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Walk facing the oncoming traffic!


So they build great sidewalks for the use of many people to walk to destinations. We know of people that lost legs to walking with the oncoming traffic coming in the lane right at their back. Never mind death wish crazed drivers there are heart attacks, mechanical failures, weather bursts any number of reasons to be one lane away from traffic when walking close to the curb or even on the sidewalk.

Walking in a group maybe talking about the game all the more reason to see the oncoming traffic in the closest lane.

Simple but people are not thinking of being hurt they are relaxed and mostly in attentive. The consequences are terrible to lose a leg or your life causes  distress to everyone involved.

Stay safe, pay attention, keep alert. Walk with the oncoming traffic in full view!


On this Day: May 1st 1869

The follies open in Paris France.


Weather warning

Snow Monster

Many places in BC and Alberta have upper levels that require a lot of snow removal.
Watch for snow removal equipment, limit travel, take extra time when traveling. Use the drive BC service on line for conditions and warnings. Stay safe and arrive alive.

File Photo KDG

Snow is falling in the interior of BC and the forecast is for more and colder conditions.

A moist Pacific frontal system will bring heavy snow to the southwestern interior. The snow will intensify later this morning and will ease Wednesday morning . Source Environment Canada.

On this Day: December 19th 1924

The last Rolls Royce Ghost is sold in London.

TGIF- 132.9 a liter


Broken sign, no contract…. File Photo KDG



The gasoline prices going into the American Thanksgiving weekend are  from $1.29.9- $1.32.9 a liter. Long weekends should not effect prices as oil is done by futures contacts. However as a trigger to action we in Canada could reduce our driving by regulating speed, tuning up autos, pooling, planning trips to advantage, not driving unnecessarily.

 Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) works with provinces and territories, other government departments, and Canadian and international groups to explore how to meet our energy needs and adapt to changes in distribution methods while considering the environmental impact of doing so.

Canadian crude oil and petroleum product inventories have been relatively stable for the last five years. Inventory levels for some products, such as gasoline and furnace oil, fluctuate significantly over the year. Demand for these products is very seasonal and at its peak can exceed the production capacity of refineries. Therefore, refiners need to anticipate the peak consumption periods by building inventories in advance. Gasoline inventories increase during the first quarter of the year and are used during the summer months to supplement refinery production. Furnace oil stocks grow during the fall and are drawn during the coldest months of winter when demand is at its highest level. Source Canadian Government.

Sixty percent of Americans are traveling this weekend, slow down and save a little gas in your travels, better your chances to arrive alive and save some grief. Delay a pipeline a minute without costly retail gas prices encouraging it.

On this Day: November 24th 1973

An oil supply crisis sees a speed limit put on the German Autobahn , it lasts 4 months.

Artic front


When it comes it can be something to manage File photo KDG

 Artic Front:

British Columbia is getting an artic front with snow and double digit minus over night lows. This sudden onset old man winter has caught a few without snow tires in the interior, and the forecast is up to 50 centimeters in some pasts of the interior.

Situations can go bad fast in weather be prepared and think thing through. Video cams at the Drive BC site over conditions seen in real time.

Today in history, November 2nd 1936

The Canadian Broadcasting Company is formed.


broken sign no contract….
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The gasoline price is at $1.10.9 cents a liter today a day before the long week end starts. The price represents a stable driving season and a management attitude by consumers. The absence of the McMurray fire this year may have  something to do with it and the Shell Station off Belshaw Avenue has not gone without supply as yet this season as was the case last season. At this writing a fuel truck is delivering there for the weekend.

The drought sign has gone up from normal meaning conditions are dryer act accordingly.

Gas buddy says that all  Merritt gas stations are on price. The average price is $1.22.3 and the lowest is 94.9 in BC. Trending up…


On this Day: August 3rd 1859
The American Dental association is founded.


TGIF-Wreckmaster Inc

Wreakmaster towing course.
Photo KDG

The organization called Wreck master created to see the want of tow truck operators to be a trade is putting on a course behind the Merritt Desert in this week. Today they will flip a  semi tractor on its roof to prove to trainees the problems associated with large wrecks.

