse on April 28th from 6-8 PM. There is a sign up sheet  at the library front counter. Refreshments at these events are supplied by the Friends of the Library group.

Editors Note: the library presentation is on April 26th not the 28th.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.

The week that was April 9th, Merritt, British Columbia,Canada

Mike a middle aged first nations person was having coffee at the local Starbucks on Thursday. He moved to the interior from the lower mainland . An has tried some alternate energy forms . ” On demand water heaters have been a success for me.” Natural gas or propane is economic and not storing any hot water made a difference of more then 50 dollars a month.  Mike didn’t express confidence in solar panel economies. Single point, no tank heaters, sell for about 300 dollars.

Telus is having its Future Home display at the downtown City Furniture parking lot until the 10th. The future home has all the 4k appliances that would go with the 150 mbps service they are offering. ” Merritt is a demonstration point before taking the “fastest internet service in the province : to the rest of BC.

There is a free photography session at the library at  3 pm  today. Taking Pictures of Humans , lighting poising  is the theme.

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The week that was April 2nd Merritt, British Columbia,Canada

Peter D. Clark a resident of Kingsvale in the Coquihalla near Merritt presented a 2 hour lecture on “An Inconvenient Reality”,  at the local public library.He addressed the myth that we can function apart from petro carbon economies. Peter is a Professor Emeritus, of the Department of Chemistry, University of Calgary. He is a sulfur chemist born in Hull England and a immigrant. He explained the chemistry of sulfur and the way hydrogen  effects the use of hydro carbons in the production of food, steel and concrete, and transportation concerns. Peter made an effective argument that we are not able to do without oil and feed the population. Related in simple algebra a formula of watts produced per meter compared the value of alternate energy and conventional energy as it relates to the economy of production. Consumption values were made a part of the discussion ” don’t buy cheap goods” they are not efficient for energy use in many ways. When asked what passive energy use an ordinary person could take away from a discussion like this he said “water pipes on roofs” Peter published his presentation in a paper it is available by emailing him at: pdclark@ucalgary.ca

Telus brought its future home into Merritt and had an officially opened of the  for public viewing at the their City Furniture retailer in its 2000 block parking lot. Along with Telus executives, MP Dan Albas and Mayor of Merritt, Neil Menard spoke form a podium to open the display. Telus claimed to have invested seven and a half Million dollars in Merritt to bring 150 Megabit service to consumers. that roughly works out to 1000 dollars per person in Merritt. The display staff says that supports the multi-appliance home as  operating more then one at a time will not slow down the appliances. The home features a facial recognition scan entry as well as smart fridge smart menu stove and 4K TV. The service brings fiber directly to home and appliance ending analog connections. they are offering free lines to the home installation the service will be hooked to the e home on ordering a service agreement.

Blacks Pharmacy is being talked about for a video internet connection to a doctor. Utilizing a nurse practitioner and a high-speed terminal access to a Doctor can be accommodated. Two family doctors are in the process of closing their practices here. They are offering cards with instructions on how to access your medical records on line  including authorizing your new clinic to acquire them. A source says they must be kept and available for this for 16 years.

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March 2016

The week that was March 26th, Merritt, British Columbia


The Baillie House downtown tourist information center run by the Nicola Valley Heritage Society has their vintage home open and is having an ongoing yard sale in the house. Tom Edwards a volunteer was there on Friday cleaning up, he said he is seeking  another term as president of the local museum and archives. Tom is a retired electrician from the Dept. of Highways and was responsible for the stop go streetlights for them.  Thursday coming up is the annual meeting of the Museum.

Gasoline prices at the downtown Petro-Canada station are at 105.9 a liter down a cent after coming up to the provincial average of a dollar six from 89.9 a couple of weeks ago. Further discounts are available with loyalty programs at most retail outlets.

Weather here is calm and clear with sunny periods that are marvelous. The bottom land of the River Ranch is now visibly green and healthy looking. The ranch that is now operated by people from the lower mainland was owned and operated by the Butch Sahara and the Garthwaite family considered pioneers to this valley. The ranch has been growing feedlot corn  on some of the land for the last two years.

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The week that was March 19th, Merritt, British Columbia


The town had a junior midget hockey tournament this weekend,a fellow from Chase BC staying at downtown motel said he enjoyed the accommodation of the event.It includes a native Junior tournament as well, the motel he used is filled in part from CP rail maintenance crews working toward the Fraser Canyon. We asked a couple of people (one a worker) outside a beer and wine store at the Merritt Desert Inn in the center of the arena , motel area if they were busy on Friday evening. “No” when we directed to the rail workers a young women about 25 said ” jobs are at risk because of the economy,and people are scared to misbehave.

Missy a preteen hockey ambassador is seen in a picture, by Betty Ann  McDonnell sporting a banner – BC tier three Pee Wee, champs at the tournament. : https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10154010324863454&set=rpd.667248453&type=3&theater

The Merritt Desert in has two teepees set up in their parking lot they have been there since shortly before the Chief judge of the BC Court visited on an” aboriginal engagement visit” here at the beginning of the month. When we challenged Merritt Desert Inn owner Melba White ” I am worried about you Melba, your to tense” pointing toward the teepees. Melba laughed.

There is a reported second shift on the Merritt Green Energy project of 80 people the day shift is back at strength at 120 people. The winter saw a small crew of a little over a dozen coming from Kamloops in a large van. A sheet metal worker said that there is no stakes going on the incinerator it has a different process for burning using negatively charged particles. The building is a hundred feet tall and the variance permit posted for 45  meters is likely to accommodate the construction crane.

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PS: The RCMP announced a 15 year old minor was being charged with the 1st degree murder of an 11 year old girl on a  remote Manitoba Indian reserve on Friday. Speculation is it was grounded in lifestyle and poverty and a suicide culture at the reserve. The areas troubles brought attention in recent time to the federal government not fully funding welfare programs in that area.

The week that was March 12th, Merritt, British Columbia


Alan Burger presented his slides from a recent trip to Antarctica at the monthly naturalists meeting. The president of the local Nicola Naturalists, Burger was on a tour boat that viewed interests such as the Ross Ice Shelf  and the expedition huts of the early 20th century explorers. Provisions dated 1904 were ” probably still edible” . The Ross ice shelf was highlighted by the growth of algae in the levels ” It is the size of France” and “there is life in it”. An interesting image were those of mummified seal bodies that wandered into an Antarctic desert area ” some of these mummy’s are two thousand years old. The area is very dry and without ice or snow some mosses grow but ” they may get a few minutes a day when conditions allow them to grow.  The seals get lost and are sometimes 20 KM inland from the ocean were they lie.

Nathan Everlay a business sales representative for Telus small business solutions, was about in a marked Lead Core  company car, the Alberta based company is a contractor for Telus. He is promoting  service in the context of the upgrade to full fiber delivery  here in Merritt and 150 Mbps of high speed internet. Its going to the whole province Nathan said.  Merritt is getting the  fast internet service to 90 percent of  customers here. http://www.telus.com/en/bc/internet/fibre/merritt/products

The public library has a mystery book service offered. Brown paper shopping bags have numbers of books on themes stapled and sealed for taking out.   The display is by the service counter and must be  scanned before leaving the library.

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The week that was March 5th, Merritt, British Columbia


The chief justice of the BC court had a engagement meeting with the aboriginal community on Tuesday. The event was at the Merritt Campus of NVIT in the lecture theater. John Chenoweth a dean at the school had a mike in the audience and helped those that wanted to ask questions. There were meetings after with elders, of the band.  The open meeting was attended by a cross section of people including East Indian and  Caucasian, it was the lunch hour and went 6 minutes over.

Pot holes were being repaired on Voght street on Thursday with flagging crews stopping traffic. The sweeping corner at the Nicola river and the Rotary turn off can be a surprise hazard to crews working the road.

A source says that the Green energy project has begun work on the boiler at the Midday road plant.  A rehired worker said there is a years work for him in that stage of the project

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February 2016

The week that was February 27th,Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

The local community college NVIT had a job and education fair this week with over 30 booths programs that may match local employers were available to those interested. The school has an open door policy for those that may be interested and missed the event. It is at 4155 Belshaw Avenue Merritt . there is an invitation for drop in Math and English assessment

Harvey Keys is saying today that he has an audition for the popular CBC show the Dragons Den. March 10th he will be in Toronto to talk to then about his invention. Harvey describes him self as a disabled Indian. He recently lost a leg to diabetes  and is in a cart.

Josh Davidson an unemployed FN oilfield roughneck with 10 years work history was selling his Northwest Coast Art in front of the Work BC office this week. Opie Oppenheim a Coldwater Indian Band elder says he will be a famous artist soon. Opie is a stand up comic  an artisan flute maker and seller he also was a down and out artist at one time before getting proper marketing help. He displayed and sold his art at the Days Inn in Merritt.

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The week that was February 20th,Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

The City Furniture  franchise had an opening for their new Telus space on Friday. A Telus representative and local politicians  were on hand for a ribbon cutting  and cake. Len Forsyth a long time local said that he upgraded is Telus package to get of higher speed internet. Seventy five dollars was the cost of the ” highest speed in the province” 180 megs includes a 30 mega for higher download” You can download a movie in two minutes” according to Neil the manger of the TV part of the City store. Len will spend 180 dollars a month for the entire package of TV, phone and internet.

The city announced plans to redo the water mains on Nicola avenue this summer in conjunction with the province blacktopping the street as it is part of the highway system. The work is to be done by the end of  July.

There was a layoff of a contractor at the Green energy project. And bids are being taken for the truck dumping equipment for hog fuel. A source says there is ten months work in that area of the plant.

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The Week that was February 13th,Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

The  Merritt library had a launch of  their link incorporating the digitization of the local paper the Merritt Herald. John Ranta, from Cache Creek and the  regional district chair said that it will expand to include all the community’s of  the TNRD Thompson Nicola Regional District.  Merritt Mayor Neil Menard spoke and said that Merritt has a significant history and welcomed the access to records the library system will afford. Murphy Shewchuck and Tom Edwards from the local museum and archives were in attendance and were the people responsible for the local papers digitization ” we had one day when we took 1400 photos.” Refreshments were served and computers hosted By Ann Pang for a trail of the link. The Merritt Herald was digitized from 1910.

Its freedom to read week at the local library to the 21st and there is  a draw for a 25 dollar gift certificate. To enter you need to take a title from a list of challenged books and put it on a ballot.

The long term weather forecast is for daytime highs over freezing for the next two weeks. The snow piles left on some streets are mostly gone now.

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The Week that was February 5th,Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

Two new Chevrolet 21 passage transit buses were put in service this week by BC Transit. Frank Trenholm , installed license plates on Thursday. Frank  works for the fire training center at the airstrip for 7 months of the year and has recently been doing some driving for the local society that operates the bus.

Both the  Coldwater Hotel and the Merritt Desert Inn are hosting screen events for American  Super Bowl on Sunday! Both hotels are on the  main road in Merritt . The Canadian Dollar is  at 72 cents against the US currency.

Gasoline prices were lowered to 91.9 cents a liter at Petro Can at Voght and Nicola on Friday. This weekend  is  a family day observance. It is not a Federal legal holiday, so federal workers work: http://www.statutoryholidays.com/family-day.php

That’s if from Merritt week KDG.

January 2016

The Week that was January 30th,Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

Hydro was installing their tall poles for the 138 KV line from the Green Energy Project on Voght street this week. The line will cut across Voght into Central  park before snaking back through the old Collett ranch and to the 40 Mega Watt generator under construction on Midday Valley road.

The Friends of the Nicola Valley Facebook group that had the conversation on the Bio solids issue for the last year are having a get together tonight at the local community college. Music and fellowship and no program for political action is planned. Opie Oppenheim from the Coldwater Indian Band will do a comedy routine and play flute as well as other mostly First Nations entertainers . A representative of the David Suzuki organization will be in attendance.

Another doctor is closing his practice in Merritt  DR.Smit of Optimum Medical clinic is closing shop as is Dr. Bester of Granite Medical Clinic. The pair practiced together at Optimum some years ago. Dr Bester is not planning on moving from he community at this writing. A Nurse practitioner is attempting to establish a practice here at this time. she is able to writ prescriptions.


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The Week that was January 23rd,Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

The Nicola Naturalists had there January meeting Thursday and presenter Frank Ritcey told of 25000 annual person wildlife conflicts in BC. Rick is with Wild Safe BC and is a contributor to CBC’s North by Northwest show. ” Two kinds of attacks from large animals, predatorily and defense” related Frank. ” You should react differently to either.” Frank said that there were two cases of friendly 20 year feeding of bears by nature enthusiast’s that resulted in killing and eating of the feeders recently. He said that here are signs that animals are being stressed by human presences one that he employs is if the subject begins to move away he will not follow.

The Nicola Valley Community Theater group have announced a fundraiser evening February 17th, at The Merritt Civic Center. The evening features a string trio, tickets are available at Blacks Pharmacy or Brambles bakery. (45 dollars 5 dollars off for members.)

Forecast low temperatures are not being are realized in Merritt as troughs be having a narrow influence here.

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The Week that was January 16th,Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

Stephen Archacan 81, from Quilchena BC is sitting in his large red pickup on Garcia street in view of the Royal Bank. The area is popular among st first nations people when coming to town and waiting on people. He told us that his dog sitting on a pile of snow covered hey bales is borrowed from a relative Larry. ” I talk to him in Indian, ( Okanogan dialect). Others talk to him in English and think he’s dumb.” Says Steven through his tooth challenged mouth. ” I work two or three days a week at cowboy if they need me I tell them. Quilchena BC is 20 KM north of Merritt, and the historic Quilchena Hotel is owned by the famed Douglas Lake Cattle Company.

Kim Leclair had her artist reception on last night, at the Old Court House Gallery. Displaying her quilting prowess and her hosting abilities she gave incite into terms such as Flimsies,  and Applicais . Councillor Kurt Kristopherson and retired businessman and owner of the building hosting the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame on Quilchena avenue were in attendance.

Elizabeth Salomon De Friedburg and Leis Jeffery PHD were loading up cross country skis for a trip to the Kane Valley ski area on Friday.Defriedburg did the returning officer role for Merritt in the last federal election, the first time she had that position coming from retiring Ron Brown a local business man and retired Air Force Sergent. Jeffries is a retired biology Professor from NVIT and an expatriate of Eastern Europe. The Kane Valley area is also the location of a demonstration forest run by the government. It has a couple of fresh water lakes productive for Ice fishing.


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The Week that was January 9th,Merritt, British Columbia,Canada

Brian Barrett the long time operator of the Nicola Valley Memorial Arena was appointed to the BC Junior Hockey Hall of Fame this week. Brian’s time with the Vernon Vipers  as a player was the reason for his recognition.

Brian Barrett played minor hockey in Merritt and more than 50 years later is still actively involved with hockey in the community. He played Junior in Penticton, Kamloops and Merritt before starting a coaching career in 1971. He coached Midget and Junior teams for some 25 seasons. Brian also was an Owner and Manager of the Merritt Centennials. For Merritt’s master builder of hockey, no job has been too big or too small. Well over 100 Centennials have enjoyed hockey careers at the pro level including 14 in the NHL. Barrett has won many awards including BCHL Coach of the Year and the Dunc Jamieson Award. Merritt Centennials are the longest continuously run franchise in the BCHL….Barrett has been an integral part of that great success. source : http://bchhf.com/


Brian Barrett

Dr. Urbans Bester announced  the closure of his twenty year practice for March. The Granite Avenue business,is reported not to have been sold and more info is available at his office. Granite Clinic is in the 2100 block of Quilchena Avenue in the Q101 building.

At this writing 5 cms of snow is forecast in the next 24 hrs and the long range forecast is calling for 2 weeks of freezing or near freezing temperatures with overnight low returning to double digit minus temperatures for 2 weeks.This nearly certainly ensures that snow on the ground will be nearly 2 full months covering the ground and persisting in piles, something good for the water table here that suffered drought last year.

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The week that was January 2nd. Merritt British Columbia, Canada:

Double digit minus temperatures this week and a 2 week forecast that sees little change as a high pressure system maintains winter here giving the first time in at least two decades that snow needs to be removed by truck and piled by the river for storage. Snow will be on the ground for a least a month, revisiting a normal for old timers in the Nicola Valley to recall.

The earthquake off Victoria this week had little effect here as we have not experienced any kind of tremor wit a possibility of damage in living memory.  Merritt is not on any plate boundary and people have little fear of geo-activity. Mt Baker Washington is the closest possible threat. the US Geological Survey site is a resource for information on these possible events.

A fishing derby at Lundbom lake is being enjoyed by locals and people from nearby communities today. A group from Lytton BC shared their expectation for a good time at the local lake with ice fishing conditions near perfect.

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December 2015

The week that was December 16th Merritt British Columbia, Canada:

Happy Holidays temperatures are 1n minus double digits with snow falling in a quiet calm with a beautiful full moon on Christmas day.

The week that was December 19th Merritt British Columbia, Canada:

The outdoor rink beside the RCMP station in Merritt on Voght is to be open for ice skating this weekend. The city published a long list of recommendations outlining its concerns about use of the unsupervised facility. It is a use at your own risk and the recommendations include helmet use for young and elderly as well as its policy on not booking its use by reservation. The facility is new and this is the first year in decades weather is cooperating making outdoor rinks viable.

The library awarded the chocolate prize for the most votes on photos submitted to  ” continue the sentence ” by piling books on each other stringing out the titles. Two young girls that used an effort to get out the vote won.

The Community college NVIT will have its library open Monday through Wednesdays with reduced hours 8:30 Am to 4:30 PM .

The week that was December 12th Merritt British Columbia, Canada:

The crew of Thompson Vally roofing were busy putting a new roof on a home on Voght Street on Thursday. ” we have 70 to do” was the response of the lead hand when asked if the job was an insurance job from the hail storm last spring. The whole comuninty got new roofs as a result of a hail event in the early 1990s. It would appear that the timing is about right.

There is a launch of a new photo show at the Court House Gallery starting last evening and running to the 19th Carol Blacklaws’s In the Steps of Alexander Mackenzie is running along with along with Rick Blacklaws’s collection. Rick, an archeologist was contracted in the 1980s to document the proposed Nuxalk Carrier Grease Trail and with a partner photographed into the Chilcotin region of the interior of BC . The Old Court House Gallery is at 2025 Nicola Avenue in Merritt . There is a meet the artist session today from 5-7 PM

The Chamber wound up its tree festival on Friday ” I put the remainder in my car and that was it” said Etelca Gillespie.

Editors note: The court house gallery is at 1840 Nicola Avenue, open Thursday through  Saturday afternoons…..

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The week that was December 5th Merritt British Columbia, Canada:

There is a Peewee Minor Hockey tournament this weekend, held at the Memorial Arena its said to be hosting 10 teams of House league kids hockey . Being dressed in white and red trim blazers the same style and makeup of the Merritt Centennials Junior team. one player also sported a Black Batman Mask. Asked if it was for the game he replied in a unsure tone, “its me”, he’s Batman was a supporting cry from a co-player. We guess that Batman has now resolved all identity issues,making it to Canadian Ice Hockey.
The owner of Starz Beauty Saloon was taking a smoke break out of her shop we asked about the distance because it is regulated to 3 meters from the door way and her shop is barley 20 feet she replied I waited for a slight wind.

The B.C. Tobacco Control program seeks to improve the health of British Columbians and reduce the rate of chronic illness caused by smoking and tobacco use. The program focuses its work in three key areas: stopping youth and young adults from starting to use tobacco, protecting people from exposure to second-hand smoke and encouraging and assisting tobacco users to quit their use of tobacco products. The program partners with health authorities, communities, schools and non-governmental groups to support and deliver prevention, protection and cessation programs.

Starz is in the 2000 block Quilchena in Merritt BC.

We were spared the wind that caused damage to the coastal areas this week. Moderate breezes were are lot as usual for this area at this time. Wind is more pronounced here in March, as the poet says.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.

November 2015

The week that was November 28th, Merritt, British Columbia, Canada:

The Annual Christmas parade went off last night with a tree display at the Canadian Country Music Hall of fame and ” hot Chocolate with MLA Jackie Tegart”. There was a ticket vote on the best tree and a silent auction on them, it will continue into a live action next week with the hall being open mid morning to mid afternoon starting on December 1st to the 3rd. Parade results are:

PARADE RESULTS on behalf of Country Christmas organizers
Best Theme – Carrie Ware & Company
Runner up -CIBC and Santa
Most Original – Carrie Ware & Company
Runner up – Ministry of Forests, Land & Natural Resources
Best Lights -Carrie Ware & Company
Runner up – Baillie House
Most Enthusiasm – Santa
Runner up – Carrie Ware & Company, Ministry of Forests, Land & Natural Resources, and Tumbleweed Play School
Best School Spirit – Tumbleweed Play School
Best Overall – Carrie Ware & Company, source: Carrie Ware: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004793865928&fref=ts

The weekend has many more events planned and are published in Thursday’s Merritt Herald .

A contract for 3 kilometers of  pavement was let for the beginning of Douglas Lake Road. A source with BC Transportation and Highways familiar with the work says that it was never paved before as it was not a safety priority.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was November 21st, Merritt, British Columbia, Canada:

The Nicola Naturalists had their monthly meeting with Chris Gill. the presentation showed an eradication program on Haida Gwaii Islands ( formally Queen Charlotte s , of the coast of BC and north of Vancouver Island. The eradication were about invasive deer, two kinds of rats, racoon s and some other ungulates. Chris showed the defoliation effect of the deer on the small islands. ” former navy seals were used to hunt and kill deer” ” the program cost millions of dollars” and it was “Parks Canada’s intent to bring the islands back to the way it was before invasive species took over.” This was to protect an important bird area. Chris Gill, is from Salmon Arm BC and is the founder of Coastal Conservation. http://www.nicolanaturalists.ca/2015/09/09/nicola-naturalist-society-fall-programs-2015/

Black Friday signs are about in preparation for the local Christmas parade that signals the start of the Christmas shopping season in the US. Merritt has had its own parade for a number of years and the local accountant Carrie Ware has a Facebook page promoting ot this year. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004793865928&fref=ts

The weather has turned to winter here as usual this week the pattern  doesn’t change much however the severity of temperature has been a lot easier for a couple of decades. precipitation is up annually from 10 to 12 inches per year.

That’s it from this week  Merritt, KDG.

The week that was November 14th Merritt, British Columbia, Canada:

Telus continues their upgrade of service, a worker says they are about ready to start stringing line to homes. The city announced a contract to Shaw cable for providing WiFi to public spaces including the Baillie House Downtown Tourist Info Center, and the Lions Park.

Remembrance day service say increased interest in the observance which included a march to the united Church from the Civic Center for dismissal of the color party.The Cenotaph was moved from the Old Court House to the Civic Center a few years ago, the old court house is now and art gallery and a dance studio.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.

The week that was November 7th Merritt, British Columbia, Canada:

The Florentine assisted living / complex care facility is being acquired by the Royal Inland Hospital, from Kamloops. According to Linda Hartwig the Marketing manager the 4 story and underground parking facility already has its second floor managed by interior health as a dementia ward. A bus has been seen marked with Royal Inland Hospital, the  Florentine about town . The Florentine  was built by entrepreneur Frank Rizzardo ” for his Mother” and is in a renaissance style with images in concrete and Italian decorum. It is not full at the moment.

Telus continues its upgrade and is promising higher speed internet at 150 Megabits a second.

The new outdoor rink off Voght is having its boards replaced due to an ultra violet problem. An employee for the manufacturer says they are making it right as there had been some oil-canning of the panels. The crew of four was made up of 2 from the manufacturer and 2 from the association that runs the place.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

October 2015

The week that was October 31th, Merritt British Columbia:

Stephen the owner operator of Titan Drilling of Smithers BC was doing laundry at Joe Ashelfords coin laundry on Quilchena Avenue mid week . His hand Luke was with him and they said they were drilling at Shovelnose Mountain near Brookmere. they are operating a Longyear “gear-jammer” 38 drill and were a bit mom about who and what they were exploring for. The equipment talked of is for mineral core exploration. The area is  the near the famed Canadian Pacific  Kettle valley line through the Coquihalla pass to Hope BC.

City works were at a water meter for the Quality Inn on 4025 Walters street. The city has water metering for new construction and business applications.  They had issues with the meter and a water leak 5 years ago .

The time changes this weekend on Sunday morning  at 2 AM, sunrise is 6:52 Am Sunday morning with sunset at 16.42.

Clocks back  hour at 1:59 AM.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.

The week that was October 24th, Merritt British Columbia:

The BC Premier Christy Clark opened the NVIT, trades instruction building on Friday. The 7500 sq ft facility is on two floors and is part of the  ” closing the circle ” aspiration of the Public Post Secondary School. The original design was to have the rounded buildingsc0me to gether in a circle with an open Arbor then in the center. The building replaces trailers that taught pre apprentice courses as well as welding. Ms. Clark answered questions from the media after and the topic of deleted emails in respect to the aboriginal missing persons investigation.

Hydro were working on Vought street to install new poles to carry power to and from the new substation. A source with hydro says that the poles are  to carry 138 KV coming from a new PPS, ” some where” to the west of Merritt. ” the poles will continue and cross the golf course, we will have to look and see how close we can skirt the links”

Deer are about the city including horned bucks with does. Fall is the rut and hormones may make them dangerous.PP

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was October 17th, Merritt British Columbia:

The Nicola Naturalists had a pair of speakers on Thursday. The Speakers. Dr. Wendy Gardner and Aaron Coelho, presented  Waning Wetlands, Declines in semi arid grasslands ponds due to climate change. The slide presentations showed ariel photos of pons in the area and there conditions.  The photos were taken in the summer but stats were supplied for the amount of water that is normal. The questions of cycle  was addressed as a partial unknown as to its effect due low data for the local ponds. There are few grasslands in BC, said a speaker. A robust Q and A at the end fielded many comments including those of John Anderson principal at the local good earth company that  ‘” he notes more moisture in the fall when leaves of deciduous trees are  falling. He suggested that  intervention may be available by increasing rings of deciduous trees.” Coming away the speakers most notable statement was that a long summer season already months long  in July like we had this year is dynamic on pond levels. No major snow falls since 1997 also was a concern to Aaron Coelho.

BC Hydro was making connections to the transmission line from their buried hub next to Voght street  and in front of the court house. the hub comes from the new substation to be activated this month.

Sources say that voter turn out in the advanced pole was noticeably heavy this week poles were open on Holiday Monday as well. General election day is Monday October 19th,

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was October 10th, Merritt British Columbia:

Rain is the pleasant experience of the locals here today as an expected 11 millimeters began to fall over night. The Forest Service fire hazard sign at the Merritt court house is on the yellow or moderate pointer.

Hunters are about with the opening of Deer season last weekend. People in camouflage hunting garb are at the local A and W restaurant carrying maps.   A party of four  were seemingly receptive to the advice that Pike Mountain  toward Princeton and Swakum Mountain just out of town were traditional good areas for Deer.

There is a small crew of mining exploration people working south of town in the Spius creek area.Victor a consulting geologist says that the crew of three have 2 months work on property that was drilled in recent years. The gold property used helicopter support to move drill cores into Merritt , now they are back. Victor said its been tough for a couple of years and and is happy with the 2 months work. The company is reported by him as being a junior and its stock is trading at a half a cent. ” there are lots at about 3 cents”Victor had been used to good times in the mining industry in South  America.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was October 3rd, Merritt British Columbia:

The Merritt Farmers market is up and running at this writing with about 10 marketers displaying wares from pumpkins to lawn nic nacs . According to the people from 3 bar farms, and  the marketing manager next week is the last week for this season.

Rich Hodgson from the Merritt Community Theater Society they are in the process of getting enough money to hire an architect. He feels that after that they will be able to access funding from sources such as the lottery corporation and other interested funders. The Merritt Community Theater Society has a property to develop on the corner of Garcia and Coutlee in down town Merritt. According to Hodgson Tod Dean a principal from Merritt printing has joined the board. the board also includes former Merritt Mayor Clara Norgaurd and retired Medical Doctor  Carlson , Dr Carlson practiced here along with his wife Margaret fro many years, he is active in the Nicola Naturalists .

The local desert in is having a Harvest celebration today and for 10 dollars there are children’s  inflatable challenge toys and ball jumps along with a light lunch. The Merritt Desert in is located on Voght across the bridge coming from the north in Down town Merritt.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.

September 2015

The week that was September 25th, Merritt British Columbia:

The local Mounties were out  on Voght street mid-week and a constable Ferris was standing on the new elevated paved path that the city and BC hydro just completed.He was behind some trees watching for cell phone use while driving.Farris said the fine is 167 dollars and there is no chance of a warning. He said he was attached to the BC interior road safety division. The path has had benches added to it  and is elevated in some areas to the passenger side of north bound traffic leaving the city. There are three more phases to trail work planned and mapped , the map is available from Shawn O Flanagan at city hall.

BC hydro have placed poles for installation on Voght street from across for the new substation to the corner at rotary park for the 25 Kilo-volt line to the green energy project on Midday Valley Road. the poles leaving the project are shorter then these as a source says Telus will be also having their lines on them.

Bear droppings at the Nicola river indicate bears are eating meat. More care should be taken according to old timers when around bears in this mode.

That s it for this week KDG

The week that was September 19th, Merritt British Columbia:

The Nicola Naturalists had their AGM on Thursday acclaiming the 6 directors from last year. President Alan Burger called for nominations form the floor 3 times to an interested quorum with out any takers. He had announced that he had been made the VP of the Provincial Naturalists Society and reaffirmed that the constitution of the society says the directors choose the officers. ” I don’t know if the officers will be the same”.  Financial statements were published on the table in the speaking area of the NVIT  Lecture Theater.

The public library’s broken window was repaired this week on Wednesday. A theft had occurred of a PlayStation and an I pad.

Water restrictions are still in effect until September 30th however moisture and rain are more then adequate  along with cooler temperatures this week.

Editors note: The drought level sign on Voght street still reads  the highest level.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.


The week that was September 12th, Merritt British Columbia:

The power authority BC Hydro had a public open house of its new substation today form 11 am to 3 PM. High visibility vests and white hardhats were the order of the day as groups of people were taken through the facility slated to be open in October. Guide and substation manager Andrew Lenard  told of the two transformers built and imported by Hyundai of south Korea one being redundant will bring high voltage power to the plant and transform it into 25 KV for distribution to the city and further transformation. The source said that the old station (50 years) will be torn down and recycled. The soils will be removed and taken to a processing plant for rehabilitation. The site can be operated remotely from the Fraser Valley.Councillor Mike Goetz was in attendance representing the Mayor. The project will serve Merritt for 30 plus years.

Salmon are visibly active in the local rivers with spawning activity’s near the Voght street walkway drawing some attention.

NVIT the local community college is open and precessing students. Joe Abernathy was issuing student cards in the library all last week.

That’s it from Merritt this week. KDG

The week that was September 5th, Merritt British Columbia:

The Gillis family had a reunion this weekend, centered around the historical home of JJ Gillis on the corner of Garcia and Merritt Avenue. The event complemented local labour day activities including the parade and rodeo.Don Gallehur a grandson of the doctor lived in the house as a boy and is a principal in the reunion organization. Dr, Gillis was a doctor in Merritt from 1910 to his death in 1965, He raised 8 children and was the a member of the provincal legislature, for the Liberal party.

Its notable that watering restrictions are still on untill the end of September including the ban on mid week restrictions added in reponse to the drought.

A broken window in the local public library occured over the weekend no word if it will interfere with it being open on tuesday morning for its regular time.

Thats it from Merritt this week KDG

August 2015

The week that was August 29th, Merritt British Columbia:

The local city Mayor Neil Menard public ally endorsed the Trans Mountain pipeline twining project now in decision mode with its regulator. Menard is said to have spoken for us as a community as ” loving the environment as well as pipelines” part of his rational is the 60 year satisfactory record of Trans Mountain operating the existing pipeline here to Burnaby from Edmonton. Neil is in his second term ( first full term on city council here.)

The court house gallery had an artist reception last night in attendance was Dr. Bill Edmonds and his partner Sylvia. On the way to abstraction shows works of photos altered in a ghoulish tone and complementing a leather jackets mannequin with a six pack of beer and a bag of potato ships sitting at a computer and chatting. The image is in the second gallery surrounded by paintings with titles like every man has a secret . The photos are ones the artist got from people on the net and he enhanced them into the theme of chat.

Dr. and Mrs Edmonds Court house gallery show: Internet Identify Photo KDG

Dr. and Mrs Edmonds
Court house gallery show: Internet Identify
Photo KDG

Having lived in Hope, the Thompson-Okanagan, and North Vancouver, Bill (William) Edmonds has lived and worked for nearly 40 years, in British Columbia. Originally from Cornwall, UK, Bill began as an artist, under the influence of artists from the St Ives and Newlyn Schools of Southwest Cornwall. 
Bill initially showed his work in Central BC and Vancouver Island.  At that time, the work was quick style renderings in House Paint based on candid moments captured through the lens of his camera.  He has shown in group sows in New York City and Los Angeles, but has now returned to his roots in British Columbia.
For the past 2 years Bill has been exploring the internet and has produced a body of work designed to promote a dialogue on anonymity and the release of personal information.  The submitted works have been inspired by the relationships formed with strangers over the internet. The images produced were based on photos and texts sent to the artist by these strangers.  
His current body of work questions anonymity and the release of personal information. Initial contacts were made on internet chat sites with random individuals who had indicated a common interest in art. The Stranger was then asked to send Bill their photo with a view to having their image painted.  Initially trusting with his internet contacts, time saw him become increasingly suspicious that the photo had been sent by a Catfish*. 
Employing a combination of media and techniques making quick sketch style renderings by applying common house paint to Plexiglas panels, and often adding scraps of the texts that were sent along with the photos, is just a beginning.  These paintings are then photographed and printed onto Hahnemühle Photo Rag Paper. This labor-intensive process is designed to create another layer to my visual exploration and reveal the charged undercurrents of these on-line interactions.
* Catfish Urban Dictionary 2014.  A catfish is someone who pretends to be someone they’re not using Facebook or other social media to create false identities
Power was out today in Merritt causing the public library to delay opening 2.29 PM.

That’s it from Merritt this week.KDG

The week that was August 22th, Merritt British Columbia:

The local first nations health authority had a barbeque behind the Indian administration building this week . A large white teepee was raised and in place  as well as some Kiosk tables with promotional materials such as toothpaste and brushes from the Stoyoma Dental service on Voght street . The service accepts all plans but is organized under the local FN health authority and administers dental benefits from the J Treaty. The treaty that gives North American Indians benefits in both the US and Canada. A guest book was available to be signed at the introduction table ” we would like to see which bands are represented” said a clerking official. The J Treaty gave Detroit Michigan to the Americans for participation by the British. Former Nooitch Band Chief Dewey Shackelly was in attendance, Dewey is a photographer and documents events such as this one. A report released this week and shown on CBC said that Aboriginal men have double the mortality for health related preventable diseases.
Editors note: personal health is a private matter and needs to be respected by all.

Tiffany Griffiths published an E book this week .The book Sweetie beginnings is a dark take on a child’s discovery of  the world systems. It is available at Lulu Marketing. Lulu.com. Griffiths grew up in the Nicola Valley her mother Shannon Kilroy is an established fashion designer with her own label, Earthline Fashions, http://earthlinefashions.blogspot.ca/

Rain dew and cooling temperatures create a sense of privilege here when others are still having fire concerns.

That’s it this week KDG

The week that was August 15th, Merritt British Columbia:

Nooatch Indian band west of Merritt is having civil work done to their water system some employees from the engineering firm says  that chlorination is being upgraded.

Rain this week;  August average rain fall is 22.1 mm and some sources say that we got half of that yesterday. Forecast for today is rain but only 1 MM the 14 day trend calls for rain 4 days of the 14 up to to 26th.

The BC youth ambassador competition is here this weekend . The event will see youth from  all over the province compete for 3 representative positions to be provincial  community reps.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was August 8th, Merritt British Columbia:

There is a paved walking trail being constructed on Voght street. The construction is barricades from the Court House adjacent Parker drive on the bench al the way to Spring Bank road next to the Tim Hortons. The walking trail is in the setback from the highway the section is now a city road and the old set back is relaxed from the 75 feet that saw homes constructed decades ago. A worker says that it is from a grant from Trans Mountain Pipeline ( Kinder Morgan) the operator of a pipeline that goes by the City. The company is wanting to twin the line to Alberta from Burnaby.

Editors note: 31/9/15 an unconfirmed source says that BC Hydro may also have been involved in the trail. the source a city worker says that funding may have been involved.  The path is on the opposite side of Voght and after the substation going north and is distinctive as to no overhead power lines.

Rain on Wednesday brought a little relief from dry conditions. However drought conditions persist  with fishing bans in place.

The Rock in River music festival saw about 6000 country music fans enjoy a four day event at the old Merritt Mountain Music Festival site. Dawn Chypyha a local crooner was honored with a hand  printed star for her contribution to music performed at the downtown Canadian Country Music  Hall of Fame,  2025 Quilchena avenue on July 31st and August 1st.  http://www.globalcountry.ca/canadiancountrymusichalloffame.html

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was August 1, Merritt British Columbia: 

The Rock in River music festival is under way with the first Shuttle Bus service getting off yesterday at 2: pm there are two Blue bird type bus’s with service ending at 2 am Friday Saturday and Sunday.

A Storm sewer that empty’s in to the Nicola River at the Voght Street bridge  that failed was repaired as of Friday. The larger plastic pipe was installed from the failure to where it connected to existing concrete pipe about 60 feet from the river.  Galvanized pipe was seen being removed as its structure had failed  due to rust. The end of the pipe also has a closed steel door at the empty point at the river. 3/4 crush was used to fill the ditch making a better job then the previous fill. The work was accomplished just  in time for the bus run for the music festival that picks up in the Merritt Desert Inn parking lot at the bridge.

A reported Blue moon was visible above Merritt last night The full moon was large in the clear sky  for a number of hours. Former host of a CBC Radio Vancouver talk show posted pictures on his Facebook page last night . A blue moon is a rare occurrence resulting in 2 full moons in a calendar month. Mark Rennie Forsyth drew  the attention a began a conversation about it from the coast.


