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Total lunar eclipse and blue moon.


Animation of the blood moon.
A super (close to earth, Blue (twice in a month) and a total lunar eclipse today.
photo KDG

On this Day: January 31st 2018

A blue moon and total lunar eclipse occurs.


Health and wellness show


Wheel of knowledge
File Photo KDG

There is a health and wellness show at the Merritt Civic center on February 3rd 2018.

The booths include Planet Fitness, 3 Bar Farms, Dr. SK Saint and more, there is a 3 hr Cause for the Fitness Challenge  with a 1:30 PM  start 15 years old an over 30 dollars. Some proceeds to Body Love Scholarship. Register at the Civic Center 250-315-1050 .

Free admission to the public, the show runs from 9 am to 12 pm. Merritt Civic Center, 195

On this Day: January 30th 1969

The Beatles last public performance.

TGIF- intersection accident



Yesterday a  fully loaded logging truck clipped a 2500 series GM Pick up in the intersection of Nicola and Voght in Merritt. Both drivers left the vehicles to inquire as to the well being  of the other. Thankfully no seemed hurt.

Thank your lucky stars for your good condition and health you never no when it might change.

Drive safe keep accounts with people short…

On this Day: January 26th 1911 The Curtis seaplane flies for the first time.



Mounties management…


DSC_3348British Columbia contracts with the federal police force, the RCMP, more than any other province to supply municipal policing. The Union of  British Columbia Municipalities is looking for representatives to be on the committee that does the contracts.

  • Community with population over 15,000, from the Lower Mainland RCMP District and within the Metro Vancouver Regional District (2 representatives, 3-year terms);
  • Community with population over 15,000, from outside the Lower Mainland RCMP District (1 representative, 3-year term); and,
  • Community with population between 5,000 and 15,000 (1 representative, 3-year term). Source UBCM

They are closing applications on February 2nd 2018. Contact UBCM selections will be made at the next meeting after closing.

A great public service opportunity. The positions are for local government elected representatives  and involves ay least 2 meetings a year. Meeting costs are paid as per policy.

Editors note: smaller communities get a value fot using the federal force that is not availble when they supply their own.

On this Day: January 25th 1792

The London Corresponding Society is formed.

Used clothing for sale

The Court House Gallery is having a used clothing sale to wind up January 2018. The gallery located at 1840 Nicola Avenue is open Thursdays through Saturdays noon to 6pm. The gallery will host the annual Community Art show in February.

On this Day: January 24th 1972

A Japanese soldier from WW11 is found hiding on a Pacific island.


Shortly after 2AM this morning an emergency alert was broadcast on Global BC telling people of a Tsunami and to go inland, this was all down the BC coast including Vancouver. Over time and expecting waves to reach lower BC by about 5 AM the alert was lifted before the expected time arrived.
The recently restored, agency NOAA National, Oceanic and Atmospheric  administration US (after the US Government shut down)  reported that there was no longer a danger.

Wave warnings on the coast are still in effect from tidal and wind actions.

On this Day: January 23rd 1846

Tunisia outlaws slavery.

TGIF- global records possible since 1880


File Photo KDG

According to earth sky news 2017 was the 2nd warmest since records began (NASA) 3rd warmest according to NOAA  records. Five of the warmest years have occurred since 2010.
On another note Genghis Khan killed 11 percent of the worlds human population making and ruling his world empire. An estimated 700 million tonnes of Co2 was taken out of the environment by the drop in population of humans and there oxygen C02 contributions (and the fact that the land and forest was under less stress by their absence.
The Carnegie institute produced a study on the 13th centuries warrior emperors impact on the world. The Guardian published in 2011 a headline “Laying waste to land scrubbed 700m tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere”. The Khan is also attributed to be the source of DNA for 1 in 200 people on the planet today. There is no comment on the impact on the environment from this, however in some of his battles it was noted that the earth was soapy from human tissue. What a way to clean up the planet; and accidental as well.
seriously the population of the planet is a potential for human resources and when a great majority of them apply them selves to a better life it ought to work without so much contention. Natural disasters not with standing the resources of destruction still need to be turned to plow shears, who’s going to do it? You in your own way and to your enlightened satisfaction will build us a future without the mess. Good luck and good will…

On this Day: January 19th 1977

President Gerald Ford pardons Tokyo Rose.


International Winnie the Pooh Day, A.A. Milne

Winnie the Pooh the unpretentious icon of cudability , wit and wisdom is recognised for his contributions   today! AA Milne his creator was good for quotes ” some people care to much, it’s called love.” People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day”  Winnie the Pooh.

