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TGIF- Remember

The peace must be won as well as the fighting .Duty is for both.

On this Day: November 10th 1917

The battle for  Passchendael  by Canadian  troops ends.


Happy Flag Day:

Norgaard flag

The flag the flies atop the hill entering Merritt from the west highway 8, it is kept by the ready mix company that owns the land and gravel pit. File Photo KDG

Canada got its flag from the minority government of Lester Person in the 1960s. Replacing the red ensign with a Union Jack in the corner it was the result of  a poll sent out with a  3 choice question  to all Canadians. the choice of a single maple leaf  was widely excepted and is an example of successful consultation around the world.

The record of parliament does not reflect this acceptance as closure on the debate was necessary. The fact that many personal preferences of politicians such as the “Pearson Pennant” were not taken may be in part the reason for public  acceptance.

Prime Minister  made June 15th 1996 flag day after coming to office in the 1993 election.

Editors note: There are many people of good will and make fine choices for parliament however there is a saying that patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel,( worst case)  combine that with  nationalism and you may have trouble,you be the judge…

After sitting 210 days, an extended parliamentary session ends in December 1964 as the House of Commons votes for closure on the flag debate. The motion, introduced by the ruling Liberal party, puts an end to a wild session of name-calling and intricate political manoeuvering. Opposition leader John Diefenbaker says closure is bad for the parliamentary system and accuses Pearson of trying to impose his flag on the people. New Democratic Party leader Tommy Douglas says he’s glad to see an end to the Progressive Conservative filibuster, although the Liberals are to blame because they pushed for the maple leaf flag. Liberal member of Parliament John Matheson says the new design’s use of the national colours of red and white, rather than blue, is more “correct” for Canada because blue harks back to the Queen.        Source CBC


On this Day: June 15th 1996

Flag day is proclaimed ..


Canoe quest to north west coast of BC

Canoe quest to north west coast of BC File Photo KDG

The Trans Mountain pipeline expansion approved in May/2016 had conditions, one was ongoing consultations .
The expansion will increase tanker traffic from Vancouver, something unattractive to many and in particular First Nations. Because the expansion is considered by the regulator as in the public interest, consideration must have been given to what this will cost us. Including ascetics and life style. The shirt and caricature above was made for a canoe trip by First Nations people up the coast of BC, and shows an attitude that we understand and appreciate.

Large tankers can only be really be appreciated by sailors,  double hulls by engineers,  natural beauty by most and the coast of BC best by the indigenous residents. This will cost us as paying for any necessity does. A consuming humanity awaits and a vigilance demands a balance and respect for the costs and commitment of watchers and attitude molders.


On this Day: June 24th 1938
A meteor weighing over 400 metric tons explodes in to pieces in the earths atmosphere, landing at Chicora Pennsylvania.

150 years, July 1st 2017

Next year will be one hundred and fifty years of confederation of our country. The country was privileged to benefit from the rule of law and process to bring willing participants into the fold.

Beaver hole

Beaver hole

To get into the nation a legislature debated the merits and passed a law. Then an agreement was signed and ratified by the populace.

Canadian Beaver File Photo KDG

Canadian Beaver
File Photo KDG

Since the early 1980s the process to admit or change the structure of Canada has matured and been made very stable. The constitution act  once enacted has reflected a sense of closure to the age and deportment of a mature nation, and next year on July 1st there will be an opportunity to appreciate that. To accept that closure and permanence. Perhaps to be thankful that people can rest from nation building into a life that enjoys the peace and security that it affords.

Lunch for the national symbol File Photo KDG

Lunch for the national symbol
File Photo KDG

A year and a couple of months will go fast and forethought on how and with who you will acknowledge our good fortune. It came from a lot of work. It will be an opportunity for one of those ” moments in time” that comes rarely to individuals.
Until then, peace, order and good government to you and yours and especially its recent demonstration in Fort McMurray.

Kudos to all involved.

On this day: May 12th 1870

Manitoba is legislated into existence in Canada.

NVIT Trades Building

The Nicola Valley hosted the provincial premier Christy Clark as she opened a construction project that added to the local community college.

Local first nations peoples  including Lower Nicola Band Chief Aaron Sam were among those that witnessed the ceremonial ribbon cutting .

A hosted luncheon followed and was part of a general open house. Local retired person Joe Geil was taken by the lay out and expressed admiration for the “green house room for retreats and conference between individuals on the top floor of the college. The facility has a commanding view of the Nicola Valley facing the south east. The school is called Eagles Perch Campus and is one of two aboriginal focused campus’s in the province.

The premier answered questions about emails and there retention by officials.

On this day: October 27th 312

One of two Roman Emperors , Constantine has his vision of the cross.

TGIF- election Monday

Have a great weekend!

Have a great weekend!

The 42th parliament of Canada is up for election on Monday. Good luck in exercising your franchise to vote.

 This Act may be cited as the Parliament of Canada Act.


Parliament Continued

Marginal note:Demise of the Crown

 Parliament shall not determine or be dissolved by the demise of the Crown and, notwithstanding the demise, shall continue, and may meet, convene and sit, proceed and act, in the same manner as if that demise had not happened.