July 2015

The week that was July 25th, Merritt British Columbia, Canada:

A tow truck was reported to have fallen into a sink hole to its front bumper at the Desert Inn on Wednesday night. The driver was  taking in a Comedy performance when the ground gave way under its wheels. A city works crew discovered a storm sewer that was plugged and washing out a section of fill near the river. They plan to replace all the pipe  from the Nicola River bridge to the Merritt avenue great. The Bridge that is relatively new with a raised earthquake proof construction.

Rain is forecast for the weekend with a 40 percent chance to a 50percent chance of precipitation. The cooler weather is a relief to those concerned about fires in the grasslands and forest around the interior of BC.  https://www.google.ca/?gfe_rd=cr&ei=QsuzVa7HD47X-APEmY_oDA&gws_rd=ssl#q=merritt+weather

Construction of the Merritt Green has seen 6 steel installed by crane . The 60 odd  feet is said to have two floors above and then possibly stacks. The permit application for a height variance  for 45 meters. A source says that these plants are usually 150 feet tall.

That’s it from Merritt,KDG

The week that was July 18th, Merritt British Columbia, Canada:

A forest /grass fire was on the Hamilton Hill slope on Friday afternoon. Crews addressed the fire as well as water bombers and a spotter plan. Bright red fire retardant chemical was dropped under supervision of the spotter plane for a number of hours. Resulting in the fire being out and some smoke rising from the burnt area this morning. The fire was off he old Princeton Merritt Highway leaving Merritt to the east.

A film crew was working in the area behind the Indian administration for a time late this week. A sources says the production company was named Octagon, from Ireland and they were also filming in Ashcroft a small community to the west of Merritt. The film is called Tomato Red. The only thing we can confirm is a production crew and equipment were working here this week. :http://www.octagonfilms.com/development/item/256-tomato-red The Regional district  has a Film commission and monitors sponsored films in this area: http://thompsonnicolamoviemap.com/

The country Kitchen restaurant is reopened after a renovation this week. The restaurant is located in the Merritt Dessert Inn, proprietor Melba White ( Canadian Country hall of Fame inductee 2010). On Voght street after the bridge coming south west.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.


The week that was July 11th, Merritt British Columbia, Canada:

Smoke filled the skies of Merritt Monday and  after to a  lessor degree still persist. An unforecast rain on Friday brought comfort to many as the 20 minute after breakfast hour rain wetted the streets and lawns . A smoky skies advisory remains in effect for the Thompson Nicola issued July 7th. http://www.bcairquality.ca/

Tips to reduce your personal health risk:

People with heart or lung conditions may be more sensitive to the effects of smoke and should watch for any change in symptoms that may be due to smoke exposure. If any symptoms are noted, affected individuals should take steps to reduce their exposure to smoke and if necessary see their physician. People with symptoms should go to their health care provider, walk in clinic or emergency department depending on severity of symptoms.

 Use common sense regarding outdoor physical activity – if your breathing becomes difficult or uncomfortable, stop or reduce the activity.

 Stay cool and drink plenty of fluids.

One of the two city buses was  down on Friday and was seen being towed from downtown. There is one bus in service at a time the other spare so service is not effected.

Starbucks has a new coffee, cold brewed and iced, it qualifies for free on registered gold loyalty cards.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was July 4th, Merritt British Columbia, Canada:

Canada Day celebrations were topped off by fire works at dusk on Wednesday. No comments on fire risk in the hot weather and no reported fires. the display was coming from Central Park near the police station and lasted about 30 minutes.

Mike Hume the former president of the BC Ambassador Society was given three years of Federal time for a sexual assault unrelated to the Ambassador program. However sources say the position of trust contributed to the sentence. We also has to be registered for 20 years according to a report from a local paper.

The city is on water restrictions for summer no word on them being made more severe because of water levels.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

June 2015

The week that was June 27th, Merritt British Columbia, Canada:

The  recently completed Lacrosse Court came under scrutiny for having cost overruns this week. A local paper is reporting that it is at least 300 k over budget putting it over a million dollars. At one time those kind of capital expenditures,over a million dollars here, would have to go to a referendum. A proposal for a 911 answering call service was defeated in a referendum decades ago. The call service went to Kelowna with he corresponding jobs.

The recently hired Chief Administrative officer has taken the same job in Revel stoke and will be leaving the city soon. No word on his replacement. Other then Carol Fraser the city clerk being listed as the CAO.Alan  Chabot was CAO in the city of Fernie for long time,he was CAO in Merritt from May 2014.

Starbucks is marketing their cool drinks to people with registered gift cards on line. The Carmel  Frappuccino is highlighted with a 4 star loyalty reward , 12 are required for an earned reward of any beverage or food product. The 100 degree weather this week seems to agree with the marketing campaign giving a different dimension to a cool coffee type drink break, at the store.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was June 20th, Merritt British Columbia, Canada:

There were approximately  one hundred twenty five grade 12 students from Merritt Secondary School that graduated Friday night. The ceremony took place at the Nicola Valley Memorial Arena after a march from the school at 7:30. The matriculation of students from grade school is significant here has the City hosts a first nations university transfer institution NVIT and there were a number of First Nations Students in the ceremony Friday.

The City had run a sanitary sewer flushing project to get the lines ready for a high tech mechanical  router and camera operation in the near future. The project was advertised in the paper and there was a chance that toilet water could splash out from some commodes. Placing a towel over the opening to a toilet was the recommended safe guard  for that.

Canada Day festivities are being hosted by the City at Rotary park off Voght street again this year. Games and cake are always popular for the half day of observance. Aboriginal Day is also this week, at Rotary park starting at 8 am on the 21st in various locations The events are heavily advertised in the local newspaper The Merritt Herald.



That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was June 13th, Merritt British Columbia, Canada:

The City paved the alley behind the local notaries public office on Nicola and Garcia, it was paved al the way to the river ranch on the south end and the residents were able to put their garbage out for pickup on Thursday a change from having to put it out on the facing of Nicola Avenue which is also highway 5. A Forman on site said that they will be paving more and will be using up a supply of recycled asphalt they bought last year. The Asphalt was also used on the parking lot a t the ball fields off Vought and next to the RCMP station.

Oswald Elsasser was remembered in the local  Merritt Herald paper this week, he passed from this life on May 27 and was the owner and proprietor of the Herald for many years seeing  many changes since coming here from post war Germany  and buying the publication. He also had a printing business that supplied forms to local mines and other business. Ossie also had a passion for printing tickets for non profit events and draws. He had a great sense of community and thrift. Ossie lost a son in the Rhodesian security forces and bore his tombstone in his garden on Voght St; the only thing returned from his young sons attempt at adventure that was cut short almost immediately on arrival in that foreign land.

Temperatures were near hundred degrees F. this week until cooling considerably on Friday followed by rain. A forest fire in nearby Lytton had evacuation and caused some concern here until the onset of rain.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was June 06th, Merritt British Columbia, Canada: 

The new Lacrosse courts came into apparent use this week as Saturday saw numbers of young people chanting lets go Merritt lets go. The courts were completed this spring and are run by a local lacrosse association. A word with a coach at a local coffee outlet Friday indicated a level of enthusiasm for Canada’s official summer sport.

The local Merritt junior hockey team had a coaching change this week with long time coach and Merritt resident announcing a move to the tier 1 level leaving the assistant coach the duties of head coach. Joe Martin will be in that role going forward: http://www.merrittcentennials.com/leagues/front_pageCents.cfm?clientID=3359&leagueID=8957

Deer are still being seen in the city proper especially early morning and dusk , take care when driving as they will run out in front of a car and can cause severe damage even at low speeds.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

May 2015

The week that was May 30th, Merritt British Columbia, Canada: 

The public library had a presentation on wills and estates on Thursday. A lawyer from a local firm presented an over view of the  system of  law that regulates the transfer of assets from estates. ” it is important to have these documents in place before hand.”

Water lines to the Merritt Green energy project are being installed on Midday Valley Road . The large green water pipes have a diameter of about 2 feet and look like they can handle a large amount of water. The green energy project is a 33  megawatt steam generator plan that will burn green wood waste. It will be in the BC Hydro grid for distribution something relatively new in BC. Detours are in effect from time to time on the Voght street bridge.

Weather is warm over 30 degrees C this after a week that saw hail and deluge rain.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was May 23rd, Merritt British Columbia, Canada: 

The British Columbia Cattleman’s convention is on this week it also includes a trade show. The Arena, the Civic center and numbers of parking lots are full. Signage in the windows say ” open to the public” and  all of Douglas lake Cattle company’s farm equipment retail outlets are represented. There are pony pens and displays of fencing equipment as well as a shuttle car going to the motel area in the heights above town.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation had their big Bike fundraiser here during the week. The bike holds 29 riders and multiple teams peddled about the town raising money for the research/educational organization. Gloria Michelac an organizer commented on here husband ride as being enjoyable. Ed her husband was a member of the RCMP in the Yukon and northern BC before coming here and being the coroner for many years Ed has had 2 multiple by pass surgery’s and a heart transplant., he now suffers from dementia however was able to ride the bike without assistance. Ed’s uniforms complete with SGT stripes can be seen as a permanent exhibition at the local Museum and Archives. Gloria is a retired nurse. The BC Yukon chapter of the heart and stroke foundation has a regular campaign in February annually.

A controversy over charges to the owners of the trailer that was the site of the murder of three young children by there mental father came up this week . disposal fees are unpaid and the regional district will not bear the cost.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.

The week that was May 16th, Merritt British Columbia, Canada: 

The Osprey that nest on the poles outside Merritt on Highway number 8 were back in good form building a new nest to replace the ones that had been taken down  by someone over the winter. The pair build a nest with a demonstratively fewer pieces of orange baling twine in the structure. Baling twine can be a source of trouble to osprey and geese.

The farmers market was up and running today at the shaded parking lot at Voght and Merritt avenue they had their green and white banner sign strung between the maple trees . Meeting a glorious early spring day. The market can be found on the electric vehicle grid as it shares the parking lot with 2 of 6 charging stations in the city.

Water levels are demonstrably low for the run off with no sandbagging placed in the low corner of Voght street across from the entrance to the city water park. Sand bags are usually required in that approximately 200 feet of road way to contain the Nicola river for moderate street flooding.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.

The week that was May 9th, Merritt British Columbia, Canada: 

There were a bakers half dozen at the farmers market for its opening day , including 3 bar farms , tables of local preserves and artisan wood crafts. The farmers market runs from May to October in the curling rink parking lot of Voght before the junction of Highway 97 c and 5.

A presentation by the city works supervisors at the library gave insight into the cycle of fresh to dirty back to near fresh that the water in Merritt goes through before and after use. The historical disposal of Bio Solids and the way they are processed now ending up at ART Knapp’s as product highlighted the local business The good earth company. The four wells and storage tanks were talked about and the fact that the underground acuter is with out a cap of clay or bedrock. The wells are in the proximity of the two rivers in the valley the deepest is 400 ft.

Weekend weather is in the low 20s Celsius and is pleasant without wind.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was May 2nd, Merritt British Columbia, Canada: 

The library at the local community college has substantially completed the renovation of its interior. New carpets and roll together book shelves give an open effect. The acoustics seem echoing but that may be right for a quite space like a library. There are a number of seminar rooms at the rear of the library and according to library coordinator Joe Abernathy new furniture for working stations have been ordered.

Painting of crosswalks is under way with the crosswalks by the United Church on Quilchena ave a start point.

A source says that the model railway that is accurate to a scale of the CPR line through the mountain from hope to Spence’s bridge is complete. Volunteers have been working after hours foe a number of years to provide a historical reference to the line that operated from 1012- 1989. The train operates on request from the front counter.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

April 2015

The week that was April 25th, Merritt British Columbia, Canada:

The City put down crosswalks on the Voght street new pavement Andrew a city worker said that the torch on panels the city use will last more then a year. supervisor of Universal Highway Systems on the job said that they can last from 3 to 6 years. The product is more labour intensive then contractor painting Put the installers have more control and its good for small jobs..

Don Mcleod spoke on Mars and black holes on Thursday at the public library. Mcleod said that he studied at Cambridge as an Astro Physicist and did his Phd on the surroundings of black holes. He was on the list for a one way trip to Mars but has with drawn. He said that there were 20,000 people hoping to go he withdrew at 500. He estimates there are 100 remaining at this time. Mcleod said that it is 10 percent the cost for a one way trip then a return one. Don is a medical doctor ( because there were few jobs for his space passion)

Snow is down to the 3500 ft level this morning with a definite cold coming from the breeze.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.

The week that was April 18th, Merritt British Columbia, Canada:

There was a celebration of the life of Millie Mitchell who passed away while looking for Bio waste spreads with former Merritt Mayor Clara Norgaard. In attendance was local MP Dan Allbas and Mrs Norgaard.

The City works got new high visibility coveralls ,with ” 4″, 40 KM Legal reflective  bands.” The covers were supplied locally by Merritt work and play.

The Nicola Naturalists had a session wildflowers, Author Bill Merilee spoke on the importance of recording bloom times for gaining actionable information such as when pollen may be a problem.

The week that was April 11rth, Merritt British Columbia, Canada:

Paving crews were about Merritt this week and in one day they stripped and put down new black top on Voght St.The pavers from Penticton also repaired the asphalt strips taken out to deal with the cables crossing the highway from the new cable hub buried near the courthouse and coming from the hydro substation upgrade.

Ted Kay a former provincial bee inspector and assistant gold commissioner gave a talk at the public library on Thursday.”Bees are invasive to BC, coming from central America brought to Victoria at the end of the 19th century”” honey bees are at odds with horses, If you go to hives smelling of horses you will be stung”.Dr. Don McLeod will be talking on Black holes, and Mars on the 23rd at the library.

Water levels in the Nicola river are beginning to get high with run off, there little flooding here as dams at the lake control water out.

That’s it for this week KDG

The week that was April 4rth, Merritt British Columbia, Canada:

The mobile home of three murdered Merritt children off Telemon place  was destroyed by an excavator, it had been designated an unsightly property. Little notice of the work was given. The home was a single wide trailer with a yard and  high wooded fence. David Schoenborn killed his 3 children and then was the subject of a manhunt that ended in a surrender after being found by local cougar hunter Kim Robinson. In an unrelated matter the social worker that was on his families file died in Kamloops on Friday when a fire she lit in a pagan ceremony killed her. The  women, a 40 year old Heather Carr went on disability over the murder then became permanently disabled.

The snow was very close to being off Iron Mountain early in the week but snow and colder weather came in time for the weekend discouraging early planting. Iron mountain is watched as a bell weather as well as the long weekend in May.

Work has started on the west end of Coldwater avenue for new sewer and water lines. The work begins east of the recycle yards .

Thats it from Merritt this week KDG

 March 2015

The week that was March 27th, Merritt, British Columbia, Canada:

Garbage collection being raised an average of 16 dollars annually on the average property value of 200 k. The is being placed below the reporting of the current Bio waste controversy by local paper, The Merritt Herald.

An interview with staff at the downtown community policing  office over the March 12th Sexual Harassment, panel discussion hosted by the NVIT social work program gave an impression of mild success and interest. ” hair and unwanted sexual attention, (a lack of professionalism) can bring trouble.. Breach of the Public Peace can be related trouble for agitators. Constable T. Dunsmore of  the CPO was a panel member.

Tulips are up on Quilchena ave.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was March 21st, Merritt , British Columbia, Canada:

Dan Dural , UBC Okanagan  gave a talk on mushrooms at the Naturalists on Thursday. No cellulose makes fungus different then green plants. DR  Glen and Margaret Carlson, and Mr.Pious Chong were in attendance.

The city is debating  a hundred dollar fine for placing garbage out before 5 am to be collected. Bear attraction is the issue .

Daylight saving time came with little disruption.

That’s it from Merritt this week,KDG

The week hat was March 14th: Merritt, British Columbia, Canada:

Richard Thomas Griffiths passed from this life on Monday  at the age of 80. Richard was survived by his wife of 61 years Muriel and 6 sons, 12 grand children, 8 great grand children.

That’s it from Merritt this week Kevin D. Griffiths

The week hat was March 7th: Merritt, British Columbia, Canada:

Reggie Leach the former hockey player and Stanley cup winning Philadelphia Flyer  spoke to numbers of schools and groups on Thursday. In the evening at the local community college he said that he is now a reservation Indian and quipped “I watch all the women going to work.” The 64 year old is currently engaged in hockey schools targeting First Nations and ” does all his business on Facebook” he reports 5000 followers. Reggie  took off his Stanley cup team ring and let young people try it on, when asked if he was a success he said he just had a good job and worked at it. avoiding defining what success was. Leach has a son who also is a member of a Stanley cup winning NHL team. Jamie Leach got his ring on the Pittsburgh Penguins in 1991 and two complementing his fathers 1975 win. He may have inferred that, that was close to success.

The Moon shadows RV park is booked up and there is getting serious interest in the City run Claybanks park as a source says there are 200 construction workers coming to begin construction of the green energy Hydro co gen plant on Midday valley road. Construction workers are noted for living out allowances and RVs. Rates and services vary between parks.

The City of Merritt had a grant from Trans Mountain Pipelines for trail and hiking facilities this week the company contracted 420 thousand dollars in a pledge. trans mountain has operated a pipeline by Merritt successfully for 60 years.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

 February 2015

The week that was February 28th, Merritt British Columbia, Canada:

The Old Court House Gallery had its first artist reception since the  election of the new officers of the local arts council last night. The gallery  had been painted white  and had a featured vintage light fixture in the foyer. The showing featured cowboy scenes of local places in the Nicola Valley. The Artist Harold Allanson, a resident of Vancouver Island, said some of the paintings were up to a  hundred hours of work,and details of grass were  accomplished by a method that employed a substance covering the painting over and then removing the substance. Allanson enters art shows by courier, ” some of them have 900 entries and only 40 make the showing its an accomplishment to get there.” The painting at his show in Merritt are priced in the  four to six thousand dollar range. In attendance to the reception was Ashcroft resident and MLA  Jackie Tagart , city councillors  Dave Baker, and Kurt Christopher son and life time resident George Armstrong.The show goes to March 7th weekends from 10- 4 PM, at the gallery 1840 Nicola Avenue, closed Sundays.

The local Coopers Store has banners proclaiming a hundred years of Overweightea. Overweightea  Foods was bought by Jim Patteson in 1968 for 8 million dollars , the group owns Coopers.

Temperatures a forecast to return to near double digit next week around time of the full moon.

That’s it from   Merritt this week KDG

The week that was February 21st, Merritt British Columbia, Canada:

Murphy Shewchuck gave his talk on the drive to Tuk on the Artic coast on Thursday. Putting their feet in the Beaufort sea and widows in the buildings at Tuk were points of interest. ” there is little snow at Tuk that’s why they have windows , and not in places east like Rankin”. Murphy is a freelance photographer and writer and lives in Merritt BC.

There was a revision property tax group (court)  at the civic center this week. The Panel included former Mayor, Susan Roline, Monty Gilchrest, Ruth Knight and one other. The court had 14 local appeals scheduled , and about 80 in total, ” the BC assessment had taken care of the others, we just have to do the paper work” Ruth Knight” The others included entities such as the Royal Bank and  numbered companies. One  appeal was for a property at 4100 Belshaw, the heights and a new area, considered a going concern.

Freedom to read week stars at the local library starting on the 22d of February. Advertising is being placed about the library at 1691 Garcia Street Merritt.

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The week that was  February 14th,Merritt British Columbia, Canada:

The public library  has booked a present ion from Doctor Don Mcleod. He will be speaking on Mars and Black holes. DR. Mcleod is and eclectic individual, published author and a generalist. He is a medical Doctor and has a clinic in the 2000 block of Quilchena avenue.  He is noted for his “castle” style home tucked in behind a knoll on hyway 5A across the highway from Nicola lake. The talk is at 6:00 to 7:30 PM Thursday April 16th 2015, at 1691 Garcia Merritt BC.

There is an unconfirmed account that there is a four million dollar mineral exploration program coming up in the Aspen Grove area off the Merritt Princeton highway. The property is on the Douglas Lake Ranch. Canada’s largest working Cattle ranch.

The local Contractor Lower Nicola Backhoe is reported to have sold its concrete division to Norgaard Ready Mix . At this writing the batch plant on Aberdeen Road gone and the four trucks bought used in Los Angeles are not about.

Thats it from Merritt this week PP

The week that was February 7th, Merritt British Columbia, Canada:

The 130 KV line to the highland valley from the 200 million dollar cogen on Midday Valley road is 90 percent done, and the 500 KV, third line to the lower mainland from the Revelstoke dams, is also complete as far as all the towers being installed. A source says that he will have 10 years job security  as hydro upgrades its facilities including the installation of 2 more turbines at the Revelstoke facility. This will bring to 5 the turbines at the 5 mile dam site. There is an estimation of another year before the Merritt substation switches to the new facilities built in Merritt. ” I hate those old transformers” says a source. The ageing station was built circa 1960s .

The local Starbucks has had no apparent transition to the announced access to beer and wine in some of its stores. They have yet to complete there ” 5 year refresh”

British Columbia will be observing ” Family Day” as a stat holiday on Monday. this is a recent add to the paid holiday. British Columbia is out of alignment with all the other provinces when it comes to this holiday as the other observe next week.

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 2760   January 2015

The week that was January 31st, Merritt British Columbia, Canada:

There was a quite opening for another Dollar type store last Saturday. The Staff said yesterday we have been open for a week, in an enthusiastic tone . The store with a number of long isles and is well stocked with may household products. Next to Extra foods the brand new facility sports colors of green and yellow and is called Dollar Rama,located at 2780 Forksdale ave, it faces the new 130 KV line to the Highland Valley which uses part of the Extra Foods parking lot,2760 Forksdale ave, for its tall wooded poles. The property has a farmers field behind that runs for a few hundred meters to Nicola River, on the River Ranch. The River Ranch grew a crop of cow corn last year on the other side of that river.

The local college  NVIT has its library under renovation including the addition of 3 seminar rooms with smart boards There has been an excavator working to level an  area behind the school for a permanent trades building.

The Starbucks on Dewolf way has  yet  its 5 year refresh new furniture. The area is  a  going concern  due to  its relationship to the freeway to Vancouver.

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The week that was January 24th, Merritt British Columbia, Canada:

The President of the British Columbia Ambassadors, a youth self improvement group was found guilty of unlawful confinement and sexual assault in a Kamloops  court. The jury trial heard how allegedly a young man came to the Hume home in Lytton after a night of drinking and awoke to find Hume shaving his body.Hume is said to have testified that the man was extorting him. No word on appeals at this writing. Keith Hume was a Merritt resident and operated a pet store on the corner of Quilchena Avenue and Voght street for some years before moving to Lytton to be a Social worker. He was the president of the Ambassador  association for more then a decade.

Gasoline prices continue to decline with regular gasoline at 96.9 cents a liter today.

The local Starbucks 5 year refresh is in progress paint is cureing in anticipation of new pictures and furnature arrival.

Thats it from Merrittt this week KDG

The week that was January 17th,Merritt British Columbia, Canada:

The Nicola had their monthly Thursday and awarded two scholarships to natural resource   students. Anna Brown a department head of NVIT arranged presentation. The naturalists have struck  a relationship sees a scholarship in program and makes NVIT the host of monthly meetings.

The Naturalists voted support for a public meeting against the bio solids for fertilizer in the Sunshine Valley. The meeting is at the Merritt Civic center on January 26th in the evening.http://wp.me/pAoul-3Nf

The local Starbucks completed refresh painting  however the new furniture is overdue for its Friday arrival.

That’s it from Merritt  this week KDG

The week that was January 10th, Merritt British Columbia, Canada:

Rich Hodgson a retired forester and an involved community members says that Bio solids being dumped by a trucking company on land they bought in Sunshine valley is distressing neighbors. There is a contention over fertilizer levels of the material as apposed to waste. Rich says that the solids are wet and produce odors. The area is west of Merritt and once hosted  Ginseng farms.

NVIT the local first nations run collage is open for spring semester. Instructor Mill Jurusic is teaching a course on Metis history.  Chris  Lepsol is instructing field survey in natural resource studies. The start for library renovation delayed.

The local Starbucks is being painted and all the furniture is being replaced, it is located on Dewolf Way of Voght street in Merritt.

off Voght  in Merritt. It remains open while in progress.

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The week that was January 3rd,Merritt British Columbia, Canada:

The Royal Bank on the corner of Quilchena and Garcia is having extra security with a presence of security personal in and about the business. The alert is in response to a robbery earlier in the Christmas season that saw an amount of cash taken by a treat of a weapon by a man.

The local CPO Community Policing Office have announced plans to have a permanent shelter after a measure of success by the cold weather Shelter on Quilchena avenue. Constable Tracy Dunmore is highlighted on the front page of the local paper as having a number of success with the office including education and direction to those at risk.

A major snow storm is forecast for the area and will bring major amounts of snow by weekend.

That’s it from Merritt KDG

December 2014

The week that was December 27th, Merritt British Columbia, Canada:

The week saw a robbery at the local Royal Bank on the corner of Quilchena and Garcia, a man about 5foot ten inches , unshaven said he had a weapon and demanded and got an amount of cash. He remains at large. A break in at residence in Colletville a small residential community in Merritt on the west side of the Nicola river is reported by neighbours. Editors note: people should have there homes watched when away for the holidays.

Thursday night saw a campfire behind the Double D motel responded to by the Merritt Volunteer fire department. The Christmas holiday was quite according the fireman Felice Luchi.

A sciff of snow this morning gave a sense of season after having only frost on Christmas day. a major storm is expected today and a return to sub zero weather is expected in the coming week.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was December 20th, Merritt British Columbia, Canada:

The Shell station  off Voght  had a hit and run vehicle take out 4 gas pumps while closed. They say that there were 4  liters of fuel spilled and because the pumps were off there was less risk of a major catastrophe happening. the pump stations were boarded off as of last evening ant the business open.

There are three known business’s that have calendars to give out ,  Blacks Pharmacy, City Furniture, and Purity Feed.

Gasoline is seen to be selling for a dollar seven a liter at the downtown Petro Canada, at the junction of highway 8 and 5A downtown Merritt. There is also 12 cents a liter in discounts and loyalty rewards available to card holders, this brings the price down to well under the dollar mark.

That’s it from Merritt this week, Happy Holidays. KDG

The week that was December 13th, Merritt,British Columba, Canada:

The week is filled with staff Christmas parties and piano recital. The City put up a community Christmas tree in Spirit Square this week. The tree was arranged by councillor Dave Baker and decorated by city employees. Councillor Baker also acknowledged the involvement of a number of unnamed volunteers in the trees procurement.

People are settling in for a quiet Christmas here and believing that the snow will return as per the long range forecast just before Christmas. After all it is sixty years since Bing Cosby did his hit I am dreaming of a white Christmas.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was December 6th,Merritt,British Columbia, Canada:

The City posted the list of officially elected council members Mayor Neil Menard is joined by councils  of Dave Baker, Mike Goetz,  Kurt Christopher son Dianna Norgaard,Virginia Prowel, and Linda M Brown  in the first meeting of December 1 st at city hall. There are 29 people including executive engaged  in local government at Merritt Hall.

The local library is about three quarters through its new paint job ,three colors brown,  off white and rust. The feature wall with child tree climber images by Anne Pang  not to be painted.

Thats it  from Merritt this week KDG

November 2014

The week that was November 29th, Merritt, British Columbia, Canada:

The Chamber of Commerce had their Christmas parade last night. The parade moved at a quicker pace then the years before and there were more pronounced gaps in the float line up. Temperatures were sub zero and required a bundling of clothing. The Starbucks float  had ancillary walkers tossing out coffee samples and two for one cards to watchers. The food bank had a shopping cart full of wrapped empty gift boxes for sale suggested donation 5 dollars. There were no complains and seemly a good time was had by all as the parade passed through the business section of downtown Merritt.

Cold weather is in the long range forecast with some over night lows to reach minus 30 c in the next week. The City of Merritt has a cold weather shelter in the 1900 block of Quilchena avenue. The building has a 34 thousand dollar budget for rent and supplies and according to a volunteer from the United Way the funding came in part from them. They also fund a youth drop in facility in spirit square on a permanent basis.

The Lacrosse park of Voght next to the skateboard park is in its final construction mode as the half walls are up. There is also overhead lighting to be put in and a source says that it may be finished by the end of January. The facility can be used as an outdoor ice ring if there is long enough cold weather to support it.

Carriie Ware CA on the way to muster for the Christmas parade Photo KDG

Carriie Ware CA
on the way to muster for the Christmas parade
Photo KDG

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.

The week that was November 22, Merritt, British Columbia, Canada:

The civic election saw a city council elected for a four year term and a new mayor Neil Menard took the job with a good margin of votes. City councillors Dave Baker, Kurt Christopherson and Mike Goetz were returned and new councillors Ginny Prowl, Dianna Norgaard ,and Linda Brown were elected. Failed candidates were Bruce McMurchy and Harry Kroeker. The vote saw a male mayoral change from a female and three female councillor added to make it a gender balanced council, with the mayor being neutral and only voting to break ties.

The Film society had a near full house for the showing of the Indian set film The Lunch Box. The next showing of an international film for the society will be in January on the 19th with the production  tracks rated PG. films are at 7PM in the NVIT lecture theater 5 dollar admission . Two dollar season membership. The Nicola Valley Film Society is on the TIFF Film Circuit.

The Merritt Public Library is being painted inside with the computer lab and washroom complete with a off yellow and the main building now being prepared for a clean new paint job. A source says it will be a colour and not the existing white.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was November 15th, Merritt, British Columbia, Canada:

The Court House Gallery was active last evening with an artist reception for two local artists showing  18 pieces. Fran McMurchy and Wendy Eckhart’s show Oil and Water do Mix was well attended by friends and supporters of the local arts, In attendance during the evening was Dan Albas the Member of Parliament for Okanagan Coquihalla, Dr.Bob Holmes, a retired local doctor and Dr. Bill Edmonds a local practicing doctor who is chairing the Nicola Valley Arts Councils Annual meeting on November 25th. Also in attendance was Bruce McMurchy husband to the artist Fran and a candidate in todays election. Two paintings were purchased by DR. Holmes in the 300 dollar range, the scope was landscapes of local grasslands and hills. There is public viewing of the 18 pieces on the 15th and 16th 10-4pm at the Old Court House Gallery 1840 Nicola Avenue in Merritt, BC Canada.

Ken Nichols a local  construction contractor, is concerned about access on private ranch land in the area and his ability to hunt and cross onto private fenced land to deal with wounded fleeing animals he says he follows the protocol by contacting the land owner to inform them of his need to go after a wounded animals but says he has had to go to the conservation officer and get an order to chase and recover an animal. In a conversation that was put that he is the thin edge of a wedge and his responsible attitude is sometimes followed by a lot of irresponsible recreational  land users he was understanding.” a posted map showing boundaries  and entrances to private land would help ” in his view.

Editors note: the trespass act gives express rules on how to determine private land not  be accessed for recreational use.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was November 8th, Merritt, British Columbia, Canada:
The Civic election is seeing a lot of coverage for the candidates trying to get office. Mayoralty candidates are claiming growth and economic measures that seem more right for federal or provincial debate. The Nicola Valley health center is being called a hospital again and embraced as a political asset to be identified with. The health center has an emergency room and a full lab giving seniors relief from having to travel an hour to the Regional, Royal Columbian hospital an hour away.
The local community college/ First Nations school has announced a million and a half dollar expansion in trade teaching facilities. There is a Aboriginal mine training association office at NVIT and has had temporary trailers where welding and shop related pre apprentice courses were taught in the past. The Trailers and equipment were supplied by Teck corporation. the facilities are to be permanent structures.
Remembrance Day observances are gearing up, John Issit a retired officer from the Canadian forces says he has everyone on board including a piper DR.Ross will be carrying pipes with the colour party. The service will be the 100th anniversary of the out break of the First World war. CBCs Mark Forsythe is presenting his book From the West Coast to the Western Front tonight at the Public library.
That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was November 1st,Merritt, British Columbia, Canada:

The great Al Horne or more precisely the Great Alexander lecture was on Thursday evening its the first of three 2 hours sessions on progressive Thursdays until  November 13th, at 6 to 8 PM. al talked of the campaign that Alexander waged against the people of Tyre ( precursor of the Carthaginians) and the mole that was built to get to the 150 foot walled fortified city up to 600 feet of water was filled in to get to the island strong hold. DR. Don McLeod was in attendance and when Al spoke of a eyeball spoon used on warriors like Philip of Macedonia, he responded that he had a Roman eye spoon in his house. After the meeting when asked if he lend it out he replied simply “NO”

The All Candidates forum was on this week Wednesday saw 8 councillor hopefuls on a raised platform present to a full house in the west side of  the civic center. Long term councillor Harry Kroeker, ( advanced in years) said that he saw a doctor and he is fine “above the neck.” the Mayors and School District hopefuls presented on Monday night , reports are they are all on the” same page on issues”.

Halloween went off without incident last night with some areas reporting numbers of door knockers and other few. The staff at Starbucks, coopers and Pharmasave were amongst the business that had dress up. One employee at Starbucks didn’t participate as “she once lost a person to Halloween activities”

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

October 2014

The week that was October 25th, Merritt, British Columbia, Canada:

There is a seemingly greater presence of uniformed police personal around the city this week. We are quite distant from the activities of large cities that attract the tragedy that occurred in Ottawa this week, the small rural demeanour of our town is seldom broken by the big events of the world. There is also an underlying confidence in systems of public safety here, deserved or not.

The Cougar lady spoke to a good crowd in the Merritt public library on Thursday night although the promotional material indicated that she was a real character turns out that she was a fictional person developed by the author, Rosella Leslie : http://www.quintessentialwriters.com/leslie.html

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was October 18th, Merritt British Columbia, Canada:
The city council rescinded second reading of Bylaw 1874 , the new Official Community Plan on Tuesday. The zoning bylaw has been in process for a number of years and Tuesday was the public hearing before the regular council meeting, no speakers for or against after a presentation in the changes was given. The rescinding will cause another public hearing and a new second reading that will include a change of use provision to al industrial properties that will prohibit the permanent use of asphalt processing.
The presentation had some interesting highlights including a new ability to use 60 percent of a lot if permeable materials are used in its landscaping.
The Nicola Naturalists had their first monthly presentation meeting on the 16th,Doreen Olson from Penticton ,talked about the proposed national park in the Okanogan Similkmeen. she said that the park is viable but can not go ahead until the province comes back on board. She also said it is the hunters lobby that is causing the local MLA to be unsupportive of the park. She said that there are no large game herds to be enhanced in the park. She identified 8 endangered species on her own 77 acre property in the vicinity of the proposed park including Big Horn Sheep. When she asked hunters where they hunt they indicated lands not in the proposed park boundaries. http://www.sosnationalpark.ca
The next Naturalists meeting is November 2oth at 7 PM, Dr. Tom Sullivan will be presenting on fur and forest , habitat management in the interior of BC.
Flu and colds are about the valley with a very uncomfortable bug infecting the community as a whole. drug stores are advertising flu shots, the public health clinic for those at risk is yet to be announced.
That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was October 11th, Merritt British Columbia, Canada

The Nicola Valley  farmers market is on again this morning the market operates May to October, on Saturdays 10 am to 2 PM in the parking lot at the corner of Voght and Merritt. The market will be winding up this month however there is a good presence this morning. https://www.facebook.com/nicolavalleyfarmersmarket   . The president of the market will be hosting a Pumpkin patch at his farm, # bar farms is at 2124 Tomkinson RD off highway 8 to Sunshine valley road, http://www.3barfarms.com for info. The event will be on the Saturday and Sunday of the next two weekends, 10 Am to 4 PM hay rides ,fun , and games etc.  Today is the last farmers market at the Downtown location. Tia’s pet supplies says she is the last dog hung there.

Friday was the last day to file nomination papers for the November 15th Civic election. Two candidates have announced for Mayor, the incumbent Susan Roline and newcomer councillor Neil Menard.

A two point buck deer was in the field at central park in the early morning, deer hunters have been saying that there is a divided season for buck mule deer  only 4 point are open  for the beginning and two point for the remainder . the deer seem to know and show up in the municipality as firearm discharge is not allowed in city limits. always check the regs there is o grace on mistakes.


That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was October 4th, Merritt British Columbia, Canada

The pacific forest rally got its ceremonial start on Friday in the 2000 block of Granite avenue near the Olympic legacy ,spirit Square 35 rally cars are off on a two day rally about the Nicola Valley . The cars are rated by numbers and a sources the first dozen are the more accomplished ones , however anything can happen and the event is based on individual times.

The building in the 2000 block of Quilchena avenue was cleaned up after demolition with a layer of gravel placed to show a clean lot fencing is still up but tarps are gone. A source said that Vermiculite and blown in asbestos insulation was found during demolishing causing a delay for its removal. The source said that no under ground fuel tanks were found, an old boiler was removed along with concrete blocks of foundation.

Although not all vermiculite contains asbestos, some products were made with vermiculite that contained asbestos until the early 1990s.[4] Vermiculite mines throughout the world are now regularly tested for it and are supposed to sell products that contain no asbestos. The former vermiculite mine in Libby, Montana, did have tremolite asbestos as well as winchite and richterite (both fibrous amphiboles) — in fact, it was formed underground through essentially the same geologic processes as the contaminants.

Pure vermiculite does not contain asbestos and is non-toxic. Impure vermiculite may contain, apart from asbestos, also minor diopside or remnants of the precursor minerals biotite or phlogopite

Two more cranes have been driving more pilings at the Merritt Green energy plant. The plant will be pouring concrete soon. The green energy plant is a project in the hundreds of millions of dollars and is a co gen with Tolko industries and their local mill.

The farmers market is on this morning with about a dozen booths set in a colorful fall background.

That’s it from Merritt BC

September 2014

The week that was September 27th, Merritt British Columbia, Canada:

The demolition of  the fire damaged building in the 2000 block of Quilchena avenue was done this week the excavator from Extreme Excavating, of Kamloops BC was still on site this morning, a quick peek behind the screen  sees  a need for some rubble clean up as yet. The site has clear danger posted for cancer hazard posted all around the site. Demolition was done with large water hoses to dowse dust and particles that may escape the area. The operator of the equipment inside wore white hooded coveralls with a filtered mask. A man supervising the barrier said he was going to be there for 30 days.

