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TGIF-River drift wood

Music fest back
Photo KDG

Jerry a retired artisan and Cat operator has another reason to be at the river he collects drift wood to make art. The favorite is roots from cottonwood it “has interesting rocks and debris that adds to the interpretation of the form” says Jerry. A lampshade is overdone to Jerry but he enjoys the outings on the river,  Val his beau says Jerry is a dare devil, however he is experienced in the use of the river and is responsible in all ways.

The music festival is on this weekend and river use is not an exclusive right to anyone. Enjoy your neighbour as well as the experience.

Have a great weekend KDG

On this Day: August 4th 1790

The revenue cutter service ( pre-runner to the US Coast Guard) is established.


Bass Coast


Moon over Bass Coast festival in Merritt
Photo KDG

Some sources say the festival on the weekend was successful. The event ended yesterday late afternoon and was the 9th annual.

A worker said that the full moon was so bright that he did not need his flashlight.

On this Day : July 11 th 1893

The first cultured pearl is obtained by one of Japan’s eventual top 10 inventors, Mikimoto  Kokichi.

Rocking on the river

Lowlands of Coldwater river, on way to festival grounds has log home... File photo KDG

Lowlands of Coldwater river, on way to festival grounds has log home…
File photo KDG

Kenney Hess and his country crowd is having a festival on the grounds of the old Merritt Mountain festival again this summer.
the Merritt Rockin river festival is on July 28th-31st 2016 and feature Sam hunt, Dean Brody, Randy Houser John Michael Montgomery and many more.
The festival grounds are on the Ewalt ranch, east of Merritt and include the Coldwater river meandering through on its way to meet the Nicola river.
The area was a center for coal mining from the end of the 19th century and looks down into the Nicola Valley and ghosts its railway roots.
Kenney Hess is a Canadian performer from the lower mainland of BC and has been a stalwart for country music at previous Merritt Festivals.
Tickets are at Riverfest.ca.
Some campsites are sold out now there is a comprehensive list of protocols at the organizers web site including:”You can consume alcohol in your campsite, but you are not permitted to walk around the campgrounds or on roadways with alcohol. Alcohol will be confiscated and not returned and you could be subject to removal from the festival grounds.”

Editors Note: please think in terms of respecting neighboring property and enjoyment rights when planning to attend  or explore about Merritt. There are two travel info centers here to help you with the planning. As well there is a Chamber of Commerce office at city hall on Voght street Merritt..

On this day: May17th 1994
Malawi has its first multi party elections.

Merritt Mountain Music Festival

Lots of class entertainers, and for those that were there a good experience. A consensus of those polled saw a favorable enjoyable weekend with some big stars. Local bars did well thursday and friday, but fewer people were in town because of  the fact there were no shuttle buses running.

Was it was profitable? That will come to be told ; you would think they would have a plan to rebuild  over a multi-year term.

Today in History : July 11 1971

Copper mines in Chile are nationalised.


This is the VIP stop for the press at one of the entrances of the Merritt Mountain Music festival, it has been announced that they will be selling tickets starting next month for another festival. The event next summer will have to overcome a number of negatives including  8 percent unemployment, as it’s not like Walt Disney in the 30s with a new and hopeful media. Lots of luck and its all up to the consumer and where they trust their hard-earned bucks…….

Today in History October 22 1836

Sam Huston is the first President of the Republic of Texas.

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