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Canoe quest to north west coast of BC




The British Columbia minority government is presenting a budget today. With the resignation of former Premier Christy Clark and a collation agreement the budget should pass.


The budget is said to contain support for those finding life to expensive.
Its been a long time since there was a government that increased a consumption tax like the PST it will be interesting to see the revenue side of the budget. Fees and revenue from services are difficult if they start to become circular to tax’s. They can only expand into inflation. New revenue sources are at a premium in a competitive world. Good luck.

On this Day: February 20th 1472

Scotland gets the islands of Orkney and Shetland from Norway over a dowry payment.


TGIF- Good luck to the Olympics

2018 Winter Olympics February 9th to 25th , Pyeongchang South Korea.

Good luck to all those in South Korea as they start the 2018 Winter Games. Lets hope that politics will take the time off and that healthy young people, who are our future will enjoy a time of free and fair completion and up hold the personal value of sportsmanship.

On this Day: February 9th 1922

Brazil becomes the first member of the Berne copyright treaty.


National pride

Land of Mine, NVFS


A sign displayed at a local pre owned shop in the down town of Merritt.
File Photo KDG

The Nicola Valley Film society is having its monthly film on February 19th. The film will be shown at the NVIT lecture theater starting at 7 PM.
The local film society is a member of the tiff circuit Toronto International Film Society and is headed by local Cathy Star. This is the second to the last for the season the final film is in March, Glass Castle. films
% dollars for admission and a two dollar season membership. No food or drinks in the lecture theater, free parking, top of the hill on Belshaw avenue.
Season ticket holders should come 15 minutes early to ensure seating.

On this Day: February 8th 1952

Elizabeth the second is proclaimed Queen of the UK and Commonwealth.

Form, Figure, Faces

The Nicola Valley Arts Council is supported by the City of Merritt, the Thompson Nicola Regional District, the Province of BC, and the BC Arts Council.

The NVAC has a very good website  Nicola Valley Community Arts Council and are increasing the profile of art in the valley with consistent shows that allow access as well as quality to the enjoyment of art in the Nicola Valley. They have also won grant support for their participation in Canada Day, National Aboriginal Day, and the Lower Nicola Garlic festival.

The Societies current showing is titled Form, Figure, Faces, and runs through March 3rd 2018. The show is at the Old Court House Gallery , 1840 Nicola Avenue and is open noon to 6 PM Thursdays through Saturdays.


On this Day: February 06 1919

The American Legion is formed.

TGIF- The bread of life


Recent bake sale at local non profit...

You can always bake at home…Or:

So as to the recent bread price scandal:

Here’s a claim of a local artisan that may give you an option:

Our selection of artisan breads will have you coming back for more – and we have a different feature every day of the week, ranging from Alsatian Rye to Baguette and Multigrain Bread. Favourites like Country Bread and Sourdough are available daily, as is a variety of buns. Bakery’s’ Best Buns make great burger buns!

On this Day: February 2nd 1840

The first rememberance of a ground hog day observance.

International Winnie the Pooh Day, A.A. Milne

Winnie the Pooh the unpretentious icon of cudability , wit and wisdom is recognised for his contributions   today! AA Milne his creator was good for quotes ” some people care to much, it’s called love.” People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day”  Winnie the Pooh.

Set in east Essex Winnie’s presence was felt through his creators experience starting in the early 20th century. Winnie’s name is an adaptation of Winnipeg, the city in Canada that would have been his home after the man who rescued it as a orphaned cub had done his service in the Great war.   In 1914, Lt Harry Colbourne paid 20 dollars for the young female black bear as he was traveling to CFB Valcartier to serve in the Canadain Veterinary corps. At the end of the war Colbourne decided to leave Winnie in the London zoo that had been her home from 1915 to its death in 1934.

January the 18th (Winnie the pooh day) is the birthday of the author A.A. Milne, Winnie inspired his character while in the London Zoo.

On this Day: January 18th 1993

Martin Luther King Jr day is observed in all 50 states for the first time.

Heritage Hub, Salmo


broken sign no contract…. Photo KDG

Salmo has gotten some notice for its Heritage Hub project, it has received the 2017 Community excellence award from the Union of BC Municipalities.

The project was made possible by a number of unique partners who were able to work with the Village to identify common interests that were compatible with local priorities and strategic direction.  This included Imperial Oil, which has leased the land to the Village; the Regional District of Central Kootenay, which has provided grant funding; and the combined efforts of Heritage Hub Inc. (representing local artists and entrepreneur) and Heritage Salvage (the parent company and investor).