The Kamloops symphony is starting their September to May  program with  Sublime Spirit tonight.

Chopin knew how to craft a beautiful phrase and Schubert always wrote with spirit.  They team up on this melodic season opener.

There is a preconcert chat at 6:45 PM and Sara Davis Buechner on piano at 7:30 PM. On October 15th, Mozart to Modern, a string quintet of violin and obo, the Beatles Sargent Pepper Friday October 24th and 25th at 7:30. A pdf brochure is available at: http://www.kamloopssymphony.com/docs/kso-2014-15-brochure.pdf  The performances are at the Sagebrush theater in Kamloops

The Merritt Baptist church is having a film night on October 4th Gods not Dead , they say come see a movie and have popcorn with us. The Merritt Baptist church is at 2499 Coutlee avenue in Merritt. The Culture Club is having an  Oktoberfest on October 4th in their 2000 block Granite avenue building, tickets available from Doctor McLeod’s office across the street.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was September 20th, Merritt British Columbia, Canada:

There were a number of contractors working the alley behind the 2000 block of Quilchena avenue. One, a Fortis BC contractor was repairing a ” pin prick” leak in a line behind the building that burned on June 30th.  they also said they were disconecting the service.The excavator that was sitting behind the building for demolishing was gone a fence was installed and tarpoline covers in the front provided. The Asbestos removel signs are still in the glass windows of the building.

The swimming pool opened on Friday after a shut down since August 18th. The facility was cleaned and maintained . some new rules include no street shoes on the observation deck or the workout room.There has been a uprade of lockers and they are fifty cents a use. At the time of the shut down there were still old lockers at a quarter a pop.

The Canadian Imperial  Bank of Commerce on the corner of Quilchena and Voght Street started a redo of thier parking lot and storm sewer this week. The building is the first in the west end of the 2000 block.

Thats it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was September 13th, Merritt British Columbia Canada:

A supervisor for the ambulance service said there were 19 ambulances and 7 air ambulances that responed to the Bus crash on the freeway to the south of here in the week of the 30th of August.  There were no deaths and the tour company cancelled the contract with the operator. There are a number of tour bus companys that go through Merritt, some stop for lunch and continue on to Banff and Jasper two national parks in the rocky mountians in Alberta.

The construction of an announced hotel construction on the end of Dewolf way seems to havc hit a snag. The property was excavated and stripped of vegatation and now seems idle, there is a for sale sign on the property noteing ” court orderd sale”. A source close to the owner says it must be for an adjoining property as the plan is for completion of a hotel in a year.

The Terry Fox run is well advertised about town and it takes place Sunday the 14th at Voght park with sponsored runners, walkers, and joggers raising money for cancer research. Terry Fox lost a leg to cancer and attempted a one legged cross country run to raise awareness to the disease. He failed to make it out of Ontario as  the cancer came back , he died shortly after but inspired others such as Steve Fonye to take up the cause.

Frost on Thursday night hit a lot of people who did not believe it would come, there is a saying that if there is a full moon just after the Rodeo on Labour day you should watch for frost. Ce la Vie to the tomatos and squash.

Thats it from Merritt this week KDG.
The week that was September 6 Merritt British Columbia Canada:
The city put an add in a local paper for a building inspector, the city says that the current inspector John Chase has no intention of retiring but we are looking to the future to see what is out there. There are some major projects in the city jurisdiction and they may hire another inspector for two days a week.
The nomination period for the next city council starts on September 30th, for the November 15th election of 6 Councillors and one Mayor.
The Nicola valley aquatic center continues its annual shut down for maintenance the pool shuts down every August and September for a month:http://www.merritt.ca/programs-nicola-valley-aquatic-centre .
The school strike continues here in Merritt as well as else where in the province talk is that some parents are giving there 40 dollars a day they receive from the government to the union others are hiring striking teachers to look after there kids.
That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

August 2014

The week that was August 30th: Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

There was a tour bus accident on the Coquihalla Highway about 30 miles south of Merritt on Friday afternoon. Reports that 50 people may have been injured and up to 6 critically have not been escalated to more serious results. A source says that speed was not a factor but driver error may have occurred in remaining in control on a soft shoulder. Six ambulances were seen parked at the Nicola Valley Hospital late Friday afternoon. We are not accustomed to seeing more than two of these vehicles at one time. The  Freeway was closed for a time Friday resulting in large volumes of traffic including large trucks coming through Merritt to use the canyon highway 8 to Spences bridge.

The Tour the Universe presentation displays are up at the public library. The presentation is on September 20th at 7:30 PM, with speaker Colleen Ohare. Sign up at the front desk.

A project sign is up in front of the Lacrosse area at Central Park, off Voght  ICE Developments from Vancouver are doing the work; 604-381-2202.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was August 23rd: Merritt. British Columbia, Canada

The Town played a bit of a host to the Sturgis music festival, some more police and motorcycles were seen about town. However volumes of people seemed about normal; to us and others.

There was a survey crew at the site of the sand volleyball courts off Voght street, a source says they are moving them and putting in a Lacrosse court. Lacrosse became Canada’s official sport  a number of years ago , bumping ice hockey to the official winter sport.

The farmers market was added to the list of markets that can get coupons from the government for seniors and disabled.The subsidy marks a debarture from the stict goal of self produced unsanctioned produce and wares having a place to present. The market is open Saturdays for 5 hours through  October. 10 dollars a week for a spot and 100 dollars for a full season. The price includes insurance.

Candidate packages came available at the city for the November election on Thursday.

Thats it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was August 16th: Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

The BC Ambassador Society has their pageant here this weekend, with three serving BC youth Ambassadors giving up their titles to three of the seven new candidates competing for the positions. The young people also win scholarships and bursaries for higher education as well as a chance to represent the province at events. The aim of the society is to develop future leaders.

The work on the 200 odd million dollar cogen plant is well underway this week with local gravel truck operators hauling fill out of the site, some of the hires are AE James , Tibar Construction, and Acarnia Contracting. The General Contractor is Acers Construction from Kamloops. The site is at the corner of Midday Valley road and the truck route.

The location pins for the poles of the 130 KV line to the Highland Valley are in at this end the project is said to be twin poles as apposed to towers. The contractor installing the towers here for the third 500 KV line to the lower mainland is said to be finishing up here within the next 5 weeks.( they will move to Chilliwack to continue the work.) However a source says that another contractor will be around here for another year because of  some bad bolts. ( the first tower installed in this project failed and fell to the ground.)

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The BC Ambassador Society is having their pageant this weekend a the Merritt Civic Center, three serving ambassadors are giving up the positions that will be used by 3 of the 7 contending for this years title. The young people are able to win scholarships and bursaries as well as the privilege of representing the province as youth ambassadors at events.

The 200 odd million dollar co gen plant is well under way this week with ground being leveled and many local gravel trucks taking fill away. Some of the local hires are AE James, Tibar Construction, and Acarnia contracting. The general contactor is Acers from Kamloops. The plant site is located at the corner of Midday Valley Road and the truck route, in Merritt.

The week that was August 9th Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

The city removed the celebrity star from in front of the two burnt buildings on Quilchena  Avenue this week. The Walk of Stars  has the hand prints of the stars that visited Merritt over a decade and a half and performed at the Merritt Mountain Music Festival, from Johnny Cash to Glen Campbell,and Canadian Ann Murray hand prints were collected to complement the murals about the town. The Canadian Country Hall of fame is in the same block as the two burned buildings. The facility was not damaged in the fire.:http://www.ccmhalloffame.com/visit/country-music-capital/merritt-and-the-nicola-valley

The public library has installed a change station in the men’s washroom. A Kola Kare station  adorns the wall across from the hand . washing sink. The library also has parent friendly computer stations.

Milder weather  with pleasant temperatures, ( today 16 degrees at mid morning,) are starting to signal the demise of summer with a slight dew on the grass in the am. A high of 35 Celsius is forecast for Monday, with and overnight low of 13 c and a 6 c dew point.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was August  2nd : Merritt British Columbia, Canada

Mirror Vintage opened its store today, The Vintage store is on the corner of Voght and Coutllee in the building that was the Yuen Lung Trading company or general store. The building was constructed in 1927 and was a hub of activity since. Some, a very few, Chinese people distinquished them selfs by getting into the army to go to France in the  First World War, including the Louie brothers profiled on CBC as great war participants. The General store was operated by members of the chinese community up untill the current owners purchased it and under took neccessary repairs. The opening is very popular this morning and vintage signage is displayed behind counters and replicas available for sale. Some vintage items are only for display but other are for sale. The grand opening is today from 10-5PM. Like them on facebook: Mirror Vintage.

A source said that the young person that fell from a belcony at the In town motel will be alright, he recieved a concussion and a sore shoulder over his actions.

Herb Grahams, Voght Street building has been renovated for a new restaurant, the place is a first nations cusine and has bannock as a featured theme.It may be open soon there is no signage indicating that however it looks ready to go, with staff and table all ready.

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July 2014

The week that was July 26th: Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

John Kim a minister with the Korean Presbyterian church ,is organizing Korean believers to come to the Nicola valley for cultural exchange , with first nations people around the Gospel. John operates a mission from his home on Ban street in Merritt, and has an interest in first nations spirituality. John is trying to organize volunteer activities for his flock to the local bands.

Devon, Chelsea, and Brittany three young people were staying at the local motel In town, they identified themselves as tourists from Washington state. ” we are here to have a good time” and see Merritt” . The local farmers market is across the street. As well as proximity to local hotels. A source says that a young man fell from a belcony in that motel, a person from the Farmers market had to hold and imobilize his neck untill para medics arrived.

City workers were at work on damage from a short ice storm during the week, a twenty five minute cloud burst with hail and rain flattened some flowers and plants in city beds. By most accounts they are recovering, however some peoples cucumber plants are reported as done.

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The week that was July 19th: Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

The high school is having a reunion of students from the 50s, 60s, 70s… this weekend Bonnie Parker, Class of 69, reminisced about the location of old gas stations and other buildings outside the Coldwater hotel Friday night. Bonnie ( no relation to Clyde Barrow ) was in the grad class of Peter Moyes the owner operator of the local Home hardware store. Larry Gamache a principle at the store and a chain-link sales and service company, is the organizer of the reunion. There is a pancake breakfast as well on Sunday morning all welcome at 6 dollars entry fee.

A helicopter was seen on it way toward the Murray lake fire area this morning, they had been taking water from Nicola lake to fight fire on Thursday. The routing is to accommodate safer pick according to one source.

Cooler weather today, in the low twenty’s with cloudy over cast sky’s make for a more comfortable life for older people that struggled in the 40 degree Celsius heat last week. A Seagull was seen on Thursday evening the birds show up when air currents from the sea are making their way here bringing cooler temperatures and often rain. The pacific coast is about a 3 hour drive from Merritt.

That’s it from Merritt this week.

The week that was July 12th: Merritt British Columbia, Canada

On Tuesday there was a town meeting on the future of the local public library , A director for the system gave a talk about some of the programs offered and a context to what they could do for the patrons. He said that e books will probably make up 12 percent of the items available for borrowing and did not foresee empty shelf’s at any of the facility’s. He opened the floor for questions and comments and some of the questions included a desire for ebooks and Dr. Carlson said that he would like to see more non fiction print books in the library. He noted that there were few books on Art on the shelf’s. The meeting was hosted by the library and coffee, cheese and cinnamon buns were gratus to attendees.

The art walk is in full swing  and is running to the end of the month. Passports are available at stations, if you get stamps from 16 of the 21 art stations you can enter for a prize. Station number 8 has been moved from the burnt out Spirit Walker Spiritual shop to the home hardware where a token couple of paintings are available for a stamping along with another station by local artisan Michelle Peirce.

The fire at the end of the 2000 block of Quilchena  has been cleaned up and walking passage is available. http://wp.me/pAoul-3zw

There is one more week to go to the 60th reunion of Merritt Secondary school you can see there page at :https://www.facebook.com/groups/358298167603866/

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The week that was July 5th: Merritt British Columbia, Canada

A fire took up most of the towns peoples attention this week. On monday evening ( fire practice night). A column of smoke was noticed rising above the 2000 block of Quilchena avenue about 9 PM. Sirens were noted at about the same time and the Merritt Volunteer fire department went to work putting it out.  In the morning it was appearant that the building that had Spirit Walker Spiritul Shop and Starz hair salon was destroyed. There was also  damage to the pet shop next door in another building separated by a small space from the building the housed the fire.Two of the 6 upstairs apartments were occupied at the time and a source says one person was in the bath and had to move fast to avoid injury. The source of the fire unoffically is thought to be between the two buildings as that is were most of the charring was. It is said that some trash had been dropped between the buildings over time.

The July 1st celebrations took part in Rotary park on Tuesday, finishing up about 10 PM with about a twenty minute fireworks display.

Survey crews were locateing orner pegs at the pool facility on Friday. they said they were working for the GM Dealer that owns adjacent property. Murray GM is the only car dealership in Merritt. A Ford dealer, Dearborn Ford closed up here about 20 years ago, they still operate in Kamloops about an hour by divided freeway to the north of Merritt.

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June 2014

The week that was June 28th: Merritt British Columbia, Canada

The long weekend is  seeing busy streets with visible minorities and walking visitors, taking in the sights and the local farmers market. There is a mud bogging event scheduled for the weekend and racing at the track in lower nicola coming up on July 5th, bringing interesting cars and trucks modified for these activities on trailors through the city. There has been a two hundred foot mud hole made on the Music Festival grounds, racing stars 2pm onSaturday, with more events on Sunday.

The local city council has approved an application to build a 40 room hotel next to the Game On Pub, at the end of Dewolf way on the North end of  town.The project  with an artists conception is touted at 3 million dollars.

Joel Ried wound up is art show Robots at the Old court house Gallery today, next month is the Art walk that sees 21 business locations displayng art about town.

Thats it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was June 21: Merritt British Columbia,Canada

One hundred and nine young adults graduated from the local high school last evening. Altough the teachers are on strike they viewed the grading and graduation as an essential service. A source says staring monday there will be no school for the rest of the school year. The grading will be calculated from where instruction stopped due to labour action last tuesday. Schoool for the next academic year begins in Septemper.

Community Futures Nicola Valley had their AGM this week there was one change Regional district chair Randy Murray is not on the board. A staff member of the organization siad he didn’t know why. A new member to the board is a board member of the NIcola Tribal Assocation:

The Board of Directors of the CF Nicola Valley is comprised of 8 volunteer members representing health, administration, labour, government, First Nations, retirees, private business. Monthly meetings are held the 4th Wednesday of each month or at the call of the Chair. Each Director has the responsibility to either Chair a sub-committee or at a minimum, sit as a committee member. There are currently three committees: Governance & Board Development, Business Development and Lending. Capacity Building and Strategic Planning sessions are conducted annually and, if financially feasible, each Director is encouraged to attend seminars sponsored by industry leaders and CFBC or Pan West. CF Nicola Valley is involved in many community CED projects with specific emphasis on the Walk of Stars Society, the Rural Summit Committee, the Chamber of Commerce. The organization continues to support event driven activities and at any time over 100 volunteers may be working in the system.

All committee and board meetings are conducted in adherence with Robert’s Rules of Order and during the year we will be working to develop a collaborative process in preparing a “Best Practice” manual. Issues are initially sent to committee for review and if approved, uplifted to the Board of Directors for approval. We are a policy board and do not deal with daily operational requirements. With an acceptable quorum, the majority vote is adopted.Source: Community futures Nicola valley we site: Director notefication: http://cfdcnv.com/index.php/contact-us/board-of-directors.html

The City workers were busy in the 1800 block of Nicola Avenue with broken water lines, a worker said that this is the oldest part of the cities water infastructure, the area is where the Old Court House Gallery is located.

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The week that was June 14th: Merritt British Columbia, Canada

Rain has been the topic of discussion about town this week we recieved two tunder storms with considerable cloud bursts , and lightning last week ” June is our wet month, its about normal” Fran from the Valley Visual artists said. Another, Peter Huber said my vegtables are doing good and I didn’t have to water.They are expecting 5 more mm’s of rain  from this writing Saturday morning to 9 AM Sunday, the rest of Sunday is expected to produce another 5 mm, and 10-15 on Monday.

The weather network  says that it has not recieved any severe weather warnings for this region.

A Nisson Leaf Electric Vehicle was at the charging station on Voght and Merritt on Friday the car was useing the 500 amp DC charger, on his way to visit relatives in Salmon Arm. The car took an 86 percent charge in the about 30 minute stop and continued on. The driver said he prefered not to let it fully charge as it was better fro the battery. The DC charger is free for use and another leaf driver in a earlier disscussion estimated he had used about 10 dollars worth of power in his use of the car. His usage was limited as it was a BCAA service vehicle and is yet a novelty at the business.The leaf is said to get the equivelent of 153 miles oer gallon by the manufacturer.

The local school district was in a rotating job action on Wednsday, with the school not available to students. At the high school, pairs of picketers were circleing the building as well as a tented info center.

LNB employees had a stratigie meeting last week at the NVIT Community college, the company is about to begin work on the hydro line to the Highland valley. The Aboriginal Mine Training Assocation also had a  think tank at the college.

Thats it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that June 7th : Merritt British Columbia, Canada

The Mocton Ontario, manhunt for the believed to be killer of three mounties was a matter of discussion in some circles here. Some suggested that they could find them with the help of  a helicopter, others replied that a noissy machine like that would be an easy target, and that we could not afford another life lost. When reports came in that the suspect was captured a mountie outside a local hotel attending another matter siad he was  happy they have him, when challanged by ” its not a happy event” he said thats right it  is not. The mountie had not prior knowledge of the capture when asked his opinion. The CTV is reporting that the capture of Juston Bourque , the alleged shooter was aided by the department of transport with a fixed wing arcraft with electronic equipment for spotting people on the ground  we presume ( heat tetecting) . Some comments saying that they should have shot him were quickly abated to the relief of the capture.

There were no apperant 70th anniversary observances here people took in the televised events from France quietly at home.

Teck corportation had an open house down town in spirit square, a barbeque was enjoyed by a  stream of people never more then a hundred strong over the 2 hour period. Randy Murray the regional district chair , was seen to be in attendance, as well Meg Anderson a local adherant of the community round table ( brother John is chair) asked questions of a community laison officer in the gazebo area. teck corporation operates the Highland Valley copper mine  about 70 kilometers from Merritt, it employes 1300 people in its operation, most of which live in Kamloops, a community of about 80 thousand an hour from Merritt on the Coquihalla highway.

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May 2014

The week that was May 31st 2014: Merritt British Columbia, Canada

The mounties were responding to a situation on Friday about 4PM at # 14 Rainbow apartments in the 1800 block of Coutlee Avenue. A constable was seen to be breaking the door down with a fire axe, appearently in an action for someone who could not respond.  Ambulances were seen later and the place was padlocked by 7PM . Today boxes of personal effects are being removed by civilains.

The Centennial hockey organization is setting up for a dance and party to night at the memorial arena. The vacated ice surface is filled with tables and chairs and a wooden correl is being constucted for ” the bad actors” ( offical source) Good humor is being deployed toward what will be a fundraiser and get to know social event.

The Sturgis motor cycle event is being advertised about town, the  music festival is on in August here the 21-24th and features among others Bertain Cummings.


Thats it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was May 24th 2014: Merritt British Columbia, Canada

The City had water leakage issues this week,Nicola Avenue or highway 97c 1800 block had two main breaks to be accommodated. A source on site said that they have had trouble worth the area earlier this year, and a works foreman who attended a leak at the Court House Gallery in the fall said that he was asked to shut the water service off for the plumbers to service the building. ” That building  has seen a lot of trials”provides a context for the age of the water lines in the highway in the area. A worker at the current breaks said ” the lines are old in this area and sometimes are stressed by fire hydrant pressure demands in the area”. The city fire hall is in the 1700 block on the adjacent corner. The city  has had some major water works repairs in recent years including a re do of the Voght street Blackwell avenue area with the construction of the new bridge on Voght at the Desert Inn. That project was part of a legacy effort for the recent Vancouver winter Olympics. The project included a lot of style and sculpture on the street including the Spirit Square fountain and lunch area.

The Baillie house has a tea today with bedding plants that is going on at this writing and is complementing the third issue of this years farmers market, next door. The Baillie House is run by the Nicola Valley Historical Society at 2202 Voght street. The 24th of may is the traditional time of spring planting in Merritt and often coincides with the last snow going from nearby Iron Mountain.

LNB Construction took out legal adds in the local newspaper this week declaring their construction presence on the 130 KV line to the highland valley substation that will supply power to the huge Highland Valley copper mine. The line runs from the new substation currently being constructed  at Merritt. It replaces a 60 KV line that runs on Voght street with a line that goes about 5 km out toward Kamloops by highway 5A,  then turns toward the highland valley on an exsisting cutline. There is also an extension across town to a possible co gen project at the Tolko mill operation that may see green wood waste burned by the mill and surplus power sold to the mine. Highland Valley copper saw a recent upgrade of the operation using about 700 iron workers in the construction, producing a new mill facility 80 feet tall. There are also large domes that cover operations that were at one time subject to wind and dust issues.

LNB is a local contractor with the motto ” if its dirt we do it”  operating on 2581 Lauder avenue ,Merritt BC : http://www.lnbconstruction.com/

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was May 17th 2914: Merritt British Columbia, Canada

There were two accidents in the intersection at Voght street this week ,Herb Graham a regional district director who owns a building on the corner was an interested viewer of both events. One involved a small motorized scooter ” it looks like the scooter got along side a vehicle turning right and was forced up onto the sidewalk” Herb Graham, a local female realtor left in the front seat of a police car and an ambulance attended. The scooter was  test driven on the sidewalk by a policeman, about a half dozen police vehicles attended. The other  accident involved a handymans pick up that drove unattended from the pump area of the Petro Canada, ending up in the flower bed of the Credit union insurnace business next to Herb Grahams building. An ambulance attended and a man who” was pinned between the pumps” by-stander may have been taken away.

The farmers market was on this weekend again with about a dozen booths and artisans takeing part at the corner of Voght and Merritt avenue

The steel constuction refuge containor that was sitting in front of the old Merritt news building on Voght and Walters was removed by it owner AD property maintance with out ever being used. We do rent those containors said the principal of AD when asked about its removal.

Thats it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was May 10th 2014: Merritt British Columbia, Canada

Rain this morning and the annual farmers market is active in a light drisel. Patricia a first nations artisan from Lytton now a a resident of Merritt is displaying her wares: they didn’t hid the cracked liberty bell , so the weather being against you is not a concern” no its just a matter of time and the sun will be out” Patrica was displaying real bear claw and Indian water buffalo bone neckless jewlery. This is done under the trading name of Lil Princess Arts and Crafts.

The local arena has gotten a new hanging clock, this is the third clock since a complete arena outfiting in the early 1990s the first clock was a donation from the Coca Cola corporation. The booster organization was also active in front of the team office in the realty assist business property guys. The Merritt Centennials claims to be the oldest continuious junior hockey franchise  in BC.

The 500 volt DC charger on Voght street was reported to be out of service by a user on Friday evening. Ron an employee of BCAA had his Nisson Leaf and could not access the quick charger even though all the conections were right.  Ron said his business has one fully electric car and was trying it out he cautioned  that you may not be able to access  the full power charge in  the battery the top of the charge and the bottom seem to be unavailable to mileage in his view, as he had to be towed from a bout 15 kilometers out of Merritt on the Coquihalla hyway. Ron works for a company that arranges tows for subscribers.

Thats it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was May 3rd 2014: Merritt British Columbia,Canada

The library has there new system up and running. The library staff have lost  their ability to wave fines to patrons. An elderly patron taking out some DVDs on a week loan was interested to learn that the dollar a day fine that would a apply may not be able to be waved if he had difficulties getting into town from his rural retirement home. The Public Library is  at 1691 Garcia street and is run by the regional district including about 9000 voters outside the City limits of Merritt.

The VVA Valley visual artists had there reception for the May showing at the Court house gallery last evening. A single flower was given out to the first 20 mothers that attended , this was to fit the themee of 20 years of VVA in  Merritt. Artists such as Bev  Veale, Heidi Koeller ,http://heidikoehler.blogspot.ca/, and Libby Dybikoski, https://www.facebook.com/heidi.i.koehler#!/libby.dybikowski?fref=ts. One of the more interesting new things was a series of four pen and ink sketchings  with a sheep theme  that included poses mimikcing the thinker and group settings of sheep in characture by Meriel Barber. A pen and indian ink drawing of realistic birds including  osprey and vulture gave a sence of time to the showing.

Telus crew were working on Voght and Walters this week installing a switching box for the local Airstrip Saunders field, the boxs were installed on poles next to the new 3 phase hydro service just installed .

Thats it from Merritt this week KDG

April 2014

The week that was April 26th 2014: Merritt British Columbia, Canada

The speed watch crew has started to warn people of  their speed again. The volunteer group works out of the community policeing office on Granite avenue and are equiped with a radar gun and an eletronic message board. The group displays your speed but does not give out tickets. This after a succesful annual general meeting of the crimestoppers group at the downtown cpo that saw local businessman Graham Whitecross elected as president. Graham has Copper Valley Mechanical Contractors, and is a long time resident of Merritt. Editors note: We feel that the speedwatch program is a great appliction for school zones, and we can only guess what misery may be saved by the presence of volunteers there.

Talk about town is the speedy 3 readings of a 5 year budget for the city. The budget was constructed with 2014 front loaded as a conservative spending year with all city departments cutting back except policing.

This month on April 2th saw the one year anniversary of a tragic drowning on Nicola lake. Two Langley BC youth died in a canoe accident that saw an appeal for sidescan sonar from Gene and Sandy Rahlston, from Idaho to find the missing boys. Also  on April 30th John Poole drowed after falling off his fishing boat in Shuswap lake. The rahlstons responed and recovered all three in short order. This brought the toal of there work to 90 recoveries in about 10 years, of at cost compassionate service.The inspiration of the success caused the incorporation of the Legacy Water Search and recovery society to be incorporated on June 17th, 2013. The group is having a golf tournament at Newlands golf and country club on May 25th 214 : For the Boys Memorial Golf Tournament.  Brendan Wilson and Austin Kingsborough will be the focus of the fund raising event. The society has plans to aquire new equipment that will be accessable to all on a first call first serve basis.

Thats it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was April 19th 2014: Merritt British Columbia, Canada

The Nicola Naturalists had their last presentation meeting of the year on Thursday .The presenter was Bruce Archibald gave a talk and slide presentation called Fossils of the British Columbian Interior including a disertation based on his work on a fossil field near Cashe Creek. Insects of a period about 50 million years ago were his focus and the point that  he made was that seasonality has an impact on how many species compete in an ecosystem. He showed images of flora and fauna in Costa Rica that has a 2 degree seasonal change and demonstrated that hey were very competitive ” everything is trying to eat everthing”. He contented that eco systems that have a pronounced seasonality are less competitve for predation.Bruce is a Research Associate of Simon Fraser University , the Royal BC Museum and others.

The naturalists have an agenda of outdoor actiuvities coming up including a trip to the Douglas lake bird preserve, the frog count and a seminar on photo processing.

Weight restrictions are on local highways, meaning that Highway 5 A  has less heavy truck traffic on it . 70 percent of Gross Vehicle Weight discourages traffic from industrial trucks.

The city has brought back their seasonal staff to address the parks and civic properties. A pronounced cleaning and washing by pumper trucks is visable and on going.

Thats it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was April 12th, 2014 : Merritt British Columbia, Canada

Archie McDonald took Down the 70 odd foot pine tree in his front yard this week. The tree about 9 feet at the butt  had been a concern for him as it towered over  his bedroom and he had seen a slight abrogation in its trunk at about 60 feet. Because of concern he was suffering for some rest and peace so he contracted with Jim Potter a retired faller and a current pastor of a local church to take it down. Jim de-limbed the tree on the way up on spurs and a belt and fell the last 20 feet to the ground bringing near half the tree down in short pieces until falling the last 30 feet  into  the yard on a pull line . Tree was facing  Parker street on the south west and Voght on the south east. Voght had been a highway with a longer setback then it had now since coming into the city.

A search and rescue Buffalo aircraft was flying over the airstrip and the new Forest fire training center at Saunders field this week, some forestry trainees said that they had just arrived and were not aware of what its task was, but since they jumped low ( about 500) feet over the airstrip it can be assumed it was for training. As of Saturday there are about 30 people being trained at the airstrip in administrative roles and they think that the fire fighting trainees will be arriving in about 10 days to try to qualify for a summer job at fire fighting. The facility is new and was built at a cost of about 4 and a half million dollars.

The City of Merritt has a feed to a local brand on social media. Live feeds and releases now can be found at:

https://www.facebook.com/COMNewsAlerts?fref=ts The page was the work of local brander Penny Turko.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was April 5th, 2014 :Merritt British Columbia, Canada

The local library is starting the move of their data base today the computers are not available with regular library cards but they are available with a counter pass .On the 9th of April patron cards will log in and you are expected to change your password. Then move your book marks,all holds will be migrated.

A dead beaver on a beach on the Nicola River was discovered and an email sent to the local CO.No response to the  email at this time Rich Hodgson a former forestry planner said that you need to visit the office for something like that. They advertise a report poaching and illegal dumping phone number however this seemingly natural death may not fit that program.

Editors note: you need to be careful of the water where sick or dead beavers are  as they carry a bacteria, commonally known as Beaver fever.

The City of Merritt put up their street banners this week, they have the theme Merritt Country Music Capital of Canada.

Thats it from Merritt this week KDG

March  2014

The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada: March 29th 2014

The former office of MLA Harry Lali is being renovated for another use. Sources say that the Shakan Indian Band is moving its band office to the building.The building also once housed the Public health nurse is located at the corner of Garcia And Granite Avenue. The current member of the provincal legislature Jackie Tegert has recently opened an office in the Quilchena Square Mall.

The local Tim Horton outlet is going into a renovation for its interior and seating area, a large sign is posted on its property documenting the process. Tim Hortons is located at 3340 River ranch road of Voght street.Tim joins the A and W in doing serious upgrades of their premises.

There is also an addition to the public works shop under way at its yard at the west end of Coldwater avenue.

Thats it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada: March 22 nd 2014

Snow on the first day of spring had people talking about the disapointment they felt that spring is evasive this year.

Two large plate glass windows in the building that houses Posts Meat market were broken this week. The widows were being replaced on thursday and owner Herb Graham said that this is the second time that it has happened. Posts meat market is in the rear of the building that once had a grocery out let  that down graded to specialty meat.

The Public library is going to a new system of controls. Details are scetchy at this point. However the fine system seems to be a focus at the front counter.

Thats it from Merritt British Columbia this week KDG

The week that was Merritt, British Columbia,Canada:March 15th 2014

Some concern over the missing Malaysian airliner about this week,speculation ran a rnage of Methane gas like the Bermuda triangle to pilot error. When the conversation came round to terror comments where in the tone of nothing here in Merritt to draw anything.

The local community college hosted a fair on domestic abuse and neglect on Thursday. Tables had material published by the ministry of public saftey and victim services. NVIT is a public instution and grants associate degrees in criminology and First Nations studies as well as English.They have an ablility to give full degrees under the charter of major universities and graduate people in Social Work.

Neil Menard was sworn in to the local city council on tuesday, Menard got more votes then five other candidates in the recent by election.

Thats it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was Merritt, British Columbia: Canada, March 8th 2014

Cold weather broke here  at week end  with daytime temperatures going to double digits in the warmth of the day, causing  people to say  feel the needed warmth for  spring to be going into the ground. Over night lows are still zero celius. The time changes March 9th at 2:00 am Spring Ahead.

The local Sayso society had its meeting venue at the local community college this week that is a change from the Granite avenue location. President of Sayso Mill Jurusic was in attendance, member Holly Obee said it was held in the Eatery, foyer area that flows to the eternal flame and lounge area. Say so meets at the  Culture Club – 2058 Granite Ave.

The local Chamber of Commerce has a cubicle downtown at city hall now, 2185 Voght street. the small cubicle room holds one desk and was once slated to be a call center.

The local hockey team is down 3 games to zero in the playoff series.

Thats it from Merritt BC this week KDG

The week that was Merritt, British Columbia: Canada March 1st 2014

The library had a read athon with continuous reading onWednesday, it was in support of freedom to read week and ends with a prize drawing today. The draw has  a shoulder blanket a water bottle and a candle as a prize. The contest entry requires a choice of your favorite banned book/material; there are 42 pages of documentation of these at the entry point. We entered by chooseing a 1960-69 item where a book by Evelynn Anthony, Anne Boleyn was banned from a high school library in Port Credit Ontario because of an objection cited as immorality.

The by election winner Niel Menard will be sworn in on March 11th. Menard captured 225 votes of the 7oo odd votes cast in the by election. The by election causes an 8 month part term for council  untill the general election in November.

There is an unconfirmed report that the Highland pellet plant that hs been in recievership since  shortly after its completion has been sold to a Jakes contracting. The plant had 2.5 million in government monies in it  and had promised 50 jobs. The unconfirmed source said this is complete. A viewing on early evening on Friday sees a brand new facility sitting with no clear security.

Editors note: sales of assets in recievership are known as court orderd sales.

Thats it from Merritt this week KDG

February 2014

The week that was Merritt, British Columbia: February 22nd 2014

With about an hour left in the advanced poll a source said that about 200 people had cast ballots in the byelection for the vacant city council seat. The clerk said that they may expect 1000 voters to vote in a by election that of the possible about 5000 people that could be qualified to vote in the city. General  polling for by-election day is today.

An obvious break in at the down town tourist info center overnight has the back door deactivated with plywood. City council hopefull and ex mayor Robert Bairds wife, Linda is a principle at the non profits operation.

Hydro crews are busyrepalcing/ putting underground services to the new 25 thousand volt pole on Voght and Walters street.

Thats it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was Merritt, British Columbia: February 15th 2014

The chamber of commerce hosted an all candidates forum on Thursday.  the forum was held at  the lecture theater of NVIT and hosted by Al Clarke a Chamber member. The six hopefuls for the seat vacated by Councillor Alistair Murdoch answered 8 screened questions and one unscreened by  the media. There was also a response to a question about the hospital after questions were called.  A roll of laughter came when one candidate asked the moderator to repeat that, the moderator said “your name? ” the reply was no  “no the question.”

Theo Fleury  gave a motivational speech to interested attendees including the local Merritt junior hockey team. ” every year there are seven and a half million young people competing for 700 jobs in the NHL maybe 30 to 35 come open a year”. Theo was a professional player on the Calgary flames. He also was sexually molested by a coach over a hundred times. He now called it his gift and has freely talked of it to thousands of “survivors”.

The City of Merritt is hosting the Moccasin hockey tournament this weekend with teams coming from the interior of BC including the famed Quilchena braves.

The 14th annual home show is on this weekend, there are business’s and utilitys  presenting booths Friday and  Saturday.BC Hydro has a booth and it is noteably smaller with only one presenter and no free pens. The local community college is well represented with lots of items of interest for those wishing to pursue advanced education. The table includes some free advertising aid memoirs including band aid, dispensers and pens, catalogues and brochures.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was Merritt, British Columbia: February 8th 2014

The Hydro  put a  three phase pole on Voght street that will give 3 25000 volt lines into the subdivision. A source says that the service is going into a subdivision on Walters street. Walters street has a short street into a subdivision that has one  very short road into the Coyote bluffs development. Evelopment contains a lot of raw land. The arts councils community art show at the Court House Gallery started Friday . There are small cash prizes are available and the council  juried to choose.

The local BCJHL hockey team lost to the Westside Warrriors, Friday 6 goals to two. Sources say that the trade window is closed for the season and only associates can be moved to the team now. Play offs will start in March.

The Centennials were winners over West side in the last game beforeFridays, and fans say that the score did not indicate the level of play the locals put on.

Thats it from Merritt this week KDG

The Week that was Merritt,British Columbia: Feb 1st 2014

Brain Drane presenter Eric Drane from Kelowna BC

Brain Drane presenter Eric Drane from Kelowna BC

The Eric Drane electronic art show concluded this week as of last evening he had no sales but a lot of positive interest and comments. The American disabled army vet has a story of overcoming blindness and war disablement.

There are two more names on election signs about town. Noreen Cross ( editors note: Milly Mitchell is the long time Lali worker, she says he is not finished, Doreen Cross works for the Indian administration and is on the board of Community Futures Nicola Valley) an ex employee of former  long time NDP  MLA Harry Lali and a elderly man in a cowboy hat Neil Menard. The local council is starting debate on their budget that may include a 2.5 percent residental tax hike. They have voted for a fire station upgrade of over a million dollars. Advance polls are starting on February 12th general election on February 22. The city will have the regular general election in November 2014, 9 months from the byelection.

The Nicola Valley Rod and Gun Club is reporting that they have aquired their own clubhouse. The club purchased the portable classrooms from the closed Coquihalla Middle School and moved them to to the gun range at Lower  Nicola,about 9 miles west from Merritt.

There is a report of an arrest of a person at the Colwater Hotel this morning former fire cheif Don Moyes witnessed two police cars takeing aperson away on his regular walk at 5.30 AM saturday morning.

