November 2021

The week that was, November 27th, Merritt, British Columbia , Canada.

Kim Robinson was laid to rest at pine ridge cemetery on Friday. Ed Hendricks his friend and hunting, and woodsman consultant said that the event was well attended and officiated by a minister. He is survived by his wife Linda and 3 boys, and grandchildren. Kim was famous for cougar and bear hunting using the hounds that he raised. He found the horse that belonged to Nicola Ranch manager and missing person Ben Tyner. Ben remains missing and locals do not hold out much hope for him being found alive.

The city lifted the evacuation order from phase two properties in Merritt at noon today. Phase two is the area from Nicola Avenue to the police station on Voght. The area remains on alert.

Rain is coming down most of the evening tonight and the area is on flood watch.

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The week that was, November 20th, Merritt, British Columbia, Canada.

The city has begun clean-up activities around town after the flooding ann evacuation that happened on Monday. Firetrucks half been seen traveling around once flooded streets and contractors are pumping out the sewer systems to alive blockages caused by the overwhelming of water flows.

Stores remain closed to anyone without a bracelet issued by the city. The police have asked people that remained for any reason not to be out at night.

The weather is good in Merritt’s low single-digit negative, which tightens mud and moisture up. The cloud cover is high and unmenacing a week’s end, going forward work on the cities infrastructure has the wastewater treatment plant as a priority. ” Linda Brown Mayor”

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The week that was November 13th, Merritt,British Columbia, Canada

The Nicola Valley Community Arts Council has begun its November-December show. The 6th annual winter artisan show and sale will run from November 13th to December 23th 2021. Over ” 30 local artisans and artists ” will be enhanced by Music guests on Sundays from 1-3pm. Covid -19 protocols in evect. Gallery times are 10- 5 Wednesday – Saturday and Sundays 12-4pm. Enter next to Kekuli Cafe on Voght.

ED Hendricks from Ponderosa sports says that his friend and h hunting partner Kin Robinson has passed. the Mammete lake resident. Had cougar hounds and made a living hunting and fishing as well destroying nuisance preditors. Kim tracked down a murderer suspect, Wanye Schoenborn, and found the horse of a currently missing person in January of 2019. Ben Tyner the rider and Nicola ranch manager remains missing.

Kim is survived by his wife Linds and 3 boys.

The A&W have taken down their picnic tables for winter and stored the items. The weather here remains good with some rain and little wind. The snow-capped Iron mountain appears to be keeping its cap against inversions and rain.

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The Week that was, November 6th, Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

The little park next behind the Merritt Desert Inn, the one with the entrance posted with a bear in the area sign, has some more people camping in it as homeless. A single person behind a large pile of household effects, including a walker, shook her head no and was silent when asked if it was ok to be in the area of a bear. The park is within meters of a city shelter. A number of dumpsters are filling up with household effects in that proximity.

Shara Molnar has joined the Merritt Gallery with her Granola recipe and packaging. Shara operated the Brambles Bakery for about a decade with her mother Dorthey. The successful bakery and public gathering/ meeting place did not survive the pandemic and a sawmill closure with resulting disposable income sources changing. The bakery was regarded as excellent. The group hosted the secret door art shows for a number of years. Appealing to the cowboy and ranching style as well as many other excellent artists.

The weather is once again glorious with rain and sunshine coming in pleasant amounts and acting as referee in a sense with the local snow cap on Iron mountain.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.

October 2021

The week that was, October30th, Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

The Baillie Property joined the Royal bank today in taking out the cedar hedge between the Curling rink parking lot and the back fence line of the 2202 Voght Street facility. The RBC had in recent weeks removed the cedar hedge from along the brick bank building on the corner of Quilchena and Garcia. For some time the city has been not recommending cedar hedges due to their combustibility. The local fire smart program has also discouraged ember trap combustible areas. that program is widely believed to have contributed greatly to the quick return of the evacuees in the town of Logan Lake last summer during the wildfire emergencies.

The snow came down to approximately the 3500-foot level overnight giving Merritts Iron Mountain a presence of white, winter, wonder. Overnight lows are returning to less than freezing next week. There is no severe weather forecast for the next three days.

There is a warning sign about a bear on the trail into N’Kawala park behind the Merritt Desert Inn. There remains only one tent in that park up against the back fence and away from the trail. The city allowed tents in the park during Covid-19, and possibly up to a dozen were ever set up. Fall is a time when some bears are topping up their fat for hibernation. It looks like hibernation may be back to normal this winter as in some places bears were out mid-winter because of warm temperatures.

That’s it from Merritt this week, KDG

The week that was October 23, Merritt British Columbia, Canada

The Nicola Naturalists had their AGM and members photo night on Thursday. The meeting was chaired by Alan Burger and 8 directors including Alan were acclaimed; the directors will choose the president and other offices at the next business meeting. In his presidents report Alan said That the societies website is popular getting 1000 views month. The members photos were viewed in quiet pleasure with some comments and questions generated spontaneously. Leaving them wanting more Burger stopped the show at the title page of a short video by a member and promising to show the production of a family of river otters next month. The society published statements ,financial and projections on the front table beside membership applications and newsletters. Alan presented them orally and members affirmed them by second and vote. The society files them under the act as public documents. Next meeting is the 3rd Thursday of November, at the NVIT lecture theatre.

Councillor mike Bangui is taking up a public campaign against ” dirty politics” By the local Mayor . Taking up his pen as battledress Mike has published a letter to the editor in the Merritt Herald. The sitting councillor was charged with uttering threats and has since plead not guilty and is awaiting being heard by “the judge”

The weather is glorious again today with fall gracing the river banks and in the evergreen mountains with colour. Sunny calm weather today is very pleasant at 10 degrees C. The forecast for next week is low double digits with light rain most of the week. The over night lows are staying within a few degrees of the daily highs, strangely settling.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The Week that was, October 16th,Merritt British Columbia, Canada

The Art Gallery opened its showing for October Friday. The show is called Baskets and Bowls and features a number of local artists, including Andrew Rulgrok. Andrew a tall lanky carver is from Brookmere, a small historic CPR hamlet to the southeast of Merritt. Andrew has donated his contents of the show and is going to slip into retirement. According to Angelino Brooymans who bought a number of his craft for Christmas presents today ” they are half price to clear” The show goes from the 13th to November 8th, afternoons.

Carbon Capture

The BC government has announced a scheme to involve the Upper Nicola Indian band with a carbon capture company for a plant on the reserve land near Douglas lake. The company has a capture and sequester plant proved out in the lower mainland however this one is to turn C02 into light crude for use as fuel. The talk is that 100,000,000 liters of oil would be produced annually. No serious ground braking for 2 more years. The company, Carbon Engineering, received 2 million dollars from the BC government toward the project based on its Squamish plant’s track record. The cost is estimated to be 13 figures.

The valley received rain again today, not torrential, but steady for brief periods as if it did not want to offend anyone.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was, October 9th, Merritt, British Columbia, Canada.

The last day for the 2021 version of the Farmers Market was today. The group occupied the curling rink parking lot and was seen to be dealing with cooler weather conditions and some wind about 1 PM. The market is a member of the BC assortation of farmers markets and presents weekly offerings from May to October. The cardinal rule is the same for artisans and farmers the product must have been made by the registrants.

James Lowan was having early coffee at the downtown A and W restaurant this AM and was wearing a safety pined yellow star on his jean jacket. ” I am fully vaccinated, however I think it is worth remembering that things can go awry>” James 64 and a from a rural agricultural family is often at the local restaurant listening to and observing. He bases his belief not on experience but a collage of views.

Fall is taking hold in the valley, Our first snowfall is usually the 2nd week of November. Around Remembrance day. And usually a light skiff at 600 meters above sea level, that’s the elevation of our small, interior city in British Columbia Canada.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The Week that was, October 2nd, Merritt , British Columbia, Canada.

