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Happy pink shirt

Awareness about bullying

Awareness about bullying!
David Shepard and Travis Price saw a grade nine boy being harassed for a pink shirt and organized support for him and others that were put under undue pressure by dominating personalities.

bells away
A million bells

On this Day: February 26th 1979

The Super Liner rail car goes into service in the US.

TGIF- Last day of dementia awareness week.

File Photo KDG

Alzheimer’s awareness week runs from February 14th to 21st, today is its last day in case you forgot. Perhaps you can remember for next year.

On this Day: February 21st 1925

The New Yorker is published.

Happy Drink Wine Day 2020

File Photo: KDG

Wine in moderation can be a healthy thing however it is said that the health benefit is not enough to start drinking,

Embrace the positive benefits of this celebrated activity, it has been an important part of many occasions. Best of all you don’t do it alone!

On this Day: February 18th 1957

The last legal execution in New Zealand.

Happy be Electric Day..

Carolyn Finch public speaker…

Carolyn Finch promoted be Electric Day in 1998, phrases like put where the sun does not shine. February 11th is also the birthday of Thomas Edison.

You are electic be happy that you can make a circuit with your feet on carpet!

Things to do…

Broken sign no contract…. File Photo KDG

Be electric day China and others are realizing the benefit of electric over fossil in big cities.

A photo of a GM EV from 2014 means that they are here to stay…

On this Day: February 11th 1978

Censorship is ended on some literature from the west in China.

Fifteen dollars worth of bottles File Photo KDG

According to today January 24th is Beer Can Appreciation Day, The current BC government doubled the deposit on beverage containors in November of 2019. The person above said she had 15 dollars worth ,that was before the increase. We can imagine that she appreciates the raise. Maybe she will inspire you to appreciate Beer Can Appreciation Day.. Thank your lucky stars!

National Beer Can Appreciation Day Activities

  • Buy beer…. in cans. Doesn’t matter to me where you buy your beer.
  • Marvel at those beautiful beer containers. When ready, remove a single can from packaging,…
  • Drink the nectar within. Now crack that bad boy and enjoy the flavor that has been kept air tight…

On this Day: January 24th 1915

The Battle of Doggers bank.

Happy Rid the World of Fad diets day…

Country Kitchen open Denver aka western omelet
File Photo KDG

Some days ( at least fad diet) day you just got to eat. third Tuesday of every January is rid the fad remember the fat.

On this Day: January 21st 1915

Kiwanis founded.

Taking the stairs starts early File Photo KDG

A lot of different days for January 9th including Play God day. Pick one that suits you.

On this Day: January 9th 2007

Apple I phone introduced by Steve Jobs.

Happy National Maple Syrup Day.

The true north strong and free…Photo KDG: And sweet….

December 17th is national Maple Syrup day. The sweet sap from the Canadian maple tree is a favorite on hotcakes. ( you can have hotcakes at supper on this day) . Maple syrup can be a good gift at this time of year. Syrup comes from Xylem sap has no fat or cholesterol. Eleven percent calcium. 0ne percent iron…

On this Day: December 17th 497 BC

Saturn’s day is celebrated by Rome for the first time.

Happy Guy Fawkes night

October 1st 1958 NASA open for business...
File Photo KDG

Since 1609 Guy Fawlkes night has been a night for fireworks and gunpowder displays to remember the failed attempt on the life of King James the first of England.

See a guy Fawkes mask

Don’t be and Idiot!

On this Day: November 5th 2007

Android operating system introduced.

Happy Cabbage night…

Don’t be and Idiot.

Since 1790 in Britain and a recognition of fun night October 30th, ( November 4th to some) in a play called ” Ode to Fun” this cousin of Aprils fools day has been known as a supervised relief night.

Also going as Mischief night, Goosey night ,Cabbage night, Mat night, Prank night and others, it may still be a factor this evening or on Halloween.

Prank night should be harmless
File photo KDG

Editors Note: To get on the wrong side of someone in authority is a path to a troubled life and a tragedy to the young who get caught up in it.

On this Day: October 30th 1985

Space craft Challenger flies for the last time.

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