Thats it from Merritt this week KDG

January 2014

The week that was Merritt,British Columbia, Canada Jan 25th 2014
Some election signs are about  this week Mike Jolly signs  are prominate and conspicuous by their aloneness. Scuttle butt says that Gene Prowal may be running as well no signs for her are out as yet. Municipal Elections are the 3rd Saturday of November  every 3 years the next general election will be November 15 th 2014.
The local public library is getting an automatic dishwasher. A source says that Nicola Plumbing and Heating will be installing it.Stephen Palmer played at the Trinity United Church last night January 24th. The ” Down Home Roots Theme” was enjoyed at 15 dollars a person by an expectand crowd. “nice playing- Valdy, ” One of the best singer songwriteres around!” Gary Fjelquard!  Stephen a sevendyish man is from Moose Jaw Manitoba.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG.
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia,Canada Jan 18 2014
Fog is about the valley for the last two days. At about 600 vertical feet above the valley floor it looks like an inverted soup bowl. The news  is saying fog is so bad in China some of the public highways are closed. Here it seems a pleasent mood distraction but no threat. Air is estimated to warm about 10 degrees per kilometer of altitude when a mass comes down it warms and sometimes meets cool air that doses’t disipate in a low valley making a fog bowl.
The Nicola Naturalists had their January meeting on Thursday, they reported on the Christmas bird count noting about 500 fewer ducks then the year before. They think that it was because windy conditions kept birds hidden as missed birds were noted after the count. President Alan Burger presented the main speaker, Mary Sandy with a membership for her presentation.
Richard Doucette from Highland Valley Copper is next months speaker, he will speak on reclaimation at the mine site, and the tailing pond in particular. The presentation begins at 7PM on February 20th at the NVIT lecture theater.
No word on candidates for the proposed February local By=election as yet.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia,Canada Jan 11 2014
The local museum has a video player and are displaying historical pictures. The player is a 3D model and the staff say there are no 3D pictures at the museum. The facility has a computer terminal with all the copies of the local paper the Merritt Herald going back to the start of the 20th century.
The local A and W restaurant appears to have finished the outside reno that has considerably improved the look. The theme has a chevron appearance with an orange dipping stripe surrounding the building. The neon driven chevron is powerful at night with a bright orange glow. A source says the inside is to be redone including the backs of chairs.
The public library has an ipad  on a pedistal at the check out counter for patrons to try. The unit came as a donation from literacy Merritt.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG.

The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada  Jan 4 2014

A local source says that the Quilchena Cattle Company has been sold to the Douglas Lake Cattle Company. The sourse says that the price was in the 30 to 35 million dollar range fo the multi tens of thousands of deeded acres. The sale includes a historic site, the Quilchena hotel built in 1908.  The hotel belonged to the rose family and the ranch goes to  the Douglas lake cattle company already thought of as the largest cattle ranch in Canada.

The checks for the Christmas draw were given out at the local library on January 3rd. Vern Latrimoille grand father of the youth that won the major prize was on hand for pictures by the libray and local media. A comment that the 1000 dollars would by a lot of bubble gum was dwarfed with suggestions of higher education later in the child life.

The court house art gallery is starting its 2014 season, this week with an artist from Kelowna. Eric Drain  has entiitled his show Brain Drain. The previous show had a sale of a relief clown and indian ink scetch done by Meriel Barber. The item was purchaced by Dr. Mcleod for 75 dollars.

The City of Merritt is getting ready for a by election in February to replace Councillor Murdoch who  has moved to Kelowna.

Thats it from Merritt this week KDG

December 2013
The week that was Merritt British Columbia, Canada December 28th 2013
Edna Sloan had 25 Carolers make rounds to shut ins on the 22nd. the group met at the spirt square however they never sang there and left for The assisted living homes with ” cookies and carols” harmony laughter and baking a publication by a ” local newspaper” it included recipes from roast goose to “Lazy Sausage rolls” and carols including Silent night and little drummer boy.
A water leak on the 1800 block of Quilchena was repared by the city this week the crew super said it was a flared fitting that failed, a resident said that the whole street was dug up decades ago and new fill placed.The city used its new  half million dollar vac truck to remove water and fill from about the leak.
The local library removed the Christmas trees they had made out of books and enclopedias the piles were noted as l;abour intensive howevwer people seemed to enjoy the point. The books had to be signed out to keep people from looking for them while on display as trees.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt British Columbia, Canada December 21 st 2013
There was a pronounced silence on wether or not the Merritt Community Theater Society got money to hold there purchace of the corner lot on Garcia and Coutlee. The local group is tryiing to raise 5 milion dollars to build a theater.
The Trans Mountain pipeline expansion effort filed its application this week  Merritt should be interested as the existing line to be twinned goes right by this town. One looking at the appliction filed on the companies website we note that the page entitled Aboriginal traing stragity is blank it followes the page on Aborginal procurement which is a clean and succinct outline on how aborginals can sell or provide service to the twinning project.
We recived and used an Egift card at the local starbucks this week, the card was accuried from the swagbucks people and eared by answering polls and watching videos on their site. The 10 dollar card  was easily transfered to an existing registered card and a 60 cent residual which may have been California sales tax or currency exchange was also applied from the paper printed version of the card. The residual amount was applied to a coffee purchase, the card had no expiry date.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt British Columbia, Canada December 14th 2013
There was a Christmas piano recital at the public library today.Cecilia Dick had here students give short pieces starting at two oclock. she transitioned her players with a short funny quip. Such as the man that told the judge he was in his court for doing his Christmas shopping to early, ” before the stores opened in the morning.”
The children and preteens won support from the friendly audience of parents and library patrons. Cake and coffee were served after.
A broken window in the old Chinese dry goods store has the owner upset enough to place a sign in the window were the broken glass was that reads ” Merritt pays 2.1 million a year for cops and this is what I get.” He had similar sentiments when he got a ticket for speeding that he felt was unfair as he had just entered the zone
The local bike shop. Back Alley Bikes is offering a 20 dollar studded bike tire. The store faces an alley behind regular stores  off Quilchena and Voght.
Thats it from Merritt this week.
The week that was Merritt British Columbia, Canada December 7th 2013
The temperature in Merritt plunged to -24 c by some accounts the morning of the 7th. People were talking about possible difficulty starting cars because of cold, something that has not been a concern for decades here.
The Merritt Community Theater group presented an appeal to local business people at Brambles bakery this week. they have a short deadline to raise money to aquiire the property. The lot on the corner of Garcia and Coutlee has an accepted conditional offer that is considerably lower then what it was on the market for. This makes it easier to raise money as it is subjectivly a bargin in our view.
The Court House Gallery has an artist reception for this months show tonight. Meriel Barber and Cassandra Nolen will present selected works  December 5th to the 21st. The show is titled Gifts of the Spirit.
Thats it for Merritt this week PP
November 2013
The week that was Merritt British Columbia, Canada: November 30 2013 
The Christmas parade went of on Friday evening with 52 entries and some out off town including a marching band from Vancouver. Santa Claus was the last entry in the parade this year. with a large float from the aspen planners corporation, a milling concern the largest float. Mayor Susan Roline was back from a color party in a 1950s sedan car.
The Court house  Gallery art show for December is delayed to Dec 6th the show will feature a partnership between the new Director Muriel Berber and a local artist.
Talk about the local coffee spots is that the detained child killer Schoenberg is up again for an annual review of his detention as a not criminally responsible do to a mental problem. There had been talk of a widening of the process to 3 years. He was also denied a transfer to another province last year..
That’s it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt British Columbia, Canada: November 23 2013
The presentation of Alan Burger on Antarica was well recieved by the 80 odd members and interested on Thursday night. Burger showed pictures going back the the 1970s when he first visted Antatica and committed to being a naturalist in love with the area. ” id love to go there” and” I will sleep ice tonight” were some of the exit comments.
An anouncement that the local theater society have some kind of option on a lot in railyard mall and a 10,000 dollar donation from alocal sevice club is a kick off for a large fundraising effort. The project has the support of two city coucillors  directly involved Clara Norgaurd and Kurt Chistoperson both were seen in a local paper at the annoucement.
Temperatures dropped to near twenty below this week  There is an emergency shelter on Quilchena avenue that is open for all sub zero nights.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt British Columbia, Canada: November 9th 2013
The Nicola Valley Tribal Council had it s AGM Friday at the Merritt Civic Center, a source said that there are 7 bands involved and the election of officers would be on the agenda for any that wanted to attent this public meeting.
Deer and bear continue to be see in residental areas a report today cites ” omy god 6 deer just went by my window” Jamie Shaab.
The owner of Miday Valley Ranch Rick said he went to Kelowna on Sunday and encounterd black ice. the conditions persisted till his returned and was put out to see the highways maintence trucks sitting idle in the yard ” just because its Sunday” he said he saw numerous cars off the road on his trip he recommend chains or studded tires for winter conditions on the high mountain passes. Glen a maintence worker said he plowed 5 inchs of fresh snow on the highway by the old toll booths near the summit of the Coquihalla ” I saw the highway through hell crew filming there that shift, I don’t like their show”
The great bear snow shed on the Hope side of the summit is an experience to go through when the weather is good and the roads clear.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merrit British Columbia , Canada: November 2nd 2013
There is an open house at the Courthouse gallery to recieve the artist Cindilla Trent. Her showing entiled Torsos and More runs untill November 16th.
The city works crew installed a drainage pipe in the entry to the RCMP building  this week  the pipe accomidates water flowing down the hill on Vought street on the other side of the curbing . A dump truck full of hot asphalt was put in place at the entrance of the ball field parking lot that had recently been paved with recycled pavement.
A large Black Bear was on the hill on Voght street on thursday making an appearance just in time for Halloween.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
October 2013
The week that was Merritt British Columbia, Canada: October 26th 2013
The local council is considering a February 22 date for a byelection to replace resigned councilor Alaister Murdock. Murdock a CA sold his business here in Merritt to Carrie Ware and has moved to Kamloops. It is the second By election in this term.
A dozen new chairs were delivered to the Public library to replace older ones behind the computer stations.
The Alexander the Great lectures wound up for this year with presenter Al Horne saying he would be back next year for a series of three more  evenings. Dr Don Mcleod a local Gp was in attendance.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt British Columbia, Canada: October 19th 2013
The Nicola Naturaists had their first presentation meeting of the year on Thursday after electing a new board this fall.  board members for 2013/14 are Alan Burger ,Chris Lepsol, Norm Hanson, Ann Pang and Margret and David Kerrage.
The presentation night started with a showing of members photos. The photos included a flight of pelicans numbering 74 birds filling the sky. The rest of the night was taken up by a presenter from Liiloett, a family doctor, Ian Routly. His presentation was on wildlife in his home area as well as some snakes on highway 8 near Spences bridge. He commented on one bird species that they had the most in North America spawning a rivalry with  Yellowstone national park.
There was a short and isolated hydro outage off Voght street on thursday when a large truck hit a pole when trying to park to access the Home  Restaurant. Three hydro trucks were in response and no serious damaged was noted. An employee with a long pole turned the power back on from the gound on the pole that feed the damaged leads.
The local works crews cleaned out the culverts on Voght in the area of the hospital. A worker said that there are storm sewers as well on Vought on the other side of the curbing.
The price of gasoline is down to $128.9 per liter at the downtown Petro Canada at the junction of 97c and highway 8 Merritt.
A Hydro worker turns on power again on Voght street.

A Hydro worker turns on power again on Voght street.

Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt British Columbia Canada: October 11th 2013
Pius Fahcheoong ” The Art Book” was presented on Tuesday night . About 80 people heard another local Artist Doug strand have a conversation with Pius about his style and experience as he launched his first major  publication.
Pius is from Sigapore and made the point that he had no formal training but  had joined a religious society in Singapore when his interest in Art was priked as a young man. ” they had the best format for art in Singapore, ( Anglican and Catholic) “.
A source says that a Natural resource student 22 years old died in a ATV accident on Thursday . The Student was in a program  and outing sponsored by  the course when it happend 50 kilometers north of Merritt.
The Cindilla Trent art exibition starts today and runs through October 26th at the Courthouse gallery.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt British Columbia Canada October 4rth 2013
The Pacific Forest rally is on this week . They had a get together in the parking lot of the Memorial Arena on Thursday night. The two day event will see timed legs producing a winner for this year. Patrick the Rocket Richard is favored to win this year in his Subaru sponsord brand. Saturday evening will see the closing formalities at  the Boston pizza parking lot.
The Lower Nicola Band elections is on today with Aaron Sam is favored to become the next Chief, He is a third generation significant achiever in the Sam family his  father Clyde is also on the slate as a band councillor.
The old Sands store on Granite avenue is being renovated for a new business, it has sat empty for years and a source says another automotive parts distributor is preparing to open up to compete with the Local Lordco.
Thats it from Merritt  this week KDG
September 2013
The week that was Merritt British Columbia Canada: September 29 2013
The people at Lower Nicola have a garlic festival this weekend  it is at Smith pioneer park,just off Abberdean Road the common area is full of farmers markert produce, old tractors portable sawmills and a coffee concession.
Lower Nicola is an unincorporated area west of Merritt about 8 kilometers and is part of the Thompson Nicola Regional District ( one of the sponsors of the festival) The  area is represented by Board Chairman Randy Murray.
There was a private showing of a locally made international film this week Once to the commisson once to the cast and friends  Shauna the Wolfs music will now try the European film circuit.
An election for Lower Nicola Band chief is on with Lawyer Aron Sam as the adverised contender for the seat.Election signs for another candidate say vote for Clayton , and a new vision.
Deer  have been crossing Voght street in the early morning watch out for deer, if you go to the ICBC practice road rest you can refresh your knowledge on what to do  when a deer is in front of you on the road.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt British Columbia Canada: September 21 2013
An update on the  Kroeker affair  a sources says a pysical altercation happened after  a meeting that a hostile exchange occured , one of the people involved is said to have lost a hearing aid in a brief altercation.
The Nicola Naturalists had  a members night at NVIT on Thursday after their AGM slides were shown that had be submitted by members in the last months.
A get to know meeting sponsered by the local chamber saw a get to gether at the Walk of Stars building, hat included singing and multiple display tables  for business and non profits. Groups in cluded Toastmasters, Shriners, Arts council, Navy League, Community futures, and more.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt British Columbia Canada: Septemper 14 th 2013
The Work BC people had a two day job fair at the Merritt Civic Center this week, employers such as CIBC, Royal Bank, RCMP, Sun Life there was self employment as a program offered by Community Futures and some more. A source with work BC estimated that there were about a hundred job seekers of that 80 percent were without a job and 20 percent were looking to improve there job. the source said ” the federal government  funds some programs to help people get a better job.” Q 101 FM covered the fair with live feed.
A dust up between a Merritt City couciller is being reported by  the local weekly paper. ” Councilor Kroeker made a motion to have Mayor Roline removed as the regional district rep and replace her with new councilor  Kurt Kristoperson. The reports are that the mayors husband had words with Kroeker  about harrasing his wife Susan Roline.
Harry Kroeker is a former Mayor of Merritt and was a justice of the peace for about a decade before quiting and running for council agian.  Kroekers term of Mayor was noted for arbitrary decisions and includes an uprising in the local fire depatment agianst its chief, a protest over a proposed toxic waste incinerator and cost overruns on the Civic Center project.
Susan Roline had a long and complete career with the Royal Bank before her election as Mayor; she is in her second term and was never a councilor.
The four million dollar forest fire training school was offically opend this week by local dignitaries. The facility is state of the art and is at the local airport.
The facility replaces an unused public school at Upper nicola that the fire fighters used for decades.
The Nicola Valley Film Society starts its season this Monday with another internationally proclaimed film. Addmission is five dollars and a two dollar membership for the season. Films are ah local college lecture theater starting at 7:30.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG.
The week that was Merritt British Columbia, Canada: September 7th 2013
There was a heavy rain on Friday evening and power was out this morning. A blown transformer on the 1800 block of Quilchena was cleaned up and a new one put on another pole by 11am Saturday. Power was out on Garcia street and a loud  bang heard when the power went out in the very early morning.  A witness to the Quilchena avenue outing said he also had heard a loud bang. A hydro worker said that he had to cut the top of the pole off after it had exploded.  The schools are back in on the fourth and the local College NVIT  will have regular hours again meaning that security will be there on Saturdays and Sundays and evening till 8 :30  this will help accomidate community users of the facility as well as students.
Paving of the walking trail from the Alan Collet bridge through Voght park and to the CPR Brgidge on highway 8 was completed this week. As well as small short walking trail that connects Bench area residents to Voght street ( a short cut) was paved this week after decades of use.
Thats it from  Merritt this week KDG
August 2013
The week that was Merritt,British Columbia,Canada: August 31 2013
The farmers market is on again this Saturday morning, a new addition is a wooded toy maker. The booth has an assortment of cars trucks and some wooden ABC block sets all from an artisan senior.
A member of the Chin family was interested in what was going on with the property that they had sold on Voght street. He was impressed with the garden center  and its complyant parking lot.  The old laundry building was currently being gutted for appartments.
The local Chinese community were well ahead of the pack in commerce here in the early part of the 20th century including retail, something restricted by lots of local governments by the Chinese exclusion act. Ken Toy operated a dry goods store  and  my dad bought me my first bike from him.
The confusion of a small earthquake appeares settled in the press as a 2.6 on the released energy scale. The local papers are citeing the Canadian Geological Survey as to the specifics of the quake.
Thats it for this week KDG
The week that was Merritt,British Columbai, Canada: August 24th 2013
The Ericson Sky Crane was at the airstrip here this week and is seen placing towers for the 500 KV line to the lowermainland. As well as causing traffic delays into Merritt.
New beds were given to the tenants of the Coldwater Hotel this week and they were seen carrying them to their rooms after lunch. The new owners have plans to manage the hotel  to a renovation.
The Provincal Youth Ambassadors saw three new candidates take the title for 2014. Representing the province are ladies from Kamloops, Penticton and Ossoyoss.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt,British Columbia, Canada: August 17th/13
The City paved 2 parking lots with grindings from a highway repair this week. The empty lot next to the Merritt civic and convention centerwas paved as well as the parking lot to the softball fields of Voght street. It also appears that some grindings were applied over the existing work down in recent years at the small park by the Voght street bridge on the Nicola River. It also appears that  some fresh oil has been applied to that lot.The Coldwater hotel had a public announcement fo the change of ownership to Propreitor John Allison this week. The Hotel is noted as an historic one and is a center to life for some in the valley.
John Desbourgh a middleaged man who passed through Merritt on a quest to pedal a bike to St Johns from Vancouver was in Quebec this week.
John is raising money and awarness for Multiple Sclerosis. he has a face book page at https://www.facebook.com/#!/john.desborough.14?fref=ts
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia,Canada: August 10th/13
Crews were marking out locations on Voght street across from the old Days INN site for an electrical hub in the center of the road.
The buried hub is for a 230 KV line that goes to a substaion in the Highland Valley on the way to Logan Lake according to a source.
A fly in to the Merritt flying club on the weekend was said to be succesfull by the brother of club president Tom Fox. Toms brother the  proprietor  of  a used car lot in Merritt said a lot more locals went up to the pancake breakfast. Herb Graham a long time regional district director was seen making touch and go landings at the strip sunday morning. ” its the most dangerous part of flying and I was giving some one an apprecation for that”. Herbs single engine airpalne has over sized tires on it for rough lanings withj out a strip.
An unconfirmed source at the mill upgrade at Highland Valley Copper said that the expansion is at a billion 2 and the contact has a deadline that can see the job given to other contactors if the deadline is not met. Souces say  that  the job is supposed to be finished before winter this year. The three domes that cover the mill are in the shape of a flag with the two domes bordering one with a maple leaf.
Highland Valley Copper has just had its annual open house and tour on the BC day long weekend. It is said to have reserves for 25 years and the current expansion can be paid for in 2 years after completion.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt British Columbia, Canada August 3/13
We entered a contest by taking an Art walk passport visiting all 24 Art Walk locations getting a stamp. We won a sliver bracelet by OPIE.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
July 2013
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada July 27/13
There was an accident on Voght street just off the intersection of highway 8 and 5.  A small late motel car collided with another one. The intersection of  had an amout of  rock crush spilled on it in the east bound lane, the crush was about 3 inches long and 2 and a half inches wide, there was no haulage truck about, at the time of viewing. Damage in the cars was more then moderate .
New summer banners for the citys lamp poles were placed in spirit square this week. The banners are colorful suns with a sence of chidlhood.
A new art presentation starts today at the courthouse gallery, A local doctor Bill Edmonds showing,it features works on Elton John and others.
Henry a retired gentelment and an advocate of the Farmers Market said he sold all his carrots today. Henry works three vacant lots here in Merrrit and is a commited farmer with a bumber sticker that says ” grow gardens not lawns”.
Henry also sells his carrots directly to two local restaurants. Henry is a member of the Farmers market and pays the 10 dollar membership fee that gets him insurance. He says all things at the market must be produced by your own hands. He says that there is a15 dollar booth fee, per week that is satisfied at 90 dollars in the season.
Henry is an apartment dweller.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia,Canada July 20/13
The Chamber  has a small street mall on Granite avenue 2000 block, it is supporting a Chamber music event taking place in the backlot of the Merritt Desert Inn. Billed as Merritt a City of Music , it features Elvis tribute artists and country singers such as Lee Dinwoody.
The RCMP musical ride stopped for lunch here on Friday 40 smart looking troopers with thier riding boots on were about Mcdonalds onVoght street as 5 full, huge ,semi trailor trucks, passed to the local truck stop full of horses. We didn’t ask if they were air conditioned as the temperature was in the 30 degree C range.
The court house gallery has a new show here is the release:

The Nicola Valley Community Arts Council is happy to announce that the July/August show will feature the work of local artist, William Edmonds.  The show will open July 19 and run through August 24.  There will be a reception for the artist, held on Saturday, July 27 from 4-6pm and the public is invited.

William Edmonds style is of the Impressionist style and features portraits.  In his statement of his work, Mr. Edmonds reflects, “ As a self-taught artist, I feel the urge to paint is a primitive force and however educated and sophisticated we become, this vision remains relevant in the 21st century.”

As his medium, he uses house paint on plexiglass and lexan panels.  His interpretations of the models has a depth and awareness that is rare and expressive.  He says that, “It is my firm belief thaty no matter how advanced we become in our technological world, there will always be the need for the physical directness of the hand making its mark.

The gallery hours are:    Thursdays from 4-8pm (when a show is running)

   Friday and Saturday from noon until 6pm

For information about shows or if you are wanting to show your work, contact Kathi at:

Kathi.courthouse.gallery@gmail.comor klassicalart7@hotmail.com or call: 250-378-6515

Thats it from Merritt KDG

The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada July 13/13
 A grand opening at Merritt’s fourth dental clinic is advertised for today. The clinic beside the new source store on Forks Dale avenue. Is giving out 50 dollar coupons for the first visit if a new customer. They say they take all plans and accept healthy kids program clients as well as disability.
The Local farmers market is on again today they are putting up barriers on Friday nights to keep cars from being left over night in the parking lot on Voght street that they use for selling on Saturdays weekly through the summer.
A patron of the local library donated his collections of star gate 10 seasons as well as some Discovery  Earth and  educational video discs to permanent loan.
That’s it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada July 5/13
The Monday holiday saw Canada Day celebrations  across the city ending with fire works at dusk. Mud bogging was an apparent intense distraction to those that love the sport. An event was held off the west gate of the music festival grounds and it saw many cars with huge flotation tires leave caked with dried Nicola Valley clay.
Hot weather and the long range forecast got people wondering were the projected highs are taken from. Some thought the airstrip another the city works yard, some wondered about in the shade statements our best guess is the weather station at the fenced area for the cities new ground water well. The weather station is in the open but in an area close to the river
There is some discussion on the low numbers graduating from the local school system. About 112 young people graduated from the local high school and then a few more from the distance education system. An unconfirmed source says that there were over 140 kids enrolled in the regular grade 12 program leaving a considerable number that could not graduate. The school district had a goal in the 2010 11 to try to graduate and help the high numbers of aboriginal students that were at risk.
That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.
June 2013
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada June 29/13
There is a good amount of expectation for the Canada Day long weekend this week people starting ahead of it with lines of rvs gassing up on Thursday and Friday. the legion had a free hamburger and cake on Friday and the local junior team had a hamburger flip as well. The weather is forecast to be hot this weekend and people are looking forward to the beach and relaxation.
The farmers market Saturdays on  is swelling to day  with an addition of tied fly’s and a geocaching treasure hunt going through it.
A long time stay at the Coldwater Hotel in a 400 dollar a month room the millwright says he was canned for not locking out machinery he worked on. Jake worked for 27 years at a local sawmill. A single person he enjoyed the proximity of the downtown and the society of the local pubs. He is leaving on good terms.
That’s it for this week KDG
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia,Canada June 22/13
The week was characterized by rain and cooler weather. Storm drains were tested and backed up yesterday but are clear today.
Aboriginal days were celebrated on friday with the local college closed for celebrations at Central park. There are 6 bands in the area of Merritt with considerable organization including a development company.
Mosquito control is on here and some spraying for a bug that hurts trees being done from helicopters about the time that mosquitoe were spayed in the same fashion. A brochure athe city has proctive instructions for controlling mosquitoes including dealing with standing water. A reporting number for dead birds is still listed for west nile virus and a dead raven was reported off Voght street at the old Merritt News building. The By law officer Bob Davis said that it was electricuted when grounding its wings on a power line. He said that burying a bird over 3 feet will ensure that they are not dug up by animals.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia,Canada June 15/13
A small spill of oil on the transmountain pipeline has a livly dicussion going at the local watering hole here in Merritt. Four barrels of oil was spilled  near the Kingvale station. The response ranges from why report its so small to Do they report all of these events.
The  Kinder Morgan Company,  has a good track record in their operations here that see oil transported by tarriff from Edmonton to Burnaby.
The lady that had the trouble with the City over an illegal suite has a ten day eviction notice, after reciveing two others from her land lord and one from the City. She says that a retired former reltor Darch Obourne has a place for her but not in ten days. The woman has trouble with places because of a German shepard dog she has.
Some tents in the Desert Inn parking lot were vandalized this week. The teepee style white tents are in the parking lot and were a backdrop for the winning Liberal candidate during a recent election.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada June 8/13
There were three out of town logging trucks parked in the arena parking lot on Friday. The young drivers were from Prince George and were hauling from the  Lillooet  area. About 4 hrs from here. they were hauling bug kill and one of the trucks was a wide load with a now legal 9’6″ spread. The trucks hauled for Aspen Planners mill in Merritt,
A serious work is going on to the south west of the substation behind the hydro building on Voght street. Restricted access but they have flag markers right down the gulley’s to the Nicola River. All the ground is being turned over and there are piles of stabilization matting about. The area once had a slum motel apartment complex belonging to the days inn That was burned for fire practice by the local department some time after the Days Inn was destroyed by fire.
The Valley Visual Artists had an artist reception on Friday for their showing in June. Bev Veale a long time valley resident was there as were numbers of members. The show runs to the 29th of June.
That’s it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia,Canada June 1/13
The former Merritt Top Cop is in discussion this week as his convictions of theft and breach of trust are done. He is yet to be sentenced and will appear in Kelowna court for that soon. He left the RCMP and came out of the internal disipline they have to face charges in the court system. He is expected to get a conditional discharge by some. That would go against the present governments wishes to end such things.
The anything from a 2/4 contest is over three young people won donated power tools  from home hardware. Desire Dunbar got 1st for her Charlie Chaplan relief , Lukus Steel 2nd for his jug, and Madison Rouch 3rd for her lawnchair.
The city was giving out free hamburgers on friday from 3-5 for people that rode a bike to Spirit Square. IN an interestting conversation with the Chief it was noted that the truck that they donated to Lima Peru is being well used. ” they have doctors and proffessionals and every one else in their all volunteer fire departments. The chief said to keep a pumper over 20 years here affects their fire under rating.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
May 2013
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada May 25/13
The week end is active with a farmers market  and a garden festival at the Baillie house. At mid morning a dozen or more tables and displays were in the yard and a flow of interested people looking over garden totems handicrafts a, photography and more. A lady is in a contention with the city about her home which is a detached out building on a single family dwelling lot. The suite had been deactivated a number of times by removing stove and fridge. When she began renting it had those appliances again. To be legal it would have to be attached to the main residence and still cooking would only be legal for blood relatives of the owner.
she needs the home because of a German Shepard dog she owns.
Two days of rain are greening the hill sides about Merritt and the authorises have sand bagged the corner of Voght  by the golf course as a precaution and a comfort level to let more water from Nicola lake if deemed required.
That’s it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada May 18/13
The provincal election saw incumbent Harry Lali defeated by a fair margin and the Liberal challenger Jackie Tegart elected to represent the Fraser Nicola Riding.
A navy dive crew was of interest as they stopped on their way from CFB Esqumalt to Pentiction this week. the choice they made for a lunch stop, the local Subway restaurant, made for a pun in the conversation with Rene a member of the team.
Summer driving prices are noticable at the local gas outlets as it moves over a dollar 40 a liter.
Thats ts it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada May 11/13
The regional district had a toxic waste pickup today at the civic center yard. About a half dozen employees of a contactor were available for 3 hours with three vans and barrels to pick up toxic household waste. ” we are glad to keep this out of the land fill.” and it can leach and there are heavy metals that can wind up down stream. The group seemed happy with the results, and said so.
The BC liberals had a meet the candidate in the parking lot of the Merritt Desert Inn today. Present were Former MLA Jim Rabbitt, candidate Jackie Tegart, building supply owner Peter Moyes and a small group of historical supporters.
The Court house gallery had a” lets make Merritt Beautiful” work be today. Over 500 plants were planted in the semi circle of the drive through ” An organizer was pleased with the turn out “which included whole Families”.
Former Merritt Mountain Entertainment organizer Claude Leviere was seen to be  assisting in set up for that band at the Liberal meet and greet.
That’s it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada May 4/13
There is a fundraiser event being organized for the benefit of the two Langley teens presumed drowned on Nicola lake. Brandon Wilson and Austin Kingsbourgh, whose families have property in the area are presumed drowned when their swamped canoe was recovered in Nicola lake. There are time limits on search and rescue and limits on time when it degrades to a recovery operation.
The steak dinner fundraiser is at the Grand Hotel and pub May 25th 15 dollars with two sittings.
The Elections BC people mailed out  voting cards to registered voters this week. The polling place is the Merritt Civic center on May 14th.  You can vote at a district election office as well.
Snow and wind early in the week have turned into a nice spring weekend here.
That’s it from Merritt this week.
April 2013
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada April 27/13
The Arts council had its 30 year celebration last night at the Merritt Civic center. The jazz band from the local high school and Ken Linegerber on piano got lively responses from the audience of about 400 arts patrons and followers. The theme was black and white, art lined the entire inside perimeter of the main auditorium.
Free for all between 7 and 11 pm. A flow of people dropped in to view pieces put out for display.
In attendance was Dr. Don McLeod a serious art patron and benefactor. The LT Governor of BC, Judy Guichon was also there with her husband Bruno. Merritt Mayor Susan Roline and husband Sam as well as councillor Kurt Kristoperson attended.
The show moves to the Court House Gallery now for the rest of the month.
The two Langley teenagers missing on Nicola Lake are reported by a local paper as being presumed drowned. Some personal effects were found and the submerged canoe located by searchers on Nicola Lake.
Editors note: A local diver some years ago said that Nicola Lake is a difficult lake for missing bodies as it has many currents and sea weed beds. John Van Baston dove for recovery and the RCMP some decades ago when curves on the highway 5A gave occasion for cars to go into the lake and people go missing. The curves and corners were addressed for the increased traffic for Expo 67.
Buds are starting on trees  around the rivers in time to keep Shakespeare’s darling buds of may topical.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada April 20/13
The local naturalists had their monthly seasonal presentation meeting on Thursday. Featuring the  work of a masters student  from TRU the 60 0dd members and interested saw the northern range of spade foot frogs. The namesake comes from the shape of the frogs hind feet and its habit of digging more then a meters in soft ground to spend its winters. The name Great Basin Spadefoot was used by presenter Jocyelyn Garner to describe the spade foot frog that is in this area.
The next meeting and last presentation meeting for the year is on May 23rd at the Merritt Civic Center at 7 PM, featuring a theme of The Majestic Thompson River. Bernie Fandrich of Kumasheen rafting adventures will be presenting.
The local native run community college NVIT had an emphasis on native culture in the last week including drum making and storytelling. There is also a first nations art theme at the local court house gallery this week.
Local political figures are out on the hustings this week and bringing in support, Christie Clark was at  local cafe and bakery this week.  The incumbent Harry Lali had got the jump on the campaign with signs and the others are now catching up. Signs are  often on public property which may be the boulevard  that you maintain , there are penalty’s in law for interfering with them.
That’s it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada April 12/13
The announcement that Apsen planners mill was going to buy out Ardew wood products was noted as the log yard of Ardew is empty of logs. A source inside Aspen Planners said that at this time they are waiting for prices to rise before offering lumber to sell. The empty yards at Ardew indicate that less logs are being stored and replaced  this spring. An unconfirmed source said that members of the Norgaaurd family the second generation owners of Ardew Wood products will have jobs at the Aspen operation,” as they know how the mill works”. This is suspect with the empty log yards.
The public library  has boxed up books left from their book  sale and are offering a box full of paperbacks at one dollar a box. Some may wind up in the recycle to ” make more books” according to head librarian Deborha Merrick. The library is at 1691 Garcia Street in Merritt BC.
Snow this week and today have dampened the expectation of spring. The flowers in Motion operation were in the parking lot of the Century 21 plaza and had Pansy in transplant boxes ready to go in ” they are frost hardy” said a worker source at the mobile operation.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada April 6/13
Candidates offices for the May provincial election are opening; on Quilchena avenue  the incumbent Harry Lali has an office , and a block away the Elections BC administrative office, and  is now open. The staff person a Lali’s office said there are 4 contenders for the Fraser Nicola ridings one seat. There are 85  seats in the legislature.
A local distraction former, RCMP CPL Monty Robinson  who once was part of the local detachment had his perjury trail delayed again. Roberson is one of three problem police officers that came out of Merritt, Stuart Sieb is waiting trail on the 2 counts of theft after getting a conviction on breach of the public trust. Saxon Peters a constable that took a person out of town and beat him is a landscape contractor.
The detachment is now commanded by a women Staff Sergeant.
Warm weather earlier this week has turned rainy and cool with snow on the higher levels of the Coquihalla highway last night.
The public library is said to have made a couple of thousand dollars in the used book sale.
That’s it from Merritt  this week KDG.
March 2013
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada March 29/13
The weather has been expressly good , this week and people are out and about enjoying drives and walks. Crocus are up at the Baillie House , Dowmtown Tourist Information Booth and Historical Site. Mary Ann Bowles A retired teacher has displayed lawn and garden totems for sale in a timely fashion the enhance the expectation of those that are occupied with those outdoor activities . Although light frost was on he ground the last two mornings, degree days are apparent and the expectation of the darlings buds of May is in germination.
The change back to the Provincial Sales Tax, a consumption tax from the HST a harmonized value added consumption tax is coming Monday business’s need to be registered to collect the NEW PST as an agent of the government by Monday. The law is a the result of a referendum through the Elections BC people that  came from an action driven by former BC Premier and businessman Bill Vanderzalm.
The consumption tax makes for a significant non tariff barrier to  the neighbouring province of Alberta that has no consumption tax and a very strong economy.
The minimum amount of sales  that escapes consumption tax registration goes to 10 thousand dollars for home based or incidental sales from 30 thousand under the HST.
The Easter bunny has been spotted in a state of high readiness in the local hill side haunts as other spring time creatures such as lambs and calf’s are in the local fields along highways such as 5 north to Kamloops.
The Mike Hume and the provincial ambassadors are meeting at NVIT at this writing, for photos and instruction. The pageant is in August . A source says there are 14 hopefuls  that are wanting to represent the province in the three positions open.
Thats it for this week KDG.
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia. Canada: March 23/13
The local Toastmasters club had its speech contest on Saturday, the judges were dismissed at 1:15 pm as there was no competition for wining a spot on the spring speech contest trail. The rules say that at the club level qualification is determined by the resources of the club. At this time the club has 7 members and meets at the public library 5 pm Tuesdays.
Editors note: thanks to : Taylor Landry and Craig Lindsey for coming out to be judges.
The local MLA is being said to be in a slush fund scandal. A source says that 200 dollars a month was pooled by the opposition party’s constituency offices to be used to promote the party. The combined total comes up to something under a half a million dollars. The auditor general made a reference that it was not spend in the local ridings implying that may not be right. Or maybe just note worthy.
Editors note: The opposition is supposed to be an alternative government in waiting that should in volve some politics. On the surface pooling for effect is not out of the interest of the individual constituency. Money spend  during elections is capped. But if it is spend outside of  the campaign it should be  just a matter of showing readiness.
The Nicola Naturalist had a showing about wood peckers on Thursday.  They are planning some events such as hosting a camp in 2014. they are looking for younger people who enjoy the work of out side nature studies.
That’s it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada: March 16/13
The annual home show is filling up the civic center this weekend with out of town exhibiters and locals , it looks like everything from soup to nuts. BC hydro is showcasing the new online access to your hydro account with a three man demonstration team. They say that the mechanical meters were not upgraded in 50 years, the grid is huge 18,000 kilometers of transmission lines and 56000 KM of distribution lines (  enough for twice around the globe) and 260 substations. they estimate that by 2020 90 percent of the world will be using smart meters. The meters contain a computer chip, measurement technology, and two radios. The meter will immediately notify hydro of power troubles at your home  to make restoration faster.
The utility says that energy theft is a serious safety issue and that enough power is stolen every year to power 77,000 homes.
Eventually with the smart system homes that also use solar panels  and other clean sources will be able to sell power surplus to the utility.
Trans mountain pipelines the subsidiary of Kinder Morgan released some more of its diligence this week, The company is applying for permits to twin its line from Edmonton to Burnaby. A number of heavy equipment trainers and recruiters have been at  the local native run College , NVIT, this year generating interest in gain full employment in the construction field with young First Nations people. The school has also had a trades training in association with Teck corporation that funded mobile shop trailer/ classrooms for trades such as welding. The Shop training is now it Lytton a small community in the Fraser Canyon about 100 kilometers away. The program is facilitated by Mike Hassel a local for Merritt.
The Museum and Archives have been imaging the editions of the Merritt Herald , a local paper. Tom Edwards a board member took a digital camera is at the year 2000 now and says that the papers started at 1910. The Herald was incorporated in 1905.
Doing a quick peruse came up with items such as ” Boy shoots priest while cleaning rifle , will live” 1925. and JB Armstrong orders secretary to… 1910.The computer is available for research on a first come first serve basis at the facility located in the seniors complex off Coldwater avenue behind Coopers Store.
That’s it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada: March 09/13
The local detachment of the RCMP are flying the maple leaf at half mast again. This time the loss is a 27 year old policeman from Kativic, Steve Deru’. The funeral is Saturday
The cast of When the Blood Mixes were at the local community college this week. And an official says that they will try and have Lorne Cardinal back as a speaker.
The production was a ten year project and had $95,000.oo of arts funding. Kevin Loring wrote the play and it managed the Governors Generals award for Literary Drama, in 2009.
The title refers to the mixing of two important rivers.
The  group is doing their last performance in Chilliwack next week.
Joanne Archibald gave a presentation in the NVIT speakers forum about the Native teachers program that she is responsible for at the University of British Columbia.
The 7th annual community art show wound up this week below is a transcript of the prize allocations:

Best of Show for the 7th Annual

Community Arts Show

People’s Choice Awards Winner …. Silvia Rosenfelder-Schechtel …. “Horus”

Winner of Show Theme …. Mystical Magical, Legends …..Trish Ferree … “Gothic Dragon”

Winner Children’s Art ……. Micaela Smith …… “Hope”

The 7th Annual Community Arts Show was a well visited display, attended by 192 people over the course of its one month run at the Courthouse Gallery.