The Merritt Avenue homicide, has basically gone from public view at this time. There however are many versions of the events floating about the area where it happened. We know two things to be true, that on or about its perpetration, two RCMP SUV marked vehicles had a prolonged vigil watching a crime seen marked out by tape at a small apartment building on Merritt avenue. And when one of the officers was questioned by us: ” is there any public danger here?” the reply was no.

Frank Ritcey answered questions on his wildlife photo show at the Art center on Friday. There was interest in the bears, the insects and snakes that drove questions to Frank. Talking on the difference between venom and poison Frank explained a poisons creature you eat and get toxins, a venom creature injects into your body and an anti venom is needed for treatment. Bruce Walter was not in attendance as he had a cold, “Frank Ritcey”.

Rain over last week continues to moisten the soils in the bush about the Nicola Valley. Single digit temperatures are coming again in the forecast.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

September 2021

The Week that was, September, 25th, Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

The police were going about Garcia street on Monday with a clipboard canvasing for witnesses that may have seen anything in what they are calling homicide. The interest of the police was about a small apartment building on Merritt Avenue east of the Garcia street intersection. The building had had its staircase tarred off last week, and a tent setup that may have been a phrenic operation. The local papers are quiet about the alleged homicide this week.

The arts council has two weeks remaining of its photography show featuring local artists Bruce Walker and Frank Ritcey. The show concludes on October 10th, the center is open Wednesdays though Sunday afternoons. Lower mainland implant Herta Klassen has some very nice small paintings in the gift store at he center. Some the perfect size as stocking stuffers.

Weather is glorious in the Nicola Valley once again. mid 20s daytime cool overnights near frost some nights. The near frost is causing the deciduous trees in the parks and to get colored.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The Week that was September, 18th. Merritt British Columbia, Canada

A body was found out by Nicola lake this week, and the Merritt Herald reported it as being suspicious. The coffee shop bunch has a number of stories floating around, the most credible sounding of he bunch is one saying that the man met his death with some degree of force,.

The Nicola river along Voght street and Garcia are full of returning salmon at at his writing. The salmon are most probably returning after being plead in that portion of the river as smolt four years ago from the Spius Creek fish hatchery, south west of Merritt and up the Petite creek road. The species will be Chinook, and are very lively in the mating game.

Snow covered the top of Iron Mountain here this week , and rain was measured and full.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The Week that was September 11th, Merritt British Columbia, Canada

We got our vaccine card this week after downloading BC services card mobile app ,we applied for a BC services card, took a picture and video of our face and returned to the officials at the health dept. In about one business day we got an email saying it was verified. We got access to the Health Gateway as one of the services, we log in with our fingerprint on our smart phone through the app prompts, then bring up a green vaccine card ,followed by the info on the two doses of immunization we received. The green backed QR code can be switched to a scannable one to show.

We cast our ballot at the advanced poll at Elections Canada’s poll at the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology. The poll is in s comfortable gym near the dorms on the front side of the college. Bring your card from the mail that you should have received this week and at least one piece of picture ID. They have small pencils for single use however you can use your own pen.

The flag remains at half staff at the RCMP station, and it is being an election rhetoric that they stay that way until the ingenious population feel resolved over the unmarked graves issue facing them now.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The Week that was September 4th,Merritt British Columbia, Canada

There are 4 tents in N’Kwala park behind the lawn bowling/ Pickle ball club house , off Merritt Avenue. The Merritt Desert Inn shares an access to the park and is presently being contracted for a shelter. Merritt received a provincial grant of more then a million dollars recently to deal with Covid-19 related and public health issues around homelessness.

The last show for the summer in the Music in the Park program happened Thursday with Amanda Lamothe mastering the ceremony of Indigenous entertainment. Amanda shared her Blackfoot background and introduced drummers and authors to the stage for an evening of culture and enjoyment of local Indigenous songs and poetry. Dennis Saddleman from Douglas lake also shared his life experience including, residential school.

Tomorrow is the last day for the Clothing is Art show at he Nicola Valley Art Gallery. The next show will start on September 8th with Bruce Walters and Frank Ritcey. Bruce a retired forestry worker is a photographer and Frank is a Councillor/ worker for Wild safe BC. Frank deals with Human Animal conflict and safety issues in the interaction of the two .Bruce will be showing phots and Frank has electronic displays for his phots and videos.

Editors note: Dennis Saddleman is from Coldwater band toward Hope., and the grant for homeless aid was $363,724.00. The funding came from the UBCM.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The Week that was August 28th, Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

A fire camp is being set up in Voght park this week. The camp is housing 230 firefighters numbers of them were seen at the local A and W store wearing distinctive yellow shirts with Alberta Wildfire on the shoulder patch’s. ” We are wildfire fighters” was the response to the question about tasking. ” we are concerned about the July mountain fire”.

Music in the park happened on Thursday night with Mile and Sabrina weeks singing out of their 660 song repertoire. The couples presentation came in part from the time they worked the cruse ship industry. Popular songs from the 80s on keep four adults seniors, one adult, three kids and two workers entertained while the rain poured down during the 2 hr show. There was one popular tree in the fenced off audience area and on e food concessions that left early. You can see Mike and Sabrina live at or a snip at Best regards.

Rain and cooler temperatures ( 5 C this morning0 kept the edge off fires in the area.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was, August 21st, Merritt British Columbia, Canada

An evacuation alert was in effect this week as Merritt was surrounded by fires. The alert was rescinded today after cooler weather and rain assisted in suppression of fires.

As of midnight last night masks were again mandatory inside all public places with in the Interior Health region. Gathers over 5 people are banned and outside events limited to 50 people.

Titan drilling working at shovelnose mountain had to flee last week as a fire being driven by winds gusting to over 60 KM.s an hour drove fire through there drilling operations. This week they reported that their drills were not destroyed ” some plastic melting” Stephen the owner credited the sprinklers they left operating on the drills as saving them. Tian Drilling is engaged in a long term contract for West Haven mines in the shovelnose mountain area near Brookmere BC.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.

The week that was, August 14th, Merritt British Columbia, Canada.

The RCMP had Nicola and Voght blocked off and were directing traffic a t supper hour Thursday. Two thousand people where told to evacuate Logan lake and the police were ensuring a lane open to expedite traffic. People were told to go friends and families home else where, The counter at the art gallery said ” they were being directed to Chilliwack.”

Angelina Brooymans a local photographer from the Mammete lake area remained at her home in the Valley and said that the fire was still 25 kilometers from her and they were monitoring it. Angelina remained hopefull.

The Merritt Music in the park started just after its 6 o’clock start time with a small crown enduring smoke as local people filtered in. The site is on the Nicola River and is distance from wood structures trees are leafy and green. The band was The Wild Horse Band with upper Nicola native Randy Chillihetzia. For all accounts the band finished its 2 hr gig with a continuing building audience.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was, August 7th Merritt British Columbia Canada.

The Nicola Valley Arts Center hosted the artist reception for their August show, on Friday. Entitled The art of clothing 18 artisans and artists presented mostly clothing in an artist photographer Angelina Brooymans used her gift to post a couple of photographs of some very high-end fashions from exhibitions as a backdrop to a fashion creation by Cinderella Trent. Regular hours are in effect for this August show.

The Doug James band played to a good size crowd at rotary Park on Thursday. The repertoire included a Beatles favorite born in the USSR. It appears that it’s sticking here as far as crowds attending these events in more normal amounts. This is probably due to a large amount of vaccination in the community.

Overnight rain and wind have cleared the local skies of fire smoke, giving Saturday a cool and clean atmosphere mixed with a little sunshine and confident travelers about the town.

