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Secret door group showing….


Brambles Bakery, Merritt BC, CA.

File Photo KDG

On until June 30th the Brambles Bakery hosts  Ron Robbie. The show is titled Imagined Landscapes and they say:

This collection of carefully selected pieces by artist and teacher, BYRON ROBBIE carries us to beautiful internal places. Cerebral yet organic, Byron combines nature with symbols into paintings that encourage contemplation.

Brambles Bakery is at 2151 Quilchena Avenue Merritt BC.

On this Day: June 7th 1800

David Thompson finds the mouth of the Saskatchewan river.


Poets words…Into paintings

Shirley Reynolds view work of displaying artisan at
Secret Door Group
File Photo KDG

The secret door group is having another art showing with an opening artists reception on July 28th at Brambles Bakery.
Artist this month is Cassandra Dolan, Cassandra says she makes her living with art and this month has put together the show based on what poets have said.

The shows run for 4 weeks after the opening.
On this Day: July 27th 1949
The first flight of a commercial jetliner, the Dehaviland Comet.

11th Annual Community Art Show

 A artisan impression of a comedy icon. File photo KDG

A artisan impression of a comedy icon.
File photo KDG

The Arts Council is having their annual community show starting on February 24th and running to March 18th.

Three levels of cash prizes are available. The show is at the   Old Court House Gallery, 1840

Nicola Avenue in Merritt. Hours are 4-7pm Thursday through Saturday.

February 23rd is the last day to submit an entry. A search on Facebook will give further info.

On this Day: February 23rd 1971

Melinda Messenger  (Live From Studio Five ) host is born.






Art walk-2016

Artist and fans enjoy opening

Artist John Yellowlees and fans enjoy opening file photo KDG

The Art walk enjoys the sponsorship of the Chamber, The Arts Council and the City.
The Chamber sponsored art walk is on again. A display of local artisans paintings or art will be placed about town at sponsoring organizations and will run from July 1st through July.
The Chamber office says that passports will be available starting Monday at the Chamber office or the downtown tourist info center on Voght street.

The Art walk is sponsored by the Arts Council, The local Chamber and the city of Merritt.

On this Day: June 28th 1846

The Saxophone is patented .

TGIF- Cindilla Trent

 File Photo KDG

File Photo KDG

There is a artist reception tonight at the Brambles Bakery on Quilchena Avenue Cinderella Trent will be featured as well as Silva Rosenfelder Schechtel. Titled Fractured Light the showing ,is of mosaics, paintings and quilts.
The show is at 7 PM and is hosted for treats.
Ms Trent has also been a contributor to the Arts Council showings at the Nicola Avenue, Court House Gallery.

On this day: May 27th 1958
The F4 Phantom jet is put in service.

Art walk July 1 st to 31 2014

A work of art at a station of a historical house in Merritt.  Photo KDG

A work of art at a station of a historical house in Merritt.
File Photo KDG

Many Nicola Valley artists will be having their work on display for the art walk including;
Libby Dybikowski’s work on display at Brambles Bakery, 2100 block Merritt BC Canada, July 1st to 31st 2014.



Today in history: June 25th 1979

Born one of the greatest Canadian adventurers, explorers and gentleman.

Robots, Joel Reid

There is an art show going on at the Old Court House Gallery here in Merritt, British Columbia. Robots is the brain child of two young men one an artist and the other a manager. Critick: Large oil on canvas renderings show impressionist near abstraction views of life. The less then perfect paint applications give the message of a passive on compliance to uniformity.  The form lends to giving expression to those that may question the why and will of a manufactured existence.

The Court House Gallery is at 1840 Nicola Avenue the  Joel Reid’s Robots show runs to June 28th with an artist reception on June 26th.


The shows closing reception was held on June 27th, Catherine OBourne, John Yellowknees, and others were in attendance and the artist Joel Ried was there to introduce the works a 48×48 painting titled face value sold for just over a thousand dollars. The work was in acrylic and was not displayed in the premier wall spot. Joel said that 10 years ago he was called an emerging artist and says he still is. He calls his style expressionism.

Today in History: June 19th 1970

The patent coöperation treaty is signed.

The Valley Visual Artists have the court house gallery this month in Merritt. Gallery Director Meriel Barber says that the local group has the facility and will be showing in May  for the 20th annual art show and sale.

The VVA is hosting an opening reception on May 2nd from 5-7 PM, and an open house May 3 and 4th 2-4 PM:


The show runs May 2nd to 31st at the Court House Gallery,  at the old court-house 1800 block of Nicola avenue in Merritt.

Today in history: May 1st all

Begins the month of music in New Zealand

Community Art Show ” things that make you smile”

February 6th the arts council is hosting a community art show at the court-house gallery. The artist reception is on February 7th 4-6 PM.
Three levels of small cash prizes come from a grant by the Provincial Arts Council who endorse the show.

 A work displayed at a Community Art show in Merritt. By Andrea Rogers.: Photo KDG

A work displayed at a Community art show in Merritt. By Andrea Rogers:
Photo KDG

This is the 8th annual for the local council.

This show features an array of art mediums on display by creative Nicola Valley residents and it is open to all local artists and artisans.  In the past this show has included modelling, needlework, weaving, carving, fly-tying, woodworking, sculpting, drawing, and paintings.  There will be prizes awarded to Best of Show $100.00, Viewers’ Choice $150.00, and Youth Under 16 $50.00. Bring your artwork to the Gallery on Feb. 5 from 10 am to 4 pm. For more information contact the Gallery at 378-6515 or artgallerynv@gmail.com.

Today in history: January 29th 1900

The American league is organized with eight founding teams.

Walk of stars, mural project

 The week of December 7th this artists pic  went on the Merritt Legion

The week of December 7th this artists pic went on the Merritt Legion

The mural project by Michelle Loughrey that had the downtown of Merritt and its business properties enjoy many country music stars murals has an apparent add on. A small replication of a star is on the Legion on Quilchena avenue. Some years ago the legion cleared its front of a façade in preparation for a full mural however the project ended before acquiring any mural.

Today in history: December 11,1962

Arthur  Lucas is executed becoming the last Canadian to be put to death for a crime.


Today in history: August 9th 1930

Betty Boop makes her cartoon début in Dizzy Dishes.

Merit of Merritt

Its good that it is friday….

Helicopter training is going on at an IBEW safety meeting this morning at the Coldwater Hotel. A source says its a five hour course facilitated by a teacher.

The power point shows multiple types of large helicopters including sky crane.

A source says that the transmission towers in the new 500 KV line are heavier then earlier ones used.

An source working  for the construction of the new hydro substation here in Merritt says that a 230 KV line is also going to Mamette lake to another substation in the highland valley. They were marking out targets for underground cables to cross the road on Voght street next to the old Days Inn site that was demolished and recycled last year.

Mamette lake is about 20 minutes from Merritt on highway 97 C  to Logan Lake BC.

Art walk

The local art community is having an art walk through July with over 20 stations art is positioned about this small community and available for enjoyment or buy. One of the locations is at the Merritt Desert Inn and a very attractive guide was produced showing the walk. You may also join the tour by a foot print in the window and an Art Walk  number. The number of the down town tourist info center in their window is 22.

Artists include Bev Veale, Dianne Kernan and twenty others.

Today in history: July 3rd 1994

Forty six people are killed in traffic accidents in Texas making it the worst day in its history.

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