Some of those involved include Toms Towing of Merritt, Dons Towing of Kamloops, Clover Towing from Langley as well as about 10 others from about the province. with about 40 participants.

On this Day: April 28th 1881
Billy the Kid escapes custody.


Wind breaks tree. File photo.

Sap is starting to run watch some of those big limbs for stress.


On this Day: April 27th 1981

The computer mouse is introduced by Xerox.

Personal Protective gear…

A happy job Stewart talks to us at the start of the 3rd 500 KV line near Merritt. File  Photo KDG

PPP: The Hydro crews were about this week as a power outage saw power out briefly due to a switch problem.
When approaching hydro crews working with their mobile repair trucks they will have pylons marking out the vehicles and activities however they are not comfortable with people coming to close without full personal protective gear as they have. This is sometimes hard to avoid as they are working on poles near to lanes and walks.
Be aware stay safe live laugh love…

On this Day: March 23rd 1909

Teddy Roosevelt begins his post presidency with a sponsored safari in Africa.

Cover the brake….

Coutlee and Voght  File Photo KDG

Coutlee and Voght
File Photo KDG

Some intersections have limited visibility, if someone misses the stop sign there is very little time to react.

Editors note: We believe that when approaching a limited visibility intersection the practice of taking your foot off the gas pedal and covering the brake with your foot will give you a split second that could make a difference .

On this Day: January 31st 1930

Scotch Tape is introduced to the market.






Power Poles

Snow tires,8 degrees of frost.


Cold conditions can still result in Black ice: File photo KDG

The highways system makes winter tires required from October 1st to March 31st , this is to even be on some roads ( high altitude subject to changing conditions). These roads are posted with signs and there is a fine no matter what the present conditions are as you travel . The fine:($121.00) for unmarked proper tires of 3.5 mm of tread.

VICTORIA – With winter quickly approaching, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure would like to remind motorists that beginning today, Oct. 1, 2014, winter tires are required on many highways throughout the province.

Signs are posted on each of the designated highways to advise motorists where winter tires are required. These are generally located approaching high mountain passes and interior highways where conditions can change from rain to snow very quickly.

Maps showing which roads require winter tires can be found on the ministry’s web page at:

As a result of the technical analysis completed during the Rural Highway Safety and Speed Review, winter tires have been defined as those labelled with either the winter mountain/snowflake symbol or the mud and snow (M+S) designation. Winter tires must also be in good condition with a minimum tread depth of 3.5 mm.

There is also a new time frame that winter tires are required on the high mountain passes. The new time frame is October 1 to March 31 (it previously was October 1 to April 30).

The ministry encourages drivers to always drive to the road conditions and choose the best tires possible. Tires with the winter mountain/snowflake symbol provide the best level of traction and safety in severe snow and ice conditions. Source BC govt.

So what about where it is not posted as required at all times? In our opinion from time and experience if you are driving in your small town and have an accident and conditions contribute to it then you will be held responsible perhaps as seriously as not having used required care and attention.
This can make you at fault and hurt severely. Here’s the rule accidents happen for a reason and someone will apply it to any use of a motor vehicle, to a fault. You may have good all season radials and they work, however over night lows are going below -8 Celsius this week and next and our subjective experience tells us that snow is solid as compact and black ice can be a problem. These conditions are different then slushy watery snow.
All these weather conditions are a challenge to be addressed, good luck and be aware… Watch and beeeeeee winter smart….

On this Day: November 19th 1847
The second Canadian rail line, is opened, the Montreal to La-chine line.

Interesting cars, a lifestyle that appeals, access to cheap fuel ,open roads and some leisure time, when this car was new... File Photo KDG

Interesting cars, a lifestyle that appeals, access to cheap fuel ,open roads and some leisure time, when this car was new…
File Photo KDG

The local gas price came down a cent a liter this week . Retail gas prices have a range of value including lower efficiency ethanol content. It is good to shop around loyalty programs can also take of cents per liter.

At this writing the British Columbia average is $1.13 a liter, national average is $1.05 and the trend is rising.

On this day: October 9th 1604
Super Nova 1604 is observed in the Milky way.

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