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Construction supervision…????

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A four point male mule deer sits on a construction site on Sunday seemingly habituated. according to Paul a rod and gun club member th velvet will be gone in a month and breeding will begin. A counter person in a sports store says that they will freeze and rely on no movement to hide them. Perhaps he thinks we looks like a pile of lumber.

In addition to movements related to available shelter and food, the breeding cycle is important in understanding deer behavior. The “rut” or mating season usually begins in the fall as does go into estrus for a period of a few days and males become more aggressive, competing for mates. Does may mate with more than one buck and go back into estrus within a month if they did not become pregnant. The gestation period is about 190–200 days, with fawns born in the spring, staying with their mothers during the summer and being weaned in the fall after about 60–75 days. Mule deer females usually give birth to two fawns, although if it is their first time having a fawn, they often have just one.[ Source Wikipedia

On this Day: July 25th  1837

the first commercial telegraph signal is demonstrated.



Oh Deer

Deer on Garcia street Merritt Photo KDG

Deer on Garcia Street Merritt
Photo KDG

There were 10 deer on the lawns of Garcia Street, Tuesday morning. Deer seem to know that there are no firearms to be used in the city.

On this day: October 22 1836

Sam Houston becomes the first president of the Republic of Texas.

Watch for deer

Deer crossing roads other then freeway watch for deer! File photo: KDG

Deer crossing roads other then freeway watch for deer!
File photo: KDG

A man on a Harley Davidson motorcycle at Starbuck’s 10:30 am on Thursday said that the rain was not a bother to him as he was well protected with a wind screen and leathers. when asked if he had to watch for spray from passing vehicles he said “he had to watch for everything and he had two deer jump out on the road as he left the Preditor ridge area in Vernon in the morning.
The man came from he washroom at Starbucks, happy to have had the warmth of the electric hand dryer, and continued on his way with coffee in hand.

Today in history: September 19th 2010

The leaking well from the drilling rig Deep Water Horizon is finally sealed.


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