The Annual Community Arts Show is held every February and is open to all artists to show their work.  Cash prizes are awarded each year for People’s Choice, $150… First Place Show Theme, $100 ….. Juvenile Show Theme, $50.

The Nicola Valley Arts Council would like to thank all of the artists who participated in this year’s show.  We appreciated your artistic efforts and energy, as well as your willingness to share it in our venue. We’d also like to thank the public who visit the gallery and support the artists who show in our gallery by attending the shows.

Kathleen Dahlquist-Gray

Courthouse Gallery Director/ Curator

Thats it from Merritt this week KDG.
The week that was Merrrit, British Columbia, Canada: March 2/13
Harvey Keys had an other window paid for after it was smashed recently. A source says that they were not told sho it was except that it was a “friend of officer Kelly.” NO  charges are coming and the business is satisfied.
City Council was talking about qurom issues on commitees this week , seems some poor attendance has brought the issue of some resignations and getting  enough people out to do business. Counciler HP Kroeker wnats to have the minumum  to pass motions brought down to 20 percent of the committee. Kroeker was mayor here when arbitrary actions such as a revolt at the fire hall in the early 1990s made for an unpleasent atmosphere here.
Warm weather on Monday made for  comments like in like a lion and spring is here, as well as boats and other spring time activities getting some play/
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
February 2013
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada: February 23/13
The Nicola Naturalists saw a presentation on invasive species on Thursday. The evening also had a selection of members slides shown after the main presentation. The slides were from Gerry Sanford , Murpphy Shewchuck ,Jack Madrigas and others they included Bobcat pictures at Quichena ,owls  and moose as well as other creature ” National Geographic in the Nicola Valley ” was volunteered by a member who also had photos in the display.
Snow on Monday night made  for a fresh and stimulating morning, Apeldoorn tulips are coming through at a residence on
Quilchena avenue.
Gas prices are approaching $1.30 a liter again. A person fueling at a local outlet said its still better then Vancouver.
That’s it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt, British Coulmbia,Canada: February 16/13
There is two new dental clinics being set up in Merritt one on Voght Street at Granite and another  in the area of Dewolf way, up on top and next to the Source. The one that’s down town is said to be operated by the local Indian health authority. the other appears to be a private practice. The employees of the Source in an interview said they were looking forward to having a dentist next door. A long time worker at the most established practice welcomed the news and said that the other established practice Dr. Smith will do okay as they have an established client base as well. She also said that the native operated practice has hired his receptionist.
There was a broken window at the local library on the last weekend causing a delay in opening to the public on Tuesday. There was speculation that entry was made and the alarms scared the person or persons out a side door.  A source says that a contractor that does work around the library responded to the call another said the police were there quickly. The glass is not broken out about the perimeters of the window leaving a center hole of a three feet by 1 and a half feet.
The former top cop Stuart Seib is reported to have pled quilty to breach of the public trust through an agent at court last week, he still faces two counts of theft under 5000 dollars.

A local  first nations student won 11 million dollars on the lotto here last week, it appeared as the front page lead in the local paper, along side the reporting of Seibs public trust disposition.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada: February 9/13
The  scuttle about town is a revelation that BC Hydro may lose 1 billion dollars this year. Reported in the major papers the villain is said to be the 20 year contracts that hydro has with small co generators. The price they pay for that power is higher then the cost they have to generate from power dams such as the Revelstoke dam.
Hydro has 20 billion dollars of projects on the books including the smart meter renewal ( 1 billion). The run of the river project that saw small green cogens  get price guarantees was to be part and parcel to off peak billing that went with smart meters . The meters are substantially installed and now hydro is backing off on demanding hold outs from having the last meters put in.They are reported to be able to keep them by paying a premium, to (cover manual reading we think).The old meter users will be out of it to use online info to access off-peak time and coordinate it to use.
The present government is quiet on the issue , we think they will use as an election issue in April.
The penny is stopped in its production and local retail outlets have rounding rules but some like Starbucks are still taking pennies  on cash transactions. They also have a gift card and reward program.
 The government is saving 11 million dollars not producing the penny, at a cent and a have that would be a little over 2 pennies per person this year.
A women was killed on the freeway when she tried to help a driver in distress she was hit by traffic.
At one time people did not help in accidents or trouble because of liability concerns since she was not a qualified responder she or her dependents would not have been compensated for loss, however the Good Samaritan Act provides some compensation for loss while trying to help a person in distress.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that  was Merritt, British Columbia,Canada: February 2/13
The  7th annual community art show has beautiful mosaics by Siva Rosefelder Schechtel and other wonderful works on display for the next 6 weeks. Prizes start at 100 dollars and have 3 more subsidiary amounts.
The local bylaw officer trapped and relocated a Bobcat this week. The cat had killed a number of domestic chickens and was relocated to an area about 20 kilometers west of Merritt. Bob cats have a considerable range and it may be back.(opinion)
The local public pool hosted a ladies night with free admission, wine was included.
The Starbucks coffee house is having a name the Canadian brand contest, enter at www.starbucks.ca/blonde, every bonifide entry gets a coupon for a free tall coffee.
The local Tim Hortons are starting a round off policy for pennies on monday coming for all cash transactions. Starbucks will continue to take the penny in cash transactions even though the production of the penny will be stopped.
There is a petition at the local Brambles Bakery calling for only locally registered truck traffic on highway 5A north to Kamloops.
That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.
January 2013
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada: January 26/13
The week was full of talk of Bobcat, Lynx, and Cougar that have been about the populated areas. Some reports are confirmed by the bylaw officer as being Bobcats, and one source said that a local cougar hunter was hired (Kim Robinson) the man that found the fugitive child killer a few years ago. People have the attitude that they are safe but should take steps to protect pets and small children.
The Chamber hosted a business after Business in the travel info center to the east of town and a full page add is in the local paper  from a government agency that promotes tourism. the agency  is hosting seminars in early February.
The locals of the Idle no More Movement are busy on Facebook, the national head ended a hunger strike on Thursday.
That’s it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia,Canada: January 19/13
Mike Fairfield has taken up a small office in the Chamber of Commerce building. The building said to be owned by Dr. Don Mcleod is in the 2000 block of Granite Avenue and was recently moved for its location under the City hall on Voght Street. Mike and his father Paul were principals in the Great Canadian Bike Rally.  The rally suffered from poor attendance and is under suit for non payment of loans  provided by Community Futures Nicola Valley. CFNV now occupies the premises that the Chamber had under the city hall. It has seen some reorganization and a revamping of the executive members including David Brown, Randy Murray and others.
The Nicola Naturalists had their public meeting on thursday , about 60 people saw Dr. Kerrridge of Vancouver Island University present on bats.
The former Middlesbourgh Pub now called Game On Sports Bar reported a good day yesterday at their Dewolf way pub. The place has new HD screens above many tables and is done over with pictures of famous hockey and sports stars including Bobby Or. The staff were perplexed with the Vancouver Canuck ‘s performance last evening and talked about football that was of interest on Sunday coming up. the sports bar is located at the end of gasoline alley on top the hill adjecent to highways 5 and
5 A. New signage is in the works.
The library is hosting a white cane day this week for blindness issues awareness.
Bob cat sightings are coming from several sources about the city.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada: January 12/13
The idle no more group was on the march yesterday in a global awareness day for indigineous peoples concerns. About 200 people were seen in walk down Voght street and on to Quilchena to an end at Quilchena square off Garcia. Marchers included Scotty Holmes chief of the Upper Nicola Band. Scotty was the chief  when local FN were involved in road block action and protest with the Douglas Lake Cattle Company decades ago. Some color was evident with flags and posters, drummers and chanters.
In an unrelated event.
A coroners white van was parked on Quilchena mid morning on Friday with a number of people milling about the closed video rental in the 2100 block. When asked, they said that some one had died, and were hostile to pictures. At least one plain clothed police man was at the back of the unmarked Van. The van had an 8 x11 colored paper in the front window indicating coroners service.
Cooler weather approching – 20 C has people staying dressing and bundleing for going out.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia,Canada: January 5/13

A public reception hosted by the provinces new LT. Govenor, Judy Guichion saw 5 medals given out, the awards were Dr. Margret Carlson, retired Radio host Al Clark,  Das Kandola, Sharon McIvor and Ken Moyes a retired businessman. The event was targeted by demonstrators from the Idle No More movement. All protestors set aside their signs after having the message heard and joined the reception and medal awards.The medal was the Diamond Jubillee award to commorate 60 years of the current monarchs position.

On the right in the corner is a burrowing owl in a drainage pipe south of Walmart in Merritt.

On the right in the corner is a burrowing owl in a drainage pipe south of Walmart in Merritt.

Judy Guichon supported the reintroduction of the burrowing owl in the area one was spotted in this drainage ditch  circa 2006.  As a rancher at the north end of Nicola lake, burrows and the owl were encouraged to be part of the natural habitat.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
December 2012
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada: Dec 22/12
The LT Govenor of British Columbia, our very own Judy Guichion announced a public reception here on January 4th. Judy is the the widow of local rancher Laurie Guichion . Who died in a motorcycle accident decades ago. Judy is still the rancher at the place on the north end of Nicola Lake.
Snow and cold have made a traditional Christmas mood here more evident. We remind people to not be one of those statitics this holiday season.

A man came into the local starbucks this week and said that there was a bus rollover on the Highway at about 1 am. We took it in disbelief as Greyhounds never have accidents. He said that it rolled over  times and there was no word on injuries.  the accident has since been confirmed.

In a related matter a BC air ambulance is sitting at Saunders Field and a source says it is there because of driving conditions on the local highways. He also felt it would be there a couple of weeks, that would be the holiday season.

Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia,Canada: Dec 15/12
The local return it moved their operations into the wharehouse from tents in the yard of their depot. George Hale transfer use the wearhouse and loading dock for his buiness for many years as an agent for Kamloops Merritt  Freightlines. The staff say that they are going to have a new 5 star Return It recycle center in the near future , including paved parking lots and many improvements. They say that there are some concerns by the local Bylaw officer Bob Davis that he has written up for their temporay occupation of the whare house. So recyclers should take extra care when visiting in the next month. One concern is lighting on stairs so visits during the day would be more prudent.
The people seemingly in charge say that the whare house which is in the rear of the facility will house their operation for 2 months.
There was an information picket for the ammendments of a 2011 bill C-45 that effects first nation rights in Canada by local college students. They promoted a web site called Idle No More. The current Bill C-45 is in the Senate for reading and debate.
 Christmas parties are in effect this week. LNB Contracting is having theirs in Sun Peaks, Saturday Night. Two piano recitals are on Saturday one at the Library, one at Brambles Bakery. Banks and business add to the local hotels business at his time of year with parties .
The local travel Lodge has posted its winter rates 55 dollars will get you a room till the end of January.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG.
The week that was Merritt,British Columbia,Canada: Dec 8/12
This month Kevin Griffiths is 20 years a member of the local Toastmasters club. Helen Stoneman  the most senior member will have 25 years in in 2013. The club was chartered here in 1976.
A man was hit  in the intersection of Nicola and Charters on Saturday night. He later died in the hospital because of the injuries ,he was reported as being 81 years old.
Snow and a drop in temperatures Friday evening brought a clean and white image to a well lit city center.
A man in Kamloops was seriously injured by a stop sign hit by a car. This made Coopers call for posts simalar to the pollards installed here last year. Pollards are decrotive by serve the purpose of protecting walkers on the side walks. A pollard was hit last August here on Voght Street.
There was a vigil to remember women who lost their life to violence at the local Community college on friday. Tyrone Holmes a student was involved in the display in the foyer and showed us how candles were to be lit as a token.
Thats it from Merritt,KDG
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada: Dec 1/12
The local  transit bunch had a celebration of 5 years service in the city. Cake and coffee and information was provided.
The Nicola Valley Search and rescue went out this week to a missing person call.A source says that the person was found with in the hour , by going to the usual places.( the river) A note was left indicating distress,the missing person was addmitted to hospital in Kamloops. When asked why the police had been looking over night without success and that they usually wait 48 hrs for a complaint to be taken, the source responded ” A note and a sleeping bag gave indication of danger”. Of interest is that a cell phone was involved.
An eagle found in a field in Lower Nicola by Bob Reid, is in the custody of the local conservation officer. The officer said it had died of starvation.
A local source shot skinned and ate a grey squirrel this week. Gray squirrels are invasive to the Merritt area and are large. No comment on how it tasted.
With defference to Jed Clampet the source is now looking for oil in Alberta.
November 2012
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada: Nov 24/12
The Chamber had a very succesfull Christmas parade last evening. Jack Madrigas  a local volunteer estimated that 2000 people were involved and another 4000 came out to watch. ” the forth largest nightime parade in north America” People flooded into shops after to look for that special gift for that special one. The Country Bug book and gift had a book signing as well A trio of kids books under the title its OK to be me were presented by  a trio of principals , The author, publisher and illistrator,were on hand . Jen Eaton is the main author of the books.They were al locals from Merritt.

The new LT. Governor of BC, Judy Guichion and her husband were also in the parade. They waved from an open convertable car flanked by scarlet coated mounties. Local legion members and the army cadets were first up.

A large for sale sign at the Royal Bank  in their parking lot has gone this week as well as one on the remainder of the Railyard mall shopping center.  The corner lot was there for sale for many years and the artist conception was recently changed to show a possible bank. The sign had fallen down and been replaced many times over the time of the offer.

An expansion of the Purity feed business a block away form the mall  has seen a preparation for an expanded parking lot. the work iincludes three storm drains. The business has taken over the portion of the building that was occupied by an alternate school.

Thats it from Merritt this week KDG.


The week that was Merritt, British Columbia,Canada: Nov 17/12
The Craigmont mine site that has been processing tailings to recouver iron for the coal industry is doing its annual shut down ,but this year it is permanent. As well the Huldra Silver operation is under suspension for safety violations. Milling of the silver ore from the Huldra operations to the west of here were to be done at the Craigmont site.There are a lot of politics flying about in the concern about alowing Chinese nationals to work in Canadian mines. Opinion: we need to watch that we are not being condtioned to grease something through.
The Coquihalla highway has become part of the Yellowhead Route and will be noted on mapping as such in the future. The Yellowhead is the alternante route to Alberta to the Trans Canada Highway.
Highway 16 the Yellowhead has also the southern Yellowhead Highway 5, whicj avoiid designation by the naming of the
The Student success center showed the film Brave at the local college this week. The film a Disney animated, is called Pixar tech. the film was entirely computer generated. The Pixar tech is the first upgrade in Disney animation technology in 25 years.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada: Nov 1o /12
The week included talk that the prosecution of  Merritts former top cop Stuart Sieb is delayed again. The man’s lawyer is involved in a lengthy murder trial elsewhere.Sources say.
The creator of Merit and Malice, turned 58 on the 10th of November.
The boss of the Merritt Mountain Music festival returned from points unknown on tuesday and is staying in his cabin on the old festival grounds. He was not voluntering any comments on the future of the grounds or the festival.
Claude Lelievre canceled his extravaganda on May 12 2012 due to poor ticket sales.
There was no questions directed to him only an asking for unrelated directions .
Minor hockey has a referrees seminar today at NVIT. About a dozen of all ages and genders were seen involved in room OU011 this afternoon.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
Thats it from Merritt This week KDG
The week that was Merritt,British Columbia, Canada: Nov3/12
An information meeting hosted by Kinder Morgan, at the Merritt Civic Center this week saw about twenty employees present an impressive information package on their proposed twinning of the underground pipeline that they have operated for a toll since the early 1960s. They were  open to all statements of any one concerned by having a right affected.
 About twenty protesters showed up at the local MLA’s office to voice opposition to the Enbridge project or Northern Gateway line to Kitimat and tanker traffic. Harry a former Cabinet minister in an NDP administration said he would not comment untill the company submitted a formal application for permits.
The Nicola Valley Institue of Technology had an information meeting as well on the September 2013 opening of a joint field office to train first nations teachers. The program is sponsered by UBC and has existed for more then three decades recruiting about 400 people into the disipline.
No effects were noticed by people polled from the earth quake off the BC coast this week, here. One person said she senced something before it happened.
The local police had a road block on Voght street on halloween night asking to see drivers licences and registration shortly after dark.
The local pool is saying they are only waiting for an go ahead from interior health to allow people to use the two hottubs in place at the Nicola Valley Aquatic Center. They have a smart computer driven mixing process now for chemicals in the water. (they have a manuel control as well).
A source says its not a matter of weeks but days to use of the tubs. The source did’t want to commit to a day but was confident in the pending opening.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
October 2012
The week that was Merritt,British Columbia.Canada,:Oct 27/12
The hot tub renewal was said to be finished last night, at early evening an artisan worker was trowling some fiinshing touchs to the new replacement hot tubs. Shirley the most senior clerk at the pool said all that remains is a final inspection , “perhaps by next week it may be available for use”. there is also an increase in capasity of 2 bring it to ten people that can soak at one time. The Nicola Valley Aquatic Center is jointly run by the City of  Merritt with funding from the Regional district. Of the 8000 people in the city proper the outlaying areas have another 12 thousand people that would use the facility with some regularity.
Rummage sales are by being planned with an emphaisis talk of  the local non profit is to have one that only sells coffe cups. Eva a long time volunteer at a coffe clutch this morning was impressed by the price gathered for some used expensvive Japenese coffee cups. Seven dollars went to the cofferes of the Nicola Valley Heritage Society from the sale of that cup and other good cups have been coming in for donation to the Semi Annual Fund  raising Yard Sale.
The yard sale ends to night with a 2 dollar a bag wind-up Less then 5000 dollars are raised in these events.
A small gauge railway spike was found on a back road  close to Merritt this week  It was vintage and had been transported from somewhere when lost.
About 30 years ago  Ray Schindler was employed to backfill with old old car wreaks and fill all the old workings here. For saftey reasons they remain that way. The spike was brought to the local library as an interest piece.
The RCMP station is getting a roof done , the blue metal roof was fading in color and a crew has been overlaying the roof with sheathing and preservative in preparation for new roofing material. The building is on Vought Street at the bottom of the hill.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada: Oct 20/12
Snow was at about 2500 feet this morning in a circle all about. A picture last Sunday of the forestry buildings fire hazard sign read extreme fire hazard something absolutely resolved with the weather last evening.
The last evening of the Alexander the Great presentation by retired teacher Al Horne was on Thursday he concluded on a commitment to bring more next fall.
The Best Western Travel motel has new owners and the owners are from Vancouver and wereborn in South Korea.
There was a recent truck accident that took a couple of lives, I walked down the highway 5A , the lower road to Kamloops, and in about a 1000 feet I had no difficulty picking up bits of truck and car parts that had fallen.
Editors note: we think that a good distance behind transport trucks is a prudent thing to do.
Thats it from Merritt this week. PP
The week that was Merritt British Columbia, Canada: October 13/12
The Pacific Forest Rally had a big presence in the downtown this weekend, maintence stops were all about  Garcia Street proper as well as the Royal Bank parking lot.
A member of the Subaru team said that they were sponsored by Subaru Canada  and were out of Squamish. The car they are responsible for has 2 employees in the office and 3 in the shop with a budget of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Another fellow a co driver says that that s the drivers money and most sponsers are only putting up parts. He said that its 1200 dollars in fees and maybe a 500 dollar prize. A repeat winner named Antione won this year  second went to a J. Hall   according to a crew member preparing to go home. Thirty Four cars were involved in the 35th annual rally; held here in Merritt ,  tenth for us .All  crew members asked were looking forward to returning here next year,
The local council saw the newly elected Kurt Christpherson swarn in this week. Kurt replaced Norm Brigden in a September 15th by election. Norm moved to Vancouver Island to a new and better job opportunty.
The loccl internatrional film society had their AGM on tuesday. They are presenting the international film A Separation on monday the 15th at the NVIT lecture theater, 2 dollar membership and 5 dollar addmision.
A number of young people were about the Anglican Church and town on the weekend. They said they were called Ywam. They ranged in ages through teens to a young man fininishing a degree in philosopy at UBC.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG.
The week that was Merritt British Columbia,Canada: October 6/12
The local native run community college had an award ceremony on the weekend. Awards given out included One World Scholarships , this fund was established by a Logger with 40 million dollars of his own money.  Among others the fund gave Mark Coutlee the ability to study abroad in Ethiopa last year.
Bears are about the city again and droppings are found in resdental areas it is being advised not to be out after dark with out taking the precasion of talking and making reasonable noise so as not to surprise a bear. It is also advised not to leave fruit and other foods on the ground or in trees.
Jade Swartzburg said goodbye to Meritt this week as she moves back to Coquitlam and then takes a traveling hiadus to Central America.
Jade was at the Merritt Herald for two years, had a journalism degree and was the editor when she resigned. Jade was said to be going to miss covering the Garlic festival on this weekend.
Al Horne  did the first of 4 of his presentations on Alecxander the Great at the puplic library on Thursday. He talked of the Temple at Ephesis that burned the on the day of Alexanders birth. The temple was later rebuilt by the great and now is gone,its stone used to build a church in Easteren Europe. The city site also has the home of the Virgin Mary. The next lecture is next Thursday at 6:pm.
A small demonstration by 2 people outside the local Hydro office highlighted an opinion of NO smart meters. When asked if it bothered a female demonstrator that people may think that gro ops would not want smart meters she repied no “I lost a relation to brain tumors.”
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
September 2012
The week that was Merritt British Columbia, Canada : Sept. 29/12
The Toastmasters club had its humorous speech contest on Saturday , Kathleen Joe won after a tied ballot was broken by a coin toss.
The local native run community college had its awards presentation among many were  parlimentary awards including the Lieutenant Governor of BC Silver Medallion to Josephine-Shuter and the Governor Generals Bronze Medallion to Michelle Sproson.
Harry Lali the NDP sitting MLA is said to be taking up a contetion about private roads  through douglas lake cattles ranch and access to lakes and fishing. This is a decades old contention .
Opinion: We think the staus quo will be maintained .
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG.
The week that was Merritt British Columbia ,Canada: Sept 22/12
The Local Nicola Naturlists had their AGM on thursday. the goup is well established with atrack record and is now getting invitations to host the provincal AGM. They are thinking in terms of  outing  though.
Three people were killed on the freeway this week in a single traffic accident. The authorities are asking for witness’s to come forward. This after the documentary “Highway through hell aired on the TV recently” the program documents some accidents and trouble with tow trucks and highways equipment when the weather is inclement in the winter time. The system is subject to sudden onset winter conditions however video cams  on the computer show real time conditions and no part of the system is more then an hour from shelter.
Kurt Christopherson was elected to take Norm Brigdens place on City Council. The former councilor resigned to take a job on Vancouver Island.
Note: the Charter of rights and freedoms says any citzen has the right to be quailified to sit in a parliment of Canada’s , something employees such as Brigden may struggle with.
Thats it from for this week KDG
The week that was Merritt British Columbia, Canada: Sept. 15/12
The by-election is today the six candidates have out and about and a polling place is set up in the old Chamber Office on Voght Street. An advanced poll was held in the community meeting room of the council chambers mid week.
Nino Jacusso showed his two previous films at the college lecture theater, thursday and Friday, Federica de Cesco, and Escape to Paradise . Nino is in the area filming one of Federica deCescos books Shana The Wolf’s Music . Nino is a swiss national in the german sector. There was a small reception after hosted by NVIT teacher Mill Jurussic a naturilised Canadian from Croatia.
Mill has an acting part in the film being produced here.
The by-law officer says he still has his ear to the ground to find out where all the feral cats went from the abandoned Quilchena store front.  He says that the law is 2 cats per home . ( rumor is a barn somewhere)
The City does not put animals down but after 3 days in custody they are put up for adoption and moved to Angels Animal Rescue. Angels was succesfull in getting money from the Pepsi Cola company a few years ago and used it in acquiring an acerage out of City limits for estranged pets.
Thats it from Merritt thsi week PP
The week that was Merritt British Columbia, Canada:Sept. 8/12
More election signs atre out for the September byelection.There is getting to be a bitr of competion in the message of the signage from thrift to substance and on to twists. the by election was neccesitated by the departure of Norm Brigden to a new job on Vancouver Island. Norm was active in his church and was in management at Aspen planners mills here in Merritt. He has been an agent for them in buying private timber. Nominations are scutinized by a member of the public and forms filled when viewed with the city clerk.
The trial of the former top cop was moved ahead agian. Stuart Sieb is no longer a mountie and under the RCMP act for disipline.No word if the government is paying his laywer and legal costs.
There was some interest in the local airstrip last week with a fly in of 40 odd people for and event. Two city councillor attended.The airstrip is rembereed for the return of 600 thousand dollars nearly 3 decades ago to  the province who had asdvanced a grant for night landing lights when former Premier Bill Vanderzalm visitted Merritt and could not safely land at night
Thats it from Merritt thi
English: Flag of British Columbia Italiano: Ba...

English: Flag of British Columbia Italiano: Bandiera della Columbia Britannica Русский: Флаг Британская Колумбия (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

s week KDG

August 2012
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia,Canada: Sept 1,2012
There was a van marked Chilliwack Corn at the Esso Station off Voght Street , friday. The fellow maining the van gave me a taste of the corn it was sweet ,he offered it for 10 a dozen. A source says that the bylaw officer talked to him and must have let him continue.
By-election candidates were being interviewd in the local papers, this week and no controversey was appearent. The  Granite street upgrade was under scutiny by a gaggle of offical looking and clip board carring people. When asked they said they were trying to get value for the citizens of Merritt. A man carrying a paper from an excavation compnay said the pollard knocked down by a vehicle was a saftey feature and aggreed with ” it could have been a person”.

A proposal for @ and a half million dollar upgrade of rotary park is floating about  and a source says that there is a planned public meeting coming.

Flag of City of Merritt

Flag of City of Merritt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada :August 25 2012
The farmers market iss on again this morning,   Straight from the Hive Honey is selling filtered honey (un heated unpasterized). Also there are home ctrafts from individuls; such as canning and preseves bywer be ware and rember all produce in the local grocery is safe , labeled as to content and pasterized against bacteria.
The Local Coopers store was down because of a transformer problem fot two days. Refrigerated trucks and a portable generator was brought in to keep food from spoiling . Yesterday it was business as always for the Patterson Group enterprize.
The rodeo weekend is fast approching , labour day weekend sees cowboys from all over compete for prizes and staus in the craft. “get her done”
Thats it from Merritt thsi week KDG.
The week that was Merritt,British Columbia, Canada: Aug,18/12
The Grand Hotel is having a chocolate festival today, judges and competitors are  starting a chocolate dynasty here in the Nicola Valley this weekend.
The British Columbia Ambassador program finish up their competion tonight.  a local, Sharah Simon, will be one of the three reigning  youth ambassadors to pass on their title at a cornination this evening the 18th.
Temperatures in near the 100 degree farenheit are being enjoyed all this week, the sun is setting at about 8:30 PM  and is bring the dew point down in the surrounding hills.
The bottle return depot George Hale Transfer closed ,is not displaying a “Opening under New Management “,sign this weekend.
Thats it from Merritt,this week, KDG
The week that was Merritt,British Columbia, Canada, Aug 11/12

The city saw the cleaning out of the Merritt News office this week , Neil Mcleod  oicked up all the drop boxes and deleviered them to the building and a contractor was at work moving  adiscarding office stuff. The staff are seen about and there is a party hosted by reporter Robin Poon siad for the 24th.

The farmers market is open and going strong on Vought street this AM.

The bottle bank at Gerorge Hale transfer is closed witha sign saying it is going to reopen with new management. A local that is ideal driven for bottle return says he takes his out of town.

Thats it for this week KDG.

