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28 more Hydro EV Quick Chargers



Leaf has direct connection to 500 volt quick charger in Merritt. Photo KDG

BC hydro has completed the 2018 program on “30 Minute ” Quick chargers. Bringing their total to 58 in the province.

he second phase includes 28 new stations, in addition to the 30 that were completed in 2016. There are 13 new stations in the Lower Mainland and two new stations at the Britton Creek rest area on the Coquihalla Highway, allowing drivers to quickly charge up before heading to the Southern Interior – or to the Kootenays. The stations also connect drivers from Horseshoe Bay to the west coast of Vancouver Island.

They utility is now planning another phase to bring more quick chargers to drivers from Kamloops North to Prince George. Hydro Chargers

Line ups may be avoided by seeing if a charger ahead is occupied, by a smart device. There are often another 240 volt charger in the proximity of the  Hydro 500 volt quick chargers.

Merritt’s new Quick Charger has connections to Bolt and Leaf models EV.

On this Day:  July 10th 1943

Operation Husky begins in Sicily.



weather vane



The season for hurricanes is on and the east coast should always be wary. However authorities are saying that it should be a near normal or high normal.

NOAA updates their projections in August, using method such El Nino monitoring. The fall is the height of the season.

Hurricanes are part of the natural systems.
NOAA is predicting a near normal season. The Atlantic Season for weather is a concern for us all Though their effects on human populations are often devastating, tropical cyclones can relieve drought conditions. They also carry heat energy away from the tropics and transport it toward temperate latitudes, which may play an important role in modulating regional and global climate crops oil prices and many issues.

Though their effects on human populations are often devastating, tropical cyclones can relieve drought conditions. They also carry heat energy away from the tropics and transport it toward temperate latitudes, which may play an important role in modulating regional and global climate, oil prices and many issues. source Wikipedia

On this Day: July 3rd 1844

The Great Auks go extinct.

Summer Solstice


The sun is our source for life. File Photo: KDG


The summer solstice happens tomorrow at 10:07 UTC time or  3:07 Pacific Daylight  Time.

The solstice is often thought of with the ancient Stonehenge monolith:

 Stonehenge, in England, was built in three phases between about 3,000 B.C. and 1,600 B.C., and its purpose remains under study. However, it’s known that if you stand in just the right place inside the Stonehenge monument on the day of the northern summer solstice, facing northeast through the entrance towards a rough-hewn stone outside the circle – known as the Heel Stone . Source earth sky news.

Some reports say 12 000 people were at Stonehenge in 2016 for the solstice.Enjoy your day however you arrive to it.

On this Day: June 20th 1959

A rare June hurricane hits the eastern coast of Canada killing 35.

Trans Mountain promise:



Rip Rap installed at Central park File Photo KDG

The Trans Mountain project is promising 15,000 jobs and 73 billion in new revenues, with 46 billion of that in taxes to government.


        • British Columbia receives $5.7 billion
        • Alberta receives $19.4 billion
        • The rest of Canada shares $21.6 billion
      • More than $400 million committed to Indigenous groups under mutual benefit and capacity agreements
      • $64.7 million to fund an Indigenous pipeline environment committee to ensure ongoing monitoring of the Project
      • Trans Mountain is facilitating the largest-ever expansion of spill response personnel and equipment on the BC coast, a $150-million, 20-year investment by Western Canada Marine Response Corporation that doubles response capacity and cuts mandated response times by half in South Coast waters. Source Trans Mountain

Good luck on this to all my friends and readers. Try to be good to your neighbour and ask him to pass it on.

On this Day: June 14th 1789

The loyal crew of the mutiny on the bounty reach Timor Island.





The federal government in 2017 said that the low carbon programs would be being implemented. They are looking for partnerships with local governments

In December 2017, the Government of Canada announced it is providing Low Carbon Economy Funding to the Province of BC in support of projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The BC Government has identified matching funds to support a number of initiatives including organic waste processing infrastructure to increase municipal organics diversion and management of agricultural waste. Local governments are the eligible recipient for this funding program and will need to provide one-third matching funding. Local governments may choose to partner with First Nations or private companies.

