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A fellowship of history and wonder.

June 19th 2010 meet,
Merritt Railway enthusiasts club

Railways are celebrated all around the world! Today is national railway day in Azerbaijan. You knew that!

On this Day: October 13th 1988

The book Spy catcher survives UK government attempt to squash.

Today Clubhouse art…

File photo KDG Click for location

Group Art Show May 5th- 23rd 2021

May 5th the Nicola Valley Community Arts Council is having a new show at its down town gallery. The Canadian Mental Health Association group Clubhouse is presenting from their Forging Connections program.

Thursday May 6th 2021 there is a meet and greet from 1: 30 – 2:30 Pm as well. Six people in gallery at one time and other Covid- 19 restictions.

The show is regular hours Wednesday through Saturday 11pm – 6PM Sunday 12 noon to 4PM.

The Nicola Valley Art Gallery is at 2051 Voght street ,( take the Kekilui entrance go up the walk.

On this Day: May 5th 1835

First continental railway in Europe.

Toot toot to you…

Development around rail corridors…

Railway clubs left with only models after CPR is replaced by Coquihalla highway in Merritt in the 1980s

File Photo KDG

The provincial government is developing policies ( guidelines) in respect to developing around rail corridors.

The guidelines are designed to assist local governments and rail companies in reviewing and determining general planning policies when developing on lands in proximity to railway facilities. The guidelines also establish a process for making site-specific recommendations and decisions to reduce land-use incompatibilities for developments in proximity to railway operations. A key component is a model review process for new residential development, infill, and conversions in proximity to railways

Source UBCM

Merritt experinced this when the CPR stopped operating here in the 1980’s. Merritt Building supplies infilled with a warehouse on Voght and Coldwater. The Garden center also infilled on Voght and what should have been Canford Avenue. The rails were taken out according to policy at the time that enabled the CPR to do that if the sevice was discontinued for 2 years and no one filed a complaint. The Coquihalla highway took up the freight sevice displaced by the lack of rail.

Editors note: Alberta is presently getting ready to deploy rail cars for moving up to 150 thousand BPD of crude. Corridors have abig impact for anykind of tranmission, power, rail. pipelines, roads, etc. The activity is called the Rail Proximity Initative, it is findable on the web PP

On this Day February 28th 1935

Nylon is invented by Dupont.

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