The week that was Merritt,British Columbia,Canada, Aug 4/12
The British Columbia day long weekend saw  came and went with out a pronounced distraction of roadside or holiday related tragedy. People were rested and relaxed, a visitor here said in french Bon Fete thinking that it was BCs birthday. The anniversary of confederation of BC is July 20th. 1871 saw BC become a province of Canada.
The local Bylaw officer here is displacing cats from the store front on Quilchena Ave. The city council revoked the business licence of the feral  cat rescue group 3 months ago. Bob Davis has engaged the cat  issue aggressively since becomeing the Bylaw officer here. Bob is a biologist and still holds tenure at the local college. Bob spent a number of years reserching an consulting fior readiness for the west nile virus  driven by mosquitoes and birds. No serious out break occured in British Columbia.
There was a commercial shoot on Garcia street thursday night. sources say it was a nestle wate commercial a number of people got extra roles at 200 dollars for the night that ended at 4am. A couple of business also got paid for property rights to the image of their business that was in the shot.
There are a number of filming crews working in the area at this time on different projects.
July 2012
The week that was Merritt,British Columbia,Canada:July 28/12
The Nicola Valley Farmers Market, has a new location and are set up this morning, the public parking lot for the arena next to the Baillie House. Vehicles are parking as well someting thet the old loction at the Royal Bank did not attract on the Saturday part days. Lucas Handly the president of the society is on record as saying that the arena location is preferred because of the shade afforded by trees.
The Merritt News notified the public that they are closing shop in Merritt this week, after 21 years. Employees are still at work and are planning a final issue on August 2nd.
The local disgraced mountie from Merritt that was been involved in the tasering death at the Vancouver Airport afew years ago quit the force and recieved a conditional discharge of a year for obstruction of justice in a fatal motorvehicle accident. Corporal Montie Robinson is no longer a member of the RCMP. the Kamloops daily news is reporting that  Robinson is getting a month of house arrest to save protection that would go  with a prison sentence.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG.
The week that was Merritt,British Columbia,Canada: July 21/12
The week began with the clean up of the Great Canadian Bike Rally,and vendor stalls on about 4 blocks of the center of the town. On friday the shop with the stars event began to set up up town as well ,today sees few vendors or displays ,The Merritt speedway has one , as well as some fruit vendors and an airbag play castle affair. The farmers market is open with about 10 vendors and the Country Music Hall of Fame. Posters indicate  some acts but all locals.
The coummities in bloom committe  had a luncheon at the Baillie house to meet the judges it was attended by about 30 people and the Nicola Valley Historical Society raised about 300 dollars for supplying the venue with a lunch. The society uses mostly donated goods.
There are still no announced candidates for the September by election to replace councilor Norm Brigden.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt,British Columbia,Canada:July 14/12
The week that was Merritt,British Columbia,Canada: July 7/12
Warmer weather came to the NicolaValley this week temperatures are going to be in the 30s celcius all this week. The valley was filled with smoke from a fire toward Lower Nicola on highway eight last evening and the talk about town was that it was expected to be quiclkly controlled as because of the lack of wind. The Forest Fire Hazard sign on Nicola avenue remained  high  as of last night, and not the highest rating of extreme .
The dog show finished up this week and a Boxer dog named Kody went missing  from the Ramada Motel after hearing and being scared by the July 1st fire works.Posters of Kody are about town and there was a report that the owners came back mid week to search again. There is no report of  them finding there show dog, it is a striated Boxer about two and a half feet tall.
The  local top cop Jim Sieb who is no longer a mountie is reported to be in treatment and is looking for a deal to avoid a conviction.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG.
June 2012
The week that was Merritt,British Columbia,Canada:June 30/12
The local toastmasters club had a wind up speaking occasion for their administration year. The club presented to NFB antimated shorts in the local college lecture theater. The wild life a 13 minute story of a remitance man that came to Alberta in 1909. His family money failed to supprt him and he loses his life to the frontier. The other was a short  Specail Delivery a spoof on natural justice. Two presentations were given one  was called highway eight goslings and chornicled the saga of geese takeing over an Osprey nest and producing 6 goslings. The second presentation was by Felice Lucchi and it dealt with the club sponsering a kilometer of city road to keep free of litter.
The local schools were out this week after a hundred odd graduation from the high school. Check to see that speeds are not still in effect witha playground sign posted.
There is another group having a mudbogging event . The group is useing the old contrversal campgroud C from the music festival gounds. Big tired cars were about town toward the weekend. June 30 and July first signs are alabout town for start times.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt,British Columbia,Canada:June 23/12
Aboriginal day was observed in  the  local Rotary Park this year. Thursday saw the local native run college closed to support the festivities. Reports say it was well attended with family circle and the continuation of culture the emphasis.
The 2012 highschool grad class had its march from the local highschool to the arena for presentaions. The parade about 15 deep and  was highlighted by a red serge mountie marching escort; as well as those responsible for the completion of the grads.
Lightning and rain was avoided in the nick of time in the grad march, that had seen a year including labour disruption in the school system .
The Famers market on Garcia street behind the Royal Bank is deployed this morning ,including an artisan effort byMaggie Anderson, Serendipity Soaps and Sundries. She does everything from her home except supplying the goats milk for her goat milk soap.
For a taste of her sence visit :
Thats it for Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt British Columbia, Canada: June 16/12
A traveler 19 year old Cleo was seen walking with a globe on Voght Street, she said that for three years she has been touring the flobe hitch hiking and biking and has covered about 40,000 miles. The only trouble she reported was having her bike and passport taken just before entering a Central American Country.
Editors note :we do not recommend traveling alone in foriegn countries. If it can’t be avoided we recommend being in constant cell phone or internet communication with family and friends.
The Merritt Country Run is being touted as a success with 325 walkers runners and others participating. The 21 kilometer half marathon was won by a 7 foot well experienced runner named Hans. Participation for a charitable goal was the tone of the day.
A misterious police presence was noticed on friday with note taking and tight lipped RCMP officers engaged in some sort of  operation in the downtown core .
A police helicopter in the air may not have been related.
Thats  it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt British Columbia, Canada: June 9/12
The recycle yard was noticed as having its cameras up the bylaw officer has said that there is a wide range of fines that can be applyed  for illegal dumping. He Bob Davis also said that hte images are only viewed when actionable materials are discovered as being dumped. Also some homes are being processed for unsightlyness under bylaw provisions; (garbage)
The weather continues to be cool and some fishing trips were cancelled by the Broads with rods group. the group headed by Mauri Sinclair  has 35 members.
Real estate seems to be moving with some sold signs out and also some reduced stickers applied to some properties not selling.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt British Columbia, Canada:June 2/12
Merritt experienced a return to cooler weather this week and gardening was pleasent and an occupation to many community people.
There is contention over the 15,000 dollar cost of  a pending by election for a seat vacated by a city council member Norm Brigdeon. The seat was vacated because of a job offer elsewhere, a similar thing happened with a ministry of forests employee transfered  a couple of decades ago with no concern over costs.
River emphais art is being prepared for the river festival on the 8th this coming weekend.
Thats it from Merrrit for this week KDG
May 2012
The week that was Merritt,British Columbia, Canada:May 26/12
Anything with a 2 by 4 is the theme of a contest that put 29 items created by students from the secondary school on display at the local library.
The Merritt National forest Committe is hosting the contest , dubed The amazeing 2X4 contest. The local Home Hardware store is also hosting the event including a number of corporate sponsers.
The local top cop alleged to have  had used some evidence from the locker of the police station had his appearance for plea moved to July 3rd.  Stuart Sieb was a new transfer here when he was arrested for the alleged event last year.
NVIT graduated 76 students this week ,the school provides up to an assocate degree in arts  socal work  and english. NVIT is a public insttution that started as a private post secondary school for first nations people.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada: May 19/12
The  local farmers market is operating today with artisan work from Pentiction involved in the local Saturday event. A fellow and a son have a 400 lb capasity fly fishing boat  certified and for sale. about 7 feet long 3 feet wide looks cut and servicable.
The organization has a new logo that was designed and displayed on their Facebook page, as a contest.
harvey keys has been working on a facade for the Merritt buslines to offer pictures for visitors on a live horse. Harvey worked for universal studios doing similar things for the movie industry.
The EIoffice has been reorganized things chaged around and called Work BC. at least the name and new t shirts changed.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG.
The week that wwas Merritt, British Columbia,Canada: May 12/12
The Baillie House  had its 13 tha annual Mothers day tea in the old house today two sittings saw the Nicola Valley Heritage President Jane Yeadon  and Linda Baird wife of former Mayor Bob Baird washing the desert dishes between sittings. A bright  and calm day saw a meeting of the local hospice societyout side on the lawn as well.
The local farmers market is up and running with 20 odd boths behind the Royal Bank in the parking lot.
Sand bags were in place on Voght and in reserve on Second Avenue. A local resident Tom Edwards is promoting a perminant dyke on Vought with a raised walking path. Tom thinks that its possible a candidate or some one will take up that cause. There is a looming by election coming to City council with the resignation of Councilor Norm Brigden.Norm is moving to a new job on Vancouver Island. Norm worked for Aspen Planners mill for many years and saw the plant decline from hundreds of employees to 60 today in a modern productive mill.
Thats it from Merritt  this week KDG.
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia,Canada: May 5/12
We watched 5 goslings fall from  a nest  that there parents had approprated from Ospries for the last two years. The huddle of little birds were led the 30 feet from the base of the power pole to the water and  a swim. (makeing it through a 40 foot drop)
Their parents then began feeding on grass,to start the goslings on their three month guest for full size. Spring is here but many people are complainting about the cool wind coming from the snow laden valleys to the south west of here.
Sawmills are being scutinized and talked about here after a presumed dust explosion took lives in the north central part of the province.
There is a full moon event expected tonite at 11.35 it will be its brightest this year 25 minutes later it will be closer to the earth then anytime during this year.
Thats it from Merritt for this week KDG.
April 2012
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia,Canada: April 28/12
There was a womens volleyball tournament in town this weekend.Accounts say that about 400 participants  up to 39 teams played and  had a get together in  the Civic Center.The activities included a costume dance . Three levels of competiton was employed and the mood and tone was light and engaging.
The local bird population is up again with the return of the Osprey , some nests at the end of Quilchena avenue are active with fishing birds and small creatures busy with spring.
There were hydro contractors about putting collectors for smart meters up this week.
Alexandria Edmonds had her card art at the Old Court House Gallery, and there is a card exchange Monday Apr 30th.
When talking to a small crew of contractors upgradeing the hot tubs at the local pool we were told that they were pouring next week ,meaning the instalation of new tubs is coming.
Golf is being enjoyed once again and ICBC is out following around motorcycles on class 6 tests again.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada: April 21/12
The naturalists had a presentation on thursday night by a Pentiction based Botinist.Eva Durance  billed as a well known botinist, birder and naturalist. Presented and introduced her recently published book on gardening with natural plant species. An autographed copy of her book was available. The book has a photograph of wild flowers taken by freelance author Murphy Shewchuck who was also in the audience.
The scope of her  presentatiion was wild flowers and plants of  Interior British Columbia and Eastern Washington.
Silky Lupin ot Blur flax, Bearberries ,Balsum Root and old man wiskers were some of the naturally occuring plants highlighted and appoligised to transplanting to your yard and garden by Eva.  With an deference to the Great Basin Desert and its natural flora she highlighted basic techniges to manage and enjoy natural plants in common. The presentation was also an interest to those in the zero scape gardening practice.
It was the last evening meeting for the Naturalists till fall there is a GPS workshop on today by Murphy and it is open to the public. Murphy has written books on hiking trails in the Nicola Valley.
The seminar is at the local college NVIT.
The naturlists are starting doing field trips, including frog counts.
The dollar store in Railyard mall is closing and they have a stock reduction sale on now. A source at the store says that it will be closed by April 28th. The owners own two others one in White Horse Yukon and one in Summerland. A sources says that the mall changed owner ship last winter and there was an accompaning rent increase. There are unconfirmed reports that the work and Play will also be moving from the mall to a retail presence in the downtown core. A clerk for the dollar store plans to go to school after the closing.
A broken line at the civic property the Baillie House revealed that a street ( avenue) was probably runing through it s front yard at one time. City crews repairing  pointed out where a welding shop operated by the owner that the house  is assocated with was across the street to the west where Subway Sand whichs  now operates.
The orginal MC Baillie welding shop was to the east off what is now Voght Street and burned to the ground and the location occupied by a Ministry of Highways yard for years before being swapped by the city for the civic center location.
Spring is bring out  spring time activities .
Thats it from Merritt for this week KDG
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia,Canada: April 14/12
The paving of several streets in the city was completed this week, leaving the work on the extension of of Dewolf Way in the highway commercial area ,  leaving Merritt north off Voght Street. the construction is still under way and paving looks  a way off. The site was quite for a number of weeks this winter.
A group of young entertainers the “oh wells” played Brambles Bakery on thursday night exposing a crowd to a strawberry cake special as well as upbeat music.
The dollar tree has put up its sign on the former location of liguadation wold in the Quilchena Square shopping center. Downtown Merritt, its expected to be up and running bu summer. A source says that a source store is also coming to Merritt . A Radio shack or Source store operated in the Railyard Mall for a number of years before closing under the direction of Ron Brown and Constable Gauthier  the store franchise holders. Constable Gauthier moved to Kelowna.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG.
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia,Canada April 7/12
There was a classic car parade on Good Friday, Barry Jackson and other local zealots  went from the Canadian Tire Store to the Pharmasave , both stores have big parking lots.  A police panel was seen scrutinizeing traffic just before the  columns past the local police station.
Relief was evident about town as a killer was arrested in Ontario for a crime last halloween  in a near community, Armstrong. Talk was that the man in his mid twenties was aided by his father to evade the authorities and that will amount to excessory charges.
Al Clark retired from his broadcast  career this week ,ending his employment with q-101 FM and using a cartoon in the local papers to serve as an annoucement to his followers, Al came from Port Alberni  and his voice and demeanor carried him through a lot of transitions in town. They included many city councils and mayors , the dominance  and demise of the BC Social Credit Party and the transition from NL, AM to Q 101, FM.
 His voice will be missed on the local air waves.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG. and Happy Easter!
March 2012
The week that was Merritt,British Columbia, Canada March, 31/12
 A decision has been reached by the local school board to close the Coquihalla Middle School. The number of students  needed could be counted on your digits and have enough left over to count  a dozen donuts. However the consolidation of the schools for declining enrolement is in progress.
The film sharkwater was presented by the local eco-odoysees group under an endorsement from the Naturalist Society. A good round of applause was recieved from the 60 some attendees.
 The new garbage truck is seen to be a slick and effective pick up service with an obvious improvement to the working conditions of the one man who had to stop get out of the truck load the cans and return to drive the truck from a standing position behind the driving wheel.
The Chamber opened its new office on Granite Avenue next to a popular night club. The 2000 block of Granite is also the site of a road upgrade and beutification project including Pollards and flower beds.
Thats it from Merritt this week: Kevin Griffiths
The week that was Merritt,British Columbia, Canada March, 24/12
The Valley Visual artists have a succesfull show going this week end. This on the heels of the Court House Gallery Community Art Show just ending. The Visual Artists have the civic center rooms 2 and 3 for this weekend and the show ends Sunday at 4 pm. Bev Veal is the president of the 15 members of the organization.
A rock thrown thourgh a window at the Public Library caused it to be closed on thursday.  The hand sized rock was hurled with enough force to spread the double pained glass all over the floor right across the 35 feet to the offices.
The Merritt Toastmasters Spring Speech Contest is on tuesday at 5 pm at NVIT. the toastmasters organization have 2 contests a year spring and fall.
Some new heavy construction equipment and used equipment from the US was seen going through town. There are some major projects this year.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
 The week that was Merritt,British Columbia,Canada March  17,2012
The local BCJHL Hockey team won their first playoff game on Friday night.They played the Prince George  Spruce Kings. Another  to night,in town and with the same north central interior team.
The Viewers choice award in the  annual community art show was announced last night,Heather Burnam won for her pencil work of the Coldwater Hotel.
The work is on the wall for $500.00 and continues this week for showing.The court house gallery,is at 1840 Nicola Avenue, www.nvartscouncil.com
The Nicola Naturalist Society had a presentaion by Bob Davis on the Mosquito and the diminished threat of the West Nile Virus. It as attended about 35 people in the lecture theater. Al Burgerthe president said that the AGM for the museum conflicted with al lot of the members. the next presentation is mid April and a seminar on GPS is planned with Murphy Shewchuck toward the end of April or early May 8dollars to non members.The sping break here was moved to the Easter weekend for a 2 week period in the local school district.
Thats it for this week KDG
The week that was Merritt,British Columbia,Canada March 11,2012
The City saw some activity on the Granite Avenue ,upgrade this week with some big concrete stars being placed at the corners of Garcia and Granite as well as Garcia and Quilchena.
Ken Sanders a member of a longtime important family in the valley  was rememberd in a couple of events this week.Ken was killed in a single vehicle motor cycle accident out of the country,in South America were he had been calling home.
Condolences to his family and wife Amber Papou.
Another possible election scandel is brewing something about robo calling. It is significant enough to have had the local MP comment on it . In the must sterial of terms. More later.
Snow and cold came this week making us think about the mountain pine beetle trouble we had in part because of global warming. Subjectivly we see fewer results of the bugs work and Iron mountain that was being reddened on its easterb slope shows no visable encrochment. Pharemone packages are in the area of a new housing subdivision to the north of the city an were place a number of years ago to keep trees alive at the development.
Thats it from Merritt for this week KDG.
The week that was Merrit, British Columbia, Canada Matrch 3, 2012
Another Treasure hunters road show visited Merritt for four days ending Saturday. They once again took out full page adds in both local papers and the radio station was on site as well. The road show purchase a buisness licence form the city that dispalyed the occupied room at the Civic Center as its address.
 They have a registration process that gets you out of the room as you wait for a number however there are two desks so as not to be a private showing.The public offers are given with out obligation to sell anything, and if your the one who bought a ring years ago , a half carat lone diamond will get an offer of $75.00 so you will be taken aback as to the price you orginally paid.  Old comics of 10,12. and 15 cents need to be in really good condition to get and offer.
One of the workers of the buying event invited us back for their next visit.
The library concluded their book burning witha celebration of donuts and coffee for those interested in seeing that no books had not been saved from destruction. Two persons were there, as a popular locals memorial was a conflicted event.
A report is about saying that the death of three Merritt children at the hands of a deranged father could have been prevented. Something I am sure we all needed to be told. The self evidence of the event only reflects back on the pompatios disregard that officals can some times get when trying to justify budgets and inactions.
Thats it from Merritt Britsh Columbia this week PP.
February 2012
The week that was Merritt,British Columbia,Canada Feb 25,2012
The community art show  had its first full week of showing a diverse exhibits garnered from the local community. A balanced range of efforts please the eye and sences with a local and beyond perspective by those that experience visualy stimulating  people and events.Cathy Delquest Grey; the director .
The film society had the showing of the whistle blower on monday it was well attented by a near full house ) a full house is a 148 theater chairs, Next months film is Beginnings a love story, which some have commented that is timley as the films have been hard to watch of late but well done.
The court date for the appearence of Stuart Seib has been scheduled to May 23. Seib has been charged with allegeidly taking a controlled substance from an evidence locker.
An arrest was observed on Garcia Street on Friday as an oiler garmeted native wearing a white straw cowboy hat, was ordered into a patrol car by a female officer, he went as ordered and was not touched or handcuffed.(strange)
The pool had a showing last night of a hockey game and offered Yaki Joes Pizza for 2 dollars a slice ,got a can of pop too….
That’s it from Merritt this week PP….
The week that was Merritt,British Columbia,  Canada Feb 18,2012
The local naturalists had a presentation from a biolgist on reclamation in the Thompson Highlands. The talk centered around Teck corporations operation on about 70 sq miles at the Highland Valley Mine Site. Rick Howie, said to be a naturalist of some renoun in the societies handbill comes from Kamloops .A consultant to the mining industry Rick worked for many years as a regional biologist fo the BC Ministry of Enviroment.
A centre piece of the talk was the Pika, a little rodent that lives in the rocks at the base of talus slopes ,  natural or the ones produced by the dumping of waste rock in mining operations.
Rick said that there is legislation regulating the degree of slope to about 20 odd percent from the 30 + slopes current at the mine site, no indication if the existing one will be altered ,however he did say that he tells clients not to cover everything in dirt as a diverse cover suits natural regeneration better.
Many photos of fish from the reclaimed tailing ponds where shown and explained including the dynamic of thousands of small fish  occuring after the addition of a spawning channel and the displacing of large rainbow trout by numbers of others” you can have ten thousand fish or one fish ten thousand lbs” he quipped, and drew little laughter.Many pictures of birds painted a picture of a robust fauna that has come back as “nature does its work with a little help form Teck Corporation.
Wild horses were distinguised by from Moose by the trails left behind as they forage in the open and not from bush to bush as do the Moose.
The presentation dated from 2007 and no explanation was given as to current conditions.
 A representitive named Richard was there from the mine and gave a donation to the Nicola Naturalists and was allowed a small portion of the presentation where he talked of his involvement with the Kamloops Naturlists.;both men live in the area and have a professional  interest in the new 700 million dollar development at the Ajax Mine site there.
The tailings of the Ajax site are proposed to be different as they will be dry instead of wet.
 Editors Note:No conning towers of the Nautalis was seen in any of the pictures of the wet tailings at the Highland Valley site, however there were some Nemo looking beards in the audience. PH 7 is good for fish….
The local arts council had the 6th annual Community Art Show last evening and it was attended by about 60 interested persons and contributers.Three prizes are available and two were announced last evening , pre-chosen by the arts council , the best of show went to Cassadra Dolen and a childrens work award was announced as well,$150.00 and $50.00. The prizes will be awarded with viewers choice award of 100 dollars at the end of the show March 16.
Other significant contributers were Mike Bangu a published Author and DR. Bill Edmonds including his work Warhal. Lisa Babcock entered three photographs giving a nice balance to the paintings ,writings and carvings.
A Carrier Indain war club and a owl relief made from fish scales rounded off with First Nations contributions.
The Court House Gallery is open to the public thursday evenings 4-8 PM and fridays and Saturdays untill 4 :PM.
Stuart Seib goes to trail on the 21 for theft and use of a controled substance.
Thats it from Merritt this week PP.
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia,Canada,Feb 11 2012
A fire at the local Ramada Inn occured during the week. A witness on the scene said that he fire was electical and was caused by the actions of a contractor at work at the time of the fire. The Dominos Pizza franchise in the building is also effected by the fire . We are without one of the two Mcdonalds Franchises here, as the one in the local Wallmart was closed because of profitability problems recently.
A Cowboy Poet will be at the Merritt Public Library on Thursday March 1st @6.30 PM “Camel” Dave Howell ,was a guitar player since he was 14  and works as a campfire entertainer . Dave now lives on a small horse ranch near Merritt.
There is a resume writiting seminar comeing on March 14th at the local college campus.
The local downtown community policeing station is featuring Facebook in their window display along with a parents guide to facebook.
Thats it from Merritt  this week KDG
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia,Canada, Feb 4 2012
The local Staff Sergent charged with using evidence from the locker at the police station  got a court date for February 21. That would mean that he is suspended without pay as that is the case when police are suspended with a likely conviction. To be arraigned he has to have a significant chance of conviction.something still does not sit right with me as why did he have the only key and why could it be accessed by only one person.We will watch and report. The 51 year old officer must have had some redeeming virtues to get to be a staff sergeant, maybe trusting was one of them.
The extreme learning program has come to a close at the local library. The program allowed patrons to sign out a number of useful things to try including Kobo readers ,skis, bikes and snowshoes.The librarian said they had a year mandate on the program and it is now complete.
The local film society is having the film whistle-blower for its February viewing. At the last performance a warning was given that their will be a graphic rape scene in the production. It costs only  dollars to take in the film and it is open to all members , a membership costs 2 dollars.The NVIT lecture theater where the films are shown holds 148 people and is very comfortable. No food or drinks allowed and start time is 7:30 PM. This film plays February 20th.
Tax assessments for property taxes are out now and there is a limit on the time allowed to appeal them. You can successfully appeal them if some recent properties in your neighbour hood have sold for less than the market value.
The  public pool is having a special in three weeks , for 5 dollars you can watch a Canucks game and  have all the Yaki Joes pizza you can eat while lounging in a wading pool or on a flotation device.
Thats it from Merritt This week KDG
January 2012
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada. Jan 28,2012
Amphibians are in trouble in the world but not in British Columbia according to the presenter at the Naturalist meeting on Thursday. About 30 people saw a slide presentation on frogs and such at the NVIT college lecture theather.Gastric brooding frogs for south america to poison dart frogs a compressive showing examples lead into an appeal to be concerned about them. An endorsement was also given to the Nicola amphibian monitoring program operated in part by the local naturalists.
The presenter Kristina Ovaska, from Biolinx Research Limited, of Victoria had a professional presence and field many interested questions after the presentation.
The library is now having people use the self check out on their own and are talking about coaching patrons in also checking books in  on the automated device.
Billy the Nicola Valley Kid a film made about 60 years ago by Jim Crawford the insurance agent; and others, is on sale at the museum.Its in color but silent and shows the valley before power poles.
 Thats it from Merritt BC, Ca this week PP.

The week that was Merritt,British Columbia Canada, Jan 21,..2012

The  weather was cold all week , with – 20 celsius being the talk of the town. A frost bite warning was issued on the days when wind chill drove it to mid twenties. Most stores are very unbusy and looking at the sales they are subjectively saying tough. Which is not a PR point of view.

The retail in this small town does function on the necessary so grocery and pharmacy go marching on.

The Staff Sergent charged with an alleged missing evidence episode is said to have been given 7 days to write a rational about why he should be on pay while suspended.

Thats it from Merritt this week PP.http://wp.me/pAoul-1Jz

The week that was Merritt British Columbia, Canada, Jan. 14 2012
Winter has returned once again to the Nicola Valley warm temperatures last week gave indication that  winter was not as severe as in the past. temperatures in the single digits under 0 C  gave comfort to those that like to see flu bugs struggle in temperature.
A senior Policemen has been charged with theft from an evidence locker and the Kamloops paper is saying that he used an amount of cocaine . the Kamloops Daily News had started delivering a free copy to any home that had subscribed to it in the past. The paper placed on thursday evenings to many homes carried a picture of the Staff Sergent and detachment commander charged in the event. The accused is recent to Merritt since November and had a good record of drug busts in his Clearwater detachment. Police often get a promotion when transferring but there is not an sign that this was the case. He was the detachment commander in Clearwater and had also been in Ashcroft in the past. All small communities however Merritt has a larger force concerned with rural and Indian reserve policing.
Opinion: A former sergeant of this detachment has said that the person with the key to the evidence locker must be beyond reproach: we say that their should be two keys and two people to get access to the stored evidence. remember that the police lost the OJ Simpson case in part because of chain of custody issues with DNA.
The province of British Columbia has a huge government monopoly on car insurance through its crown corporation ICBC. A number of years ago they wanted to make it no fault and tried to implement it a backlash ensued and it was never brought in. No fault damages are less the when you are not at fault and take more account of potential at the time of lost. When police assess fault here they are adept at giving shared fault . And compensation is according to it. The corporation pays the medical bills of all its insured directly and the tension to have blame on drivers is pronounced as both have council from the same insurance company. When you are 100 percent not at fault your council represents you against ICBC. So evidence cafuffels are serious to the community.There is also a tension that police do not like to see people not convicted of thing because of technicalities at one time all evidence had to be correct including spelling and address not it is just corrected.
Opinion: We think that the things that kept police sharp in the past worked and evidence and should always be secure and information dependable. Other wise an attitude of the end justifies the means can develop and that has been a serious problem in the past.
An other detachment commander Al Carke a few years ago, also was said to be a problem here. He came from a restricted   substance background as well and was He is seen  about from time to time driving a Hummer supposedly no longer a police officer. And its a wonder why so many of these problem officers are about here.
Opinion: We think that given the drama of the events that people should keep up confidence in policing here and stay on the right side of their own conscience . We think that those that are on the wrong side of things have opportunity to bad mouth .People should stay balanced and objective and remember that they are paid to be good the rest have to be good for nothing. So don’t let it slip into yesterday news and with it slip away as is the case of long trial delays and negotiations but keep it up front asking that a message be sent that is not confusing to those that struggle about using such things.
And SS Stuart Seib face 30 days in jail within weeks of the charge. If indeed it survives the crown probable cause determination.
The week that was Merritt British Columbia, Canada.Jan. 7 2012
Cathy Delquest Gray had a reception for the Court House Gallery on Friday evening. This months show features her students that she has tutored . The show is dominated by pencil sketching.
A Christmas bird count was accomplished here as well as about the province on the holiday.
A black powder shoot was accomplished last sunday , and the president of that organization a sub unit of the Rod and Gun says that 23 people enjoyed a free lunch and competion at the local gun range.Jim George is also the president of the provincial organization of black powder shooters.
Light snowfall last evening with cool enough temperatures to support its retention on the ground.http://wp.me/pAoul-1Hp
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG.
December 2011
The week that was Merritt British Columbia, Canada.Dec 17,2011
The local GM Dealer changes his sign to reflect that the Pontiac division is no longer represented.
A man that had robbed two convience stores in Merritt wa s documented in the local paper as being a new comer to Merritt and that the police had known of him.The scuttle but is that no weapon was shown only that he had said that he had a weapon and speculation goes that he puffed his pocket to look like he had one.
The local college students are at semesters end and now are making decisions about the next semesters studies. NVIT has a small number of students here in Merritt it is estimated not to have ever exceeded  500 .
Snow and cooler weather are on time as usual in the valley and mild weather today still leaves some snow on the ground and but people are hoping for more for the next weekend and Christmas.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG.
The week that was Merritt British Columbia, Canada,Dec 10,2011
An art auction of Persian rugs was at the Civic center on Sunday and it was poorly attended but did get some sales.
About town some trespass warnings on old hydro meters are appearing. They in our view are not legal as Hydro owns the meters and has a policy of legal easement for their purposes.
The Trail Smoke Eaters  were about town in their societies Bus, the hockey teams name goes back many decades when they were Olympic Amateur champs in an age when Canada seldom prevailed at anything but being nice and participating. Small countries have come along way in this world.
Cominico at the time was the government and they had a smelter in trail that had emission problems and law suits from American farmers that they resolved by changing the process that saw Elephant Brand fertilizer produced from emissions.
The Trail Smokeaters are playing the Merritt centennials in Merritt tonight December 10th in the British Columbia Junior Hockey League regular season at Memorial Arena on Mamit avenue. Game starts 7:30 PM.
A robbery at a local convince store is said by witnesses to have been followed up with an arrest. A person robbed Bobs Mini Mart and another business a witness at Bobs said there was no weapon others are saying unconfirmed a man was arrested for armed robbery after a second attempt.
A local video rental store has  digital films at 10 dollars and a bucket of popcorn for $3.33.
In some public relations grab three Telus trucks were up a pole on Merritt avenue installing a phone. The exaggerated scene included a Local Tellus employees with a climbing belt and Spurs available  when asked if he climbed he said for 33 years. when asked why so many people for a phone line ” maximum efficiency came from a  young white hat worker. The young man was wearing a mining hat used for its full all round brim to keep water from running down a neck in an underground working. They are also used by coastal loggers. The street has a lot of  new hydro poles on it including one exaggerated one leaning toward a house with a replacement hole dug and marked. An exaggerated droop of  lines on the lower level of the Telephone poles drew a quick retort ” that’s Cables problem” Is it a problem was replied  “no ” was the response. The new hydro poles are green as the pole is treated with a Copper solution as a preservative. A chemical tar was used only on the part in the ground before.
Update  Robbery :another source that works at Bobs says , the second robbery was super save, and then 7 eleven, it is said he threatened to have a weapon but did not show it.
Editors note: in 1979 a hydro lineman working alone responding to a leaking insulator and a pole burning on easter weekend died of a heart attack while up the pole, when discovered a co-worker in response was given a bravery award  from the Workmans Compensation board for his response in regard to it and traffic situation….
Thats it from Merritt for this week: KDG
November 2011
The week that was Merritt British Columbia Canada, Dec 2 ,2011
A crew of three men were stringing some more lines through the transponder behind the Telus building on Granite ave this week.One of the men said it was an upgrade and would give better streaming.

The Desert inn on Voght and 2nd has a young Dene man working as a chef he prepared an open Denver  for me with a great holidaise sauce to complement it. $8.95, but by the time the taxes and coffee are tallied its close to 13 bucks.

A quick traffic count at the bridge by the inn came to about 800 vehicles an hr about 10 percent of the town population; making it a busy area and a good turn over.

The upgrade of the downtown continues with good progress in our view.

Thats it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was Merritt British Columbia Canada, Nov 26th,2011
There was a Christmas  parade in the downtown last evening the 25th. The parade was to mark the start of the Christmas shopping season and a midnight madness sales event was put on by downtown merchants.  Many people jammed the short streets of Merritt’s downtown to see floats , shop and mingle for coffee and such from a few street venders including the local animal rescue group.
The Canadian country hall of honour building in the 2000 block of Quilchena Avenue was open and many people took advantage of the time to see the plaques and memorabilia of Canadian country music stars. Coffee was hosted by Starbucks and a tree white Christmas tree by Canadian tire was present.
A unconfirmed source said that they are working on a constitution that will see both the hall of honour and hall of fame consolidated into one “Canadian County Music Hall Of Fame”
There are unconfirmed reports of a bear being shot after being on The Desert Inns sun deck and being un responsive to noise when challenged by someone leaving the back of the local arena.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt British Columbia Canada, Nov 19th,2011
Voting day-to-day and poles are open on a cooler  clean and bright morning.
Yesterday a cheque presentation was given outa the Baillie House to accommodate the residual of the 100 year anniversary grant to the city.  Not for profits received 500 checks. they had been involved.   Election rules for campaigning limit  activities 24 hrs before the  presentation was at the Baillie house and was by the incumbent mayor it may or may not be considered as campaigning there was no discussion about the election.
There was a bottle drive this morning and adults and  children were at the George Hale Bottle depot with the fruit of their labour. Beavers and a parallel org for girls were enjoying a cold crisp outdoor experience of collecting bottles for a cause.
Thats it from Merritt this week Percy Paschal Staff Writer. KDG
The week that was Merritt British Columbia Canada, Nov 12, 2011
Snow was in the foot hills this am and temperatures dropped accordingly. This time frame has not changed in my living memory despite calls for apocalypse. A person was given 6 months jail for the impairment he had when he took a motorcycle operators leg in a local Hotel parking lot. Although unsaid criminal impairment involves care and control of motor vehicle and the fact that you have keys in your control gives an ability to lay the charge and if it goes beyond to serious damage we wonder if any one has ever been charged as accessory for serving and allowing someone to stager out of a premises with keys in hand.
The person will also be prohibited from having a licence for a further 5 years.
The library’s  item used book sale is popular and ongoing at his writing. we many substantial books being acquired for a minimal charge.
The local election has fallen into the local media and profiles are available for scrutiny.
Thats it from Merritt for this week KDG
The week that was Merritt British Columbia Canada,Nov 5,2011
The all candidates forum was hosted by the Local Chamber and 2 Mayoralty and 9 councillor candidates had opening statements and fielded questions. One incumbant candidate H. Kroeker was absent. He has a disposition to avoid answering questions and as yet no treason has a surfaced for his absence. There was rep on hand from the local Shaw community channel so look for the forum on Shaw  TV.
The political question of the week was that of the bringing into the city of the Mountain Fest lands and the possibility of liability because of old coal mines. the best answer came from the current mayor as to the geological reports that were undertaken. The land belongs to Claude Levire and have some development on them already including services.
The local library put out books for a Gigantic BOOK Sale staring this coming Tuesday; paper backs for 1/2 dollar and hardcovers for a buck. One free book coupon a day as well. this supports the mission of the library system in promoting literacy the books come from numbers of libraries in the system and have been withdrawn.
Thats it from Merritt for this week KDG
October 2011
The week that was Merritt British Columbia Canada, October 29,2011
A number of things happening this week, a grand opening of the McDonald’s franchise off Voght Street, to celebrate their renovation as well a storage facility off Midday Valley Road had a grand opening today. The local Library is having a zombie walk and dress up  with a o parade starting at Rotary Park.
a dust-up in one local paper put the current mayor in a defensive position over comments about how the other contender Bob her uncle and she do not get along. this implys it is ok to be the only mayoralty candidates here. The sushi gardens is clearing out the other half of their building on Nicola avenue to expand seating in the restaurant. The building housed a plumbing operation of late.
Dr.Gage the Chiropractor  has become the owner of Clapperton Manor, on Clapperton adjacent  Diamond Vale Trailor Park and is renovating it to attracted residents, the  building is in a high density area and is close to a middle school.
Thats it from Merritt for this week Kevin D.Griffiths
The Alexander the Great Seminars wound up on thursday with Al Horne promising to finish him up next year in a three session conclution.This will make 15 sessions over five years.
Wild life including bear and today two mule deer are close to the downtown , two mule deers were seen by myself dodging traffic on Voght Street this afternoon.
Thats it from Merritt for this week Kevin D.Griffiths
The week that was Merritt British Columbia Canada, October 22,2011
The demolition   at the  old Days Inn or grasslands hotel proceeded  gang busters this week with huge piles of  broken concrete and asphalt developing in the yard. The Grasslands property is a large one approcceing 10acers.
Another project on Voght street north of the grasslands sees a wideing of a truck stop area by the  fast food outlets and it apperare to have new storm sewers. a worker or owner of the equipment employed says that the expansion is for short term truck parking.
The Nicola Naturalist society had its Annual meeting and tables finacal statements showing modeincome and expenses under 10,000 dollars , the volunteer organization had received a small grant to do a frog count.
Alexander the Great continued at the local library with the demise of his father Phillip and the role of Aristotle as his teacher. A view of his horse Bucephalus and his winning its confidence for use through his world conquest was presented by Al Horne.
The Macdonald’s off Voght Street in the north end of Merritt is finishing up its renovation a source says that they are being done all across Canada. the format looks clean and modern with a bit of a Maple tone to it. There is a Grand opening on the 28 with specials starting on the 25th including a 1950s pricing of hamburgers. like for 56 cents.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt British Columbia, October 15,2011
The  week that was a big week here, a 4 time mayor Bob Baird filed nomination papers to run against his niece  for Mayor in November. His niece ,the current Mayor Susan Roline is retired after a long career with the Royal Bank.
 The Baillie House and United Church are the former mayors base and have a  ability to field people and attitudes. The mayor is quite right of center but understands that you can not get elected on that. Has been in the fray for a long time.
The Old Sands Store has Warehouseone selling blue jeans in it this week. The opening dropped in just in time for the election along with sidewalks and downtown revitalization to the benefit of Merritt Printing Nicola Valley Medical Clinic ( DR. D. Macleod )and others.
Some vandelising of the Rotary Band Shell has the hang him high crowd garnering support for the conservative omnibus bill on crime in; that is before parliament.
The golf course in town is scheduled to close on Oct 23. And compressors are everywhere blowing out lines
A Buyer from a small Fraser Canyon community of Lillooet bought a big part of the latest show at the Old Court House Gallery , a source says that he owns a gallery in Vancouver. The new showing runs the rest of the month and will still include the purchased works . A sample price was twelve hundred dollars for a  large painting by the featured artist.
The owners of the grasslands property also let out the demolition of the building remains of the fire of 4 years ago. Also in time for the election writ. An add in a local paper states their ownership and the fact there are no immediate plans for the property. the owners remain the tribal association that had the property at the time of the fire.
Some halfwits were also seen banging nails under close supervision
Alexander the great lectures by al Horne started on thursday with a full house of about 50 people, he has thus far explained a context and the reason for the need to conquer the mostly Persian world at Alexanders time.
editors note :  The court house gallery building is owned also by Dr McLeod and is its benefactor, Dr Don Macleod has a large home called Macleod castle on Nicola Lake north of here and at times has been among the highest billing Doctors in BC his former partner Dr. D.Abby deceased was the highest in BC according to a source.
Thats enough from Merritt British Columbia for this week PP
The week that was Merritt British Columbia, October 8 2011
The pacific forest rally ended on Sunday,  a source , said that they had a about 30 cars, there was at least one person from Portland Oregon making it truly the pacific region event.
They are advertising for  nominations to run for the local council and they period ends next week for the November election.
An automated card reader is at the local library for service coming soon. This month is national library month in Canada and a gift basket is a prize in a drawing to commemorate it.
A new sidewalk upgrade is going on Granite and Garcia a source with the employment  agency says that have nothing to do with it, and the City acquired grants from some senior level of government to pay for it.The  narrower walks include  their building and have nothing to do with the Walk of Stars.
The site of the old Grasslands Hotel  has equipment wreaking old concrete at this writing. The hotel dates to the expansion era of a mining boom in the 1960s and was the victim of three fires overtime. It has been fenced with construction barrier since the last one nearly 4 years ago in the middle of a labour dispute and a music festival.
A source says he had a conversation with a young picket line striker that had a  child with her.Maybwe for sympathy maybe for necessity as strike pay is poor. The source he recommend going to other unions for support  implying that it was a better option. The next time the source went by the striker was still there  with the child and now a umbrella and refreshments. shortly after the hotel burned under suspicious events, including the fire hydrants being opened and keeping water pressure down causing the Merritt Volunteer Fire Dept to fight it with an experimental foam.
More later.
Last full week to register for the presentations at the library on ATG: http://wp.me/pREfD-hU
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG.
The week that was October 1 2011,Merritt British Columbia Canada.
The Pacific Forest Rally happened this weekend ending today. Drivers from all about including new york participated  in a mountain  roads from the Rally Point  at the Local Canadian Tire Parking Lot.
A local man that had been in detention in a Mental facility was out on probation and time served this week. Lance Thatcher a local handy man free after compliance to an identity issue remains  somewhat  difficult as he says he has two entities about him.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG
September 2011:
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia Canada: Sept 24, 2011
 Mary Ann Bowles  hosted a health far at the Baillie House today numbers of tables were available  at $5.00 and attendance was brisk.Tables included organic grown foods and numbers of alternate health activities including  including energy healing and other non medical necessary activities. Les Curnew and Jimmie Fountain and other long time Valley   residents enjoyed a free beverage and a 4 dollars lunch in a pleasant garden setting.Some  artisan produce was presented for sale  by local health emphasis gardens. Cabbage and preserves gave a sence of a mini fall fair.
A said I .5 million sewer and water upgrade began work on Chapman and 1st ave. Out of town contractors have said they are expecting to complete by the end of October.
People are still signing up for the Greek lectures coming up in October at the public library; space is limited.
The skys are absent space junk obesvrtions here at this piont.Thats it for Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt,British Columbia Canada:Sept: 17,2011
Merritt  had a great farmers market today with a corn eating contest by media personalities .The local Shaw community programmer said he ate 12 cobs. They looked great with large kernels and great color. The corn was attractive as well. Sorry could not resist that. The local junior A hockey team were using  a different bus. Steve Rose the driver said that the refurbished this  bus spending nearly 40 thousand dollars on the new widescreen a bubble for the front end. Seats were turned to face each other and now it is a “hockey bus”according to Steve. the bus was then repainted all white.
 The centennials are the oldest franchise in the league and the concern over ecological footprint is noted as is the commitment to growth and going forward.
Thats it from Merritt this week KDG.
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia Canada: Sept: 10,2011
Mandolins coffee shop is reported by an undisclosed source as being sold and the previous owner is going into the pet care business. Located in Rail yard mall the popular lunch break and deli  going into new ownership. The pet care business is locating in the mall and is close to the anchor Cooper Foods. The Rail Yard Mall is an unenclosed mall and has a least two business that are not franchises making it a real local treat. Nomination notices for Mayor and Council were published this week  for the upcoming municipal elections in November.
Gas prices remain high here over 130 a liter with numbers of people complaining that Kamloops prices are a draw for shopping  in the community 45 minutes away.
The local international film society starts its season next week on the 19th at the NVIT lecture theater starting at 7:30pm.
That’s it from Merritt for this week KDG.
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia Canada: Sept 3 2011
An environmental assessment drill was at work briefly this week in a local mall parking lot, the engineer a biologist said they were doing due diligence. Esso the card lock had a customer appreciation day with a formula one car present. An unconfirmed source said price updates were available by email daily. the labour day weekend saw pancake breakfast and expanded farmers markets as well as a tractor show at he fall fair grounds. A person traveling through town from Ontario interestingly had a truck with farm plates on it. The man said they still dip for non farm use of marked gas were he comes from something I have not heard of for a long time here.
Thats it from Merritt for this week. KDG
August 2011:
The week that was Merritt,British Columbia Canada: August 27, 2011
The community round table placed a drought warning sign on Voght Street. The Nicola Aquifer is shared by City and rural alike and gives great ground water for use. \people make note that you can drink the tap water here without tasting chemicals.
The roads are often filled with motorcycles as conditions  are pleasant for them this time of year. Groups of people are safer then single riders and   non freeway roads provide pull offs to stop and view rather then  have your attention to the scenery when riding….
Tour buses from Europe come from Alaska one was here today containing 17 people that enjoy sleeping on the bus.  With all the parks and recreation  that the province provides it is a great value for the taxes paid in the fuel consumed here. No tanks are dipped at borders and a sence of liberty is maintained for the greater good of humanity.
Thats it from Merritt this week. PP
The week that was Merritt,British Columbia Canada: August 20, 2011
The city was  very pleasant this week with warm temperatures occurring with out wind.BC hydro is reported in approving the co gen green wood waste project this week. Remaining is public advice from local interest’s effected for permits to build and use industrial land. The city redid its self of all beehive burners years ago and it sit uneasy that a co gen plant may go back to the Tolko mill site . Assurances of particulate matter aside people should think long and hard if they want such a thing in a place that is so central and beautiful as the Nicola Valley is.The local dog show is notable by its absence and we wonder where it went.
The city repaired a water leak on Nicola Avenue this week, the Safety people had to paint crossways again because of the damage. Travelers come from all points here as some swiss ones were in the A and W for a meal their camper displayed a snail logo when asked they said it meant full service restaurant dining ; the A and W was a diversion.
Thats it from MBC this week PP.
The week that was Merritt,British Columbia Canada: August 13,2011
Mike Hume and his Provincial Ambassadors Society have their competition this weekend, two locals are in the running to represent the society as it does PR work in the province for the coming year.
 Two accidents on Thursday and Friday  respectfully closed the freeway and diverted travelers through the city. One accident involved a fatality.
Power was off briefly because one of the events that involved a truck and a power pole.
Green peppers and other vegetables are progressing in the warm sunny weather of the last few weeks. Many recreational vehicles also come into town from the highway to find rest and sustenance along there way.
Thats it from Merritt this week. KDG
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia Canada: August 6, 2011
A golf tournament is being hosted by Murray GM this weekend , and weather conditions are about perfect , 30 degree highs and pleasant evenings add to a great summer and wholesome lifestyle of those who among other things enjoy the links.Hikes are talked about for Styoma Mountain as the few weeks it will be clear of snow are about upon us.Gardens are starting to produce and weeks still remain till full harvest and it is said that the local farmers market had Spence’s Bridge Tomatoes  today. They were slow to come this year.Spences Bridge is about 40 odd miles from here and a lot warmer and drier ,however they enjoy the proximity to the Thompson river.
Some men from a local contractor headed for Alberta this week for a two month road building job.
 Rob McDonald had his beard shaves for charity as he was the centennial beard contest sponsor putting up 500 dollars in prizes.
A builder is constructing a slab on grade round home with a view . the building has no footing and floats on heated cement and styrofoam slab….
A couple of brothers stopped here for lunch on their way to Newfoundland on a bike and sidecar.
A new washroom is being attached to the bandshell at rotary park this week.
Thats all from here for this week KDG
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia,Canada:July 30,2011
Centennial week with lots of activities , pioneer teas, live theater beard growing contests ,cultural day and much more.The local classic car buffs had a parts swap meet and enthusiasts like the building inspector and retired Police Corporal  Rick  Gardner were visibly impressed by the level of participation.Cultural Day saw multicultural displays of traditional clothing sported at the Baillie House public garden. Ranchers Ball tonite.
One of ours is in the beard growing contest tomorrow at he Rotary Band Shell , Rotary Park off Voght , 2 pm.  We will keep you abreast of results.
Lower Nicola Backhoe is  building a new basketball court in front of the senior high, having to remove a light pole to accommodate construction.
Thats it from Merritt this week :KDG
The week that was Merritt,British Columbia, Canada: July 23,2011
The local otters swim club has an invitational meet this weekend and the arena parking lot as well as the pool grounds are full of campers,kiosks and new this year a commercial tent selling swim gear. The Knights of Columbus are also there in the AM selling pancake breakfasts. Seven dollars for an Adult.
Last week a local man was reported committed to a mental hospital, on talking to his girl friend he said that he had been missing and ported that he had rammed police cars, another source ,said he had been at the city with some sort of beef and raised cain there. Another source said he was in jail and the 2 doctors there had only refered him to assessment. Another source said a full committal hearing was employed and the actions that were deemed dangerous were black lined in the petition. More to come we hope. The mans name is Lance Thatcher a handy man that operated Rent a Husband with his wife as a partner.
The week saw the down town tourist info center up with days of over 100 people using the facilities.
The week that was Merritt,British Columbia,Canada: July 16, 2011
Lots of motorcycles in town for the Great Canadian Bike Rally.Bands such as Chilliwack, Trooper and others are augmenting poker runs , dances and other activities. The event is a non-profit for children’s charities.
Motorcycle colors such as UN Veterans, with no sign of outlaw colors.
Rain earlier in the week brough seagulls up from the coast to a local park. A very pleasant and temperate summer is being enjoyed by all.
The week that was Merritt British Columbia,Canada:July 9.2011
The  Mountain music festival opened after a break this week, Thursday evening saw a performance of  country music  welcomed by fans and those that would escape the larger city’s to a pleasant semi rural setting. A street mall hosted by the local Chamber also ran in the downtown of Merritt. No shuttle buses were employed by the organizers to bring people to the town and back however one city bus was put on extra and another route stop provided to the easterly gate of the festival grounds.
A local contractor to sight prep for the 15 million dollar transit building in Kamloops was in dutch with the locals as dust and noise was complained about resulting in inspections , engagement of an insurance adjuster for cleaning and the Kamloops Mayor making a statement on the worth of the project.
A statement of a official synopsis the e event ” at the end of the day this is a construction site” this after work safe BC had said they had no concerns about the site.
July 2011
The week that was Merritt British Columbia, Canada: July 1,2011
A resident from Princeton said they lost one half their emergency service and need to rely on a triage of nurses to send people to Merritt or Princeton.
He was looking at homes in a window of a realtor, as hospital access was a concern. The local community college now has a classroom equipped like a hospital room and are adding lifts to train care aids for seniors homes. We have full emergency and are 46 miles by freeway from a regional hospital as well.
A confirmed source says that a Teamster vehicle museum is going to come here. There are a couple old fire trucks about here. And interest far and abroad.
Canada days was well celebrated here with fireworks park activities and music.
Merritt’s 100 years is a theme in town at this time including reading for parts in a play at the end of July.  http://wp.me/pAoul-1g6
June 2011
The week that was Merritt British Columbia,Canada: June 25,2011
The post office was locked out this week , no mail being delivered from the US to Canada, however they have promised to deliver pension cheques. ( one of the issues of the lockout is pensions for temporary workers).
The local theater society continues to practice for a play at the end of July, Happy one hundred Merritt.
 River levels have dropped and cool weather is very temperate and enjoyable with the hills remaining green ; in earlier years would be  brown by now.
The city looks good and today a new balloons business is opening up town…
The old mans store a confectionary store run by Tony Cervo long gone but  a display case has surfaced at the tourist info center down town.
When I was a kid I bought magazines there and  Tony would shuffle out from the back with a white shirt ,a cane and proprietor arm bands on, to take money off a players tobacco change rubber felt… he was in his nineties and the pendulum clock gave a quiet  and neat distraction.
The week that was Merritt British Columbia, Canada: June 18,2011
The Merritt country Run on Sunday saw 185 entrants and raised about 6 thousand dollars for children’s charities. The event had a twice around the park ,5 kilometer and 10 kilometer events.
The local pubs had  subdued and quite crowds that enjoyed the drama of the Stanley cup play offs.
No trouble to taint the hockey finals and a perceived understanding that when Vancouver wins that cup it will be a much more significant event that it would have been this week.
The Coldwater river is visibly dropped and gravel bars showing in places; there remains visible snow pack the west .
The week that was Merritt British Columbia, Canada: June 11,2011.
The Country Run for kids was set tin up in Voght park on Saturday night taking registrations for the 10 KM run on Sunday, for a (am start) 30 dollars for the full registration and it goes to kids. The brochure had numbers of  prestigious  sponsors, including Aspen Planners, The Credit Union and a used car lot were amongst numbers of others all concerned about health , fitness , Charity, and kids. The sub events  included a 5 k and a twice around the park event. The tee shirt was the most desired article at 15 dollars for a marking as a citizen that cares.
The Court house Gallery hosted the reception to High school art show to the General public. The show runs for the month at the gallery  on weekends Friday , Saturday and Sunday through June.
Four pieces that the High-school will put in there permanent collection are on display and a good range of art from photography to, graphite sketching, painting  and others are there for the public enjoyment.
The Kinsmen s Hall a small building by the  light industrial mix of Nicola Avenue was found to be open with a broken window by a source this week. of interest is the Charter still hanging on the wall along with the list of the past presidents ending in 1992. A Jerry Brocks name is on a plaque on a counter as President 1993.
The Kinsman operated successfully for a long time here , and were endorsed by a neighbour in the park; Pooley Bros Contracting a contractor that ran heavy equipment  in a  large part of the province. Mark Pooley and adopted son of the proprietor name is on the past presidents plaque as well.
The Pooleys also had a large ranch and were dominate in the valley. One of the family died in a fire involving a hula skirt in a parade, on a float, as a Kinsmen decades ago.
Lower Nicola backhoe now occupies the old Pooleys shop and office
The week that was Merritt British Columbia,Canada:June 4,2011
Grand opening of a local plumbing shop spilled into this week. Lots of propane and natural gas appliances highlighted, and wares displayed. Nicola Plumbing now located  across from City Furniture on Charters street, Merritt BC CA.
Fire crews returned through here from the slave lake disaster.Twenty of about Sixty British Colombian forest fire fighters that were involved in Alberta were form Merritt and are now back
The city poured a sand and poly 2 foot dike on the Nicola River on Voght Street, the water briefly lapped at it and today the last snow was gone from Iron mountain.
The regional district has a toxic waste pickup at the city hall parking lot at this writing, paint ,batteries etcetera.
And the weather is just beautiful today. Lots of campers and fishing rods appearing about.
May 2011
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada: May 28,2011
Maintenance of grounds and property hit the 5 month growing season this week  something usually targeted for the long weekend in May. A low of 1 degree Celsius is called for tomorrow so the late spring is a bit of a challenge however lawns are doing well in the cool with lots of dew and moisture retained.
The Walk of stars gala is tonight and a  grand opening of a plumbing shop and retail outlet is coordinated   and enhanced by on site radio coverage by Q101.
River levels are high but under control according to local authorities.
The week that was Merritt British Columbia, Canada: May 21,2011
 The city was at their continual task again this week that  the water system a leak on a line at a local motel facility necessitated a water meter being changed. some displays of racing cars on trailers were in parking lots promoting racing at Lower Nicola  a unincorporated area about 7 kilometers to the  south-west. lots of camping rigs going through town, there is a number of camping lakes close to this area and quite popular on the may long weekend.
Temperatures are pleasant this weekend with isolated spate ring of rain.
Talked to a Steve Smith a racer this weekend, he said he won to events then blew a head gasket and was out of the running for Sunday. Lots of activities here this weekend car racing for one.
That all from Merritt this week.
The week that was Merritt British Columbia, Canada: May 14,2011
Sand bags are in place at the ditching for the Nicola River on Voght Street water  high from the
snow melt and there is still snow visible on Iron Mountain a thing old timers would watch for to plant gardens by.
Some art is showing up on some dumpsters and one responsible citizen has said on of the tags is hers not knowing that it is not permissible to paint on public property without a permit. Both fish eagle and geese are not in the nests on highway 8 at the Merritt entrance. Perhaps attention has caused them both to with-draw.
The week that was Merritt British Columbia, Canada: May 7,2011
A reception was held for the valley visual artists at the Court house gallery last evening . featuring the works of  14 regular members and 5 high school members of the organization.
A broad range of art from water-color to oil and including one work of raised oil ( bee wax)enhanced on a  4 foot canvas. There are 38 members of this  group contact is by email courthouse.gallery@gmail.com
Shirley Savait the president acted as host and in attendance was Dr. Don McLeod the patron of the arts that hosts the gallery with his wife.
A set of five violins flute and other stringed instruments radiated background music from upstairs to those viewing the art during the reception. Members pf the Nicola valley arts council were also in attendance. Light refreshments were available.   Other musical interlude is available during the weekend event.
A budding social list was also reinforced with the attendance and participation of Dr. Margarete Carlson. Beverly Veale the best know local artist in the valley rounded of the occasion with her considered opinion of the activity.
News that an ex local Mountie involved   the tasering incident that cost a polish immigrant hopefuls his life sometime ago at he Vancouver airport will face the recommendation of perjury charges had a sobering effect on the local pundits at the Coldwater restaurant coffee clutches this AM.  Other people about town are seen gearing up for activities such as racing in Vernon, and animal rescue advocacy and fund raising.Loaded scrap trucks are about town one going to Richmond steel, the driver speculates there may be demand for steel in appliance manufacture.
Canucks hockey is a favored  in the local watering holes this day as it is expected to be the  last game to qualify for the Western finals in favor of Vancouver beginning at  PM PST.

