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April brings snow to the Nicola Valley

April brought snow on the weekend.
Photo KDG

The weekend saw snow come with April.  The Snow is gone now and hydro crews working in Central park on Monday said that the water has broken through  the ground where they had been waiting for frost to go out so they could landscape ground around the burial cable they installed in the fall.

The tulips are pushing up ,some are 6 inchs tall never seems to change for Easter as it is coordinated by the last full moon of March.


On this Day: April 5th 2010

Twenty nine coal miners die in an explosion in West Virginia.

WWWater Day

Today is World Water Day, and its been that way since 1933. Fresh water accounts for a few percent of the water on earth but is crucial to our existence, aqueducts, dams, ditching, wells, reservoirs, plumbing, pools. ponds, (had to throw in an alliteration), troughs, tubs, tanks it goes on like a modern calculus equation. The point is when we pew in our water or worse we better have a way of dealing with it before it comes back to haunt us.
Water is life and life is water your life and mine…

And where would we be without ice?

On this Day: March 22 1894
Ice hockey’s Stanley Cup is first played for.

The Cold water river, Merritt BC mid July/15
File;Photo KDG

] Nicola River. Merritt BC… Rain…

Snow today

The forecast   is calling for a 50% chance of serious snowfall starting this morning. Warmer temperatures  will revert to near double digits minus C by Saturday.

Comments by people  range from distaste for winter to its ok I was in Mexico for a month.

Check the weather as directly as you can before engaging .

On this Day: March 2nd 1717

The first ballet is performed  in England.

Snow and driving rain…

 File: Photo: KDG

File: Photo: KDG

The temperature in Merritt ( 700 meters above sea level) is -7 Celsius. However there must be some warm upper level trough as freezing rain is spitting on the ground. A traveler at Starbucks said that the freeway to Hope is closed till at least 2PM this afternoon. Unconfirmed: he saw a half dozen vehicles in the ditch after having difficulty with freezing rain.
The freeways have video cams at the summit, and once again we recommend that you do not do unnecessary driving when winter conditions are in effect. The Coquihalla highway to the Okanagan was designated as a road way subject to quick on set of unfavorable conditions.

That said it is about an hour under best conditions from Hope to Merritt.

There is public weather alerts at:  and Drive BC has highway cams for your safety and convenience.

On this Day: February 9th 1971
Apollo 14 returns from the moon. from their 9 day trip.

TGIF-Snow again

Snow and cold back the day after ground hog day. Photo KDG

Snow and cold back the day after ground hog day.
Photo KDG

On this day: February 3rd  1995

Eileen Collins becomes the first women to pilot the space shuttle.


One of 8 volumes of the environmental assessment. for the Lower Mainland 500 KV line. Hard copy at Public library. File Photo :KDG

One of 8 volumes of the environmental assessment. for the Lower Mainland 500 KV line. Hard copy at Public library.
File Photo :KDG

The completed work saw a 3rd lower mainland 500 KV line go through Merritt on its way to the Lower Mainland from Revelstoke. The project had rigorous permitting process and is complete since last year including a new substation here in Merritt .

The local 200 million dollar Green energy project is delayed opening until next fall a full year past the expected time. Something a private operation trys  to avoid.

At this writing a small piece of the 138 KV line at central park is going underground. the poles it will be replacing were placed  next to a housing walled community and a golf course.

On this Day: January 26th 1992

Russia announces that they are no longer targeting the west with missiles.

Regulation and self government, CEPA

Pipe for oil field File:Photo KDG

Pipe for oil field
File:Photo KDG

Drilling equipment for dewatering Photo KDG

Drilling equipment for dewatering
File Photo KDG

The Canadian Energy Pipeline Assc. has been working to see better conditions for pipeline activities. The self governing body has as a member the Trans Mountain pipeline group and they have reported on successful lobbying to provide   assurance to concerned people that delivery of  oil from Alberta is well regulated and safe.Yesterday the CBC reported that BC is satisfied with the environmental  provisions of the approved expansion.

The international pipeline conference.

Pipeline professionals, engineers and scientists gathered to talk about leadership and innovation and to share insights into the future of the industry. Among other things, we saw that the importance of communication and sustainability is a key focus for our industry.

Inspector  certification

CEPA has been working with the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA) and the INGAA Foundation, to develop a pipeline inspector certification program. The program will give a consistent framework for inspector training programs across North America.  Source: Trans Mountain Pipeline.