  • R.S., c. S-8, s. 2.
Marginal note:Prerogative saved

 Nothing in section 2 alters or abridges the power of the Crown to prorogue or dissolve Parliament.

The next parliament will be addressing many issues on your behalf think before you vote.

The saying that the electorate is always right is because of the thoughtful way Canadians have sent parliament members to government. PP

On this Day: October 16th 1869

The Cardiff Giant  is dug up, creating the: Cardiff Giant Hoax.

Free trade has been a world opener for us in Canada however it has also brought with it a lot of unpleasentness that we Canadians could have avoided. If it is not possible to get cooperation then perhaps a tarriff regime is once again the best course for Canada. PR

Compare and contrast.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, recently in the House of Commons:

“Frankly, Mr. Speaker, under the current circumstances of the oil and gas sector, it would be crazy, it would be crazy economic policy to do unilateral penalties on that sector. We’re clearly not going to do that,” Harper told the House as Conservative MPs roared their approval.
“In fact, nobody in the world is regulating their oil and gas sector. I’d be delighted if they did. Canada will be there with them.”

Jim Prentice, then federal minister of the environment, not quite five years ago:

“For those of you who doubt that the government of Canada lacks either the willingness or the authority to protect our national interests as a ‘clean energy superpower,’ think again,” he warned darkly. “We do and we will. And, in our efforts, we will expect and we will secure the co-operation of those private interests which are developing the oil sands. Consider it a responsibility that accompanies the right to develop these valuable Canadian resources.”

Back then, it was possible to believe the federal government would impose regulations on the oil and gas industries. The government certainly said it would, often enough. (Peter Kent in February, 2013: “We are now well into, and very close to finalizing, regulations for the oil and gas sector.”) But, as Chris Turner reminds us in his book The War on Science, Prentice quit as environment minister in November 2010, and the Harper government’s periodic attempts to demonstrate environmental virtue, even at some hypothetical cost to the resource sector, pretty much came to an end.

Of course, it can be hard to tell where the notion of oil and gas regulations ended. Prentice himself has been sounding much like Harper since he became premier of Alberta:

“Environmental performance is important, but so, too, is our industrial competitiveness . . . I think this low-price environment is a reminder . . . that we have to be careful laying on costs, including regulatory costs, on our industry, because we need to remain competitive.”

But is even that new? From my 2010 article, linked above:

“We will only adopt a cap-and-trade regime if the United States signals that it wants to do the same. Our position on harmonization applies equally to regulation. Canada can go down either road—cap and trade or regulation—but we will go down neither road alone.”

So the paper trail on the government’s oil and gas policy is a bit of a mess. The feds will only impose regulations in concert with the Americans? Well, there are two problems with that story. First, as Bruce Cheadle points out:

An Environment Canada briefing memo revealed last month by the Globe and Mail shows that the United States, in fact, placed what were called “significant” limits on its oil and gas sector in 2012.

“For oil and gas, recent air pollution regulations are expected to result in significant greenhouse-gas reduction co-benefits, comparable to the reductions that would result from the approach being developed for this sector in Canada,” states the June 2013 memo obtained by Greenpeace under an Access to Information request.

Today in history: December 12 1911
Deli replaces Calcutta as the Capital of India.

Bears about!

bears leaving fish in park

A fish dropped by bears when feeding. file photo KDG

A lady reported that bears have been about and one took a piece out of her iron gate. Helen a resident of the north end of Garcia street says that a big black bear is about and a mother with two cubs.

Its been said that when bears are feeding on meat they are more dangerous to people then when eating berries and grubs, regardless care should be taken  the regional district has a bear aware program.

Bears On The Prowl Before Hibernation

Thompson-Nicola Regional District


For Immediate Release (November 19/12): The Bear Aware program and the Thompson-

Nicola Regional District would like to remind everyone to ensure their community stays free of

bear attractants this month as bears make final preparations for hibernation. Bears aim to gain

two to five pounds per day during this period, so they are on the lookout for any easy meals.

Surveys conducted in the last two weeks revealed that

garbage bins, barbecues, and yard waste are the top three bear

attractants in many neighbourhoods. Compost, bird seed, and

outdoor fridges make up the rest of the items noted in the surveys.

Bears have recently been sighted throughout the TNRD

and reports indicate that garbage left outside was the attractant

in most cases. Help your neighbourhood be Bear Aware this

year and next by following these simple steps:

• Store garbage inside or in a bear-proof container until disposal. Do not put garbage

outside the night before pick-up.

• Do not place bird feeders outside until Dec. 1.

• Keep barbecues clean and free of residual food and grease.

• Feed pets inside and store pet food indoors.

• Mix compost regularly or treat with lime to reduce odour.

• Pick any remaining fruit and share with friends if you have too much to handle.

The Bear Aware program would also like to extend a warm welcome to two new

enthusiastic volunteers in Clearwater.

To view bear sightings in your area, check out the new Bear Aware interactive online map

at http://www.bearaware.bc.ca that locates bears and identifies attractants. For more on bears sightings,

go to http://www.facebook.com/BearAwareBC.