The government will be presenting a webinar on June 26th and 27th and then looking for expressions of interest or input.


On this Day: June 13th 1994

An Anchorage Alaska jury finds negligence in the Exon Valdez oil tanker disaster.

Choice in EV vehicles



Nissan Leaf, gets Dc quick charge in Merritt Sunday July 13th/14 Photo KDG

There are at least a dozen and a half electric vehicles out there adding to consumers choice for enjoyment of the tremendous liberty of a personal motor car. Ranges vary and mixes of full EV to charging engines give a wide preference field for any one that can afford to get into an electric vehicle.

There are also 1000 public chargers and a number of quick chargers ( DC 30 minute ). There are enough quick chargers to go from Vancouver through Golden to Canmore Alberta and have use of them in nine communities. Range and planning around chargers still remain a challenge amongst users.

BC Hydro info page: Range

EVs remain a novelty at this time quick chargers may have line up challenges because of increased interest.

On this Day; June 12th 1939

Three strip technicolor is used for the first time. The film is used in Paramount pictures Dr. Cyclops.

TGIF- Happy World Ocean Day:

World Oceans Day:

Today is World Oceans day there theme this year is plastic pollution.


For world oceans day and beyond, we think the use of plastic straws can be a flash point for action in care for our oceans. By this we mean that its something everyone can be involved in:

Some points:

  • Secure loose used straws when used.
  • Don’t use them when you don’t have to.
  • Reuse your sandwich bag and collect them for personal  use in purse or pocket.
  • Carry a straw for use, ( rinsed)
  • Use your own common sense and proprietary.

On this Day: June 8th 1992
World Oceans Day begins to be unofficially observed, continues until UN sanction in 2008.

$1.29.9 a liter



Broken sign no contract….File Photo KDG


The Petro Can station on Voght and Nicola, ( highway 8 and 5 ) is selling regular gasoline at One twenty nine point nine a liter today down 10cents from recent weeks. That is 2 cents less then other stations in Merritt BC.
The average price is $1.48.9 in BC at this writing. Prices trending up. Saskatchewan has the lowest average price per liter at $1.25.2.

On this Day: May 30th 1975

The European Space Agency is established.

Third Full Moon of the season,Flower Moon!


File Photo KDG

The time between the March 20th equinox and the summer solstice is refereed to as a lunar season giving the opportunity to name full moons. The full moon tonight will be a flower moon and the third of that season. It will be the final full moon of the spring season and be known as a flower, milk or planting moon. The same full moon in the southern hemisphere will be a hunter, beaver or frost moon.
The gravity of the moon is thought to effect earthquakes, lava flows and other earth events.
Enjoy the bright show tonight, the May moon is known as “when the ponies shed their shaggy hair ” by some first peoples.

In BC the moon was completely full at 7:19 this AM.


Moon rising File photo KDG

On this Day; May 29th 1660

Charles II is restored as a King when the English throne is returned.

TGIF- high hazard in bush…

Merritt BC experienced a quick run off beginning in the 1st week of May. High water and dry conditions see a high forest fire hazard in the local woods at this writing.
The holiday weekend saw a break in the river levels giving some relief to sand bagging efforts.

On this Day: May 25th 1977
Star wars is released in theaters.

TGIF-Free dump day rescheduled to June 16-17…


Bear deterrent File: Photo KDG

The regional district has rescheduled its free dump day from May 12th until June 16th and 17th.
This is because of flooding in the Lower Nicola area. All other conditions still apply some of which are 1 pickup truck load or a similar trailer load…

On this Day: May 11th 1995

The non-proliferation of  atomic weapons treaty is extended without an expiring date or conditions.


Moon at three quarter. August ,Merritt BC FilePhoto KDG


The space administration in the US is asking for public help to create a global landslide data base.

Collar is the Cooperative  Open Online Landslide Repository is a project that will use algorithms to predict posiible landslides.

Nasa plans to use a landslide reporter to work this project you can help by reporting:

report landslides

The Landslide Reporter is on Facebook as well.  Face book landslide reporter

On this Day May 8th 1980

Smallpox is declared eradicated by the WTO.

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