That’s it from Merritt this week, KDG

The week that was, July 31st, Merritt British Columbia Canada.

The empty keg Craft beer outlet on broad Street in Merritt, install solar panels on its roof to enhance it’s at ecological footprint. The panels were installed on tubular steel frames forming and upside down v structure and placed on the flat roof.

Merritt British Columbia entered the BC Day long weekend with heavy smoke in the skies. It was reported that the air quality in Merritt was the worst of the province. Four fires were burning in the area. There was a very little wind to remove the smoke or to fan the flames of the fires.

Rain beginning Saturday Lowered the overnight temperatures and brought high humidity to the air in the mix of smoke.

That’s it from Merritt this week,KDG

The week that was, July 24th, Merritt, British Columbia .Ca

Angelina Brooymans, a retired nurse and the proprietor of a photo business in the Merritt area said that her home at Mammate lake on highway 97C to Logan lake had ash on the ground this morning when she looked outside. ” It looked like it had been snowing. She recounted some forest fires in the area and still demonstrated confidence in the local controls. The number of fires in BC has dropped since Fridays nearly 280 to about 250 . Angelina worked her shift at the Nicola Valley Arts Council and expressed concern about Spences bridge and Ashcroft as her neighbouring communities. ( sirens had sounded over night for fires in those communities) , the road is open today but stopping is prohibited.

Samantha Sewell, Miss World Tourism Canada visited the Nicola Valley art gallery this afternoon. Michelle Pierce president and Jano Horworth Curator, showed art displays to Samantha who was with her mother and a cameraman who filmed the visit.

The moon was full as a buck moon last night and bore a orange fire glow as it rose above Iron mountain in the southeastern sky. A slight breeze contributed to its turning back to a white when the smoke cleared.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG, stay safe around fire areas ,stay out of the bush!

The week that was July 17th, Merritt British Columbia, CA

The TNRD Library is still displaying mandatory masks signage on the front door. The staff say that their policy is ” recommended ” for masks .however the TNRD staff are busy with admin for fire fighting. So for the few people that go to the library they respond when asked about it.

A blockage from an accident kept the Coquihalla to Hope closed for sometime today.. Some people camping at Douglas lake pulled off at the lawn bowling parking lot and enjoyed lawn chair lunch and conversation while waiting to get a message that the hyway was clear. A man lost his life in a “roll over accident ” Closing the road way for a number of hrs until opening again just before 4 PM to traffic.

The weather is again glorious with the breeze coming from the south west and temperatures back to the 20s C.

The Moon last night was clear again from an orange fire moon on Thursday

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.

The week that was July 10th, Merritt British Columbia, CA

Joel Geil a member and enthusiast o the Merritt lawn bowling club says he is alright with the pickle ball group having 1/2 the court at the N’Kwala park, 50.6.820 W120.47.162. The park was subject to the Dyna packing with a large roller on Friday. A crew from a Penticton road building company, Peter Brothers rolled and watered the bed in readiness for hard top. What arrangements are being made for the sharing of the city owned club house is yet to been seen.

The mask restrictions off are having some to say they are pleased by cautious and looking forward to more certainty with more vaccinations results approaching fall. One store on the 2000 block of Quilchena avenue has signage outlawing masks in the store.

Weather after a midweek over night rainfall and thunder storm is back to hot and sunny with high thirties into next week.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was July 3rd, MERRITT British Columbia, CA.

Titan drilling, of smithers BC a diamond drilling contractor working for West Haven mining in the coquihala near brookmere, shovelnose Mountain. Stop drilling operations on Wednesday evening after being shut down by the authorities because of fire danger. Steven an owner operator said that it doesn’t take long to go through 5 million dollars worth of insurance if we have to pay so we’re going to comply and notify our 30 employees that we are shut down.

The Nicola Valley art gallery has put on a new show for July. Body art and tattoo art will be emphasized from June 30th to August 1st at its Nicola and Voght location.

public health restrictions came off at 11:59 June 30th. Masks arrows on floors social distancing are all gone by the board. The public health officials will be dealing with covid concerns through their ongoing communicable disease mandates. Good public health will be addressed through measures ongoing through the summer and into the fall. Meaning the state of emergency has ended a normal protocols are back in place for communicable disease

That”s it from Merritt this week KDG.

The week that was June 26th, Merritt British Columbia, CA

Temperatures pushed the Mercury to near 40° Celsius the past two days. The forecast is for a week of near 40 or over 40° and then a cooling down with cloud cover for the following week.. overnight lows for the past 2 days have reached 20° Celsius giving a cool morning with a nearly unpleasant hot afternoon. Daytime highs are forecast to be 20° c meeting the now overnight low within a 2 week period.

BC hydro is saying that water reserves are adequate to meet any demand for any foreseen heatwave at this time.

The lawn bowling club is is losing half its lawn to the pickleball club. Joe Geil a long time lawn bowler says that the city doesn’t think there’s enough interest in lawn bowling. Joe is not in complete agreement with that. This week two machines and a crew of three tore up half the field dug it down to adapt to put gravel in preparation of a hard surface. The lawn bowling facility has a had at least four locations in the last 30 years and is often used in some sort of barter with construction projects.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.

The week that was June 19th, Merritt British Columbia Ca

The grad had their parade tonight instead of a walk the estimated 80 2021 grads rode on Coldwater Avenue and Quilchena and back to the Voght park area for dispersal. Balloons and horns lights and yelling made a moment for the new grads.

The Nicola Valley historical Society had its annual strawberry fundraiser delivery today. For 85 skins you pre-paid 30 lbs of fresh strawberries from the Abbotsford/ Sumas Rotary club . The historical society made 10 dollars per 30 lb pail, an estimated 500 dollar revenue according to downtown visitor info center manager Sandy Curnew

Weather is glorious this week touching low thirties and retreating to overnight cool. Photosynthesis is so strong it nearly glows with growth. 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was June 12th Merritt British Columbia, Ca.

The province is closing in on herd immunity ( at least with partials ). The 75 percent mark is past and the province is vaccinating 300 thousand a week. Jano Howrath the gallery director at the community arts gallery says that she expects that visitors from cruise ships will have some sort of passport when calling. She is happy that groups will soon be allowed.

Fire alarm inspections were completed at the Bedford apt building on Thursday. Some alarms were slated to be replaced even when working but found to be past the best before date.

Amber Papou has taken a residence on Garcia street after a living in Vancouver for a number of years. The historic home of Dr. JJ Gillis is now hers; according to Amber ” it was for sale so I bought it”. Gillis was MLA here through the depression and world war two. Him and another Dr , his brother Austin Gillis had houses on opposite corners of the 22 hundred block, JJ passed in 1965 after one of the fullest lives imaginable.

That’s it from Merritt this week

The week that was June 5th, Merritt, British Columbia, Ca

The Merritt fire department we’re out with inspections this week. Jano Horwith said that the gallery got a new 5 lb fire extinguisher as a result of inspections, notices were about at at least one apartment building about alarm inspections.

Outside dining facilities at the Grand hotel to Merritt A&W to The Mongolian food restaurant where demonstratively in use during the week. The good weather approximately 30° Celsius brought many people out in the evenings and enjoyed a lesson sense of restriction.

The the weather cool down for the weekend with clouds about 20,000 ft and fairly heavy. There’s rain expected at the end of the week. Overnight lows are going to be single digit today and going into the next week.

That’s it from Merritt this week,KDG

The week that was May 29th, Merritt, British Columbia, Ca

The Nicola Valley Community Arts Council with Grimshire honey had their Day of the Bees at the local farmers market.

There were fully 60 new bee boxes painted and delivered to the corner of the market for viewing by the public the work also included boxes done by the local students from high school and grade schools. Diana Grimshire says she was pleased by the moment struck for environment and economy.

