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TGIF-Live like Ty

Rodeo weekend in Merritt
File Photo KDG

The local rodeo is on this weekend, Labour Day. There are a few back widow signs saying in essence “live like the 25 year old star Ty Pozzobon. Ty died last year from issues coming from head injuries according to accounts.

The family of a 25-year-old Canadian bull riding champion, who died suddenly Monday, is warning about the dangers of concussions in the wake of his death. … Close friends and Canadians in the rodeo and bull-riding community are mourning the loss of the young bull rider.

Accounts also say he took his own life, something that should never be considered as good advise.

The truth is yes you may take risks to enhance your life . The law says not recklessly. This goes beyond most of us that may consider roller coaster rides as risk. The reality is many jobs and situations may cause additional risk for gain or to prevent loss and so long as reasonable efforts are made it is legal to take those risks.

We all lost something with the untimely loss of Ty Pozzabon last January. However it is complicated to enjoy life so yes live like Ty is a view to be balance, some it to be outright rejected.

You be the judge in your trade offs but never take that non reversible (taking your own life) step to preserve a persona at the cost of never making a personal decision again.

On this Day: September 1st 1905

Alberta and Saskatchewan join the become part of Canada.





Rodeo weekend in Merritt
Photo KDG

The next cultural event in Merritt is the annual pro rodeo. Sept 2nd and 3rd.

The Merritt Pro rodeo celebrates and perpetuates the agriculture and lifestyle of the ranching community in Merritt and is approaching its 7th decade of operation. Merritt Rodeo Grounds 300 Lindley Road.

Rodeo clowns (some locals) are employed for rider safety.

This will be the an occasion to remember a local pro that lost his life to concussions and the link between football and hockey and other severe contact sports.

Ty Pozzebon never got the privilege of old age however his light burned bright for a time. He won hearts of many competitors. KDG

Ty Pozzebon gone at 25 January 2017.

The local fall fair building brings the farming community together at the end of summer every year.
KDG file photo.

On this Day: August 8th 1929
The airship Graf Zeppelin begins its round the world trip.


Where would ranch's be without horses File photo KDG

Where would ranch’s be without horses
File photo KDG

110_3721 cow corn

Corn grown in the Nicola Valley Photo KDG

A little home on the range went to feedlots….

The Nicola Valley Ranch Rodeo, the other rodeo is being advertised for the 27th of August at the Rodeo grounds south of Merritt.  Merritt has had a labour day weekend rodeo for 58 years including the one coming up on the 3rd and 4th of September.

Merritt area has had many small rodeos  at ranch’s and reserves over time. there was once a suicide run on a very step hill at the Upper Nicola Bands Douglas Lake reserve. It was discontinued because  of injury and the possibility of cruelty to horses.

The rodeo bunch are civilized here now however an event can still become tragic if not properly managed. Merritt has produced clowns to manage bulls in riding events.

People like Bob Barker from the price is right have been instrumental in making change to attitudes that may effect stock and the way people perceive responsibility to them. Hollywood has also softened toward the use of livestock in movies. We invite the public to take an interest in the Nicola Valleys animals husbandry and attitudes that actions generate.

Local horses up for weather File Photo KDG

Local horses up for weather
File Photo KDG







The ranch rodeo is advertised as free admission and an 8:30 AM start on the 27th. The pro rodeo on the long weekend is a prize granting event; info is available at: http://nicolavalleyprorodeo.com/

On this Day: August 11th 1968

The final steam powered train operates on British rail.


Nicola Valley Pro Rodeo

Where would ranch's be without horses File photo KDG

Where would ranch’s be without horses
File photo KDG

The  84th annual Nicola Valley pro rodeo is on for the September long weekend. September 3and 4th will see the pro qualifying event in the Rodeo Grounds south of town.

The rodeo is popular with many of the local ranching community as well as competitors from all round.


On this Day: July 13th 1793

French journalist Jean Paul Marat is assassinated in his bath tub.

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