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TGIF$1.14.9 a liter

A fuel truck delivers gasoline to a service station
File Photo KDG

Gasoline is down another cent a liter here this week.  A good test weekend is coming this Sunday will be getting to near 40 degrees followed by 30 degree weather for the week ahead. Summer driving is apon us however grade schools last day of instruction is June 29th and June 30th an administration day.  Summer driving may increase after as a result. All 5 service stations in Merritt are the same price at this writing.




On this Day: June 23rd 1946

The Vancouver Island earthquake shakes the west coast of Canada.





TGIF-Hot dog

Down town core of Merritt, File Photo KDG


Tina Vesper is selling hotdogs in front of the Royal Bank. She operated a truck concessionary some years ago and would travel to public events such as baseball games.
The step up to the bank has been vacant of vendors since Manuel gave up his stand a number of years ago. Manuel had a union job at the local saw mill and did it as a form of self expression /enjoyment.

The Royal bank, Merritt branch is at the corner of Garcia and Quilchena in Merritt British Columbia Canada. Tina says Saturday she will be at the Home building supply corner of Voght and Coldwater. She has also set up shop at the Spirit Square and the Saturday farmers market.


On this Day: June 16th 1963

The first women in Space Soviet Valentina Tereshkova.

US Flag day


 american motor cyvle driver, US army captain

File Photo KDG


The United States adopted its flag on June 14th 1777. It has gained associated credibility in  number of conflicts and lost some of it in others.  The equality of people was supported in the US revolution, being self evident. Further no taxation without representation and other ideals it has stood for have made for a bloody and conflict ridden path for “old glory” to follow in the pursuit of freedom.

The US is also one of the most incarcerating countries in the world and is less forgiving to those that mix up liberty with licence.

Editors note: US incarceration rate is 716 persons per 100 thousand, they hold 22 percent of the world prisoners, and spent approaching 80 billion in 2007. The US is less then 5 percent of the worlds population. 2007 US Justice

2017: 660 odd to 100,000

On this Day: June 14th 1946

Donald Trump born, Jamaica Medical Center NY.

1000 dollar Canada Savings Bond for Grad?

File Photo KDG

The local Merritt high school is having its 2017 graduation on June 23rd (First Nations June 8th).

November 2017 will see the iconic Canada Savings Bond and symbol of a secure future discontinued. Gifts for grads are a great thing the style and presentation seals a moment important to the rest of your life.

November 2017.
Given the overall decline in sales, the access to alternative investments vehicles for consumers and the administration and management costs of the program, the Canada Savings Bonds Program is no longer a main component of the federal debt management strategy. The Government of Canada is able to source funding at a more cost effective rate by issuing wholesale debt.
The Government of Canada reassures Canadians that any unmatured CSBs or CPBs are safe and guaranteed, and bonds will continue to be honoured until the time of redemption or maturity, whichever comes first. Source Government of Canada.

Pennies to message
File Photo KDG






Editors Note:

Canada Savings Bonds :were talked up as a go to when the Chretien government was dealing with a derivative bubble and a sense that too many foreign counties held our debt some decades ago. Gold five dollar coins have about to same value as a 1000 dollar bond, however there is not enough gold in the world for everyone to have an 5  dollar Canadian gold coin.

On this Day: June 6th 1974

Sweden becomes a Parliamentary Monarchy.

old camera kodak (2)

An old box Kodak camera, File Photo KDG


The local museum is having a presentation on a couple that documented the Nicola Valley during its youth in the early 20th century.

Harry and Lily Priest are the focus of a talk by Jolene Castillou Cumming grand daughter of Judge Harry Castillou, an early politician and pioneer to the Nicola Valley.

Titled the Photographer and the Teacher it is at the Merritt Seniors center June 8th 7:00-8:pm, free admission. The Museum and seniors center is at 1675 Tutill Court behind Coopers in the downtown  Railyard Mall.

Tom Edwards and Murphy Shewchuck ,museum principals are a wealth of information about the early days of the Central interior of BC….