Editors note Paraphrased

Although the case counts are dropping quickly the community has a seemingly reserve to inflict on its ability to produce cases. There are very few words of resistance or clamour to throw off restraint as most restaurants still are keeping to pre Monday restrictions.

The weather is glorious again today and going into a warming trend in the week ahead, resulting in some days being in the the low 30 degree C range.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The Week that was, May 22, Merritt British Columbia, Ca

The Nicola Valley Aquatic Center is open 6 to 6 weekdays now. A limit of 3 people in the weight room during Covid-19 is still in effect, Saturday and Sunday openings 12 pm-4pm. Pool pools are cleaned daily for and 1 hr starting at one pm weekdays. Admission goes from free to 4 dollars depending on age. Monthly passes are available.

The farmers market had a good following today as the out door venue gave to a liberty towards masks and asked for distancing and following paths to be observed.. The market was displaying signs saying it was the farmers Market of the Year in 2020. ” preserving food production lines” . The market is open at 9:30 AM and done by 2pm Saturdays at the corner of Voght and Merritt avenue where the BC hydro quick charger is.

Glorious weather here gives a wonderful sense of life as the leaf fill out in green splendid canopy. May 24th weekend is special to Canada is it recalls Victoria day and its claim to Pax Britannia that the Crown of Great Britain secured in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

Week that was, May 8th, Merritt British Columbia, Ca

The farmers market had its first opening in Merritt today and without restrictions on numbers of vendors. Face masks were advised , social distancing required. Hand sanitizer was provided. The event runs from May to thanksgiving in October. Todays vendor count was 15 and the 4 hour time frame attracted a good attendance from within the Interior health region. No distance travelers were noted.

Grimshire honey has a bee day event coming up as they invite people to take 30 some new bee boxes and paint pictures on them for the 28th of May when Bee Day will see them displayed.

A hail storm yesterday saw a heavy fall of ice pellets hit the ground the day before bedding plants and garden tokens were for sale at the farmers market.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The Week that was, May 1st, Merritt, British Columbia, Ca

Tax filing dead line was Friday. The 30th of April is really important for OAS and CCP GIS federal supplement, the Canada Revenue Agency ensures that if your taxes are filled by April 30th there will not be a suspension in your July payment. The tax due date is also April 30th and if you have tax payable you may face charges of interest and penalties for late filing on payment on those filings. June 15th is the date for filing of GST returns for your business. A good number of people are subject to withholding during the year and the sooner they file the quicker they can get a refund if they had more deducted then there filing deductions needed to meet the tax.

With warmer weather coming you may want to check the disposition of your ceiling fans. If it was set for the winter to drive down the rising heated air then setting it to reverse will pull warm up to the ceiling giving a more comfortable temperature lower down which may be good especially when sitting down.

Happy International Workers day today the cool weather with a little rain here gave a comfortable and refreshing atmosphere for a walk about .

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The Week that was April 24th, Merritt, British Columbia, Ca

The popular craft brewing outlet The Empty Keg on the 2100 block of Voght has expanded its outside seating by nearly doubling it. This was done by adding pillow blocks and uprights unattached to the building south of the recent permanent decking and north of the main entrance. The facility then has some canvas tenting to provide shade to the people using it outside. A Couple were eating Shushi in styrafoam disposable containers on the permanent deck Friday ” it good they proclaimed, this is not our first choice for Merritt Shushi we are pleased.

Angelina Brooymans, a retir3ed registered nurse ,would like people to cut up their masks before disposing of them as fish get got up in the strings according to her. Added to the concern was us at the PR saying you can also take the aluminum strip out before the garbage an use in place of twist ties saving the Glad man some work and an a small but significant piece of metal in to better control and less demand on the supply.

Merritt’s weather has returned to upper teens and is comfortable.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The Week that was April 17th, Merritt, British Columbia, Ca

Vaccinations are on going at the Nicola Valley Memorial Arena this week with appointments being required to get a shot at this Mass Immunization event. Judy Guichon was in line with her husband Bruno yesterday waiting for a shot and expressed confidence in the system of roll out as it relates to family circumstances.

The signage for the Nicola Valley Film Society theater project is conspicuous by its absence from the property they were developing. The 8000 plus theater has been in the works for more then a decade and is 5 different venues for the arts. On the Corner of Garcia and Coutlee the project is multimillion dollars and the fundraising website is at the link behind the photo below showing historical fundraising by community groups.

Community driven foods File Photo KDG

The weather is glorious here now Saturday mid 20s with a cooling trend next week.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

April 2021

The Week that was April 10th ,Merritt, British Columbia,, CA

The return it depot remains open with mask and Max seven inside on more then the Seniors Complex.

There Mass Vaccination the Arena starting the 12th. Instructions are posted at the Merritt Post Office along with regular age based tegistration.

Weather is stable a small hail storm like the usual spring time pelted us today.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The Week that was April 2nd Merritt British Columbia CA

The Merritt Centennials Junior A hockey club was training at the Nicola Valley Memorial Arena ,the team had 25 young people with three goalies and are playing in the Chilliwack hub with Chilliwack and the Prince George Spuce Kings for 20 games. A a regular season involves 23 players however a trainer says that sometimes a 16 year old will have some games before being cut into the season.

There will be a Covid 19 Vaccine on mass starting April 12th at the Nikola Valley Memorial Arena.

The new restrictions on inside dining are in compliance here with pickup and deliveries in the norm.

That’s it from Merritt British Columbia this week KDG

March 2021

The Week that was March 27th, Merritt British Columbia, CA

The empty keg custom brewery on Voght Street had a covered sitting area added to it’s main entrance this week. The structure is attached and will include a plank floor interrupting the concrete sidewalk.

The local junior hockey team the Merritt Centennials will have a chance of a season this spring as they have a spot in a hub playing out of Chilliwack The 20 game pod will start on April nd against Chilliwack ,game time 5 pm. The other teams in the pod is the PG Spruce Kings . Covid-19 plan in effect.

The weather remains cool single digits with the odd moderately winding nights. The seasonal fire base at Saunders field has started up again as seen by the iconic red and blue uniforms about Subway.

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The week that was March 20th Merritt British, Columbia CA

Sean the office manager from Titan drilling says that the completed 43,000 m of drilling for West Haven mines last year. The Southwest of Merritt in the coquahala near shovelnose mountain s has 40,000 hectares and the machinery what’s three drills and produced 5% of the drilling done by the industry last year.

The local golf course as it’s flags out signaling that it’s open all though very little green is showing. A number of carts. Are seen taking advantage of it’s opening .

Weather is cool , single digits,a short windstorm came through midweek bringing wind and rain overnight.

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The week March 13th,Merritt British Columbia, CA

There was a demonstration parade for the murdered and missing Aboriginal women on Voght Street during the noon hour. About 200 indigenous peoples drummed and placated through the Nicola intersection past kekului restaurant with RCMP traffic control.

The Week that was March, 6th,Merritt British Columbia, CA

The first weekend of the new show at the art gallery is on now. The show is titled looking forward now and features Cinderella Trent and Kim Leclair, the show ends on April 11th.

Don Galaher moved his granddad’s 1922 upright piano from their ancestral home on Garcia Street which has been sold by its present owner Etalka Gillespie. The home was built in the 1920s by JJ Gillis, a country Doctor as well as a Canadian Pacific railway doctor.Gillis was also the MLA here during the great depression and the second world war he passed on in 1965 leaving his name on an extended Care facility in Merrit’.

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Fields stores have a sign in the window that says Fields.Ca is no longer available.

