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Maudie is the international film being presented by the Nicola Valley Film Society at the local community college NVIT, top of the hill Belshaw avenue.
Start time is 7PM 5 dollar admission on a 2 dollar membership, season pass holders come early to get your seats. No food or drink in the theater.
On this Day: October 13th 1773
Editors Note: last seasons people’s choice was “The Man Who Knew Infinity”
The whirlpool galaxy, Messier 51a is discovered.



Happy international day of the girl


Snow threating,There was a report of 3 inchs in highland valley today.

On this Day: October 11th 2012

The first international day of the girl.






Crossing Home Ground, Nicola Naturalists


Lands producing grass for cattle are in demand for feed lots and dairy cows They feed for winter as well. for meat producers. File Photo KDG ( some believe that protein from soya is a better alternative to grass going through meat.)

The local naturalists are having their first full program meeting of the season on Thursday October 19th at the NVIT lecture, theater top of the hill Belshaw avenue, in Merritt. Presenter David Brooks will have a book for sale at the meeting.

Author and naturalist, David Pitt-Brooke stepped out for a walk one morning—a very long walk. He covered over a thousand kilometres through the valleys of southern interior British Columbia. He went in search of beauty and lost grace in a landscape that has seen decades of development and upheaval. Based on his recently published book, David will speak about his journey’s experiences, including moments of discovery and re-connection with the natural world. David is an eloquent speaker and his presentation, combined with photographs from his journey and of the nature he encountered, is a real treat. source NNS

On this Day: October 10th 1963

The Partial Nuclear Test Bann Treaty comes into effect.

Bruce Voght: A Grand Affair

The true north strong and free…Photo KDG:

The Arts Council continues its concert program wit a frequent Merritt performer, Bruce Voght will be at the Merritt Civic Center October 21st at 7:pm doors at 6:30.

The billing says that they are celebrating Canada 150, Merritt Arts council 35, grand piano  25 years and counting.

Editors note: The Grand piano was the fruit of Dr’s Glen and Margret Carlson of Merritt BC the donation saw a marked rise in culture to the Nicola Valley.

Admission by donation.

On this Day: October 4rth 2006

Wikileaks launched


File Photo KDG

Merritt  arts council is back sponsoring concerts  again sponsored by the local arts council.

Fred Penner  a children’s entertainer will appear October 7th 2017 at 2pm Merritt Civic Center.

A gentle giant with kind eyes and an undeniable ability to make you feel good about yourself, this musical master brings 45 years of commitment, consistency and depth to a career that skillfully blends the many genres of performing and communication. Dubbed “Mr. Multi-Media” by Billboard Magazine, his diverse repertoire includes a prolific 12 Children’s Albums, countless energetically packed live shows for throngs of eager audiences across North America, composing the music for APTN/YTV’s Tipi Tales, and writing the score and hosting the TV documentary The Simple Way (focused on the relevant, world-wide topic of voluntary simplicity). He has, without a doubt, established himself as a fundamental part of the North American family entertainment scene. And whether it’s through CDs, videos, books or television, his cornerstone philosophy remains the same: absolute trust that his work can make a difference. source Fred Penner

On this Day: October 3rd 1995

OJ Simpson is freed after charges do not stick in murder trial.




Black Bear off Voght Thursday October 31 2013

Bears are about the town again with the returning salmon in the water  they can be a nuisance, especially if you have fruit trees or garbage. The saying a friendly bear is a dead bear still resonates.


A MacDonald’s worker said that her partner had success by simply raising his arms well above his head and walking and talking in a normal voice. The bear had an exit and was habitual to humans so it left.

There is a corridor that comes from Swakum mountain with two wildlife crossings over and under the freeway south into town along the Nicola river leading to a lot of bear sign on the river at the end of Garcia street and behind the Century 21 building on Voght street.

