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Summer fundraiser

Grass lands producing grass for cattle are in demand for feed lots and dairy cows They feed for winter as well. for meat producers.
Photo KDG ( some believe that protein from soya is a better alternative to grass going through meat.)

Head,Heart, Health ,Hands  are having a summer fundraiser  at the Purity feed store on Voght street in Merritt BC.

They invite  you to come and have a hotdog between the hours of 11 and 3 PM Saturday the 12th of August.

Hotdogs provided by blue sky ranch. Raffle tickets available.

Parking lot paving of Purity Feed store after renovation. File Photo KDG


Cattle on the ranch at Merritt BC; free range


On this Day: August 10th 1990
The Magellan space probe reaches Venus.


Summer Range

Cattle on the ranch at Merritt BC

Cattle on the ranch at Merritt BC

File photo KDG


Beef cattle get moved about from summer and winter range. Being fed all winter on the ranch then being moved up to higher pastures to graze on what nature provides makes an economy that we all have a stake in ( except Vegans).
Most range access by road is controlled by metal grated cattle guards in this area however it is good to close any barbed wire fence after use if one is still in service.
There are a number of feed lots here in the Merritt area. The lots function all year long, they are used for dairy cattle that are being matured to two years before being moved to the lower mainland for milk production.

Herd laws make farmers liable for loss of stock not kept behind fences, there can be failure in fences, however collisions with livestock are less frequent now.


On this Day: March 17th 2013

The largest meteorite ever observed hitting the moon lands on its backside.

Calfs and lambs

A trip out highway 5A saw many spring calf’s and new born lambs along the road and in the ranches fields  that are intersected by the highway.

Once asked a local rancher Gloria Capp what the difference between a spring calf and a winter calf she replied ” one is born later”.

Nicola Ranch, Quilchena ,Cattle Company and  others along the lower road to Kamloops are quite pleasant to view from a car  as  it takes its way along the ” 70 percent load restriction ” road . These restrictions concern transports and commercial trucks and have made the route free of them at this time ,preferring 5  the divided highway with out load restrictions.

Today in History: April 2,1912

The ill fated RMS Titanic begins sea trials.

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