The last weekend for the NVCA show Art During Covid 19 . Next show is two women quilters Kim Leclair and Cindella Trent starting March 10th and going to April 11th. The show is called “Looking Forward Now”. The Nicola Valley art gallery is on the corner of Nicola and Voght.

The weather is good with the February Moon coming to a quarter in the South Eastern morning sky. The February moon was a snow or hunger moon followed by March 28th Worm Moon, making April 2nd and 4rth Easter.

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February 2021

The Week that was February 27th, Merritt,British Columbia,CA

A motor vehicle accident at the Desert in caused a hydro pole to be shattered and needing replacement, the pole was fixed in the early hours of the morning with minimal power disruption.

Fencing is surrounding the old theater spot across from the fitness center on Quilchena avenue .The empty lot is kitty corner to the United Church.

the weather has broken from the cold and is now pleasant during the daytime as we move into March and passed the hunger Moon or snow Moon which occurred February 27th.

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The Week that was February, 20th, Merritt British Columbia, CA

A Covid-19 case was reported at the Florentine retirement home resulting in a lockdown for the home. The four story home is on Belshaw avenue and had vaccine treatment in recent weeks.

The local gymnastics club is meeting at at the Civic center on Mamette. parents are seen picking up kids after workouts. The Aquatic center is also open excluding the sauna and hot tubs. Two persons at a time are allowed in the exercise training room.

The weather broke here and has returned to slight freezing f over night with rain in the coming days.

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The Week that was February 13th, Merritt British Columbia, CA

City council dipped into the Community plan and after three readings a nd the public process changed some zoning to high density residential. Pressure from developers often comes along for profiting on rezoning and sometimes butchers the good intentions of city planners Merritt has a history of land swaps, off street parking regulations waived and outright ignoring of building height nuisance and creative despair for those that are on the wrong side of the push to sell building supplies.

The School district 58 has a checklist for covid-19 protocols on their website the public health people have recently taken the view that ” face to face ” is best for many reasons. The check list dates from August 2020. :Microsoft Word – COVID Student Daily Health Assessment (

Snow and cold temperatures have come to the Nicola Valley this week. Overnight temperatures of minus 20 and clear skies have given way to mid teens and snow today.

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January 2021

The week that was January 30th, Merritt , British Columbia, Ca

The Merritt Public library has gone back to regular hours this week. The library had been closed during the lock down last winter. They opened in the summer with fewer hours and a limit of 10 people in the building at once. The library is at 1691 Garcia St. and is run by the city and district their website are available and pick up remains the best option for access.

The last day of the show at the art gallery called Street art is Sunday. The gallery at the corner of Nicola and Voght will be open from noon to 4 PM, Covid -19 restrictions are in place.

School district 58 is reporting they had an inspection in Merritt by Public health after to outbreaks one in the High school another in bench elementary . The letter to the parents says that the school passed on standards of cleanliness and hygiene. The letter was dated on January 26th 2021.

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The Week that was January 23rd, Merritt , British Columbia, Ca

The Covid -19 problem at the Mongolian restaurant is resolved with a note on the door thanking the public for their support over the confirmed case that had caused them to close.

Some cases, 2 according to one source, have taken the attention and care of the local high school. The district in a letter to families has confirmed at least one positive test resulting in self isolation. Contacts are being traced and the School district says ” that only the Health Authorities can determine who is a contact..

Shirley Reynold’s a local artist and spouse of Tom a retired City administrator was at the Gallery Friday evening. talking photos with Angelina Broman as she maned the desk. She says she missed the people that would stop from Vancouver in the downtown. Shirley was renewing her membership in the NVAC. She was a force in the Valley Visual Artists that brought the gallery along. The gallery remains open Wednesday through Sunday afternoons including the supper hour.

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he Week that was January 16th, Merritt, British Columbia, Ca

The Starbucks outlet off Voght on Dewolf, top of the hill, is open this week. The store had closed after Covid–19 contacts on December 27th. ” we closed to wait it out and gave the place a good wash down, inside seating will not be available for at least a month.”

There is a sign on the Mongos downtown saying that there had been that had the virus causing them to close the store.

The Nicola Valley Arts Council Gallery is open with a show featuring street art running to the 31st of January. The effort seems to be searching for suitable mural material for the town. There is yet no reception for the January show scheduled.

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The week that was January 9th,Merritt British Columbia, Ca

Merritt continues to be ahead of the curve in Covid-19 however there is 9 cases this week cases, an increase over the end of Decembers data.

School is back in after the holiday break with young people seen to be walking home at the regular times. there has been no report of Covid-1919 since October 12t when a Merritt SD 58 Community member tested positive. Self isolation was used with the person and no students were exposed.

The conversation over the alleged insurrection event in the US capital is subdued with little note by a local server. ” protest happen al the time”

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The week that was January 2nd Merritt British Columbia, CA

Gerry Sanford reported that the Christmas bird count resulted in documenting 70 bird species in the Nicola Valley. The bird count is conduced by the Nicola Naturalist Society and its principal Alan Burger has recently moved to Logan Lake BC from their place in the Cain Lake area South east of Merritt according to local Sanford.

The Tim Hortons in Merritt is open 24 hrs a day now,. There is no liquor served at the restaurant.

The Nicola Valley Art Gallery is closed between shows until January 8th.

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December 2020

The week that was December 26th, Merritt British Columbia, CA

The historic Coldwater Hotel was open until 7 PM on Christmas Day and only served “Christmas Dinner”. The Bannock indigenous restaurant was also open until PM down the block from the Coldwater.

Silence was broken in the early evening Friday by ” kids with fire works” The barrage included Air bombs making a concussion that could be felt on Garcia avenue. NO police response was observed.

Holiday Greetings to you and yours.

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The week that was December 19th, Merritt British Columbia, CA

The RCMP published a letter asking for understanding in a death that near their building the first week of December hey also stated they remain on the side of public safety .

Masks are required in all public places and notices are by order of public health officals.

The BC state of emergency is in effect until the end of the day on December 22nd, 2020. It will be extended in all likely hood again and will fit the restart part of Coviod -19 relief.

Editors note a local pharmacy says they have no vaccine and will not have any until l possibly April.

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The week that was December 12th, Merritt British Columbia, CA

Darius Sam is noted in the window of the city hall offices ( family support unit) for his marathon running. The 20 year old is a local runner that supports mental health and the food bank. The Signage in the window in bold red letters appeared recently and says Thank-you Darius. There is a short fall in volunteers at this time.

Darius Sam did ultra marathon June 2020..

The Nicola Valley Art Gallery remains open Wednesday through Sunday afternoons with Covid -19 Protocols in place. The group is having a holiday artisan sale through to January.

The RCMP remain quiet about a recent shooting at the police station. Sources say a man fired on the station and was found dead outside when police went out.

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The week that was December 5th , Merritt British Columbia, CA

November 2020

The week that was Nov28th, Merritt British Columbia CA

The AW has taken out its customer response electronic responder. The restaurant has a sit down policy for customers that have no mask on.

The province is reporting 2, 354 new Cornia-19 cases with and alarming new 46 death cases. (At 4:40 PM ) The death rate remains low at 1.33 percent.

Christmas light up is going on at this time with some homes being covered with a lot of lights other no so much. the city has lights on the main fares.

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No Friday night parade for Midnight madness this year. ” it would have been perfect weather for it and shopping after ” Clerk Fields store downtown.

A crosswalk device on a regular signpost was installed on Voght and Mamette avenue The device is solar-powered and has a light bar just above head level to alert the crosswalk as active to motorists. There are several others about Merritt that have been working for many months without incident. The recently installed one is in front of the Downtown Tourist Center 2202 Voght.

Big moon in the sky tonight, Monday its full and has an shadowy eclipse.

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The week that was Nov 21st, Merritt, British Columbia, CA

The Minor hockey association had a picture night this week numbers of teams lined up at the Nicola valley memorial arena for photographer.

