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Asbestos Consultation under way


The BC Government of  is leading a working group about the threat of asbestos in the work place; “the number one killer of workers in BC”.
The group is seeking input formal, informal input of any kind on the safe use, handling, removal, abatement and disposal.
Public input can be given through the next few weeks at the BC Ministry of Labour, contact John Blakely.



Black Beard the pirate ( Edward Teach) is killed by the Royal Navy.


Book sale

The whole world is published some where
The local public library in Merritt is having a book sale. items will be out on tables at the library. From November 28th-December 9th. ” New books every day”
There are coupons for one free item on the counters and they may be used to have on free item a day.
The Merritt Public Library is at 1691 Garcia street downtown Merritt BC. Open Tuesday through Saturday 10 PM to 5 PM and to 8PM Tuesday and Wednesday.

On this Day:  November  21st 1783

The first untethered hot air balloon flight is made by JF Paltrier de Rozier and FL d’ Arlandes in Paris France.

TGiF- detailed hearings

The Trans mountain expansion is starting hearings on property ownership effected by the twinning project from Edmonton on November 20th 2017.
The Hearings will be held in Alberta ” Detailed Route Hearings” and are run by the National Energy Board.
The starting point for the expansion is the Trans Mountain yard in Sherwood Park AB.

The National Energy Board will begin Detailed Route Hearings to determine whether we have proposed the best possible detailed route for the pipeline and the most appropriate methods and timing for building the pipeline. These hearings will provide an opportunity for landowners and those potentially affected by the Project to share their concerns about the proposed detailed route.


On this Day: November 17th 1979
The Brisbane electrified railway is established.

Shower peaking


Moon over Bass coast festival in Merritt
Photo KDG

The next to mornings November 17th and 18th will see a peak of the fall Leonid meter shower. Early morning viewers will be able to see 10 to 15 meteorites per hour.
You don’t have to find the meteor radiant to view as they will appear in all parts of the sky. To trace the origins of the shower look back to the Algieba Star in Leo. Look for a pattern called the Sickle looks a little like a question mark. Anytime after midnight tonight.

On this Day: November 16th 1885

David Livingston is the first European to see Victoria Falls.

15 Dollar Minimum wage?



File Photo KDG

The BC government is seeking input on a 15 dollar minimum wage, the input period is to 4; PM December 7th 2017 to the Fair Wages Commission.

The report from the Union of British Columbia Municipalities, and states “The BC is moving toward a 15 dollar minimum wage.

  1. The Fair Wages Commission will first develop recommendations for a pathway forward to raise the minimum wage to $15-an-hour and on a process for how the minimum wage should be regularly reviewed and increased once $15-an-hour is achieved.
  2. The Commission will consider and make recommendations about other wage rates under the Employment Standards Regulation, for agricultural workers, liquor servers, live-in caregivers, resident caretakers, and live-in camp leaders.
  3. The Commission will advise the Government on ways to begin to address the discrepancy between the minimum wage and living wages in our province. Source

There is a regional meeting in Kelowna, November 21st, 2017 Sandman Hotel , from 11 am 3 PM. Submissions can be made by email to the commission.

On this Day: November 15th 1988
The first Fair Trade certification is awarded to Max Havelaar.

A Christmas Carol New Version

On this Day: November 15th 1922 the BBC begins broadcasting  radio in the UK.


TGIF- Remember

The peace must be won as well as the fighting .Duty is for both.

On this Day: November 10th 1917

The battle for  Passchendael  by Canadian  troops ends.

Ice building


100_7399 ice

ice conditions can change quickly File Photo KDG

Carry a cord or a rope on ice that is building it sometimes looks better then it is,never alone…

On this Day: November 9th 1967

The first issue of Rolling Stone magazine is published.

The Artic


Alan burger and a speaker discuss a presentation, File Photo KDG

Local naturalist and president of the Nicola Naturist’s will present on the artic at the next meeting on November 16th at the local community college top of the hill Belshaw avenue in Merritt.


Nicola Naturalist Society president Alan Burger regularly works as a naturalist/lecturer on a small ecotourist ship in the Arctic and Antarctic. In this presentation he shares his experiences and photos of wildlife and the environment in the High Arctic north of Norway (Svalbard Archipelago) & East Greenland. This area supports high densities of Polar Bears, and thriving populations of Walrus, Muskox, Reindeer, Arctic Fox and more. Plus dramatic glaciers & tundra flora.


Free parking at the college, no food of drink in the theater, start time 7PM.
On this Day: November 8th 1889
Montana becomes a US state.

Gas prices climbing


broken sign no contract….
Photo KDG

 The price of gas is having a roller coaster ride in this morning with some at a dollar thirty two and some at $1.38.9. Prices had been at $1.38.9 last week then were put down to $1.25.9.
There is a petition against more taxes on gasoline on the gas buddy site. The context is the new provincial government of John Horgan has a razor thin coalition majority in the parliament and relies on the Green party to govern. The executive took tolls of some bridges in the lower mainland and is due for a budget. However the petition is for the Capital Region in Victoria for transit funding.

At this writing the difference between the downtown Petrocan and the on Dewolf road leaving town on highway 5 is 5 cents a liter. The Chevron on Dewolf is 2 cent s more then Petrocan at $1.32.9.

On this Day: November 7th 1921

Perfect fool premiers in New York.


TGIF-clocks back




The clocks go back for us in British Columbia on Sunday morning 2AM.

Daylight savings time ends, it began March 12th 2017. We in British Columbia are in the Pacific time zone.


On this Day: November 4rth 1911

Ford enters the car market with the Model T.

Artic front


When it comes it can be something to manage File photo KDG

 Artic Front:

British Columbia is getting an artic front with snow and double digit minus over night lows. This sudden onset old man winter has caught a few without snow tires in the interior, and the forecast is up to 50 centimeters in some pasts of the interior.

Situations can go bad fast in weather be prepared and think thing through. Video cams at the Drive BC site over conditions seen in real time.

Today in history, November 2nd 1936

The Canadian Broadcasting Company is formed.

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