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The true north strong and free…Photo KDG:

The Coopers grocery store is charging 4 cents for grocery bags, the good news is that the price of the reusable ones is down to 99 cents. IF they sell lots that way does that make it the same on the good old environment…
No more copper pennies made in Canada so enjoy the Maple leaf photo as you think on your better ecological footprint.

On this Day: June 2nd 1855

The Barnum circus begins to tour the United States.



There is an organic foods delivery service here at 11326 Voght Street. www.footprintsharvest.com  register on line for locals to get a week free bin service  of Organic produce. they deliver Wed and Thurs 10-6 ” for our environmental stewardship and community involvement”  they  seem ideal driven  and had a table at the last health  fair at the Baillie house.

They have a phone number 250-315-4743

Today in history, September 27, 1937

Balinese Tiger declared extinct.

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