The arts council had a grand opening night at their new location corner of Nicola and Voght. 30 artisan participants showed their wears undercover 19 restrictions including face masks and hand sanitation. There was a table with takeaway treats to mark the occasion. The show will run to December 24th and it’s the 5th annual winter artisan sale.

The local A& W is closing at 8:00 p.m. except for it’s drive-thru. The drive-thru will be open till 10:00 p.m. There is now a contact tracing book in the foyer for people to sign as I go in.

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The week that was Nov 14, Merritt, British Columbia, CA

The Merritt junior hockey team, is playing demo games in a hope to recover a season by December. The Merritt Centennials in their 48th year played Trail on Wednesday to a 5 to 0 loss without fans or substitutes. They will play their rival Trail again on Wednesday .

Starbucks is noted for the inside tables open this week. ” they have been open for two weeks” every second table is open unless your “group is in your bubble” Then you can use the next table to you. The number of tables is still small, counter service and drive through remain the stay.

Last day of the opening show of the new art gallery on Nicola. Next month will have a 26 artist showing.

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The week that was Nov 7th Merritt British Columbia, CA

The Merritt Art Gallery had a reception on Thursday at its new location on the corner of Nicola and Voght. The artist in show was Jean Kiegrel and twin Willows Glass. The gallery has one show so far at the new location.

The election of US president 46,Joe Biden is seen as a a homey deal as the new VP had high school in Canada. source servers

Ed from Ponderosa sport shop is showing off his alleged meteor that he found north of Merritt . The fist sized Rock is heavy to the feel and dark in color as one rolled in rivers. Ed is taking his magnet and going look foe more.

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October 2020

The week that was October 31st, Merritt British Columbia CA.

The Thompson Nicola regional district had a toxic waste pickup in the parking lot of the curling range Saturday. The annual pickup drive had been postponed from the weekend before because of snow and ice conditions. There will not be another pickup for a year.All waste can be brought out to the dump facilities, fees may be necessary.

Some trick or treaters are seen out in costume and at the local A& W making the best of Halloween around the Covitt 19 measures

. The Merritt Desert Inn is having its gravel roof repaired.. The business has set in a back entrance resembling a cow shoot and is contracted to be a shelter for the winter

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The week that was October 24th,Merritt British Columbia CA

We’re sorry to announce the passing of a friend the tender age of 98 years, Helen Stonemam will be remembered by us at pi for a long time she was a friend a long time toastmaster of club 3929 and an active person in the community.

There is to be no public flu clinic hosted by public health and merit this year on advice that would be better to go to a local pharmacist.

Snow and colder weather have blanketed the valley this week bringing snow right into the city level on Friday. Temperatures have dropped below freezing with a wind chill expected this weekend to be double digit minus.

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The week that was October 17th Merritt British Columbia, CA

The old courthouse gallery moved to its new location at the corner of Nicola and Voght in Merritt. Jean Keigler also has has an exhibition as well as being on site for the show Wednesdays through Sundays afternoons until November 14th. The gallery acquired some very attractive jewelry display cases for local artisans of the wheelchair access is available from the buildings entrance off Voght.

The Tim Hortons in Merritt is closed for 15 days since Thursday last. The restaurant had a deep cleaning and and says it is for precaution.

Timbler contracting is putting up fencing and rock work along the riverbank for the highway upgrade to the Nicola River quote we should be done in a week.

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The week that was Oct 10th, Merritt British Columbia, CA

The farmers market is having its last sale on Quilchena Avenue today the market backdropped with Fall colours sits on the 2000 block n full glory. Local parliament hopefuls pushing baby buggies and glad handing. Jerry Sanders is seen with Jackie Tegart. the now candidate and former 2 term MLA. Pumpkins are every where as well as farm bounty , honey and crafts.

Tuesday was to be the last day for the Voght street construction however a delay has come up because of a contractor not being available to do the last bits of paving. The work is published as to be finished at the end of October.

Black maze shoots are at the rear of the Merritt Desert in leading to an winter shelter in the hotel. The shelter is by contract with the government.

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The Week that was Oct 3rd , Merritt British Columbia, CA

The Court House Gallery was cleaned out by the Arts council in readiness to move into their new location on the corner of Nicola and Voght. The group had been at the 1840 Nicola location for 18 years.

The public library ,1691 Garcia remains at 10 readers at a time.

Work BC posted job opportunities with the TMX expansion on the door of the office. They said that there were 2 locations in BC where TMX required workers.

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September 2020

The week that was Sept 26th,Merritt British Columbia,CA

The Arts Council is having and open house to see the new gallery location on Monday the 28th from 5 – 7 PM . the new location is at the corner of Nicola and Voghtt in the historic Jackson Building.

There is going to be Logger Sports on the thanksgiving weekend according to a source. The logger sports have been a success for many years in Merritt with sponsored chainsaw carving bein popular, comedic theater and many other logger Related events. The showing of logging equipment has drawn it to central park in recent times because of the space required. The show goes on from 9 to 6 pm October 9th and 11:00 am, 1PM and 3PM on October 10th 2020. 10 dollars per car load. This year they are back at the Merritt Rodeo grounds

Two Covid 19 contacts last week in the Nicola Valley one was at a local Hotel and one at a funeral. Source

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was Sept19th,Merritt British Columbia, CA

The Court t House Gallery is preparing to move to its new location on Nicola and Voght as the renovators are removing trees and bush off the property to build a gazebo. Next weekend will be the last gallery show in the old location.

The property that was the old Grasslands hotel that burnt more that decade ago has an application for rezoning from commercial to mixed residential including mobile homes. The property was owned by the 5 local first nations bands and represented by the steelworkers union at the time of the fire that ended the operation. The property has been empty field since the remaining building was torn dow.

The corner of Walters and Voght the site of a 4 story apartment complex is nearing roofing. The large lot is next to the foundation of a Coast Canadian Inn project that was stopped at in the early 1990s because of a dispute over sprinkler over firehall conditions. The lot is now posted for sale and the foundation remains. both properties are up the street from the the former Grasslands lot.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was Sept12th, Merritt, British Columbia Ca

The road crew on the Voght street upgrade said that a gas line break will put paving back al little, the company has until October 30th to finish the work on the road redo.

The Ware property on the Garcia street side of the Nicola river gave over an acer of land in a trade with the city to have rip rap placed to protect the corner of the upgrade highway on the Nicola avenue and the meter of rise in grade it accomplished . The Ware property got an legal right to another acre that kept the place over the 5 acer amount required for farm zoning

School restarted mid week with mask use central to the students attending. One table per cohort one exit for coming and going. “It is what it is ” student

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was Sept 5th, Merritt British Columbia.

Yano Howorth the Court House Gallery says that the current art show is the last for the old court house . New owners have raised the rent and are going to renovate the building. No comment rom the Michelle Pierce , the current president. Ms Pierce , an employee with Peter Moyes Home Hardware is a long time Merritt resident and had a passion for the gallery. She will be responsible for the move to the corner of Voght and Nicola in the former Post meat market. The new gallery will share the building with t first nations food outlet.

Word is that the Voght street upgrade will see pavement within to weeks. The project is to be complete by the end of October.

The Merritt Desert Inn a former country music bedrock supporter under Hall of fame member Melva White is reported to be contacted for shelter service in the coming months. The business was sold And Melva now serves on city council.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was Aug 29th, Merritt British Columbia.

The work to the south approach o f the Voght Street bridge bridge is progressing with curbs and storm drains in to the Blackwell avenue entrance mostly complete complete. People are speculating that blacktop will come soon and that it is ahead of its October completion date.