Update game six in Nashville in favor of VC.

April 2011
The week that was Merritt British Columbia Canada: April 30, 2011
Merritt saw a dramatic car crash on Voght street this week. a car , a Purple SUV, driven at speed was demolished and rolled over after hitting the barrier and continuing into a church yard. The radio station is reporting that they were being pursued by police and implying they were under watch from a different province.
A couple of decades ago a high-speed police chase resulted in the death of a young couple from here, the accident was close to the community of Kamloops and  the  pursuit was not for a compelling reason . The police later came out with a policy against high-speed chases.
No fatalities being talked about out of this event, and no talk of racing pursuing police cars. Nail belts barriers have been employed  with radio communication some times here in similar incidents.
The hydro has placed a pole to accommodate Osprey dispossessed by Canada Geese on entrance to Merritt from Spence’s Bridge Highway 8.
 The government is reporting a fragile recovery to soft wood lumber industry and the Kamloops Daily News saying that 12 mills are working and shipping product mostly to China.
There was a new floor finish applyed at the Baillie house Tourist center in time for the start of the season and being open every day 10 am to 6 pm.
The week that  was Merritt, British Columbia Canada: April 23,2011
The all candidates forum was on Wednesday evening and 5 of the 6 registered candidates made statements and answered moderated questions.No open mike available it was hosted by the Chamber of Commerce and the local college.
Flowers are peaking through in sheltered places, and products see to be on the move in on the highway. Stiring juices everywhere.
Music festival vibrations ar about and the local night club is hosting a mock eastern capital of Canada music event on the 30th of April.
Happy Easter from Percy Paschal and Kevin Griffiths from the Proprietor review team( that’s the Canucks I think.
The week that was Merritt,British Columbia  Canada: April 16,2011
The race schedule for the Merritt Speedway is generating a little interest,the season opener is May 21 and 22 a day event , next is June 11,July 16 ,30th and 31  all night events.August 13 is a night event and a toy drive. September 3, 4 and 24th all night events the last including a Food Drive. October 8 and 9th is  a Day event and the Bill John invitational.
Rain-out dates  are July 17 and September 25 th being day events’
Day races time trials at 1 PM Racing at 2.Night races 6 and 7 pm respectfully. They say to come and catch the action. Lower Nicola raceway.
The line painters arte out there and as they were making a stencil in a parking lot, I quipped that I heard that they were making a squiggly line for a .05 test at the  center line . He would not confirm. At this writing they will be nearing completion of the towns streets.
The RCMP station was having an electrical upgrade upstairs above the jail cells this week  white unmarked contractors van was supplying a crew in a maintenance work.
The city crews were working on beautifying the  parks and cleaning up the tree wells of debris this week. And the Baillie house as well as the city have yard sales today and next week.
Truck loads of dimentional lumber are seen going to market from local mills no word on any job action that has been mandated by a vote.
The week that was Merritt,British  Columbia,Canada: April 9,2011
News of child killer Alan Scheonborn qualifying for suitable day passes got a negative reaction in town from the few polled it is not an issue that  has legs to carry it unless the pass come close to home and is not suitable.
The Nicola Naturalists had a conservation  presentation on Thursday evening including Dr Sue
Senger and her regard for the 25 bears that live in her interest area the Bridge River Lillooet area.Of interest to us was that they no longer have access to salmon since the damning of the river at Seton. They in her view have adapted to berries that are abundant on the slopes of  clear-cut  road deactivated areas. Her big concern bears and people. Conflicts and encounters that tame and make dangerous bears. Also that loggers leave enough of a curtain that  mother bears can send their cubs up trees or not be seen at long distance by boars that kill cubs.
The Society reported that they have gotten funding for frog counts in the order of 3000 dollars.  Not specific about its source they alluded that it was government not clear which ministry. As a non-profit they are arms length as they can reach funding from many sources. They keep the  amounts low to stay independent and credible as a responsible action group.
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia ,Canada : April 2, 2011
The local links were being well used mid-week lots of  mid aged and older people and parties playing on the  still sleeping but bare and thawed  ground. Parking lot about half full mid-week.
April 1st today marks the 100th  year of incorporation of the city and it was being marked by new banners on the Vought Street Bridge.
City council is finishing up the budget process this week.
The  federal election is on for May 2 and 4 candidates are nominated and on the hustings.
March 2011
The week that was Merritt,British Columbia.Canada: March 26,2011
John Nemeth a PHD candidate from Budapest ,Hungary ,finished up his research at the local college and returned to Hungary.John was writing a thesis on indigenous people and residential school. He returned with a hand drum and local moccasins given as departing gifts.
Barbara Andrews the new Anglican bishop  had meetings here at the local school an adherent said that the church has some difficulties getting priests to service the churches.The Anglican Church broke from the Church of England between the two world wars  but still has a relationship with the Archbishop of Canterbury.
There was an announcement about the 500KV line coming through the Nicola Substation to the coast on Tuesday.
The week that was  Merritt,British Columbia ,Canada: March 19,2011
Andy MaKay from the conservation office gave a bear aware presentation to the members of the Nicola Naturalist Society,and the  interested  from the community; Thursday night. About 60 people saw an excellent slide show with bullet points and photos. Of interest was the  fact, and documented by at least one picture,   that  bears kill with their mouths. Bears  knowing that in bear to bear fights will go after the bottom jaw of the opposing. The after math of his assertion was shown , by a starving bear with a broken jaw perhaps 3 months earlier , shown after being killed by a knife in an attack on a human.
Bear spray should be carried in a holster not a backpack. And there is little time to use them in a sudden attack.
The community Policing Office is having an annual meeting today, with 7 directors and they are calling for more.
Stockwell Day the ridings very successful, Member of Parliament  announced that he  is not going to run in the next election. This makes him a valuable asset at  this time in respect to keeping the government accountable.
People are wondering about the minimum wage going up to par with Ontario. And if it will drive the cost of living up, or cost jobs. We think it already has gone up in some tangible and intangible ways. Gratuities in some people’s views were all ready effected by the HST.For those those that serve us that is significant.
City works were busy filling pot holes on Voght Street again this week, and a ministry of environment official was doing water testing on the Garcia Street observation well.
Thats it from Merritt this week. KDG
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia Canada: March 12.2011
Career fair at the local college this week ,12 entries lots of interest from young people starting out. Royal Bank the most prominent exhibitor followed by lots of Government agencies. They are always hopeful upbeat things to attend.
The provincial youth ambassadors met at the  college lecture theater  Saturday . Bright well dressed sparkling youth candidates and current ambassadors coming together building toward their coming pageant the pageants are mostly attended by friends and family and advertising is limited however they are public events to b1c1. ( or goggle their website)
Weather is improving with quite warm afternoons. The local hiking club was seen to be meeting  anticipating weather to be in favor of that activity soon.
Petro Canada is changing the sign boards on the local outlet here. they are continually upgrading the appearance and infrastructure of the station  that hosts a 7-11 store.
A 1977 Pick up truck from the Indianapolis 500 race showed up at a local car lot.
The exchange rate is in favor of the Canadian used car dealers at this time.
Thats it from Merritt his week KDG.
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada: March 5, 2011
The home show and art show happened this weekend and numbers exhibitions from other community’s joined to fill the civic center complex with consumer products, and public awareness campaigns /licensing campaigns.
The hospital showed me an ultra sound that they are planning to use as in for emergency and say that the have posted for a technician to run it. Allen the current radiologists thinks that they may not find one. He says that the machine can be interactive with other electronics and hospitals/ doctors and has been used recently to confirm that a car accident patient need to be sent to Kamloops for surgery.
The machine that the hospital axillary  purchased, he says is staying in Kamloops as this machine is all that is necessary here. He says the machine is for soft tissues and organs , works good on kidneys and can detect aortic  trunk aneurysm. That machine he estimates cost about $60.000.00.
We are about 45 minutes from the Kamloops regional hospital person can dead from a burst aneurysm in less than 20.
I asked the Alzheimer’s support rep a three questions about the disease below are her answers to: Other medications and dementia, the difference between Alzheimer and Dementia, and experimental medications.

Good day Kevin. ” I do not have access to any information about people who are part of research studies or on any type of experimental medications.  I also do not have information on the side effects of any type of medications and how they might affect cognitive abilities. That information would have to be obtained from a doctor.  As for your last question,  Alzheimer’s disease IS dementia.  Dementia is the umbrella term (or definition) for a set of symptoms related to decline in cognitive abilities.  It is a group of signs or symptoms that show that the brain is malfunctioning.  These include difficulties with memory, concentration and judgment.  The symptoms are caused by an organic disease or a disorder of the brain and are accompanied by emotional disturbance and personality changes.  There are two types of dementias.  Acute reversible and chronic irreversible.  Alzheimer’s disease is a chronic irreversible disease.  There is no cure for this disease.  Other types of dementia include Vascular Dementia, Dementia with Lewy Bodies, Frontotemporal Dementia,  and Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease etc.  These are also chronic irreversible dementia s.  Acute reversible dementia s are treatable and sometimes curable.  These include dementia caused by drug interactions, infection/fever, depression, stress, tumors etc.”  I hope this information is helpful.  Sincerely, Tara Hildebrand

Tara Hildebrand
Support and Education Coordinator-Central Interior
Alzheimer Society of B.C.
Box 277 Station M
Kamloops, B.C. V2C 5K6
phone: 250-377-8200
fax: (250) 377-8484


On Jan. 30 you helped to raise more than $630,00

February 2011
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia,Canada: February 26,2011
its been a year since the determination that the Merritt child killer was not criminally responsible for his children’s deaths. On February 22 he would have had his first annual review on his detainment in a  mental health facility. No ones talking about it and he may be on his way to those that society forgets, leaving a legacy of strangeness to this community. Dead men don’t talk, neither do the medicated detained at least no one listens.
Nicola plumbing and heating have bought a vacant building on Coutlee avenue downtown. The building was a photography shop at one time as well as an upholstery and others over time. Its a cement block building with a good foundation and is with a block of another improvement going on a the old Chinese dry goods store.A source says they are making a 2″ thick conference table for the plumbing business to have safety meetings. good for you!
The main business is a furniture store that dominates the business community here with outlets and delivery trucks that service neighboring communities.
A source says they are making a 2″ thick conference table for the plumb business to have safety meetings.
Colder weather is abating and expected snow has not shown as yet.
That’s it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia,Canada: February 19, 2011
Dawn Brodie put on a presentation for the Naturalists society  and those interested thursday  night the theme was Burrowing owls and after the slide presentation there was a meet and greet with a live (educational purposes burrowing owl). About 50 people attended and many really nice door prizes  won at a half-dollar a ticket. Dr. Glenn Carlson was in attendance seated with Jerry Sanford a former Craigmont Mines exploration geologist.
The community art show had its artist reception last night the show has well attended also with many prizes and partly funded by a grant from a government agency. Included in the appreciation was a nice piece of ( east) Indian pottery given to the arts council treasurer. Randine Madonna. the show runs till the 26th of this month and questions can be addressed to Klassicalart7@hotmail.com. There is also a Valley visual artist steak dinner fund-raiser at he grand on the 26th; 15 dollars.
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada: February 12,2011
The RCMP reported their crime stats to the council on Tuesday and of note was an announcement to of intention to staff the downtown Community Policing office with an afternoon shift. something we believe makes a lot of sense . We are glad the local finest are willing to do that as it is a little off regular policing. Exposing regular members to a greater public profile has both advantage and risk. A friendly cop must also be a dutiful cop when called on.
The local Chamber is having its  gala this evening and it promises to be good , tickets are a hundred dollars to this fund raiser and it is the big function of the Chamber to add reputation to the success of local business through nomination and award. The peers are lining up to hear who will take the hardware home for a year.
Weather is in the -9 to plus 5 range over the day. That’s it from Merritt this week , KDG
The week that was Merritt,British Columbia, Canada: February 5, 2011
The new pellet plant is still not complete, a source says that there remains about a  months electrical work to complete. The plant when opened should use 50 people, of note is that  some older houses in near to the  plant are being renovated,  the plant is at 2190 Priest Avenue.Perhaps  the interest is by speculators or perhaps by people that hope to work there. It is a good improvement to the area and there are numbers of residences with in blocks of the light industrial area. Mostly about 60 to 70 years old and suitable for clean up paint up.
A source says that the local milling  concern Aspen Planners LTD is acquiring two more mills in small close by community’s , this after acquiring  the Kamloops operation in recent years.
The agenda for city council on Tuesday includes a fee setting for the Spirit Square, something that  a source from the Walk of Stars Society says should not be as it was built in good faith as a public free access community resource.
Happy trails from Merritt KDG
January 2011
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada: January 29, 2011
A warm spell made most of the week enjoyable here, it ended today and in my memory is consistent with the weather patterns we experience in my youth. About the middle of January a warm wind went through Calgary and it would also warm up here, they say that the planets are immutable in their orbits and the pattern persists except for the range of temperature is much less extreme as it was in the last century.
CBC is upgrading their FM receiver here, the work is going on in Voght Park .
A take down of a local drunk resulted in an injury, a damaged nose caused  by hitting the carpet. The man had also been in  in the local paper as Merritt’s most wanted for resisting a police officer. Pot holes are being repaired on the Voght  and we think that they will be curtailed as snow and cold returned last night. there was an ad for CUPE workers to do that wages are said to be about 27 dollars per hour and benefits.
That”s it from Merritt this week KDG.
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada: January 22,2011
The city Warmed up this week with sunshine melting snow in the afternoons.
I saw an arrest of a person for drunk in a public place on friday. The police responding to a compliant took a harmless drunk away for being drunk in a public place, “without discussion” the police officer said to him but discussion continued after he agreed to go along , including talk about it was better that he was a lover and not a fighter. The thing seemed complete and it was stated that it would be 8 hours in the cell to sober up , so it seemed to be a done deal and not suspicion of public drunkenness to be confirmed in court with a fine. All in a day’s work for the public peace I guess.
Harry Lali NDP leadership hopeful is seen about his constituency office working with staff.No hype or hoopla about town in regards to his attempt to be the small town boy come premier of the province.
A truck logger I talked to says he is hauling from Hedley B.C. One trip a day 9 hours. He also said that next year all logs for one local mill will come from that area .
That’s it from Merritt this week. KDG
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia ,Canada: January 15,2011
The Nicola Naturalist Society  incorporated recently had a meeting last night, Doctor Alan Burger, as interim president, gave a great slide presentation of his work in the Arctic reaffirming the concerns people have about Polar bears and other fauna coping with climate change. No starving animals, all doing well in my estimation  as they adapt and cope with the dynamic . One concern Alan documented in photos that of the hybrid Grissly and Polar Bear sub species, It documented that the offspring is not sterile and can mate again with other hybrids, Thus making the possibility of losing the polar bear to a  hybrid if ice retreat makes for more mating opportunities.
Dr. Burger is a ornithologist and also lectures on cruises to the arctic. He got his education in his native South Africa, Capetown University.
The Society ‘s secretary gave the introduction to the speech ,and Burger confirmed the introductions of the five  constituting  directors , himself, Dr Glen Carlson, Jack Mydrigas, Chris Lepsol. Carol Mydrigas was announced as treasurer. Al though not said the offices of the society are interim till the first election and are usually served by the original directors in some fashion.
The society has received some research money after demonstrating they were community driven.And a successful Christmas bird count.
In the audience were two Medical Doctors, Don McLeod a published author, and Dr U. Bester also a South African native.
Alan Burger has been a resident of Merritt for four years. Next meeting February 18, Location TBA
January 2011
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada: January 8, 2011
Merritt’s week was significant  as Harry Lali long time local and former NDP Cabinet Minister announced he would contend for the party leadership. That’s good in our view,as the more  different people who attempt  that the better democratic juices flow.
A person   from that community was convicted of perjury this week in Vancouver getting 9  years for it  in connection to the air India trial that cost us hundreds of millions of dollars and lasted forever.
Singh Reyat received his third conviction out of the event, 10 years already served for manslaughter , 5 for his part in the bomb making,and  now 9 for lying as a crown witness. That is one year short of the 25 years a murder conviction brings. Murder by installment is a valid comment.
We hope that the deterrent and experience that comes out of it has a good effect on future tensions in that order.
A pipe bomb was found in a gate at the perimeters of Merritt this week pictures make it show that it was a crude standard device with pipe caps and fuses sticking out of it the kind of device that would be for theater more than for actual malice, perhaps an adolescence prank .No word on if it was powerful we suspect not as there was no sign of it being detonated by placing charges close to it so we presume it was not.
However there is a historical connection to a Surrey  kettle bombing by a person from this area, so we take nothing for granted.
That’s it from Merritt this week KDG
December 2010
The week that was Merritt, British, Columbia,Canada: December 18,2010
The old dry goods store and laundry once  operated by the Toy and Chin families  is being renovated by the people that recently purchased it.  No permit is noticeable so we must assume that the work is cosmetic and maintenance the fence in the rear that was in poor shape has been replaced with an 8 foot high board fence  two feet over code for residential dwellings, although work is in progress and we believe in is on an ad hoc basis so it may be  awhile before results are complete.
It’s now easy sliding to Christmas as most parties and events have been accomplished by  the major players here. There was a perceived increase in bookings for such things over last year, at least in attitude.
The week that was Merritt British Columbia,Canada: December 11, 2010
The proprietor of the Powder Keg, outdoors store reported that lakes are open for ice fishing. He names Cain and Mamette  lakes as in use for that activity , and catches did not come up in conversation. My remembrance of those lakes is one of productivity , and enjoyment on opposite ends of the valley they make a good destination with near highway access.
The Naturalists are meeting this am starting at 10 AM and doing a presentation on bird identification. The pictures that:Alan Burger sent as a test to see if you could find the type of  birds, is that of two ravens, and the question is are they,  or are they crows, something that may interest  the host of the workshop NVIT the Native orientated Community College. I took some Indian Art History courses there and they are centered on fauna of the forest…..
The Constable involved in the downtown CPO was on the radio saying that the 05 ,24 hour suspension is still administrative and that the 08 criminal sanction is  the same however  the new breath machine, 2200of them  another source says, are now fixed at .06  to accommodate  a better citation (my words). A check of the ICBC, the state run mandatory insurance  company’s website shows numbers of fees for service to accommodate reviews of roadside suspensions.
If not for the restrictions a criminal record may put on a traveler it would seem that you have more rights as a criminal then an administrative subject . They are calling it 24 hour again the regulation was 3 days when first announced that would accommodate large vehicle impound fees. With fines and administrate costs it is a deterrent however the challenge to the reasonable ordinary prudent person and his ability to make decisions is  apparent and if he gets on the wrong side of that administrative jungle more of him may become outlawed and then desperate then dangerous then before.
The difference in my understanding now is that the police will have a breathalyzer to administer ,collecting proof more in line with criminal prosecution then the earlier method  of an overnight preemptive sanction on driving.The criminal charge of .08 needed to be documented with a blow at the local cop shop within 3 hours of being detained. It seems this new test can be administered at the detention as it ranges from .06-.09 and is not proof of criminal driving.
That’s it from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada: December 4,2010
One of the sport shops down town is under new management, and has placed a new name on the front of the building. The business known as the Powder Keg ,no sporting the handle, Nicola Valley  Outdoor. The proprietor has taken the colors of the local rod and Gun Club and reversed them. No application for trademark comes up with the intellectual property website. Meaning he may have protected a domain name. There is a real challenge  to draw attention to your business these days. The proprietor was in good humor at the store as the signs were going up. the Powder Keg  is a trademark protected in Canada and belongs to and American Company.Some one up to something will watch.
The diversion program known as the Youth Mural Project were seen around the computer lab  at the local college during the week .Since the government announced an extension to the stimulus program by 7 months posturing is apparent.
That’s it from Merritt, BC this week PP.
November 2010
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada: November 27, 2010
Colder weather and  shorter days contributed to a mood of winter mellow hominess. A parade on Friday mirroring the start of the Christmas shopping season in the United States was evidenced by the odd small candy cane along the parade route this AM. Very few dropped or overlooked  CC’s may show a mood of tightness, some thing we think  the parade helps to address. After all somewhere back there the season is remembered as the season of giving. Once receiving is a little more relaxed we’re sure more giving attitudes will prevail.
English as a second language classes are being conducted in the library MPR, for the uninformed:
the only excuse to get off jury duty that is not arguable is the one that is said in perfect English ” your Honor English is not my mother language I don”t completely comprehend the all the nuances of it. ” I wonder why the government is promoting it.
May you all have a relaxed and enjoyable start of the holiday season and give someone some peace this year.
The week that was Merritt, British Columbia. Canada: November 20, 2010
There was a  survey contractor locating boundary pins on the site of the Days Inn that burned down some three years ago.The hotel was once the grasslands said to be built by the operating company developing the mining property at Merritt. The mine opened in about 1959, the hotel went through numbers of ownership changes. The last owners were  First Nations Bands incorporated to pursue economic opportunities.the leased a part to a Ron and Marlene proprietors of a very successful ABC Franchise restaurant.No word on who ordered or paid for the survey location, in theory it could be the highways, city or another that may have an interest in setbacks or property values.
Large Moose  carcass( one  without looking hard) have been seen coming into Merritt on the back of pickups something typical of the first snow fall that sticks. The weather is cold here and
 snow falling  the large 3 days , more typical of years in my youth.
That’s all from Merritt this week KDG
The week that was Merritt British Columbia, Canada: November 13, 2010
The defining event was the remembrance day  observance this week. Legion members and army cadets were out reminding us of the observance and offering poppies for sale to show your support. Snow the day before was typical of my memory of the time tenure of the observance, it is also poetic as the order of Canada Medal that the Governor General awards for service is backed by a snow flake and numbers of former prime ministers have gone for a “walk in the snow” when contemplating an election call.This makes for a mood and tone of clean coverings of events that are not pleasant and if you think of your observance in that way it is beneficial to those that paid the big price for freedom.
Greek Lectures are resuming this Thursday evening 6-8 at the public library on Garcia Street.


The week that was Merritt, British Columbia,Canada November 5, 2010
The  local community policing office ran a big ad on their service in the local paper along with it was an ad for the public to drop in and see the Mayor. Her worship has many times posted for her availability. No comment on the worth  of the ad . Council meets for times a month and the agenda is available at the city before hand and is a public document. Greek lectures are on at the library. Presented by a retired high school teacher and amateur musician Al Horne. They are well done and are a public service .
There were incidents of home invasions reported, last week something that is always a concern when local police try to move on their undesirables if t that happens here is not known at this time but it is relevant to tough economic times every where.The tension seems to go with authority and the argument that it just moves it somewhere else never lasts long.
That’s all from Merritt for this week. KDG

 October 2010

The week that was Merritt British Columbia, Canada October 30,2010

Merritt had a ceremonial last spike to recall the history of the railroad about here.Lord Strathcona drove the last spike in the rail line at Revel stoke to bring British Columbia into the Canadian Confederation  in 1871 , since the city is having a 100th year anniversary this year  I guess they thought that it would be good to remember the train heritage about here. That’s getting harder as they took the rails out when they brought  the new road system in, circa  30 years ago. One of the local hotels also had a theme night for railroaders with slides presented by the local college librarian Jim Bruce.

The Old Chinese dry goods store has been bought up by a local, a man who works for Sanders and Company Contacting as a head mechanic and work is under way to fence restore and turn the store into an antiques enterprise. He is also restoring the 1944 house next door for his living in.Weather is holding and pleasant sunny afternoons are being enjoyed by all.

The week that was Merritt, British Columbia Canada , October 23 2010

Colds and flu are about and the flu shot is available for those that pay for it and care givers that do not, in the doctor’s office , there was a fee of about 20 dollars in past years.The public health administered shot will be coming, H1N1 is in it again, 30 percent of people got that last year with no effects of note. The shot is open to the last 70 percent  in the package according to a source; with other strains addressed.

Leaves are falling fast and heavy ducks are in big groups , that  may mean a tough winter coming.

That’s it from Merritt, KDG

The week that was Merritt , British Columbia Canada October,16 2010

The Chamber is having its annual gala tonight at the Civic Center and the business community will know where they stand in esteem, with awards being given out according to different criteria. The dominating businesses  do well and a positioning by maintaining good business practices through the year is re-enforced among their peers tonight.

The Merritt Mountain Music Festival, has been noted as starting to sell tickets again for next summer .The festival will begin July 21 2011 and we hope that the economy supports their efforts.  Joe  the proprietor of the local laundry mat has hundreds of county stars   8×10 images up on his business walls, fully one hundred and forty-eight of them have a small gold star on them to show an artist  that has been here and performed. The collage includes a cousin that billed herself as the Queen of Canadian Country Music for years  although she never performed here she did have a time in Nashville for 14 years before returning to Canada for the more mundane. We hope Joe continues to enjoy that distraction next summer.

Fans take it in for a week but remember its all work to those that entertain.

Thats all from Merritt this week KDG.

The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada October 9, 2010

This week ended on a high  note for us believers as the celebration of grace by the thanksgiving holiday started with  onset of holiday traffic.Going by this central link in the divided highway system that opens up the interior of British Columbia to family members about the province, and places beyond.  Quiet enjoyment and lack of strife seems to have settled the mood about town.  . That’s it from Merritt for this week, KDG

The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada October 2 2010

Bears have been destroyed this week in Merritt and a call to people to be responsible with food sources that may attract them, in particular fruit trees and especially fallen fruit that begins to have an inviting smell. The bears destroyed are believed that they would have accorded to government policy returning from a relocation. Although this is presumption based on the good reputation of the Conservation Authorities.

Four new hand print sets were place in the new Legacy Square, They are on the light standard bases. Up-rite marble with gold paint on the concrete hand impressions. An image of the personalities is inset in the marble .On the Voght Street side is Emerson Drive, three more on Granite Avenue are going north from Voght, Crystal Gayle,Clint Black,and Carlene Carter. The stars are visible from the inside of the square.

Baillie House or the Nicola Valley heritage Society is having their annual fall yard sale today and next Saturday on the grounds. The society is a registered Charity no Tax receipts issued under twenty dollars net  donation value.

Fall is well under way with the leaves in bright colors and falling in a warm and pleasant( without wind) Indian summer. Temperatures are in mid 20’s Celsius.








September 2010

The week that was, Merritt ,British Columbia , Canada; September 25 2010

A 1950s theme party for the downtown shopping corp is on starting today. Servers in restaurants are dressed in 50s garb and numbers of old cars  parked downtown; with mall type booths and farmers market. Great looking posters , and newspapers adds demonstrate merchants resolve to promote downtown. A group is playing at a local downtown nite club; The Capital Sound Stage, Iron Mountain Music hosts a 50s style singing group.

Legacy square is also inviting for walking about and viewing from concrete benches.we are sure there will be something of interest at its raised stage.

That’s it from Merritt this week PP .








The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, September 18th 2010

Merritt had a missing persons complaint front page and national media this week the Daughter of local resident Rick Thompson was overdue on September 6th to put her child in school. Was discovered to have an association with a new boyfriend of questionable character  having petty criminal convictions and an unresolved assault matter.The missing person tone was similar to another some years ago that ended up bad the authorities were quite demonstrative in there appeal for public help,resulting in sightings and an eventual arrest on the unresolved assault.No word on culpability of either and whether or not any one was detained against there will a report that they were seen at a church asking for food assistance seems to exclude that.

The local native run college had an opening of their new lecture  theater this week . I was there the week earlier and the day after they got their occupation permit  a source told me that the building was a green environmentally friendly one built to a lead gold standard.

Band elections heated up with advertising in store fronts and radio newspapers

September 11 2010

The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada September 11 2010

The relaxed atmosphere of post labour day holiday weekend ,gave a good sence of place as people returned to school, couples with out children visited the downtown tourist information booth, and routine being enhanced throughout the city.