Set in east Essex Winnie’s presence was felt through his creators experience starting in the early 20th century. Winnie’s name is an adaptation of Winnipeg, the city in Canada that would have been his home after the man who rescued it as a orphaned cub had done his service in the Great war.   In 1914, Lt Harry Colbourne paid 20 dollars for the young female black bear as he was traveling to CFB Valcartier to serve in the Canadain Veterinary corps. At the end of the war Colbourne decided to leave Winnie in the London zoo that had been her home from 1915 to its death in 1934.

January the 18th (Winnie the pooh day) is the birthday of the author A.A. Milne, Winnie inspired his character while in the London Zoo.

On this Day: January 18th 1993

Martin Luther King Jr day is observed in all 50 states for the first time.

BC flood and wildfire reviews


Rip Rap installed at Central park File:Photo KDG

Between January and March 2018 there is a review team in BC meeting with community members in regard to the response to recent wildfire and flood events.

The independent review was commissioned by the Province to examine government plans for, and responses to, flood and wildfire events, with a focus on the 2017 season. It will examine the implementation of both provincial and local government emergency management systems to determine how the Province can improve its governance systems, statutes, regulations, policy, and leadership practices to benefit responses to future emergency events

Between January and March 2018, the review team will meet with community members, regional and local stakeholders, and government and First Nations leaders and officials – all of whom will help shape recommendations on how to better plan for and respond to flood and wildfire events in the future: source UBCM

On this day: January 17th 1773

Captain James Cook leads the first sailing beyond the Antarctic circle.

Apex of the suns way… Tonight!



The sun west of Merritt, Red from smoke, of the 2017 fire season in the Sothern interior of BC File Photo KDG

A trip around the Milky Way galaxy center is called a cosmic year. Tonight the sun reaches its half way point in the orbit.

Our Milky Way galaxy is a collection of several hundred billion stars. It has an estimated diameter of 100,000 light-years. Our sun does indeed circumnavigate the Milky Way galaxy. In space, everything moves. There are various estimates for the speed the sun travels through the galaxy, but its speed is about 140 miles per second. Source earth sky news.

And it so happens that astronomers know which star the sun is moving toward in its journey around the galaxy. Our sun and family of planets travel more or less toward the star Vega – and away from the star Sirius. Unsurprisingly, Vega and Sirius lie in opposite directions in Earth’s sky.


Look for Vega at West to Norwest. One estimate of a Cosmic year is 230 million years; this must in our minds mean that the earth is subject to different influences over the millennia including gravity and weather .

On this Day: January 16th 1934

The Harlem Apollo theater reopens in New York.

TGIF-Happy Julian Calendar new year!


File Photo KDG

Sunday the 14th of January will be the New Year  for those that remain on the Julian Calendar.

For all those that watched the skies for Millennia ,  to give us many calendars in a progression of knowledge, Thank you.

The Julian calendar has been replaced as the civil calendar by the Gregorian calendar in almost all countries which formerly used it, although it continued to be the civil calendar of some countries into the 20th century.[4] Egypt converted on 20 December 1874/1 January 1875. Turkey switched (for fiscal purposes) on 16 February/1 March 1917. Russia changed on 1/14 February 1918.[5] Greece made the change for civil purposes on 16 February/1 March 1923, but the national day (25 March), which was a religious holiday, was to remain on the old calendar. source Wikipedia

For us at PR that’s it for Happy holidays this year! Have a wonderful day.

To those that the Merritt rod and gun club derby at Mamette Lake on Sunday HNW to you we understand that the final weigh in for prizes is 2:30 PM and it matters little what the calendar you make your resolution for the biggest fish under.

On this Day: January 12th 2005

Deep impact launches from Cape Canaveral.

Heritage Hub, Salmo


broken sign no contract…. Photo KDG

Salmo has gotten some notice for its Heritage Hub project, it has received the 2017 Community excellence award from the Union of BC Municipalities.

The project was made possible by a number of unique partners who were able to work with the Village to identify common interests that were compatible with local priorities and strategic direction.  This included Imperial Oil, which has leased the land to the Village; the Regional District of Central Kootenay, which has provided grant funding; and the combined efforts of Heritage Hub Inc. (representing local artists and entrepreneur) and Heritage Salvage (the parent company and investor).

The project was cultural and arts leaning and included in the Hub were,  a garden center, arts display, tattoo shop, used materials shop and others…

Editors note: nothing goes anyone’s own way we must work together and get the best we can out of any opportunity.


On this Day: January 11th 1908

The Grand Canyon National Monument is created.

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