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Business seminar

In the Cabinets hands

The local chamber of commerce in Merritt is organizing a Trans Mountain Expansion business readiness webinar on March 25th 2019′

We invite you to attend an interactive workshop to learn more about construction and business opportunities with the Trans Mountain Expansion Project in Merritt.

Subject to necessary approvals, Trans Mountain anticipates beginning construction in the Merritt region in 2019.
Trans Mountain and its contractors will be available to discuss local construction and business opportunities related to the Project.
This event will help businesses understand and prepare for potential procurement and employment opportunities in order to maximize local economic benefits associated with the Project. Participants will learn about the Project’s procurement process and timelines to help prepare to bid for opportunities.

Light refreshments will be served with a brief presentation from Trans Mountain, breakout discussions and networking during the event.

Registration is required, please see the link below. Tickets are FREE! Reserve yours today!

Source Merritt and District Chamber of Commerce.

The 60 year old trans mountain pipeline from Alberta goes by Merritt, the expansion approved by the NEB is in 90 day review of cabinet.

On this Day: March 12th 1961

Mt Eiger is assented in winter.

TGIF- Happy New year


Happy New Year from the Proprietor Review:

On this Day: December 30th 2009:

A pipeline ruptures in China dumping 150 thousand liters of Diesel into the Yellow River.

Perched for power

This hawk seems relaxed around electrical fixtures. Photo KDG

This hawk seems relaxed around electrical fixtures.
Photo KDG

Birds are relatively safe on poles as they do not ground the power however they can sometimes make contact between transformers and lines making a circuit. This could cause an explosion and perhaps kill the bird.
On this Day:July 16 July 16th 1935
The World’s first parking meter is installed in Oklahoma.

Electric car

New Tesla S Photo KDG

New Tesla S
Photo KDG

Another new Tesla S owner charges his car in Merritt. The Kamloops BC resident that just bought this new EV says charging here works for him as he loops through Kelowna and back home. The model also sports a D Designation meaning 2 axles under power or (four wheel drive ). There is also to seats with belts to secure two “Grand Kids” facing backward behind the rear seats. Suitable for kids nearing 4 feet in height it looks like loading a raised trunk a with children with a view of the road behind.
The car was purchased for about 130 thousand dollars and reflected a discount in the Canadian dollar.
The Tesla Corporation had a half billion dollar cash infusion from the US Government, the owner also recovered a 5 thousand dollar incentive from BC hydro, he charged his car with out cost at the 500 amp charger at Voght and Merritt Ave, here.

On this Day: May 21 1937

The Soviet Station North Pole 1 becomes the first research station on polar drift ice.

Broken sign no contract…. Force Majour

broken sign no contract.... Photo KDG

broken sign no contract….
Photo KDG

Gasoline is selling at 103.9 a liter a broken sign at a local gas station makes for wishful dreaming.
On this day: February 10th 1870

The YMCA is founded in New York.


Free trade has been a world opener for us in Canada however it has also brought with it a lot of unpleasentness that we Canadians could have avoided. If it is not possible to get cooperation then perhaps a tarriff regime is once again the best course for Canada. PR

Compare and contrast.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, recently in the House of Commons:

“Frankly, Mr. Speaker, under the current circumstances of the oil and gas sector, it would be crazy, it would be crazy economic policy to do unilateral penalties on that sector. We’re clearly not going to do that,” Harper told the House as Conservative MPs roared their approval.
“In fact, nobody in the world is regulating their oil and gas sector. I’d be delighted if they did. Canada will be there with them.”

Jim Prentice, then federal minister of the environment, not quite five years ago:

“For those of you who doubt that the government of Canada lacks either the willingness or the authority to protect our national interests as a ‘clean energy superpower,’ think again,” he warned darkly. “We do and we will. And, in our efforts, we will expect and we will secure the co-operation of those private interests which are developing the oil sands. Consider it a responsibility that accompanies the right to develop these valuable Canadian resources.”

Back then, it was possible to believe the federal government would impose regulations on the oil and gas industries. The government certainly said it would, often enough. (Peter Kent in February, 2013: “We are now well into, and very close to finalizing, regulations for the oil and gas sector.”) But, as Chris Turner reminds us in his book The War on Science, Prentice quit as environment minister in November 2010, and the Harper government’s periodic attempts to demonstrate environmental virtue, even at some hypothetical cost to the resource sector, pretty much came to an end.

Of course, it can be hard to tell where the notion of oil and gas regulations ended. Prentice himself has been sounding much like Harper since he became premier of Alberta:

“Environmental performance is important, but so, too, is our industrial competitiveness . . . I think this low-price environment is a reminder . . . that we have to be careful laying on costs, including regulatory costs, on our industry, because we need to remain competitive.”

But is even that new? From my 2010 article, linked above:

“We will only adopt a cap-and-trade regime if the United States signals that it wants to do the same. Our position on harmonization applies equally to regulation. Canada can go down either road—cap and trade or regulation—but we will go down neither road alone.”

