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old camera kodak (2)

An old box Kodak camera, File Photo KDG


The local museum is having a presentation on a couple that documented the Nicola Valley during its youth in the early 20th century.

Harry and Lily Priest are the focus of a talk by Jolene Castillou Cumming grand daughter of Judge Harry Castillou, an early politician and pioneer to the Nicola Valley.

Titled the Photographer and the Teacher it is at the Merritt Seniors center June 8th 7:00-8:pm, free admission. The Museum and seniors center is at 1675 Tutill Court behind Coopers in the downtown  Railyard Mall.

Tom Edwards and Murphy Shewchuck ,museum principals are a wealth of information about the early days of the Central interior of BC….

On this Day: June 1st 1980

Cable News Network starts its broadcast. CNN


Find Harry Potter

The Nicola Valley Museum has a find Harry Potter activity, there are no prizes but for the sheer fun of doing it there is 3 inch Harry Potter figurine hidden at the museum.
The Nicola Valley Museum and Archives are tucked just behind Coopers in the Railyard mall in Merritt, of the corner of Coutlee avenue and Garcia street downtown. There is also access off Coldwater Avenue 2100 block. The museum has many local displays of the industries and people of the Valley including mines and mills, native contact, hospital, and military relics. http://nicolavalleymuseum.org/

Today in history: September 10th 1922:

Sunday, 10th Sept. 1922 : The Treasury in Washington has released new figures the per capita circulation of money is now $39.93 per person down from $42.99 one year ago. .
The total money in circulation is $4,393,506,927 and the total number of people in the US is 110,017,000
The total US dollars believed to be in circulation today is $700 billion


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