The Bear Aware program is sponsored by the TNRD and the Ministry of Environment.

Please report sightings or conflicts with bears to the Conservation Officer Service’s RAPP hotline

at 1.877.952.7277.

Bears and humans cannot coexist at some point there will be an action taken.

Today in history September 11 1941:

Ground is broken for the Pentagon</code>


English: Thomas Nast's most famous drawing, &q...

English: Thomas Nast’s most famous drawing, “Merry Old Santa Claus”, from the January 1, 1881 edition of Harper’s Weekly. Thomas Nast immortalized Santa Claus’ current look with an initial illustration in an 1863 issue of Harper’s Weekly, as part of a large illustration titled “A Christmas Furlough” in which Nast set aside his regular news and political coverage to do a Santa Claus drawing. The popularity of that image prompted him to create another illustration in 1881. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The streets about Merritt are covered in ice this morning. Rain yesterday  and freezing temperatures overnight have joined to make it very slippery . By 10 am sanding was near complete in the city and no powerline problems are clear.

Last evening nearly 200 thousand people in Toronto Canada were still without power, do to ice , and were expecting not to have any through Christmas Day.

Editors note:Ice can fall from roofs and although large icicles arte pretty they can seriously hurt or maim if they fall on you.

Today in history: December 24th 1955

Norad begins its Santa Claus tracking program.

English: This is a logo for Teck Cominco.

English: This is a logo for Teck Cominco. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Teck, Highland Valley Mine operation near Logan Lake in BC has been under going an expansion. The mill building was the center of the upgrade as well as three domes that put some operations inside at the huge mine. A source says that the mill will be commissioned in February 2014.

Iron workers at  the project told us that they are in the process of removing the huge amount of scaffolding around the 80 foot tall mill structure.

Today in history: December 20th 1916

Micheal Chartrand , Canadian union leader born. (d 2010)

Twinning of the pipeline from Edmonton

The city of Merritt has the line that Kinder Morgan operates through its subsidiary Trans Mountain Pipeline running by here to Burnaby. If fact it goes right by the airstrip, Saunders Field. The pumping station at Kingsvale required an employee to be here at one time. There is no local contact now however there is pride in the general sence to have had them and for the 60 years they have operated without major problems in the valley  bringing energy to the lower mainland.

The  news letter they posted recently out lines their application and its vastness we hope that people are not deterred by its complexity and will look at it because now is the time they will have voice. To have that voice they need points to communicate concerns that are valid, we hope that people other then press , lawyers or professionals will be able to take the non jargon documents and voice there concerns: Below is their announcement.

The company proposes to build  a pipeline in segments that complete a twinning (or “looping”) of the pipeline in Alberta and BC with about987 km of new buried pipeline.New and modified facilities, including pump stations and tanks.Three new berths at the Westridge Marine Terminal in Burnaby, BC, each capable of handling Aframax class vessels.

This morning, Trans Mountain Pipelines filed a Facilities Application with the National Energy Board (NEB) for the proposed Trans Mountain Expansion Project. This application filing follows over a year and a half of engagement with pipeline and marinecommunities, a detailed environmental and socio-economic assessment, route assessments, and other various marine and terrestrial risk analyses and studies. This filing is a significant milestone in the development of this project and another step in the on-going engagement we will be having within your community.

When printed, the Application is over 15,000 pages and up to two metres high when stacked end on end. Please visit our Application website at http://application.transmountain.com.

The NEB will hold its own public engagement process, including a hearing on the Application before it makes a decision on the proposed Project. The hearing will allow people or groups who have been granted permission to participate by the NEB a chance to raise issues, present evidence, test evidence, and provide their input. Information on how to participate in this process can be found here: http://www.neb-one.gc.ca/clf-nsi/rthnb/pblcprtcptn/pblchrng/pblchrng-eng.html

We invite you to visit our website to see how we have addressed community interests along the pipeline and marine corridors. Over the coming months we will be approaching stakeholders to consult on specific elements within the application. We will also be returning to communities where we have visited before in our previous engagements to discuss the application and proposals contained within.

From the Trans Mountain Expansion Project, we wish you the best this holiday season and look forward to continuing our dialogue with you and your community in 2014.

The Trans Mountain Expansion Project Team

Editors note: we respect all views that are brought in good faith. To carry out that we suggest that you look at the informationin in the application.   In our view we support the application as  we think our local environment would benefit by the effect of a twin pipeline with new pumping stations and technology being so close to the existing line by increasing scrutiny and attention, we think that the use of double hulled ships will be safer then reliance on forgien flags in international waters supplying the demand of  the oil market.

Today in history: December 18th 218

Second Punic war Hannibal defeats the Romans at the battle of Trebia

TGIF-Thank goodness its Friday

Merit of Merritt

Its good that it is friday….

Toronto Rally for a Progressive Coalition, Sta...

The winner of the Merritt Library 1000 dollar draw was a child; Ms Latremouille won the draw and an adult Louise  Brown won the 100 dollar prize based on content.

Today in History: December 6th 2008

The Greek riots break out resulting in the police killing of a 15 year old boy.

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