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Covid-18 BC, update…


Evacuations respected officials.

Strong community support for workers for emergencies.

Not yet through the pandemic.

Varient ay4.2 has shown up, is now two-thirds of present cases.

Vector vaccine Johnson and Johnson arriving. Call the center if you want this vector vaccine. (5000 doses this week)

Immunizations for 5-11-year-olds, independent review encouraging for coming authorizations. ( familiar with) MOFH. Fewer antigen boosts are needed. If and when approved they are prepared. Vaccination will not be mandatory for children.

Flu is about.


Five steps Covid-19, Bonnie Henry…

On this Day: November 15th 1920

The free state city of Danzig is established.

Danzig City, state lasts to 1939.

BC Covid-19 update October 25th, 2021

8,294,900 comulative approved vaccine doses delivered to BC.

The province has administered 97.9 percent of the Covid-19 doses to the province, the 8 million one hundred twenty thousand four hundred fifty-eight jabs have provided for 79.6 % of the population getting a single dose with 74.6% of the province securing two doses. This data was published at 11:36 CST Monday.

Source Covid-19 Tracker Canada

Canada Vaccination

Canada has administered 57,910,473 doses since December 14th, 2020, and 24,569 dosed yesterday.

The restart is going along and vaccination is making the lifting of gathering restrictions more attractive with every dose administered.

BC Clean 2030, Government media access: questions and answers:

Media access, contains 7 seconds on Covid-19

Government media access, October 25th 2021: Health questions and answers 41.43 – 48.17…

Workers vaccine mandate LTC

5-11-year-old mandate waiting on the federal government.

Blue Grotto concert, Kamloops

Distance , Wash hands,Masks in general

Local School board offloading

On this Day: October 25th 1995

A train bus accident in Illinois kills 7 students.

Health care takes a lot,

File photo

A flu season is expected

While seasonal influenza (flu) viruses are detected year-round in the United States, flu viruses are most common during the fall and winter. The exact timing and duration of flu seasons varies, but influenza activity often begins to increase in October. Most of the time flu activity peaks between December and February, although significant activity can last as late as May.


October 1st BC school precautions

(includes statements on flu season), Covid-19…

Daily health check

Stay at home when sick


Best tool box part :vaccination

Respiratory flu season

Air circulation

Conditions of employment

Cohorts not optimal to reducing numbers and sharing activity times


Elected people in charge under the rule of law

This is the 3rd school year of Covid-19 regulated under numbers of jurisdictions and time proven applications.

Regular flu vaccination is becoming available through pharmacies and doctors offices.

On this Day: October 14th 1066

The battle of Hastings.

Get vaccinated!

Importance of school to children, Covid-19…

600,000 children in school learners, BC.

Regional orders the norm.

K-12 mask order, staff and students.

Everchanging pandemic; Bonnie Henry

Mild disease in children not a reason for less concern.

More testing sees more results.

Air ambulance sitting at air field .
Health care takes a lot of support
from many sources including
you keeping your own. File Photo

Surgeries up against covid-19 bumping, ( over 5000 in most recent reporting range.)

World wide conditions changing daily. Appointments for Covid-19 use for international travel in flux.

Regions in BC drawing specific outbreak restriction remedies ( Fraser Health, including gathering limits)

Vaccinations still the front line remedy strategy.

Care to your neighbours health for ordinary care ( against Covid-19 bumping)depends on you.

One path forward Vaccinations:(Health Minister), questions will be answered.

Doses nearing 8 million in BC…

Air ambulance sitting at air field .
Health care takes a lot of support from many sources,
including you keeping your own. File photo KDG


Sept 21st 2021 Covid-19 update, BC.

No public health exclusions noted for getting vaccinated by people who have:

Pregnancy issues..

Breast feeding

Have had long Covid-19

Who have had Covid-19

Bonnie Henry says that there is an advantage to all people to be vaccinated. She also says that there is vaccination coming to children aged 6-11.

The health ministry says that 13 percent of BC people remain unvaccinated as of today. Contact tracing in effect.

Are we ready

It appears that the goals of phase 4 maybe not the conditions to

start and success will depend on individual effort as well.

Air ambulance siting at air field
Health care takes a lot of support
from many sources including you
keeping your own. File Photo KDG

Phase 4 starts tomorrow…

John Horgan says no Sept 7th restart to normal, two weeks ago…

Phase 4 will only be achieved when COVID-19 is no longer a risk, due to an effective treatment, vaccination, or evidence of community immunity. Until British Columbia reaches Phase 4, there will be no rock concerts, conventions, or large gatherings of more than 50 people. Resumption of business, but not business-as-usual


Get vaccinated.