So the paper trail on the government’s oil and gas policy is a bit of a mess. The feds will only impose regulations in concert with the Americans? Well, there are two problems with that story. First, as Bruce Cheadle points out:

An Environment Canada briefing memo revealed last month by the Globe and Mail shows that the United States, in fact, placed what were called “significant” limits on its oil and gas sector in 2012.

“For oil and gas, recent air pollution regulations are expected to result in significant greenhouse-gas reduction co-benefits, comparable to the reductions that would result from the approach being developed for this sector in Canada,” states the June 2013 memo obtained by Greenpeace under an Access to Information request.

Today in history: December 12 1911
Deli replaces Calcutta as the Capital of India.


Nisson Leaf At 500 amp charging station  Photo KDG

Nissan Leaf
At 500 volt 120 amp charging station
Photo KDG

The 500 volt 120 amp DC charger is getting use on Voght street, the owner of this car stopped the charge at 86 percent as he said that’s” better for the battery”. He had charged up in Hope about an hour to the west of Merritt. The approximate 1/2 hour charging stop, was on his way to Salmon Arm, ” I also use the 2 hour charger at my home”

One year ago, electric vehicle drivers in British Columbia would have been hard pressed to find a public charging station to top up their battery. Today, they have access to nearly 500 electric vehicle charging stations located throughout the province: source : One year ago, electric vehicle drivers in British Columbia would have been hard pressed to find a public charging station to top up their battery. Today, they have access to nearly 500 electric vehicle charging stations located throughout the province. source: http://blog.wwf.ca/blog/2013/11/14/charging-bc/

Charging stations have a number of capacities needing more or less time and attention:

New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

UVic’s two new electric vehicle charging stations come into operation the week of April 2nd. These level 2 (240 volt), 60 amp stations from Sun Country Highway are available for use by the campus community and guests 24/7 outside the Campus Security Building in parking lot #2. They are located in metered parking spaces for a fee of $1.50 per hour (a $.25 premium over our regular parking rates) for a maximum of 2 hours. Funding for these stations has been provided by the BC government’s Community Charging Infrastructure Project, an incentive program that has funded over 500 electric vehicle charging stations across BC. Find out more about the program at the Plug In BC website.

Also note that the province recently announced an extension of the its Clean Energy Vehicle Incentive Program which provides BC residents with up to $5,000 off the pre-tax sticker price of qualifying new battery electric cars. source: http://www.uvic.ca/sustainability/home/news/current/EV%20Charging%20Stations.php

 Editors note: The quotes  above are dated. However this week sees the  arrival of the BMW version of electric vehicle to the Vancouver market. The E1 is being sold as a mid range EV. The Province paper is reporting that it is a carbon fiber body usually only available at ” bank account breaking prices.” The BMW website is promoting a turbo charge cord as a quick and easy way to charge an EV. The cord has an adapter that can access 120 and 240 volt house wiring, Electric ranges and dryers have a 240 volt capacity, the 240 volt system depending on the amperage can increase charging conveinece  by bringing time down to about 2 hours. It appears that the cord can be brought on trips where access to friends outlets may be available. There is no free power from private homes and they are metered in the normal way. The charging net work of public access remains free to users.

Access to some charging stations may require a key fob, particularly in the US, some universities are adding 25 cents an hour to the parking fee for charge stations. Key fobs are available at a monthly rate on AV sites and a visit rate.

Sun Country, EV Photo KDG

Sun Country, EV
Photo KDG

Sun Country Electric Hyway is the business that is most seen in operations in Canada. The roadster seen is a discontinued Telsa model, its production was taken over by the Tesla model S with a range up to near 500 kilometers. A jaguar model Ev  up to near 1.5 million is coming in the fall of 2015. the sun country website lists numbers of EV models from numbers of companies: https://suncountryhighway.ca/evfinder/

Sun country has an EV with a 1.5 liter gasoline charging engine that can be driven for hundreds of KMs and the vehicle used to run electric tools.

The Tesla model S has been involved in a couple of fires, the all aluminum body is flammable at high heat.

Watch out for proprietary adapters especially on Tesla roadsters, The Sun Country network 30 to 90 amp chargers are only accessible with an adapter, not free, for some Tesla products.

For the record, there were 187,500 “highway vehicle fires” in the US in 2011 (the last year for which data is available), according to the National Fire Prevention Association. But there was a fire yesterday that is starting to catch some attention, and we’re pretty sure you all know why. Electric vehicle fires – whether they be in China or the US, started while moving or stopped – often become comment fodder, even when we learn after the fact that the electric part of the powertrain has nothing to do with with the blaze. source:http://green.autoblog.com/2013/10/02/tesla-model-s-fire/

Today in history: June 17th 1994

OJ Simpson is arrested for the alleged murder of his ex-wife and boyfriend, after a slow speed chase.

