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Double digit below centigrade…

A cold spell is forecast to start on Sunday bringing a prolonged cold spell.

Coming Sunday the local rod and gunners are having there annual fish derby on Mamit lake north west of Merritt off 97C. There is a 15 dollar entry fee and prizes include one for coarse fish. BJ Moore, the club president once again hosts the event that runs from 8AM to 2: 15 PM.

Ice conditions can change quickly.
File photo: KDG

On this Day: January 7th 1980

Chrysler corporation is bailed out by US president Jimmy Carter.

Fish and Game Banquet

The local fish and game club is having a banquet on March 8th ,2014. The club calls this a big event and is looking for help to organize and present it.

The Nicola Valley Fish and Game Club has events such as trap shoots, it has a junior firearms program and ice fishing derby, they are involved in the Core firearms safety program in the schools  having 21 grads this year according to the December newsletter.

B.J. Moore is in charge of the Archery program and is promising 3D archery this spring.

They can be contacted through their communications person: Othmar.Vohringer@yahoo.ca


Today in history: February 4th 2004

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