Starbucks has reduced ours closing daily at 4 PM it not put its tables and chairs out for the good weather and still has no sit down service inside. The store maintains distancing and email marketing. The store as a robust drive through service.

The last day of August will mark a month to the October first property tax deadline in Merritt.

That’s all from Merritt this week, KDG

The week that was Aug 22nd, Merritt British Columbia.

The 49th season of the local Junior Hockey team, the Merritt Centennials, is pending. The team is the longest surviving in the province and as had a camp of 120 people recently in Abbottsford. Today under returning coach Derek Sweet- Coulter they are part of 80 hopefuls.

The Bee show ended today at the Olde Courthouse Gallery. The gallery is at 1840 Nicola number 1 ( ground floor ). The September showing is a memorial show for artists that have recently passed.

Curbing is progressing on Voghtt street with highly seen drains stating do not pollute drains to river. the project is slated to finish the end of October.

That is it from Merritt this week, KDG

The week that was Aug 15th,Merritt, British Columbia, ca

The Vought street upgrade has put curbing in on the North side of the road to the area before the Kin park. The river will be getting some r rip rap to support the rise in elevation in the dip on the sweeping corner at the Central park entrance. The ware family across the river with an farm property has taken some tires out in an agreement to have some rip rap placed.

The local library is now open for inside service pf 10 people for an hour. There is also 45 minutes of computer time available. Telephone acess is available as well.

A contract was let to remove thistles that had grown through the juniper hedge at work BC on the Garcia facing offset area. The plants were 5 – 6 feet tall and going into seed.

That’s it from Merritt this week, KDG

The week that was Aug 8th, Merritt ,British Columbia,Ca

The Downtown Tourist Info Booth , The Baillie House is having a treasure hunt through August. The contest is sponsored Royal Lepage and Radio Q101 FM .There are 25 shops locations to enter foe thousand in prizes. Baillie House 1s number 22.

‘Mary from Marys Corner Kitchen says she only had 34 thousand in wages to get wage support from the pandemic relief program. she said she needed 40 thousand. She is now reconsidering her business.

Work on the Vought street up grade continues with services being replaced in the area of 2nd avenue.

That is it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was Aug 1st Merritt British Columbia, Ca

The local farmers market had 11 booths today. A sponsoship of fees is in effect at the hand od Community Futures Nicola Valley. ” two weeks trail period” source

The downtown touist info center has its holihocs in full growth and bloom. Mostly a pale yellow the flowers give a symmetry to the yard. The place aslo kown as the Baillie house is also the local historical society.

Merriit has planned for a refresh of its offical community plan. Starting in August the review will last several months and look at various zoning situations.

Thats it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was July 25th Merritt British Columbia, Ca

Tim Hortons 3340 River ranch road has reduced its seating to 4 from 7. The outlet continues to provide counter take out and drive through along with order ahead.

The local police have moved long time CPO cop Tracy Dunsmur to a First Nations task and made a new constable to be the CPO contact. The CPO is in the Spirt Square at the corner of Granite and Voght and is not open to the public as yet.

The Merritt Public library is still closed to the public however calling ahead can get a item at the front door. Limited hours apply, ask when you call.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG.

The week that was July 18th Merritt British Columbia, Ca

The Coldwater hotel ios open and under restrictions for service, the hotel at the corner of Quilchena and Voght changed ownership recently and the Chinese owner out fitted it with colloured liighting.The hotel is a historic building. Guests included train robber Billy Minor. Dr JJ Gillis had a medical practice in the building prior to his death in 1965.

The Grand hotel is open 9 oclock last call ,registration , 50 percent capacity, no kids under 10 years old andf servers wear masks in the kitchen with ongoing sanitation.

Starbucks has yet to bring back its seatin it only offers counter service with order ahead or walk in. Six feet apart floor markings to be followed.

Thats it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was July 11th Merritt British Columbia Ca

The Inn town motel in the 2000 block of Vought hosted 14 elderly motorcycle keeners from Vancouver Island this week. the group was interested in the network of secondary roads here.

Ed Hendricks fro ponderosa sports shop was concerened about about the BC government proposed changes to the widlife act . The changes are about private property designation and treaty lands as it relates to hunting..

The Coyote collision shop has been taken over by mining people processing drill cores. The company is contracting Titan drilling on a project in the Shovelnose mountain area outside Merritt.

Thats it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was July 4rth Merritt British Columbia, Ca

People were seen coming from city hall paying there property taxes. This was followed by a sign saying limited hours open to receive Taxes due July 3rd. The sign also said that no penalty to October 5th 2020.

Editors note the tax deline to avoid penalty is October 1st 2020.

The week that was June 27th Merritt British Columbia,Ca

The City is carefully trying level 3 restart there have been very few COVID cases over the pandemic here, people careful about things.

The down town tourist info center took on 2 more summer students now they have four. They are paid something over 15 dollars an hour, that is about twice the amount that the government was to pay for students that couldn’t work this summer.

The arts council had an outside reception for artists for this months show. The show included music. Distancing was practised as well as sanitizing of hands. There was a 30 ‘ distance from singers to the line of separated chairs. Darch Oborne former city rec offical and Dorthy Molnar businesswomen were in attendance.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was June 20th Merritt British Columbia ,Ca

Merritt is getting ready for an anticipated level 3 start up phase and the effects of travel domestic travel . The dowbtown tourist info center had new paint on the center and the barn. Summer sttudents are being hired for the season.

The Aboriginal Day on the 21st also saw a corresponding show of 5 FN artists opened on Friday. An artist reception is on next Thursday for the 5 led by fasion designer Shannon Kilroy.

Water levels are up because of rains on the Nicola River causing the city to do a reevaluation of levels. They expect to levels to be back to what was expected early next week.

Thats it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was June 13th Merritt British Columbia, Ca

The Saturday Farmers market off Voght doubled its booths to 6 this week including a new couple to the valley. The young folks have acquired property in the Spius creek area west of town and operate an artisan both at the Market.

Doug Beech a local realtor says that ” there is heavy pressure on rural acerages” in the area . This is because of the containment of corona virus and the difficulty of lock down in city venues. ” we would not like to go through it again in the city” is what they are saying.

The city hosted yoga on the lawn of the seniors lawn bowling club on Thursday. A full feild of younger people were coached by PA speaker. There was a unrelated accident on Friday when a city truck took down an over head power service when delivering sand for the bowling green. No injuries and the damage was quickly repaired.

Thats it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was June 6th Merritt British Columbia,Ca

Sand bagging was curtailed as a rain system failed to completely appear as predicted over the end of the week. This according to the Merritt Hearld.

A unloaded logging truck crashed into a older white step van on Nicola and Garcia on Thursday. little damage but a suprising number of empty logging trucks were backed up behinf the crash. The accident had a response from Police fire and ambulance.

The downtown vistor info center opened Friday on a limited basis. Talk tody was of opening the house for the yard sale fund raising .

Thats it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was May 30th Merritt British Columbia Canada, Ca

There is a construction crew starting work on Voght Street from the Bridge to Black well avenue . The work will go until October and includes a rise in the level of the road way of over a meter.

The Nicola river is slightly over its bank at Kin Park , there are no tapes or barriers up. Still maintain diligence about creek and be aware of flash floods because of rainfall.

The Court house gallery was open for showing on Thursday limited people allowed in and hand sanitation required.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

The Week that was May 21st Merritt British Columbia, Ca

Some sand bagging showed up on Voght street on the park corner as rains made the river swollen.

A number of local business operations began operation on a limited second stage restart restriction. This incluced Subwayh the Grand Hotel and the Empty Keg.

Coopers stores have placed hand santizer at a controlled entrance it is said to not be manditory. They have removed the dividers on the roller bed to the till and broght back wheeled carts.