Fortis BC

Gas Natural

Gas Natural (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Fortis BC utility people were here working on one of their isolation valves this week. The technician said that natural gas is sniffed for in residential areas once every 5 years for leaks, 1 yr in commercial areas.

Natural gas is odorless and colorless so the utility adds chemicals to make it smell like rotten eggs.

Editors note: it is not to be confused with Carbon mon oxide which is poisonous and a by-product of burning fuel. natural gas can cause suffocation by displacing oxygen.

For safety concerns:http://www.fortisbc.com/Safety/Pages/default.aspx

Today in history: December 13th 1979

The Canadian government of Joe Clark is defeated in a confidence vote bringing the 1980 election and Pierre Trudeau back.

Walk of stars, mural project

 The week of December 7th this artists pic  went on the Merritt Legion

The week of December 7th this artists pic went on the Merritt Legion

The mural project by Michelle Loughrey that had the downtown of Merritt and its business properties enjoy many country music stars murals has an apparent add on. A small replication of a star is on the Legion on Quilchena avenue. Some years ago the legion cleared its front of a façade in preparation for a full mural however the project ended before acquiring any mural.

Today in history: December 11,1962

Arthur  Lucas is executed becoming the last Canadian to be put to death for a crime.

5 million dollars

There is a meeting coming up for a society that plans on raising a lot of money for a movie house.  Five million dollars is the top of the thermometer that is posted on the sold sign at the site. With the red marker now covering  from zero dollars to 300 thousand.

The not for profit society is not required to have a business plan that shows a profit but needs to have its articles of purpose prove a social good that they intent to fill as a group.

The contacts for the meeting are listed as Dorothy Molnar and Dana Egan, both are downtown business people one the proprietor of The Grand hotel the other a principle with the Brambles bakery on Quilchena avenue.

The plans show pictures of vintage movie houses with multiple showing venues something that may be considered archaic but in the realm of  historical interest. The cost of architects is about 150 thousand and is displayed in the in the red raised marker on the fundraising thermometer at the site.

The group has the support of two city councilors, Clara Norgaard and Kurt Christopherson.

The meeting is December 3rd at 5 PM at Brambles bakery, the group is called Merritt Community Cinema Society

Today in History: December 2nd 2001

Enron corporation files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Weights and Measures Canada

manitence contractors also test for weighs and measures say a source

Maintenance contractors also test for weights and measures say a source

Ever wonder if you are getting what you pay for at the gas pump? Yesterday the Petro Canada station at the top of the hill was half roped off and being worked by technicians from Protec petroleum services 1.888.799.7987. One of the two workers when asked said he was doing regular maintenance of the pumps. When asked if weights and measures do the meter testing he said ” we do that for them every two years we test 20 liters to see if the pumps are accurate.” Here is the context:

Effective January 1, 2007, initial inspections of scales, gasoline dispensers and other types of measurement systems used in any trade sector, must be acquired from Measurement Canada authorized service providers. In cases where there are fewer than two authorized service providers, capable of providing the type of inspection service required, in the province in which the measurement system is to be inspected, Measurement Canada will continue to provide the service. For initial inspections required outside of the provinces (i.e. Northwest Territories), Measurement Canada will only provide the service if there are fewer than two authorized service providers in the adjoining provinces who typically provide these types of services in these locations.

Authorized service providers may be accredited or registered by Measurement Canada. A list of Accredited Service Providers and a list of Registered Service Providers can be found on Measurement Canada’s internet site. The scope of the inspection services which can be provided by registered organizations is directly linked to trade sector review recommendations and may have some limitations. These same limitations do not necessarily apply to accredited organizations.

The use of Measurement Canada authorized service providers to provide initial inspection services is in keeping with our commitment to focus Measurement Canada resources on establishing rules and requirements related to measurement, investigating occurrences of suspected inaccurate measurement, and monitoring the performance of authorized service providers and of the marketplace. Authorized service providers will increasingly do inspections on Measurement Canada’s behalf.

The Government of Canada and this ministry will also take up complaints and not only gas pumps but firewood , electric and gas meters, retail scales and others.


Editors note: Health Canada has the people responsible for wireless radation from meters.

Today in history: November 27th 2001

A hydrogen atmosphere is discovered on Osiris and extra solar planet, by the Hubble space telescope.


Merit of Merritt

Its good that it is friday….

The price of gasoline has dropped once again as the Petro Canada station  at the junction of 5A, 97C and highway 8 is selling regular gas at $1.27.9 down one cent a liter from last week.

A motorist was queried about his use of the premium grade gasoline at a shell outlet this week ” My new taurus requires it” ” I don’t get the power or mileage with the lower grades.” The man said, he also related experience in the trucking industry in the US.

Today in History: November 8th 1895

An experiment with electricity leads to the discovery of X rays

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