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TGIF- Friday the Thirteenth Eclipse…


The sun is our source for life. File Photo: KDG

There will be a partial solar eclipse today, however you need to be in Australia or Antartica to see it. Its ok there will be another o a Friday the 13th in ,2080, A total eclipse  may occur on Friday the thirteenth “2132”, for you to plan for.

According to earth sky news you should still wear eye protection if you are in a position in the deep south of the world to view what they are calling a skimpy show. Eclipse starts shortly after 1 PM local time down under.

Happy birthday to all those great people born on Friday the thirteenth, you all are charmed.

On this Day: July 13th 2080

The first solar eclipse on a Friday the thirteenth since July 13th 2018.


TGIF- dogs life…

The annual Merritt Dog show took place this week finishing up on the Sunday the first. Wind has a factor in the enjoyment, its not normally a factor for the show here.

On this Day: July 6th 1990

Electronic Frontier Foundation is formed.

TGIF- Happy midday shadows



The sun is our source for life. File  Photo: KDG

The overhead shadow changes from were you are on the earth and on the longest day of the year it is slightly more vertical then it was. As north America starts to move from straight up and down to the winter solstice at a 23 degree tilt away from the sun the shadows or midday changes.

You may want to take note of the shadows and enjoy this first weekend after summer solstice while seeking shade.

Editors Note: The tilt of the earth is 23 degrees from stand up to and from.

Sun flowers

July in Merritt ,gives sunflowers. file Photo KDG

On this Day: June 22nd 1825

The British abolish feudalism in North America.

Links 9th hole par three…


Theme golfer

A Merritt  golfer  from another year. File Photo KDG

The Merritt Golf and Country Club had been able to use 4 holes at flood time as of yesterday the course is using all except the 9th hole is cut back to par three.


The course features a large screen TV on its club house patio that can view all holes 9-18.

Golf in Merritt

On this Day: June 19th 1978

Garfield makes his public debut.

Opinion for trans mountain…


Drill for dewatering

Drilling equipment for dewatering File Photo KDG

We at PI think that the recent flooding demonstrates a need for collaboration on all kinds of weather related events, including the use of the resources of an experienced pipeline company ,with people that live in the area, and in emergency situations.

The Alberta premier  says it must be built, nothing is must except the death and tax’s we all face.  However here is her view: She believes that Alberta has capped CO 2 and there will be no net increase over the pipeline. She thinks that Alberta’s oil needs other markets then the US. She also thinks that her provinces impact on the Canadian economy is being dismissed  by many.

Most importantly the division amongst people in other provinces is not good for Canada.

Premier Notleys May 22 call for action

What positive thing can you contribute to a better community over this impasse today…?

Remember this enterprise was begun in good faith with permits and regulations followed.

On this Day: May 24th 1956

The first Eurovision song contest is held.

Flood and fire emergency review 2017 released.


Ducks in a row,on the Nicola river , December 3rd 2013 File photo KDG

The new normal for the 21st century. The provincial government released its finding for the response to emergency conditions this week. Called addressing the New Normal for the 21st century ,the review has called for 109 changes.

The review process involved a number of public engagement sessions focussed on planning and preparedness, prevention and mitigation, response, and recovery. Feedback was obtained through one-on-one meetings with key stakeholders (including local governments), community events, online engagement, and written submissions. In April, information was analyzed and used to form the final report, including recommendations.

Among the recommendations are a number of options for the Province to enhance partnerships with local governments. These include: support towards local emergency plans; better clarification around roles and responsibilities during an emergency; and establishing workshops and forums to help support information sharing, understanding, and identification of policy gaps. There is also an emphasis on a more streamlined and efficient response and recovery process.

The recommendations include 14 ‘strategic shift’ recommendations. These recommendations suggest actions that would significantly amend current policy. Among the ‘strategic shifts’ are: proposals to develop strategic partnerships with community members (e.g. ranchers, forestry contractors, landowners) to provide additional response capacity during emergencies; building a robust emergency communications website that includes all necessary information from government as well as emergency updates; and increasing the use of prescribed burning as a safety and prevention tool.

It is reported that 19 of the recommendations are in process of implementation at this time. The new normal for the 21st century.


On this Day: May 16th 1929

The first Academy Awards  are presented to merit winning nominees.

Awards for best use…


Markey93 keeps his eye on the ball at the Nicola Valley Golf and Country Club in Merritt File Photo KDG

The Real Estate Foundation of BC is  looking for nominees  for best use of land, this is  to recognise the principal or principal’s.

The Real Estate Foundation of BC (REFBC) invites you to nominate a community based individual or local government, and community project partnership for a REFBC 2018 Land Award.

REFBC’s Land Awards celebrate ideas and leadership in sustainable land use and real estate. The awards program recognizes outstanding projects and standout leaders who work to build healthy, resilient communities and natural environments.

