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Gas tax report…



The provincial government has received its federal gas tax report for monies spent…

Since 2005, the Federal Gas Tax Fund has provided $1.4 billion to 3,729 infrastructure and capacity building projects in B.C. communities. UBCM’s report on expenditures for the 2016 program year is now available. Along with aggregate comparisons of 2014-2016 reporting data, the report provides a complete list of the 896 projects under way during reporting period. Source UBCM

We are still inextricably tied to the production, distribution and consumption of Fossil fuels.


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On this Day: November 29th 1929

Admiral Byrd starts his first south pole quest.



broken sign no contract….
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The gasoline price is at $1.10.9 cents a liter today a day before the long week end starts. The price represents a stable driving season and a management attitude by consumers. The absence of the McMurray fire this year may have  something to do with it and the Shell Station off Belshaw Avenue has not gone without supply as yet this season as was the case last season. At this writing a fuel truck is delivering there for the weekend.

The drought sign has gone up from normal meaning conditions are dryer act accordingly.

Gas buddy says that all  Merritt gas stations are on price. The average price is $1.22.3 and the lowest is 94.9 in BC. Trending up…


On this Day: August 3rd 1859
The American Dental association is founded.


Two Dollar Gas

Battle of the Bulge

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Two dollar gas, the Republican Presidential Nomination debates last evening brought up the specter of 2 dollar gas.  The overwhelmingly free market responders looked at it as if they were deprived children looking through the glass of a candy store. Is it realistic , to expect it again? We say yes that relative cheap energy , energy that is  readily available  to meet all demand is  most desirable and the thing that the Governments should have the most influence over as all the other issues  are tied to its success.

We think of the reason that free markets exist today as when totalitarian forces  went to  repel the  forces of democracy  they had the equipment , the men, and the tanks but not the  gas the Battle of the Bulge stalled as tanks stalled and Nazis  tankers walked away from them.It would be a shame not to employ all the smarts of the people and science of the US into achieving and sustaining that ability to reach relatively cheap energy. For those that sacrificed so much .

Today in history, September 8,1991

The Republic of Macedonia becomes independent.

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