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TGIF- Baskets and Bowls

Annual general meeting:

The Nicola Valley Community Arts Council is having it’s AGM on November 8th at the next door Kekuli Café. Start time is seven pm.

On this Day: October 15th 1957

Mira Nair born.

Healing bowls

Art center came in part from the
interest of the Valley Visual Artists

TGIF- Bee show last day Saturday…

Olde Court House Gallery Merritt BC File Photo KDG

Circa 1913

The building at 1840 Nicola avenue in Merritt is circa 1913.

BC Government services

Before the internet brought Merritt its access center the old court house had the government agent, probations, mining recorder and county court services.

Magistrates court

The 1840 location had county court services under a magistrate. Frank Dodding from the pioneer Lower Nicola Family held court in the upper chambers of the building for many years . Frank also ran the local Purity Feed outlet .

Veterans Day

The building had a front balcony on the second floor where last post was sounded on November 11th yearly.

Art Gallery

The 1840 location is currently used by the Nicola Valley Community Arts Council as the OLDe Court House Gallery.

On this Day: August 21st 1852

Fort Selkirk Yukon destroyed by Hostiles.

Le Vent du Nord

The local arts council is presenting the Juno award winning group Le Vent du Nord in their concert series March 14th athe Merritt Civic center, Come to the Cabaret.

General admission is 22 dollars, seniors students 17 dollars.

Show time is 7:30 tables can be reserved for groups of 8.

Today in history: March 4th 1917

Jeannette Rankin becomes the first female member of the US congress

Art show, Arts council.

Shirley Reynolds , Jean Kieglerl ,and Wendy Eecout are calling themselves Prism as a group for a month-long showing at the Old Court House Gallery. The handle is an anachronism for “painting really inspires something magical” The group has ambitions to be noticed provincially and as members of the Valley Visual Artists, the show  endorsed by the Nicola Valley Arts Council, which is a member of the provincial arts council umbrella.That is a good ambition and they have the background to do it. (one is a retired arts teacher). Their style runs from impressionism to realism and some abstraction.

The show reception is at 4:00 PM today and the gallery is open and maned  with a curator Fridays and Saturdays 10 am to 4 PM

Today in History, March 4, 2002

Canada bans human cloning.

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