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Drop boxes

Charity pickup boxes
File Photo KDG

Thrift boxes are about the city and are convenient to drop off recyclables like kitchen were and clothing. This Value Village box is at the Pharmasave corner of Coutlee and Voght in Merritt. There is an other foundations,

(diabetes) boxes in the parking lot of Railyard Mall near Coopers.

You can save the environment a little to-day by dropping off your recyclable clothing and kitchen ware today when you go shopping.

On this Day: July 26th 1936

Edward the 8th dedicates the Vimy Memorial, before his abdication.

Construction supervision…????

WIN_20170722_12_24_31_Pro (3)


A four point male mule deer sits on a construction site on Sunday seemingly habituated. according to Paul a rod and gun club member th velvet will be gone in a month and breeding will begin. A counter person in a sports store says that they will freeze and rely on no movement to hide them. Perhaps he thinks we looks like a pile of lumber.

In addition to movements related to available shelter and food, the breeding cycle is important in understanding deer behavior. The “rut” or mating season usually begins in the fall as does go into estrus for a period of a few days and males become more aggressive, competing for mates. Does may mate with more than one buck and go back into estrus within a month if they did not become pregnant. The gestation period is about 190–200 days, with fawns born in the spring, staying with their mothers during the summer and being weaned in the fall after about 60–75 days. Mule deer females usually give birth to two fawns, although if it is their first time having a fawn, they often have just one.[ Source Wikipedia

On this Day: July 25th  1837

the first commercial telegraph signal is demonstrated.


TGIF-Freshwater fishing

Fishing by the osprey

Fishing at the train bridge

For kids 5 -15 with parental supervision the Freash water fishing society has lessons on sundays at the park on Nicola lake.

Everything is supplied.

Meet at Nicola Lake  Sundays, Monk Provincial park through August 20tt ,Saturdays.  Kentucky Allainee Park is on Sundays to the 19th of August.

The Fresh Waters Fisheries Society, has Fish stocking programs, fish and has revenue from licences.

The provincial park system is a wonder of the world in BC, an expense that no one complains about. There are many parks to chose from and we are proud of them all.

On this Day: July 21st 1970
The Asswan High Dam is completed in Egypt.


coastal rain and gulls

The forecast for todays rain is up to 1 millimeter from trace. Last night there was heavy black cloud and it spit a few drops of rain about 8 PM.
There is also a 40 percent chance on next Tuesday. But it remains a little amount, none of the cloud bursts we are used to after a hot spell. However there has been no thunder or lightning at this writing 1:50 PM.
Yesterday the provincial government extended the state of emergency for two weeks. at this writing there is no smoke in the Nicola Valley.

From time to time we get coastal weather here it brings gulls from the ocean as these ones above that were in Voght park after a weather wet front passed through from the coast.

On this Day: July 20th 2015
The US and Cuba resume diplomatic relations without reservation.

Fire Smart Canada

two lines one at fire

Don Parno of Fire Smart Canada is having aa seminar on August first. The Seminar is on ways to lower your homes chance of ignition by wild fire.
The seminar is hosted by the TNRN and is at the Library 1691 Garcia st in Merritt.
IT is sponsored by the City of Merritt and FireSmart Canada. The time is 5-8 PM.
There is a sign up sheet at the library.

On this Day: July 19th 1976
Sagarmatha National park in Nepal is opened.

Smoke in the skies

The sun west of Merritt, Red from smoke..
Photo KDG

Smoke was back to the Nicola Valley on the weekend however overnight lows were 9 degrees C, with 1 degree dew point. Rain is expected here on Thursday.

On this Day: July 18th 1992

The first photograph is published on the World Wide Web.

TGIF-Coffee House

Merritt BC incorporation
File :Photo KDG

The local country jammers are having a Coffee House at the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame in Merritt Saturday.
Featuring Robert Bertrand a retired music ion from Nova Scotia, and local strummers Denise and Al. The invite is by donation.
The Canadian Country Music hall of Fame is located at 2025 Quilchena Avenue in Merritt the Jam is from & to 10 PM.
The Hall is located in the historic building of Merritt Pioneers GB Armstrong who operated a Department store there in the early 20th century and is still owned by a descendent George Armstrong of Nicola Lake.
On this Day: July 14th 1960

Jane Goodall begins her study of chimps at the Gombe Stream  reserve..


Rockin on the River

Music fest back
Photo KDG

The next big music event here is The annual rocking on the River festival coming the weekend of August 3rd to 6th. The annual country music get down will see Aaron Pritchard and Crystal Shawanda iand others in the line up.

On this Day: July 13th 100 BC
Julius Caesar born…



Bass Coast


Moon over Bass Coast festival in Merritt
Photo KDG

Some sources say the festival on the weekend was successful. The event ended yesterday late afternoon and was the 9th annual.

A worker said that the full moon was so bright that he did not need his flashlight.

On this Day : July 11 th 1893

The first cultured pearl is obtained by one of Japan’s eventual top 10 inventors, Mikimoto  Kokichi.

TGIF- Cool off at a close beach


Have a great weekend save power by gong to the beach

The beaches in British Columbia are guaranteed to satisfy every type of beach lover. Kayaking, surfing and sailing are all popular on the shores of the Salish Sea. These activities are all accessible to residents of BC’s largest city, Vancouver. BC hosts many breathtaking ocean beaches on its mainland as well as its islands (Vancouver Island, Gulf Islands, Haida Gwaii). From long sandy beaches to aquamarine waters, some areas of this province can make you feel like you are on holiday in the tropics.

There are many warm freshwater lakes in inland BC. These lakes feature stunning scenery and are perfect for recreational water use. Both sandy and rocky beaches can be found. You’ll find breathtaking views of BC’s mountainous regions, including the Canadian Rockies and Coast Mountains.

Water temperatures can be cool in the ocean and the province’s northern lakes. Nevertheless, hot temperatures in July and August mean that being by the water offers some much needed refreshment. Many of the province’s beaches also offer pristine natural areas and sparkling clean water, the pinnacle of a perfect beach experience.

Some of BC’s best known lakes include:
Okanagan Lake: known for its warm waters and sunny days.
Joffre Lakes: glacier lakes famous for their turquoise waters which are surrounded by beautiful glacial-capped mountains.
Sasamat lake: a beautiful, white sandy beach and one of the warmest lakes you’ll find in the province. Source Swim


Editors Note: An air quality alert was issued for the Nicola Valley July 8th 9:26 AM

On this Day: July 7th 1916

The New Zealand  Labour Party is formed in Wellington NZ.




What’s in a dog ?

The Dog Show happened in Merritt they had seven class’s the Karelian Bear Dog won best working dog.( used by the US Ranger service for dealing with bears) source.


Canine Review

File photo KDG, Van absent this year!




On this Day: June 6th 1933

The first  Drive Inn Theater opens in the US.

Bass Coast


Merritt Music Festival VIP press

The press box at the entrance to the music festival grounds now used by many organizers in Merritt ,File Photo KDG


There were a couple of young men picking up tables from the arena downtown on Tuesday. They are setting up for the July 7th Bass  Coast concert here in Merritt.
The electronic music festival is for  millennials according to the two . They then qualified that there is a mix of ages and people who attend.
This is the 9th annual for the concert held on the music festival site south of Merritt.

The artists include: 1800 Haightstreet, Electric Café, and Abstrakt  Sonance and others.
On this Day: July 5th 1954
The BBC broadcasts its first TV program.

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