The CEPA has also been involved in local fire chief certification and  the using their members mandate  to get legislation that makes polluter pay the law on right of way properties along pipelines.

Its been four and a half decades since we first saw locals here in the interior of BC take up jobs exploring for tar sands in northern Alberta some of them have passed on after spending a good part of their life in the exploration and development of a resource for future generations. Companies like Tonto Drilling and Connors Drilling, and the engineering supervision that gave that first drive for a better life have been absorbed and fractured into a different lifestyle today.

Wages for a stand up citizenry were more the focus then . A global corporate structure demands more today.It  is still desirable that a big share go to the individuals that command a wage  reflecting the status of working people who will live here and contribute time and talent to the future  of the community.

Pipe File photo KDG

File photo KDG

You can learn more :

On this Day: January 12th 1998

Nineteen European nations agree to ban human cloning.




Weather or not…

January 10th, 7pm shows  snow accumulated,Merritt BC Photo KDG

January 10th, 7pm shows snow accumulated, Merritt BC
Photo KDG

We have had snow on the ground here in South Central British Columbia, at 700 meters elevation, for about a month. The fist time in decades that snow lasted more then a week. The accumulation is forcast  for clear skies and at this writing there are heavy skies with moderately low ceiling.
This gives a feeling of normal to local long timers.

On this day: January 10th 49 BC

Julius Caesar crosses the Rubicon River with his legions.

TGIF- A little bird told me…

Feathered friends File Photo KDG

Feathered friends
File Photo KDG

Remember our feathered friends,as our first nations friends say I,ts all connected to mother Earth….

On this Day: January 6th 1907

Montessori opens its first working class day care and school in Rome.

Three minutes

Photo KDG

File Photo KDG

The sun is setting on 2016 what will 2017 bring?
Since the winter season started last week we have been gaining daylight at a slow rate but we have gained 3 minutes ( well two and a half), giving us 8 hrs of light. The gain was 1 second on the 21st to a staggering 42 seconds today.

It is the shortest day of the year ( solstice) in terms of daylight, but it does not have the latest sunrise nor the earliest sunset of the year. This is because of a discrepancy between our modern-day timekeeping methods and how time is measured using the Sun. Astronomers call this difference the equation of time. Source:

From a low point of 7:57 minutes hrs. of daylight to a bright and shiny 8:extra 3 minutes today.
So; happy end to the calendar year, and an optimistic rise to spring and summer.


On this Day: December 28th 1944
Maurice Richard is the first NHL player to score 8 points in a single game.


Sky on Thursday. Dec 15/16 Bands are they upper level troughs. Photo KDG Photo KDG

Sky on Thursday. Dec 15/16
Bands are they upper level troughs?
Photo KDG

The bands were not from jet traffic, ice fog was visible, cold midmorning temperatures and a 97 percent waning super moon, 11am in the morning.

Some of the natural phenomena seen in the sky are clouds, rainbows, and aurorae. Lightning and precipitation can also be seen in the sky during storms. Birds, insects, aircraft, and kites are often considered to fly in the sky. Due to human activities, smog during the day and light pollution during the night are often seen above large cities. Source Wikipedia

The November and December super moon brought the earth close twice in a little over a month increasing the pull of gravity and the wobble of the earths orbit around the sun.

On this Day: December 27th 2001

China gets permanent normal trade relations from the US.

Shortest winter coming, since 13th century…


Snow staying in Merritt Photo KDG

Snow staying in Merritt
Photo KDG

Photo KDG: Public buildings are kept warm and are a good refuge when away from home…

The winter solstice is  a week away on the 21st at 4:44 AM, the days will start to get longer. The Spring equinox 12hrs and 12hrs night and day will be on March 20th 3:29 PM giving an 88 day winter.( strike up some Beethoven)
The 6 days could have had an effect on the start of weather here as we are six days ahead to the 23 degrees that tips toward the sun in the summer season.
Full Moon on Tuesday  another super moon not as close as the November one but still a hunters moon.

moon rising 5/6/12 File Photo KDG

Moon rising 5/6/12
File Photo KDG

Editors: Note Winter is sometimes measured by weather and not seasonal quarters check the local conditions for things like building codes as well as driving needs.

On this Day: December 14th 2004

The Millau Viaduct ( worlds tallest bridge) is opened in France.

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