The project was cultural and arts leaning and included in the Hub were,  a garden center, arts display, tattoo shop, used materials shop and others…

Editors note: nothing goes anyone’s own way we must work together and get the best we can out of any opportunity.


On this Day: January 11th 1908

The Grand Canyon National Monument is created.

Contractor list Trans Mountain expansion…


Pipe for oil field File:Photo KDG


The Trans Mountain expansion issued this list in September 2017 the start date of its project. The Ledcor  partnership contractor  effects  the Merritt area most as well as Surerus Murphy in the Coquihalla. At this writing the contractors most used motel is not hosting any crews.


Spreads 1 & 2: Edmonton/Yellowhead

  • Contractor: Midwest Pipelines Inc.

Spreads 3 & 4: North Thompson

  • Contractor: Ledcor Sicim Limited Partnership

Spread 5A: BC Interior

  • Contractor: Surerus Murphy Joint Venture 

Spread 5B: Coquihalla – Hope

  • Contractor: Macro Spiecapag Joint Venture

Spread 6: Fraser Valley

  • Contractor: Somerville-Aecon Energy Group

Lower Mainland:

  • Contractor: Kiewit Ledcor TMEP Partnership
  • Lower Mainland scope includes Spread 7, Burnaby Mountain tunnel and three terminals: Westridge Marine Terminal, Burnaby Terminal and Sumas Terminal

The Trans Mountain expansion is  a 7.4 billion dollar twinning of a n existing pipeline from Edmonton to Burnaby. There is currently a court order for a concern over routing through the Coldwater Band in Merritt. The concerns are over ground water and proximity to the Coldwater river.

Trans Mountain Expansion

6025 Sussex St.
PO Box 81018 South Burnaby

Burnaby, British Columbia V5H 3B0


On this Day: January 10th 1776

Common sense is published by Thomas Paine .

Salmonids in the Nicola watershed

Jessica Urquhart will be presenting on the health of Salmon in the Nicola Watershed at the January 17th meeting of the Nicola Naturalists.
The presentation is at 7PM NVIT lecture theater, at the top of the hill Belshaw avenue in Merritt.

Jessica Urquhart is a Fisheries Technologist with the Nicola Watershed Stewardship and Fisheries Authority (NWSFA), the “fisheries department” of the Nicola Tribal Association. Working with its member communities, as well as private property owners, the NWSFA undertakes an annual program of stock assessment and fish habitat restoration projects in the Nicola Watershed. NWSFA staff interact with other First Nations and DFO to advocate for the protection and restoration of the Nicola Watershed’s fisheries resources. With information provided by the entire NWSFA fisheries team, Jessica will discuss how the team plays an important role in the management of the salmonids of the Nicola Watershed.

Free parking at the school, no drinks or food in the lecture all, the group says that all are welcome, membership or donation requested.

Editors note: this meeting is on a Wednesday against the usual Thursday monthly meeting.

On this Day: January 4rth 1999

Jesse Ventura a professional wrestler becomes governor of Minnesota.

A Man Called Ove


A sign displayed at a local pre owned shop in the down town of Merritt. File Photo KDG

The Nicola Valley Film Society is presenting its first 2018 film on Monday January 15th at the lecture theater of the local community college NVIT. the film is A Man Called Ove.
The society presents films from September to March (none in December) an is in its 10th year according to president Cathy Star. Films are selected and sources from TIFF, the Toronto Film Society.
Start time is 7 pm no food or drinks in the theater, top of the hill Belshaw avenue, free parking.


On this Day: January 2nd 2004

The spacecraft Stardust collects samples as it goes by comet wild 2, then begins to return to earth.


The  Nicola Valley Memorial Arena, File Photo KDG

The Nicola Valley memorial arena in its present form after a refit 22 years ago. Source Brain Barrett 32 year contract manager.

Brain says he is going to retire with the passing of 2017. Brain and the arena here facilitate a number of young people make the big league, including Grant Mulvey, Paul Mulvey, Ed Beers, Paul Kruse, a total of 17 NHL players skated with the local  junior hockey club. Brian is a member of the BC Hall Hockey Hall of Fame.

On this Day: December 29th 1851

The first YMCA opens in Boston.

On holidays

We are on holidays please enjoy on this Day.

On this Day: December 28th 1912

The first municipal street cars run in San Francisco.

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