There are three Land Awards, which recognize projects in three categories: Land Use and Conservation, Built Environment, and Fresh Water and Food Systems. There are also two awards for individuals: the Land Champion Award and the Emerging Leader Award. Nominations for the Land Awards open on April 5, 2018 and close on June 7, 2018.

Land Award finalists will be announced in early September. Awards are presented on October 11, 2018. REFBC will produce short videos about the Land Champion, the Emerging Leader, and the Land Award finalists.

Past award winners include the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District Electoral Area B, District of Lillooet and St’at’imc Agricultural Plan and the City of Campbell River for their Baikie Island Restoration

Editors note: The Union of British Columbia Municipalities is directed to local government;we consider their activities news worthy.


Grass lands producing grass for cattle are in demand for feed lots and dairy cows They feed for winter as well. for meat producers. Photo KDG ( some believe that protein from soya is a better alternative to grass going through meat.)

On this Day: May 10th 28 BC

A sunspot is observed by astronomers in ancient China.

End Plastics: Earth Day April 22,2018


WIN_20170518_10_27_02_Pro (2)

A new brood of ducklings at high water 2017 File Photo KDG

Earth day is coming up in two and a half weeks and the theme this year is end plastics. Our pet peeve with the world of plastics is the use of plastic in straws. those easily floated and directed little bad boys that scoot to the sea are probably the easies thing to do with out. Why not use a washable spoon on April 22 if you are out, and how about continuing it as a habit? If you can do something its the right direction that counts.

Close to 48 years ago, on 22 April 1970, millions of people took to the streets to protest the negative impacts of 150 years of industrial development.

In the US and around the world, smog was becoming deadly and evidence was growing that pollution led to developmental delays in children. Biodiversity was in decline as a result of the heavy use of pesticides and other pollutants.

On this Day: April 5th 1722
Easter Island is discovered.

Trans Mountain today, to often…



Pipe for oil field File:Photo KDG

The Trans Mountain Pipeline company is saying that the resource is blocked from the inside out. Referring to the Financial Post and writer Peter Tertzankian’s view on the economics of tar sand oil. ” 70 dollar oil is not peachy” “There are many Sears Canada in the oil patch.”


Too often, billions of dollars of taxes and royalties are unnecessarily forfeited to foreign interests. Despite the fact the Canadian oil and gas industry is setting the pace in carbon policy, environmental compliance, safety standards, Indigenous collaboration, innovation, transparency, corporate governance, social responsibility and business competitiveness too.

In our view market share is an unseen hand that can hinder or promote the sale of resources. Conservation and responsibility while not as attractive as unbridled prosperity, remains a  virtue in a world that needs stability.

Remembering the Mackenzie Valley pipeline that was never built is probably the best benchmark against giving away our wealth. Everything in its time, or the destruction by greed which is better?

We liked Sears Canada.  They were homey. As homey as Ethanol is to the Midwest of the US.

We like them better at 60 dollars a barrel.

On this Day: March 1st 1919

March 1st movement begins.



Canoe quest to north west coast of BC




The British Columbia minority government is presenting a budget today. With the resignation of former Premier Christy Clark and a collation agreement the budget should pass.


The budget is said to contain support for those finding life to expensive.
Its been a long time since there was a government that increased a consumption tax like the PST it will be interesting to see the revenue side of the budget. Fees and revenue from services are difficult if they start to become circular to tax’s. They can only expand into inflation. New revenue sources are at a premium in a competitive world. Good luck.

On this Day: February 20th 1472

Scotland gets the islands of Orkney and Shetland from Norway over a dowry payment.

TGIF- Good luck to the Olympics

2018 Winter Olympics February 9th to 25th , Pyeongchang South Korea.

Good luck to all those in South Korea as they start the 2018 Winter Games. Lets hope that politics will take the time off and that healthy young people, who are our future will enjoy a time of free and fair completion and up hold the personal value of sportsmanship.

On this Day: February 9th 1922

Brazil becomes the first member of the Berne copyright treaty.


National pride

Land of Mine, NVFS


A sign displayed at a local pre owned shop in the down town of Merritt.
File Photo KDG

The Nicola Valley Film society is having its monthly film on February 19th. The film will be shown at the NVIT lecture theater starting at 7 PM.
The local film society is a member of the tiff circuit Toronto International Film Society and is headed by local Cathy Star. This is the second to the last for the season the final film is in March, Glass Castle. films
% dollars for admission and a two dollar season membership. No food or drinks in the lecture theater, free parking, top of the hill on Belshaw avenue.
Season ticket holders should come 15 minutes early to ensure seating.

On this Day: February 8th 1952

Elizabeth the second is proclaimed Queen of the UK and Commonwealth.

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