A 2 or 3 year ( 200 lbs) old black bear was seen going through the behind the curling rink OOA September 17th at 10 pm. always give a bear a way to escape. KDG

On this Day: September 29th 522 BC

Darius  1 kills a usurper Gumata to secure his grip on being King of Persia.see more

Happy Birthday Google Search


Google mapping car File Photo KDG

Google searched and found out that they started in 1998 and claimed it retroactively.


On this Day: September 27th 1998

Google search birthday. Video

Brown: Kamal Al-Solaylee

land rover

What it means to be a brown person in the world today  ” (to everyone)”, a book, is being presented by the author at the Merritt Civic Center on Friday September 29th 7-:30 pm.

The billing says that Kamal is an associate professor  at Ryerson University after being a writer for the Globe and Mail.

The event is sponsored by the regional district and the Canada Council for the Arts. No registration is required,  no admission charge. Contact the library system FMI

Editors Note: icon and stereotype are only different by six letters and an attitude. KDG

On this Day: September 26th 1988

Mark Simpson British clarenet player born.

TGIF-Silent Auction


KIm of the VVA

Some of Bev Veale’s art work is on silent auction at the Court house Gallery to 4:30  on Saturday, according to  Yano the gallery supervisor.

Ekphrastic  (The Fiber Art Network) the October show runs from September 28th to October 28th, with a reception Thursday September 28th,

The Valley Visual Artists VVA has also been a passion for Bev Veale.

On this Day: September 22 1990

The Dead Sea Scrolls are made public.


Grasslands of Merritt BC Canada

Hay bale: File Photo KDG

Merritt BC has a huge impact on the province because of grasslands. It is the biggest part of the Southern Interior Uplands region (185 thousand hectors  of grasslands in The British Columbia Grasslands Conservation Councils operations.

The Southern Thompson Upland is the rolling plateau area south of the Thompson River and bounded by the Fraser River valley in the west, the Okanagan valley in the east and the Similkameen River valley in the south. Almost 75% of the grasslands occur in the Interior Douglas-fir zone and 20% in the Bunchgrass zone. Over 85% of all the grasslands are found in the Nicola Valley with smaller areas around Princeton, at Tunkwa Lake and in the Mamit valley. Variations in the grassland species throughout the plateau reflect influences from the surrounding large valleys.

Douglas lake cattle company is a major operation with cattle  in the grasslands and is positioned n the watershed above Merritt. The Douglas through Nicola lakes by the Nicola river drains a major highland plateau. The area also supplys a history back to european contact and province building under BCs first British Governor  James Douglas.

The largest area of grasslands is located in the Nicola Basin area east of Merritt and extending north towards Kamloops. This area matches the extent of the Glacial Lake Merritt that drained north towards the Thompson River. A smaller area of grasslands around Princeton covers another former glacial lake that occupied the Similkameen valley. source GCCofBC

The local Nicola Naturalists  have had a serious concern for the grasslands of the Valley. since 2010 they have had fall and winter meeting, spring outings, Christmas bird counts, Frog surveys and many other activities in respect to the land and creatures. They usually meet on the 3rd Thursday of the month starting in September.  Alan Burger contact UVic.

On  this  Day: September 19th 1970

The first Glastonbury festival is held.



A month and a half to go!

Farmers market on. Saturday 9-2pm

The local Farmers Market is into its after this Saturdays regular offering. The expression of home grown or farm to table produce is still under the leadership of Lucus Handly the proprietor of three bar farms.

The operation runs May to October at the corner of Voght and Merritt avenue in Merritt BC.
The lot is the parking for the curling rink and has two EV chargers in the corner.
The time is 9am to 2pm Saturdays. The Market is often used by local government with info booths as well.

On this Day: September 14th 1982

Born Soshy.




The Nicola Valley Film Society is having a film called Lion on Monday the 18th at  the local community college NVIT lecture theater. The  showing starts at 7:00 free parking and no food or drink in the theater. Five dollar admission with a two dollar season membership.

This is the first film of the 2017/18 season. Season tickets are available at the event.

The trailer is available at: Film

On this Day: September 13th 1898

Hannibal Goodwin patents photographic celluloid film.

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