The Variant is out there and Covid-19 will still get you, that will hurt people I have that work in the health care system, we don’t want it to create another dependant class of people to replace the Ingenious that may be coming out of that on September 30th. TIC

Restrictions during phase 4.

The only real restriction planned for phase 4 is business will still be under public health guidance, large events are only targeted for ” increased numbers”

  • Masks in public indoor settings a personal choice
  • Normal social contact
  • If you or anyone in your family feels sick stay home and get tested immediately

On this Day: September 7th 1970

Vietnam gets TV


OUCH File photo KDG

Iron lung triage

Polio was a scrooge to the population prior to vaccinations, put on US president in a wheel chair for life. But true horror was the triage for for who might live when recourses were needed to be rationed. The truth of it is that you don’t mess with these things when they can be resolved, because that door may not always be open. I am familiar with one case where a young girl inn the 30’s involuntarily traded. her high school time for a life never getting out of an iron lung capsule.

That was a better outcome for people that go triaged out of that limited resource. Covid.19 is out there and so are you, it will find you in that 20 percent of unvaccinated. and you may triaged out because of your present health and age and the availability of treatment resources.

As provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry was announcing tighter restrictions to cover all of the Interior Health region, she said it won’t be a surprise if the province doesn’t advance to Step 4 in September.

Bonnie Henry



Covid-19 BC

One hundred and twelve new cases.

BC had 112 new cases on Friday with a weekly average of 89. The daily average is approaching one hundred is significant:

The Merritt BC vaccination facility has moved to a smaller complex, that is the Memorial arena to the smaller civic center. With billions of people in the world not yet vaccinated and the border being opened on August 9th to the US, it is closing in on Vaccination availability.

Issue dropping from first of mind in Canada.

Perhaps Covid-19 will be not be top of mind soon and will go from pandemic to endemic status, so safety may not be out front however unvaccinated people can still pick up a debilitating case of the disease.

Forth serious outbreak of a strain coming from Asia.

From Covid -19 to Sar’s there has been four strains of serious virus driven disease coming from the east in recent history. It should be a priority to address this in respect to world travel and safety as variants are dangerous.

File Photo KDG

Permission to dance.

https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=CuklIb9d3fI&feature=share On this Day: July 26th 1990 Tyson Barrie NHL player born.

Good luck and good day!

If an election is coming then please do not favor any use of public health in this specific case as a credit to the advertising sponsor. We are all in this together.

British Columbia is just under 75 percent immunization of the adult population. That’s 75 percent that has some immunization, be sure to get your second shot to make that 75 percent solid.. The health workers are vaccinating three hundred thousand a week at this point. This puts us within about 5 percent of a strong herd immunity. When complete (à static population with that much immunization would be mostly assured that it will not take off out of control .. Here’s hoping that this continues to a point of total breaking of the virus and its demonstrative end in BC.

Nothing taken for granted…

Variants and the unknown are still a concern. For a hope going forward caution with action is being applied. Vaccination is the key at this point

Invitations coming after eight weeks.

Invitations for the second dose are coming after 8 weeks from the 1st dose and the health people are relying on bookings to insure doses for each day are enough. A letter, email, or text will be delivered to all that got their number one shot..

On this Day: June 11th 2004

Saturn’s moon Phoebe is imaged by a space vehicle.

Hope for still waters of summer stay safe…

Nicola River. Merritt BC…. have a great summer one and all

The province is reporting less then 1000 new cases over the May 24th 2021 weekend. Inside dining once again on Tuesday May 25th,

In a joint written statement, Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry and Health Minister Adrian Dix said that from May 21 to May 22, there 356 new cases. From May 22 to May 23, there were 325 new cases, and in the last 24 hours, there have been 293 new cases. This brings the total number of newly recorded cases over the weekend to 974, and the provincially recorded total to 142,347.

Broken down by health region,  this equates to 157 new cases of COVID-19 in the Vancouver Coastal Health region, 630 new cases in the Fraser Health region, 25 in the Island Health region, 117 in the Interior Health region, 44 in the Northern Health region, and one new case of a person who resides outside of Canada.

Vaccination totals closing on 19 million 400 thousand.

Vaccination is at 57.5 percent nation wide; click on photo below.

Id rather be here then the
best hospital in town File Photo KDG

Circuit breaker to end Tuesday

Source says circuit breaker to end Tuesday, business will get notification by their registration.

On this Day: May 25th 1977

The “Cultural Revolution ends in China.

BC Covid- 19 update, April 19th 2021…

Hospital demand up ” more challenging “…

The Nicola Valley still enjoys the close proximity of a small hospital with a full Lab File Photo KDG

On this Day: April 20th 295

Eighth recorded visit of Halley’s comet.

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