On this Day: June 1st 1980

Cable News Network starts its broadcast. CNN

Quick charger

Nissan Leaf, gets DC quick charge in Merritt
File Photo KDG

We talked to two Nissan Leaf owners on the long weekend that used the quick charger at the downtown tourist info center on Voght street. Henny a brick layer from the lower mainland and on his way to Kelowna was driving a new Leaf and showed us the compact bakery under the front hood. He was saying that he needed a full charge to have confidence to carry on to Kelowna. The car was equipped with a solar panel on the roof as well and it only managed another lead acid battery that ran the lights and other then motor electronics.
When he returned the next day full of excitement we picked up on his confidence in the new experience.
The other driver a man in his 30s and a boy going camping at a local lake returned to recharge as well.
The comments were that the 500 volt quick charger was a green lot numbered one and it was surprising to see one that you needed to pay for.
Henning wondered if it was possible to use both the quick charger and the 90 amp 220 Volt charger at the same time as there are two charging ports supporting each one.

On this Day: May 25th 240 BC.

The first recorded passage of Hailey’s Comet.

Run off

Friday March 12th saw road closure on Garcia St
Photo KDG

Flood control in the Nicola Valley saw the levels rise and lower with the controlled spilling of the dam on Nicola Lake and rainfall.

The green pointer on Voght street was back over the weekend indicating drought or ground level is normal once again. The rivers had been closed to fishing two years ago because of low water levels, rains on thanksgiving weekend in 2016 started a marked increase  in water content in the valley culminating in some more activities in management this spring.

Ground saturation is obvious.
The regional district have waived tipping fees for flood damaged debris and property, supplying a phone number is required.

On this Day: may 16th 1770
The marriage of 14 year old Marie Antoinette to 15 year old Louis-Auguste.

The Nicola Naturalists meet on the 3rd Thursday of each month. The speaker this month is Joanne Hale. Hale will present on the habitat adaption by Spade Toads on disturbed land.

Jo-Anne Hales is a professional agrologist and the Environmental Specialist for the Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc. She is also completing a Master of Science degree in Environmental Science at Thompson Rivers University studying the Great Basin Spadefoot (an amphibian species at risk) on the New Gold – New Afton Mine site. Come and hear about these charismatic little critters.

Programs start at 7 PM in the local college lecture theater, top of the hill on Belshaw avenue in Merritt. No food or drink allowed in the lecture theater. Membership in the Society or donations is requested. Draw for donated prizes go toward scholarship at school.

The Nicola naturalists are a not for profit with an ecological responsible conversation. They have a pronounced interest in migratory birds.

On this Day: May 11th 1792

Captain Robert Gray becomes the first documented European to sail the Columbia River.



old court house

The old court house on Nicola avenue , in Merritt.
File Photo
Photo KDG

The Arts Council and the Old Court House Gallery are having a show for May. Running Thursdays through Saturdays until June 3rd it is featuring landscapes. The artist reception is Saturday May 6th 4-6pm.
The Old Courthouse Gallery is at 1840 Nicola Avenue, in Merritt, hours are afternoons.
On this Day: May 5th 1905

Finger print evidence is used to get a murder conviction for the first time.




May the fourth be with you!

Charging station gives options.
File Photo KDG

On this Day: May 4rth 2011

The fourth of May is made Star Wars Day.



DSC_3709 (7)

No its not the Ogopogo it was a fast moving energetic River Otter, in the Nicola river last week.


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North American river otter
LutraCanadensis fullres.jpg
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Family: Mustelidae
Genus: Lontra
Species: L. canadensis
Binomial name
Lontra canadensis
(Schreber, 1777)
see text
Lutra canadensis

The North American river otter (Lontra canadensis), also known as the northern river otter or the common otter, is a semiaquatic mammal endemic to the North American continent found in and along its waterways and coasts. An adult river otter can weigh between 5.0 and 14 kg (11.0 and 30.9 lb). The river otter is protected and insulated by a thick, water-repellent coat of fur.

The river otter, a member of the subfamily Lutrinae in the weasel family (Mustelidae), is equally versatile in the water and on land. It establishes a burrow close to the water’s edge in river, lake, swamp, coastal shoreline, tidal flat, or estuary ecosystems. The den typically has many tunnel openings, one of which generally allows the otter to enter and exit the body of water. Female otters give birth in these underground burrows, producing litters of one to six young.

North American river otters, like most predators, prey upon the most readily accessible species. Fish is a favored food among the otters, but they also consume various amphibians (such as salamanders and frogs[2]), freshwater clams, mussels, snails, small turtles and crayfish. Instances of river otters eating small mammals and occasionally birds have been reported as well.


On this Day: April 25th 1959

The Saint Lawrence Seaway  better opens Canada to the Atlantic Ocean.

TGIF- enjoy the weekend

moon rising 5/6/12

On this Day: April 14th 1986
Hailstones weighing over 2 lbs fall in Bangladesh killing 92.

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