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Happy Thanksgiving (not an Oxymoron)

Thanksgiving music

Set table for goodness

On this Day: October 11 1492

Christopher Columbus men attempt mutiny.

National Fire prevention week, be thankful!

Hey, make sure your batteries are good in your detectors as we don’t like hearing of Holiday tragic events taking people from our communities and souring experiences.

Diamond Vale fire destroys Four Plex and single family dwelling in Merritt

Foam retardant used in fighting late summer fire, Merritt BC, Canada ,  File Photo KDG

Don’t be a turkey this long weekend…

On this Day: October 5th 1990

The Melbourne Herald goes out of printing after 150 years.

Stolen car



Culture Day at Baillie House Constable T Dunsmore File photo KDG



CFJC News is reporting that there was a standoff in Merritt this afternoon. According to CFJC in an interview with Merritt’s Constable Tracy Dunsmore two men were taken into custody from the proximity of Funks Road Runner Motel on the east end of Merritt leaving town. A weapon is said to be being searched for. A stolen car is alleged to be at the center of the trouble.
Editors Note: This is a rare occurrence in this town and is not our normal expectation.
On this Day: November 26th 1476
Vlad the Impale r ( Dracula) defeats Basarab Laiota and becomes the ruler of Wallachia for the 3rd time.

Today in History November 26th 1789
Thanksgiving made an national observance in the US by the Congress.

Country Christmas

Christmas in the post-War United States

Christmas in the post-War United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Merritt is a very active place here after November 27th the countdown to Christmas starts then and a parade and midnight madness event starts it off. The local FM station has contests for home town shopping, and merchants try to establish their business success for the next year around the season. The local library is offering a 1000 dollars  in a contest that ends on November 26th.  The efforts that go into Christmas here are exceptional and sometimes quite heart warming.

The digital money company swag bucks are offering a Christmas preview sale for online shopping that ends on November 26th 20% off and 8 swag bucks ( 8 cents or eight percent) for every dollar spent on-line at Macy’s. The good will of the season is out there and is a significant value even for those involved in Christmas selling.

Q 101 is offering a draw for 1500 dollars in a home town shopping spree, ending December 9th..

The scenery can be very homey with snow-covered hills and a hush of the past looking to a new year.


Peace on earth good will to mankind;  without argument.

For those needing hope the season is quite under girding and lasting.

Today in history: November 13th 1901

The 1901 Caister lifeboat disaster.


Merit of Merritt

It’s good that it is friday….

The Nicola naturalists had their presentation last night and  DR Kerridge told all about bats. He dispelled some beliefs in particular, bats are not blind but prefer sonar for hunting. He kept bats and said they were expensive to keep as he had to buy expensive meal worms and toss them up toward the ceiling.

Some species of bats have been clocked at 90 km an hour.

About 60 people enjoyed the presentations including the local preamble, of slides and stats. the christmas bird count was related of interest were the 13 Great Blue Herons counted.

Some cormets and humming birds were also of interest.

Today in history: January 18,1778

The Sandwich islands are found and named by European Sea Captain James Cook

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