Thats it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was May 16th Merritt British Columbia, Ca

Painters are out doing curbs and crosswalks this week again. not all that timely for the long weekend but good considering the virus.

Shops are getting ready for the relaxation of some health restrictions next week people are going slow. some business like restaurants may not open again. The A and W is not planning on having inside service at all as yet do to drive success.

Gasoline prices are stable at 99.9 a liter all week.

Thats it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was May 9th Merritt British Columba, Ca

The farmers market had a first 2020 showing at the curling rink parking lot o today today. Local honey and some crafts were there. The group was sparce with distancing pronounced. They will be back Saturdays 9:30 AM to 1 PM.

Creek levels are dropping according to sources at Mill creek. The Nicola river is well be below flood stage at rhis writing.

The Baillie house property is being prepared for new paint. A crew is scrapeing Loose paint for a spruce up of the complex . It functions as a tourist info center and historical site.

Thats it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was May 2nd Merritt British Columbia Ca

The local community garden is giving all its produce to the food bank this season.

The Nicola river has risen to over the storm sewers outlet today. Water levels are still rising. Still 3 feet below flood markers.

Restaurants tremain closed for in dining.

Thats it from Merritt this week KDG

The week that was April 25th Merritt British Columbia Ca

Coopers upgraded the arrows on the floor to have a marked route through the store to avoid close contact. Follow the green not the red.

Water in the Nicola river is still below the storm sewer outlets, the water is contoled by a dam at Nicola lake.

Restaurants and business still are closed to the public. Off sales and pickups are syill availble as well as some business by appointment.

Thats it from Merritt this week KDG.

The week that was April 18thMerritt British Columbia Ca

The fisheries people put 30 thousand Smolt in to the Nicola river Thursday. Part of 200,000 to be released. the fish came from the Spius Creek hatchery west of Merritt.

Some red arrows are being attempted on Granite Avenue to facilitate distancing.

The Federal government has placed a money bill to help Non profits before parliament. Merritt has a history of NGOs working to compliment the public needs.

That’s it from Merritt this week KDG

note: Gas prices hit 63.9 cents a liter !

The Week that was April 11th, Merritt British Columbia Ca

Coopers have added one way arrows to their isles to avoid close passing of shoppers.

Gas prices bottomed at 69.9 cents per liter at the down town Petro Canada.

Easter Issolation was by in large effective last week with un essential trviling noticably absent.

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The week that was, April 4rth, Merritt British Columbia.

A column of deer had been seen going up Merritt Avenue about week and a half ago. They are said to take the quiet street up to the river ranch then take a game trail to a range on Swakum mountain north of town. The count was about 40 deer in tight walking gape.

The local newspaper the Merritt Herald has stopped its hard copy publication this week will see only online access. The paper is doing it because of Coronavirus concerns.

People in Merritt are by cooperating with the distancing and stay home provisions being put forward in its state of emergency.

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The week that was March 28th, Merritt British Columbia, Ca

Corna19 is now in our valley according to reports. A small number of infected people and they generating much talk.

Gasoline dropped to 84 cents a liter at the downtown PetroCan. The decline seems relentless.

Merrit has few resons for people to go out as they limiting restaurants activiyied asking to maintain physical distance of 6 feet. Coopers has taped off markers at the tills and limit the amount of people in the store.

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The week that was March 21st, Merritt British Columbia, Ca

Coopers store in Merritt had limits on food , two of any type, on the middle of the week.. ” we are just having trouble with trucks going elsewhere” Truck on Friday.

A man and wife were ejected for swearing at employees at the local Coopers store on Friday after trying to buy two many beans for his large family. Quade Lingren ” complied and peace was restored in the presence of store security.

Most all restaurants have only off sales and some have limits on how many can be in the store at one time.

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The Week that was March 14th, Merritt, British Columbia, Ca

Snow covered the hills about the Valley this week and overnight lows were double digits.

Christopher West had the Nicola Naturalists meeting on Wednesday evening. He is a member of the KEG Kamloops Exploration Group and a has docterate from the University of Saskatchewan. The scope of his presentation was fossils from Ellesmere Island and Axel Heiberg islands in Nunavut . The timeframe was 56 million years ago and the ancient polar forest. ” We will use the data ( 40 years worth so far) to better understand global warming models.

The AW has taken away the condiments station for individual counter service. “The franchise is spooked bout Corona Virus” Source

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The Week that was March 7th,Merritt, British Columbia ,Ca

In like a lamb out like a lion is the coffee shop talk about the change of the month. March started out as temperate single digit days with a forecast of double digit minus over night after the 7th.

Time change politics are about the town, numbers of people do not want to have changes to and from PST. A debate about which one to permanently change to seems to gravitate to DST. We think that that will not happen without US coordination.

Coronavirus fear is low in Merritt with no cases reported and a slide to the peak of flu season in sight we can see light at the end of the tunnel for resources to deal with both. Social distance and hand washing general health are the focus on this community in this action.

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The week that was February 29th, Merritt British Columbia, Ca

Literacy Merritt had their AGM on Tuesday. The group acclaimed its slate of directors and executive nominations making Rhonda Wong President, Lia Moyes Larsen VP, and Megan Gregory Secretary Treasurer, Directors are John Chenowith, Tracy Dunsmore, Jane Kempton, Shelly Oppenheim Lacerte, and Toni Stewart. The group carried $52, 591 worth of assets to the new executive including $ 43, 214 cash.

Film crews are about the downtown filming Jurassic world three. There main presence is between the Coldwater Hotel and Ponderosa Sport shop. They have the area with signage preventing vehicle parking to March 6th. The area is available for business via the sidewalk.

No reports of Corona 19 virus here in town however some people have taken to ensuring they have a 2 week supply of provisions at home in case.

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The week that was February 22nd, Merritt British Columbia,Ca

The local BCHL junior hockey team won the last home game of the season tonight. The game ended in a 7-5 disposition over the Trail Smoke eaters giving the Cents a three game winning momentum going to their last season game against Salmon Arm in SA. The three game streak broke a 15 game loss streak that saw them out of the playoffs.

The City of Merritt has struck a committee for the local airstrip.

Temperature remain as single digits with overnight lows in the negative C. A 25 C snow fall is forecast for tonight. Watch Drive BC

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The week that was February 15th, Merritt British Columbia,Ca

A light plane crash at the local airstrip was investaged by the TSB this week. A man in his sixties was found strapped into the tail in the air aircraft after he had been reported missing. The man spent the night unable to get out of his seat or contact help. The TSB has ended the probe without further concerns.

Brian Barret said the local BCHL team has three at home games to play to close the season. The team was recently knocked out of the playoffs by Coquitlam Express.

The City offices have been renovated to move downstairs the development people. The front facing building on Vought street also has a Mammate avenue entrance for development applications. The new access is well signed.

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The Week that was February 8th Merritt British Columbia, Ca

The Merritt Centennials Junior Hockey team broke its win drought with a victory over the Prince George Spruce kings on Friday. The 5-2 score made for a comfortable context for their next game against Coquitlam on Tuesday.

Titan drilling is starting up drilling again after a Christmas/ winter shut down. Crews will be drilling again on Shovelnose mountain on the 15th of the month.

The Court House Gallery had their artist reception for the February show ” Children in Art” on Friday. City representative Kurt Christopherson spoke to the opening of the show and the importance of art in the Valley.

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February 2020
The week that was February 1st, Merritt British Columbia Ca

The Merritt Centennials lost to Salmon arm last night the club is patient in wanting to end a long drought in wins. They have another opportunity tonight against Salmon Arm.

The arts council is back at it after sorting out the Christmas program with a family and kids show for February. There is an artists reception on February 7th at 4pm.

Temperatures are dropping as a front is passing through, double digit overnight lows are expected on Monday.

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