Indian band elections are coming up in October and generational issues are beginning to be front and center in the process . Young lawyer Aron Sam is asserting his place at the polls in one contest, against a well established Victor York . The band elections are governed by federal regulations and the federal government pays the salaries of the elected band councils.

An advertised open house of a condo project behind Extra Foods on the heights of the City is interesting as the project had been abandoned a couple of years ago and now stands with completed homes to show .

Have a great week from Merritt KDG

The week that was Merritt British Columbia, Canada September 4 2010

Long week-end saw a lot of vehicle traffic come through Merritt. The Merritt Centennials had a Pancake Breakfast this Morning at the Quilchena Square parking lot  Joe Geil was flipping pancakes  to the hockey team and fans. Numbers of Nicola Valley Cruisers had their vintage cars parked there as well. the Merritt Centennials are the oldest surviving franchise in the BCHL. They have been having camp and cutting interested tryouts regularly the last couple of weeks.

Across the street in the Royal Bank parking lot was the farmers market that displays Saturday mornings during  the good weather part of the year , a person selling Bison meat raised locally was busy and a new vendor Victor York was selling his brand of fair trade coffee Coquihalla Coffee. The coffee goes for 10 dollars for a one pound bag roasted and ground by him this am.

That’s it from Merritt this AM.

August 2010

The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, August 28th 2010

Fire was an issue at the Historic Coldwater Hotel, a room fire allegedly caused by a dropped cigarette attested to by a burnt mattress in the parking lot . Was attended to by the Merritt Volunteer Fire Department. The official credited the sprinkler system for saving the hotel from destruction or greater damage however the popular pub remains closed due to water damage at this writing.

A  couple from Oregon stopped at the info center to say that they had been to the Highland Valley Mine and have been disappointed by cutting it to close to the last scheduled start time of the popular guided tours of the mine you can see from space. The tours are now ended for this season. The start-up again in conjunction to the summer student employment season next in May 2011.

A good strong rain fall twice in the last week signals the end of fire season here. Good timing too, as the government used some convict labour on a fire way  south of here. Thats a long way from Brownsville Texas.

Thats all from Merritt this week PP.

The week that was Merritt , British Columbia,Canada, August,21 2010

Traffic volumes are perceived to be remaining high as the four lane divided highway continues to make this city a permanent economically viable center of a road system that has 7 different access way out of this south central interior community. I have quipped that I may take a couple of infants and toss them together with a wolf cub litter and see what happens. The province highway system includes tremendous provincial park system that is reasonable near beyond belief to people coming from other countries off the contentment. Almost a give a way, accommodations in breath-taking  splendor that is British Columbia. Our contribution to wold peace is the relaxation and rest that those weary of people and urban stress can come here and recharge over a great system of parks at a cost that is not the barrier it would be for simpler attractions in Europe and beyond. No dispute BC is the best place on earth in that context.

Thats all from Merritt this week, a lore KDG

The week that was , Merritt British Columbia Canada ,August 14 2010

Music in the city was better attended than previous weeks as the location of the legacy square got the endorsement of the local town council by the passing of a 15 thousand dollar grant to the walk of stars society to attend the country music awards coming up in Calgary. The walk of stars have little to do with the music in the city however the endorsement of the local council for the pursuing of tourism  work , falls close to all the principles in Merritt.

At one time in the not to distant past the policy about grants in aid was one of complete refusal .

The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada Aug 7 2010

The haze from fires  was about all week , and concern over a water bomber and helicopter crash in a neighbouring community took up some conversation . We like to see the forest fire smoke as we understand that it makes the best particulate for producing rain from water vapour. There was refrain this morning and a great comfort level with it as the water in the underground aquifers is very much appreciated as it’s the best water we have ever enjoyed clean and clear naturally earth filtered water great to drink. Some places there is so much chlorine in the tap water it is unpleasant to drink , not here.

Ceaser Augustus and his 31 day month have started with a peaceful soft presence here , even though a couple of long time contributors have passed on with fully attended funeral at the legion and an other pending on the 14 th at the United Church. We are pleased they are natural passing the culmination of long productive lives.

Thats it from Merritt this week KDG

July 2010

The week that was July 31 2010,Merritt , British Columbia, Canada

Some forest fire smoke-filled the horizon today a fire said to be in the  Lytton area and is said to be the cause , the local fire station slide rating board for fire hazard sits at extreme at this writing. However there is no sence of alarm as  the crewing and equipment is proven over many years.  (our view)There is no conscripted fire fighters here all pre-hired and trained ahead of time giving a confidence to the service.

Walking trails seem to have interest by visiting tourists, on a long weekend there are thousands of vehicles going by on the four lane highway. Big stuff for those of us that are used to a small community. The rec value of this area remains good as it’s a huge province with many people going on to many other destinations.

There was an announcement for hearings by the civil liberties bunch at the local college as a sort of commission for the renewal of the policing contract with the Federal Government,It is starting here because of some incidents involving those concerns in the past . We do not have confidence in it because of the dependency of the hosting facility on the Federal Government . It’s a First Nations School , and there is lots of government money involved.

Thats it from Merritt for this week.PP

The week that was, Merritt British Columbia July 24 2010














An improvisational show in the park performed on by the live theater group on Wednesday, featuring Sara Hyde , Mil Jurusic, Jim Bruce, and others. The show moves to a picnic style outing at noon today at Monck Provincial Park. The live theater group has a run of a broadway play in its repertoire that finished its run a few months ago leaving a stable experienced membership intact. The music in the city continues on thursday evenings at Spirit Square. Management terminations happened at city hall last week with some contract positions being consolidated.

Merritt had a British, soccer camp last week , British in the coaches were visiting from that country.The teenaged participates were viewed at Voght park fully engaged in that discipline. Tomorrow sees the classic cars hosting a show in the central part of town.

That is all from the City of Merritt for this week. PP

The week that was Merritt, British Columbia ,July 17 2010

The music in the park started this week with a group from Gibsons,named Colours, they are alternating from the Rotary Band Shell built with proceeds dedicated from the provincial sales tax on Princess Diana memorabilia. To the Legacy or Spirit Square, built with moneys from in part ,Olympic Legacy, and other sources.

Weather changed mid-week from wet and cool to hot. we expect continuing to Sept with breaks for summer showers. The local fire dept. displays the forestry warning for fire hazard it went from moderate to high this week. This in part in expectation of the long-term weather forecast, a source says. the source says (subjectively) it can go to extreme here with 10 days of hot dry weather.

The week that was July 10 , 2010, Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

The computer guy has operated as mobile tech computer services out of a panel truck for numbers of years and the opening  is on the heels of another consolidation that brought Eds Mobile Specs (eyeglasses) into a downtown scene; with others. We know that the downtown office of the community policing station is a commitment to this sort of thing  and suspect that they are driving some of this.

We hope that they do not target free-lance journalists as it would be a regressive move for  the free world.

They say you can’t fight city hall they could  be right in this instance however, the consumer still has the power in most instances ,and the basement startup never seems to completely die out.

Yours  for protectionists and others in Merritt for this week ,  PP

the reason is a person that can with stand the pressure as he has operated various business in various places with in the city for years.was declined advertising with side-walk chalk on the city sidewalks for an event today. The person was seen in a  community 5 miles south of here is suspect. A nonprofit group that operates a stock car raceway in that community unincorporated the consumer protection act. The timing of the Regional district declined a rezoning application to commercial for a currently operating grey business in Lower Nicola a in compliance with people had direct sellers going door to door with special offers and picture. ID Shaw City furniture. The activities were heavily advertised with the local Radio station and interestingly the Shaw Cable people have no office in the city limits only a yard in outside city limits. A month ago the with a Computer store and service  in a mall and Shaw cable having a great advertised special of  business activities picked up in Merritt this week with the formal opening.

The week that was Merritt, British Columbia,Canada; July 3 2010

The week was full in Merritt , dog shows art shows, Canada Day and of course the dreaded HST value added tax came into effect on the First of July. The powerlessness of people was clear as a new collection system juger-naughted its way to the coffee shop table. Death and taxes the two things that this world holds as champions trumped the Bethlehem census experience once again. leaving only the hope of the cross for eventual redemption from its indignity a distant visage. Washington state had a judge stop the tax exemption for traveling Canucks just in time to say they were not in cahoots. Giving only partial restraint for those cross border shoppers that like the near 1/2 price advantage with a stong Canadian Dollar for the basic staple milk. At least one person here,and miles from the border, spoke to me in glowing terms of Bellingham.

Fire works lit the air on the first, as if practicing to get it right for the 4 rth; and more cross border deals. We can expect that the tension for sales tax relief and border tax collection on goods brought into the country for consumption in the country, will continue.

Look for a move by the government to also increase minimum wage here to claw back the small transfers that they gave low wage earners to adjust to sales tax on more items. And increase in the general sence that we are powerless even at lobby to discuss rates as government says are options are once again limited by deficit maintenance.

For upbeat news visit my main page during the week, and don’t sweat the small stuff. PP

June 2010

The week that was Merritt, British Columbia , Canada, June 26th 2010:

The high school had its grad ceremony, the march to the arena was with the local principle (that keeps retiring) in front of an estimated 140 grads. The RCMP escort in red serge and those viewing and taking pictures adds to a memorable hoopla, something the grads will appreciate.

An artist in the garden tour  organized by the Baillie House is happening at this writing, the tour is featuring  9 local artists and 9 local gardens. It is 10 dollars for a tour and a five dollar light lunch provided by the volunteers of the historical society that runs the property owned by the City.

The  annual dog show is running in Voght Park, A national credited showing a confirmed source says that it is under the livestock act a federal statute that deals with Cattle and others including purebred dogs. It’s big stuff as it is the registry that matters to the breeders two limited entry showings of 175 dogs each. about 120 people attending . Some participant’s camp out in RVs in the park others in Motels. A significant merchandising tent is in the park just past the two tents used to do the competitive walks.

That enough from Merritt this week. PP

The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada June 19, 2010

The city was taken up with a contention over having the Quilchena Avenue 2000 block become one way with angle parking. The council met with business owners and others and the tought is that it will be done regardless. This without a possible bike path on the side of the street where parking is curtailed.

The model railway club is meeting at members homes today. Contingents attending from Kelowna, Summerland , Peachland and Kamloops in all about 35 people according to Hank Lapointe a club principle. The group has independent modules by members that they combine in shows.The mebership includes Mike Goetz a local councilor

The Nicola tribal association had their AGM in the Civic center this weekend , and were visible about town . Aboriginal day is Monday with free rides on the hour out to Monck Provincial Park to see among others, jingle dancers.

that’s it from Merritt for this week.PP

The week that was Merritt British Columbia ,Canada June 12 2010

The town had some conventions here this week including bylaw officers from around the province.First Nations fire fighters as well. The paper reports that the Ministry of Forests is also adding 25 investigators to their roles; it is unclear what that had to do with the convention.

A car rally is in town at this writing an unconfirmed source says that there are 18 entries. That on first look seems right.They are also in the Coopers paved parking lot and are not doing the exaggerated dusty spin to a stop entries that he unpaved lots next door afforded them last year.

One of the participants says they are coming back in October. That fellow has a temporary operating permit and an expired licence plate both on his car , something about air care in Vancouver.

Provincial High School Rodeo finals are here this weekend.

Signing off from Merritt BC. the center of the world.

The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada ,June 5 2010

Walk of Stars Gala was successful this week. the numbers and interest down a little, however the structure remains. A group of ten tour guide operators spent the morning as guests of the historical society, at the Baillie House. The group was from Switzerland and said by the manager to be interested in what Merritt had to offer for tourists. The Coldwater Hotel has plans for a history night including slides and talks in their pub. The hotel has a legacy via a person known as the gentleman bandit, Bill Minor an early 20th century train robber who once hid out there. Merritt has the support of a librarian Jim Bruce , as a researcher for the Coldwater event. The school he works at is a First Nations school and will add that perspective to the Coldwater experience. Jim you can reached at the school library or the web site WWW.NVIT.BC.CA.

Annual dog show scheduled for the weekend of the 26th, along with art in the garden heritage society function.

May 2010

The week that was Merritt , British Columbia, Canada May 29th 2010

“North Americas Richest Indian Wild Card Rodeo” happened and concluded Sunday.The advertised cash prizes attained by volume by the 3rd day of the rodeo. However events cancelled on the fourth day could have drawn more . An operating loss of around 20 thousand dollars will be addressed by the organizers: the local tribal association.

A murder as a result of a domestic dispute is in the courts system. A 50 odd year old man stabbed to death by a 30 odd year old wife. They had a history of that sort of thing but he characterized as easy-going and liked.

The Walk of Stars Annual Gala is under way and at this writing is has moved its street concert indoors for weather. Beverly Mahood of CMT fame is the headliner,and Joe Major a Canadian award-winning 50 ish artist a second draw, the Higgins a group are also here. The event is a fundraiser for the “Country Music Hall of honor” endeavour downtown Merritt.

Rain has swelled the two rivers we have here something pleasing to many, to see. Gas prices dropped about two cents a liter here for the long week-end and stayed.

The week that was Merritt, British Columbia ,Canada May 22nd 2010


Numbers of First Nations people arrived here for what is now billed as A Wild Card Indian Rodeo. Competitors that are not qualified can upset, any entry however the rodeo will qualify competitors to the world international rodeo later in New Mexico.A source has published. Next weekend the Walk of Stars Gala, will headline Beverly Mahood , and Joe Major, Major a Canadian has done spoofs and serious songs with another Canadian Icon Holmes on Homes the contractor who makes things right. It will be a good May here for interest sake and serious fans.

Montreal Canadian Fans , were encouraged by the win necessary at the right time to give the semifinal cup playoffs a lift, then today smashed again by a dominating 3-0 loss, to torture the fans. Good thing the rodeo is here because there is a gap in belief for that icon.

The week that was Merritt,BC,Ca to May 15th 2010

The farmers market opened today with the Baillie House plant exchange. Good weather seemed to make for happy people. The Indian rodeo cancelled their plans for having a street mall downtown and in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce, moving the vendors to the rodeo grounds .

Ian Tyson cancelled his appearance in the Walk of Stars Gala for personal reasons a source says.

Pruning of trees and backyard gardening take a lot of people’s time ,we are all hoping for a summer that is free from extreme fire danger and some say that the Volcano in Iceland may lend its self to cooler weather, because of sun block.

The snow is not yet gone from Iron Mountain something that occurs usually around the long weekend in May.Old timers say its safe to plant at both events.



The week that was: to May 8th 2010, Merritt, BC, Canada.











The Cat and the Hat showed up at Spirit Square on Friday with an RCMP constable as a guide. The Dr Seuss character was available to reinforce literacy values. The event was sponsored by a literacy group. The day, part of a week of events for youth including job shadowing, seemed to suffer for attendance.

Valley Visual Artists opened their month-long show and sale at the town Civic Center, the group has some established artists and enthusiasts the group puts on art classes under with the direction of a retired high school art teacher named Jean Kiegerl.

Bev Veale, a long time valley artist is a principle, architect of the group’s success. Ann Roberts, another significant person in the group has numbers of works on display.

There was a full-page ad in a local paper advertising for the Walk of Stars Gala, tickets one hundred dollars. The front desk of the youth mural project associated with it says four performing entities will be here and featuring Ian Tyson. The group, The Higgins will do as well, on the 29th of May, a full week after Canada’s largest First Nation’s Rodeo is to take place here. The rodeo a first for this town newspaper reports say to have up to seven thousand people involved, that’s near the amount of people we have Merritt.

Baillie House, the Nicola Valley Heritage Society, had its mother’s day tea attended by many members of local ranching families and others. Tim Kroeker former Olympic competitor was in attendance.The participants’ were greeted by violin music on the front yard including an Ashokan Farewell, Black Velvet Waltz and Klezmer Music. There was a cozy atmosphere in the 100-year-old former ranch house people enjoyed tea and sandwiches from the hands of Hiro-Yasuda, and other volunteers. The fund-raiser social occasion raised a small amount of money at twelve dollars and fifty cents a ticket.

The week that was Merritt,British Columbia, Canada to May 1st 2010:

Merritt BC, saw four people arrested in an alleged stolen property bust on a divided highway, outside town. Sources say a foot chase away from a vehicle containing  stolen property was legitimized by a Constable Tracy Dunsmore by an arrest. We wonder sometimes where these things go from here as the local papers do not have a court presence and rely on press releases from the police in most incidences. If not for gossip and unsubstantiated information we may never hear of the outcome of these events.

Harmonized sales tax collection began today after a controversal closure of debate in the provincial cabinet. The tax apply’s to future service contracts and delivery after July 1 2010.

April 2010

The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada to April 24th 2010.

Volunteers recognized by the RCMP ;City this week including a 20 year auxiliary officer, a breach in protocol went unnoticed by the assembly sponsored by the city . The staff Sargent presented a commendation signed by the commissioner of the RCMP. The elected people and volunteers present were more rightly constituted to the elected Mayor in attendance then the staff.  however no one noticed and they all enjoyed coffee and conversation. Police who are not elected come under scrutiny when they start to become political figures with out the benefit of election.

Visitors from Australia, and Russia added flavor to coffee conversations at the tourist info center as well as a reminder that the tourist season starts in earnest here May 1st with enhanced by the employment of summer students.


The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada to April 17th 2010

Graphitte vandalism with paint started showing up in town again but not in the downtown core where walk of stars murals are in the flats area at the east end. The perpetrators may have an affinity for the Mural Project downtown or may like all the country stars depicted on business’s that are in the core of Merritt .At any rate it doesn’t hurt the Walk of Stars people who are putting on a Gala featuring country star Ian Tyson on May 29th  this spring. They are also still saying that they will open a Country Music Hall of Honour with a joint board of adjudicators for  inductees.

Stay tuned Country Fans as nothing is over completely as long as they keep saying that they are looking for Government money to do that.

Merritt Council is feeling a backlash to their attempt to ban rec vehicles to outside city limits, Photo’s of enthusiasts with editorial “we have a right” appeared in the local paper. In my view the normal nuisance civil remedy are the thing to do, if the time and noise cause lack of enjoyment to your private property ,then small claims court should give a remedy for those bothered by excessive noise.

There is an unconfirmed story going around that the upgrade to the funeral home included a cremation furnace and that they were denied a licence making those that need that service to have to go to Kamloops , this from an 87-year-old woman planning and prepaying her funeral. Thats a cheery subject to end on. Thats a pun by the way!

The week that was Merritt, British Columbia, Canada to April 10th 2010

Questions about town were of the 100 year anniversary of Merritt. Incorporated in 1911 ( April 1st ) if you can believe that, hope it was afternoon. Merritt will be 100 next year I have received an email from Susan Roline to attend the MSS School reunion supposed to be part in parcel. The list of invitees go back to 1945 that would make a grad in grade 12 then now 83 .None older surviving? Susan is now the Mayor and a grad of the local high school.

The Chamber President was about looking for 2  seniors to apply for a 25 thousand dollar grant for a seniors project she has an interest in reviving the Communities in Bloom Program and says that 12 thousand of the funding is for a staff person. Merritt has so many volunteer programs and is small so its difficult to interest things as they are people; wish them well.

The Schoenborn review panel says he is still a risk to the public so will stay in the care of the mental health bunch for at least another year till the next review. He appeared in his own representation for the april 6th review, something common among untrusting killers.

The week that was Merritt, British Columbia,Canada to April 3rd 2010

Easter flowers where up here and there were heat conducted into the ground , some Crocus and Tulips in front lawns observed. However the ambient temperature was low, with snow at higher levels. Post office and banks all closed for Good Friday most major stores open for some time.

Order and good government was at work with an invitation for the public to view a 3 year financial plan at the City.  A few housing starts gave at least the permitting staff something to do. the small works staff  continued to do their exemplary jobs of maintaining the city and advertisements went in the local papers foe summer staff to keep up the planting and flower beds that show the signage in Merritt.

The Local toastmaster club, winner of the spring speech contest was Marcel Shackelly, Second Phil Lucchi, qualifying for the area contest on April 10th in Kamloops.

Quiet spring being enjoyed with good service to the many stopping by from the major highway that goes by here.

March 2010

The week that was Merritt, British Columbia Canada to March 27th 2010

The paralympic games concluded in Vancouver this week with a very good finish. The medal counts went to Russia, Germany, and Canada giving the disabled a comfort that serious jurisdictions recognize the value of the disabled. Many seniors enjoyed and followed completely the games and some have expressed regret for their ending and leaving a vacuüm in their life.

A construction project a house was started on Garcia Street and a large crew laid the footings placed a sign and went somewhere for the curing. The sign said Trades and Transitions Merritt Secondary School, the facing of the sign mimicked the signs that he Walk of Stars use to show case concrete hand prints was Glen Campbell , Johnny Cash and more recent visitors to the Mountain fest here. A poetic way to say that labor has as much value as the music idols.

The program may be one of the initiatives that could have employed the 6 dollar an hour minimum wage that was for the first 500 hours of work in an entry job. Thats not far from corrections or Brownsville Texas in WW II. However these are students at the highschool and to be fair probably is similar to some trades training in schools in Europe.

The RCMP this week are courting the hang about people in the downtown core in the local paper ,saying they may be misunderstood and saying that in general hanging out together is not wrong. They will surely work it out as they always get their man or goal.

The week that was Merritt, British Columbia Canada to March 20th, 2010

Update March 23 2010: The province paper is now reporting that the crown will not be appealing the Schoenborn verdict as no error was found to cause the appeal.

The local papers were full of  opinion against the not criminally responsable verdict of the confessed child killer and father of the victims Dwayne Allan Schoenborn. There  was an announcement of the Crowns intention to appeal the verdict,we are different in Canada as there is no double jeopardy exclusion for trails and an  appeal of a case. They can do that when errors in the first trial are claimed by either interest ,the appeal period is 30 days a full 60 days shorter than the 90 day assessment period for his  psychiatric panel to report. There is no capital punishment in Canada so no one is ever on trial for their life.

The pellet factory announcement responded to the detail of government money involved, by what community projects usually do a myriad of signs for contractors contributors and anyone involved dominated the work site. However the signs covering the brick block building that was an auto body shop are welcome to me  as the new construction should make the area more attractive ( more than an auto junk yard). One sign on the auto wreaking facility partly consumed by  the plant read that they will no longer will be takeing used motor oil and advertises Canadian Tire and another as  authorized depots for that. Both facilities are in modern clean buildings free of clutter and junk. Something the  local fire marshal should appreciate.

A rifle bullet tore through a car door in the downtown area , a rifle was confiscated and a man charged with unlawful storage of a rifle. Canada has no rules for  having a weapon loaded for protection in general use, so it is not legally to have a rifle loaded in a vehicle, giving an immediate final confiscation under the  watch full eyes of conservation officers and other peace officers.  There is now also provision under the criminal code with respect to safe storage of registered long guns.


The week that was Merritt, British Columbia Canada to March 13 th 2010

The Chamber had its AGM and had a Former Premier of BC Bill Vanderzalm as a guest speaker.Vanderzalm is mounting an opposition to the Harmonized Sales Tax due to be implemented this July. Our MP Stockwell Day was here to announce a wood pellet plant that will use up to 50 people.   A significant improvement to an-auto-wreakers yard the building improvements should result in a higher assessment for the City mill rate  (taxes to be applied)

The pellets will be sold worldwide .

School kids out for spring break this week, library and other public places seemed full.The week ending on a high note for us dumb woodchucks.

The week that was Merritt ,British Columbia to March 6th 2010



Tulip plants are coming up in a pronounced way, if the sun and warmth continue by next week they should be starting to bloom. City works crews were seen repairing potholes perhaps a little to early as there is probably still frost under the roads. The dust and corruption from the winter was addressed by street sweepers recently; that’s a much relief here. The tourist info center started hiring students for the summer.











Some of my friends returned from a cruse to Antarctica. Tom and his wife were  preserved from the events in the earth that happened in that hemisphere.

Update: the weather turned more seasonal with moderate shifting of snow.Tulps not available for interview.

February 2010

The week that was Merritt, British Columbia,Canada to February 27th 2010.

The child murder verdict came down this week, questions  about whether it was fair and if the public  has protection  have been raised.Dwayne Scheonborn will have a review panel scrutinize him for safety to himself and the public and close within 90 days of the judgement. We hope that there is not a political agenda involved in detention of the psychotic that may overlap into the ageless game of construction and commitment of rivals unwanted spouses and political foes. On the surface  the NCR ( not national cash register but not criminal responsible) is said to have a low recidivism rate. Some of its numbers include the  would be assassin John Hinkley of once US President Ronald Regan.

The Olympic games are being very succesful some two hundred odd kilometers from here. we are very proud of all involved and expect sustainable legacy to continue.

The week that was , Merritt British Columbia, Canada to February 20th 2010.

The death of an Georgian luge competitor at the Vancouver struck home here in Merritt this week. While accidents are common at the Olympics deaths are not , we think that the unfortunate  death will serve to solemnize the games and add a noble value to those medal holders at the end of the games. The legacy of the Georgian athlete will continue to support  good attitudes toward those that try for the distinction of the best and fastest in the common ground of reasonable safety given by the games committees.



The week that was Merritt British Columbia, Canada to February 6th 2010.

This week saw the fulfillment of the Olympic Torch arrival here. The event to be held alight park was moved on to Chapman Street behind barricades because of muddy conditions in the park. This is an inconvenience ar an experience for those living on that street. There are interactive displays from Coke a Cola And Royal Bank, The torch barrier here is a woman named Rusty Brewer a long time supporter of Junior A hockey here ( we boast the longest tenured BCHL team in the Province); as well as an employee with the challenged in their common workshop Skalula.

The local cops got the right to give out local rewards for crimes solved by anonymous tips to crime stoppers , tipsters used to have to go to Kamloops to collect their money.

January 2010

The week ending, January 30 2010

The  town enjoyed  local theater by locals this week. A cast of six did a broadway play  named A thousand clowns, however when it comes time to send in the clowns we can’t include them as the ticket price was twenty dollars a seat.  Quite an accomplishment in a little community like this . The attendance nearing hundred,  deemed a success for those that enjoy those things , don’t give up your day job cast; as poverty dulls the arts .

Routes for the Olympic Torch relay were published in a local paper this week, avenue of celebration and accolade slated for Vought Park Feb 6th 2010, beginning at 6:30 PM.

The week that was Merritt British Columbia , Canada to January 23rd 2010.


A transport truck knocked the pedestrian,lights off the intersection of Voght and Nicola, Voght street was once a provincial highway system responsibility and now off the truck route, a discussion with repair crews and a retired highways manager was heard to be a concern a bout whose jurisdiction was responsible for the repair. I guess you never fully retire from a responsible job…











The week that was ending January 16th 2010,Merritt, British Columbia Canada:

The murder trail of three local children reconvened in Kamloops this week the mental state  of the confessed killer the central issue of the defence and prosecution.  We are expecting a guilty conviction with a possibility of parole in 15 years as the Canadian system allows, a murder conviction in Canada is a life sentence in the regard the authorities keep the right to have surveillance in the street for the life of the convicted.

Weather had a general warming trend and melting snow relieved the city crews of some pressure to remove it.

The week ending January 9,2010 Merritt British Columbia Canada:

The week in Merritt saw more normal temperatures for our part of the country , as  the temperature  went to  the low end of the – 20 centigrade giving snow levels that lasted some time with  more accumulation ; to  about one foot  in back yard s. Twenty foot piles of shoveled or plowed snow were everywhere and haulage and storage was in progress. Something that  didn’t always occur at the hight of industrial expansion before the latest recession. We believe that  pollution is significant in this dynamic.

Temperatures today are thawing in the afternoon and we hope that they cool down for the winter olympics coming shortly.

The year in review Merritt British Columbia Canada: 2009:

Two thousand nine CE, saw some changes in the local  character of Merritt. A Vancouvering in the sence that lower world activities more associated with large cities saw some effect in Merritt. In part due to the attitudes and activities in the Lower Mainland to clean up and put  on their best  to  the invited and subscribing guests to the Olympics in February. Twenty six documented homeless people were enumerated and shelter against severer weather arranged.

The Staff Sargent reported that 2009 had 1900 prisoners in a recent calendar year.The soup kitchen at St Micheal’s is said by a source to have accommodated 1100 free hot meals some months. A local accounted experiencing two attempts at  fraud in a local food chain, one unsuccessful where a man attempted to twice hide in a store to be locked in and bungled an attempt to  disable  motion detectors protecting the pharmacy. Another succesful,when a couple returned a major electronic  piece with a receipt from the day before and another  piece removed from a shelf  by the partner, netting the appliance and the cash paid for it. Thats a two hundred percent return on investment for 24 hours.

This is tough stuff for a community of 7200 people on a major transportation route. A trading area of as some say 17000 and a little microcosm of people from asian, indigenous and european extraction  makes us a forum for things that can be tried and tested without broad results. We had a renewed interest by the social development agency SPARC last year and the last edition of the oldest serving local  paper said the local police have now be credited for closing a record number of files; the most in Canada per head , according to the Federal Solicitor General. We hope this signals a trend and better times ahead, after February and perhaps  the perpetrators will feel less scrutinized in the big city hosting the Olympics.

The Film Society adjourned for Christmas after hosting four of the six films in their season.The head of the society is a former hospital administrator giving reason for the imbalance of end of life and medical themes of last years films.  Perhaps not so random to the fact that three nursing homes came on stream or up to speed in the last year or just before. However it was good to see a good mix of older and younger (  younger mostly  press) attendees to the films.

Numbers of eating establishments changed hands, closed, or opened, not least among them Brambles Bakery and Cafe taking the place of a well established Navarino Steak and Pizza.One Korean Sushi place is sorely missed.

The Walk of Stars lost its first round to bring the Country Music Hall of Honor to Merritt,as there was  a tax revolt in a public meeting explaining  the grant needed from local government necessary to secure the two senior levels of Governments committed support. However the Spirit Legacy Square was opened, complete with Olympic Mascots, The Higgins and many country star murals.

The local tourist both reported eleven thousand visits and we note the similarity with the soup kitchen stats however we are quite sure they were not related. We appreciate all the interest in the town and rural proximity, especially to those visiting from Europe and the Middle East.

The year 2009  passed without incident in my experience here in Merritt.

One of the local papers reports a sentencing delay in a man charged with murder in Kamloops. Arrested in Merritt after a “mr big sting bust of about 3 months” a jury has found him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Of interest  to us normal folk is that a sting was going on in local restaurants (we presume) and no locals were entrapped by bravado and puff.


December 2009

The week ending December 25th 2009 :

Christmas wound up today as  the consumer society that pays more for merchandise as gifts  and injects profits into a very competitive retail trade slid through another year. Christmas light ups and parades all give to cash register activity and as a couple of Summer arts program students noted in a card to a bunch I associate with craziness is always just a little away from the good things that can happen in the magical season.

A place to eat is always a good insight for travelers and there is always room at the inn here.

Signing off from Merritt Percy Paschal, staff writer KDG Communications.

The week that was ending Dec 19th 2009:

Merritt saw the feral cats relocated to a store front on Quilchena Ave in Merritt, from the chinese trading store on Vought Street. Some drama involved,but  mitigated by cooler heads and larger forces than the people who forced a demolition permit. The Angel Feral Cat Rescue Society, should be commended for their intentions toward animals , in the Nicola Valley.

The week ending   Dec 12 2009

The new bridge here is noted to have new banners on it ,banners for the olympic games, and legacy.This replacing the walk of stars banners that were originally placed to use the broadened sidewalks to connect to the stars hand prints in the downtown. The Olympic legacy square was opened and the mascots were here,to compliment the opening,making it prompt and proper.

Week ending December 5 th 2009, …..

Temperatures dropped to uncomfortable levels, for those not bundled up, a man who had slept under our new bridge on Vought Street was seen to be in a wellness center. We are hoping he made decisions that would improve his lot in cooler weather.

And undisclosed source says that a number of homeless people were given bus tickets in Vancouver in recent months.

The Province armed with the experience from the world exposition in 1986, had renovated at least 5 slum hotels so that homeless people and those in less than safe conditions would be better of  instead of worse off from the 2010 Olympics. However a small residual seems to have come to this little town. There is now a commitment to keep up our community police office downtown , that is staffed in part with Volunteers to direct people in a non criminal format to services. We think that is prompt and well thought out.

November 2009

The week that was ending November 28 2009:

The legacy plaza was opened on Saturday, good crowds for the Olympic Mascots and the pre opening events with junior hockey skinny games etc . Crowds were down for the huge Country Music Stars(including the Higgins) and politicians that cut the ribbon as the afternoon  turned cold.

The Quilchena Avenue store front  that is  being purported as a museum for  country music memorabilia and hall of honour has some bronze plaques in it from old-time stars. Interestingly the 3 of the four stars have honour spelled in Canadian english the Forth Tommy Hunter in american honor. Anne Murray’s hand prints and star is just behind them  we presume that no one in this small town had the resources to cover any reserved bid to place it in front of their business.

No Death, burials or resurrections of any significance this week.

The week that was ending Nov 21 2009 , Merritt BC Canada:

The political activity in this town was strong last week when an active lobby group caused a non-profit society to withdraw an application for a 300 thousand dollar grant ,from the local Government. People angry about taxes made a row at an information meeting and were successfully heard. The withdraw put in jeopardy 900 thousand dollars in funding from senior levels of Govt. The walk of stars wanted to find the   ” The country Music Hall of Fame” for Canada here and are now considering their options.

The week that was ending November 14th 2009. Merritt British Columbia Canada.

The week was fever pitched as  a public information meeting was held for a funding proposal to bring the Country Music Hall of Fame to Merritt. The meeting was well attended with detectives of all stripes trying to find hidden assets , property , hells angels  club houses ,and just plain political enemies . Or just something to attach unpaid speeding tickets to. Chuck one up for  the constant  over your shoulder bunch that try to collect money. ….Opinion….

The week that was ending November 8th 2009

Merritt British Columbia Canada:  Walk of Stars people  are up to something again; looking for funding to possibly bring the Country Music Hall of Honour to this town. Snow is  threatening,testing and retreating .

Greek lectures have started once again. Antiquity  and cultural enrichment in the same package. This town  has some great people and some little people in every sence of the words.  In every metaphoric and real connotation. Credit to those who deserve, I hope.

October 2009

The week that was Merritt British Columbia, Canada, ending Oct 31 2009.

: Local hotel was awarded a major associations award for their participation in promoting country music.General  immunization was offered by Public Health officials for those over 65 and those with underlying health conditions. The flu fear season is well upon us.

This small community continues to be a major player in the attitudes and plans of  larger community’s its centeredness and surrounding well established rural communities.

The week that was ending October 24 2009, Merritt British Columbia, Canada.

Activity and flu shots were on the minds of people here this week. The Local Federal Government program Community Futures had a twenty year anniversary with government-funded cake. The agency has been involved in many hundreds of business licences . as facilitator of self-employment and small business in this town of 7200.

Very disproportionate to the normal , and dominating few businesses have escaped their influence.

The week that was ending Oct 17 2009; Merritt BC Canada

The murdered 28-year-old man from the week before has some justice on the way with the arrest of a 15-year-old juvenile and charges recommended by the RCMP under the criminal code will make for another interesting distraction when youth is apologised once again to a purported very brutal murder. enough said!

The week that was ending Oct 10 2009, Merritt BC CA:

Autumn has hit with much leave fall just today, temperatures of – 8 C. overnight resulted in a massive drop in the late after noon of Maple Leaves. Almost as if by a flick of the switch. Very pronounced very dramatic considerably potent, and worth noting.

A  car rally was centered in town,and was obviously well-organized and  well subscribed .Vintage rally cars such as a 1954 Jaguar adhered and added atmosphere for the spectator’s experience.

All nestling in for a winter again…

The week that was ending Oct 3rd 2009 :

Reflection on summer activities including major projects. visitors, Social events such as dog shows  gave a prerogative to the change of seasons now shown by color changes in trees flower displays being uprooted and grounds ready for winter. The fall will be a productive time around here going against the trend of 10 percent unemployment now being talked about in the US. In my subjective opinion and based on interpretation of attitudes and other clues.

September 2009

The week that was ending  Sept 26th 2009;

Focus on the economy was on the minds of people , and well should be as  a report to parliament is due next week. A small place like this vehicle sales show some confidence with some one , maybe government money maybe not. Some people are thinking about  winter activities and  will there be more off time to deal with.  The 28th statement to parliament will need to fly if people are  going to plan well for the winter…. GDP figures are about due  we hope that the growth is not going to be fragile and to dependent on Govt spending that will be harder and harder to come by as current account deficits  get larger.

It’s a dogs life and its even getting harder to get  anything by them as shown by  their obvious intellectual freedom.

The week that was ending September 19th 2009.

Merritt felt the pressure of increased economic activity, as government projects and greater demand seems to have started to take hold here.interest in gold panning by tourists as well as arts and entertainment are take the gloom off recession.

The week that was in Merritt ending : September 12th 2009.

Merritt continued on to appeal to visitors, some moderately heavy traffic was noted in one of the antiquity places. Fall fall winners received moderate prizes for their love labours, and life in south central British Columbia progressed toward the winter olympics with people gearing up for same. A large delegation from Merritt is purported to have left to attend the Country Music Awards in Vancouver….

The week that was in Merritt: Ending September 5th 2009.

Tourism was at the four front as the Legacy Square completed the concrete stage of the construction of the Olympic legacy project. The youth mural project was seen to be busy with large free-standing reliefs of country music Celebes,some file photos also revealed other motivations to see the sights here.

August 2009

The week that was, ending August 29 2009.

Low water , fires and absent fish gave a concern for the local rivers here. Toward the end of the week, the dam at Nicola Lake was opened to allow more water in the river. Sources say it lowered the lake up to four feet , the flow in the Nicola Rivers increase was very noticeable and salmon down stream should benefit. Unconfirmed sources say the Native Chiefs downstream have banned fishing by their people. The Coldwater River remains very low.

Fire destroyed some local residences last week bringing out all the local fire fighting resources to quickly contain and extinguish the flames.