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Happy holidays

Christmas is coming

Have a great day from Proprietor Review



Don’t drive if road conditions are poor we look forward to blogging after boxing day.

On this Day: December 22nd 1977

Born Canadian Steve Kaniya NHL player and coach of the Portland Winter Hawks  (2013).



broken sign no contract….
Photo KDG

The gasoline price is at $1.10.9 cents a liter today a day before the long week end starts. The price represents a stable driving season and a management attitude by consumers. The absence of the McMurray fire this year may have  something to do with it and the Shell Station off Belshaw Avenue has not gone without supply as yet this season as was the case last season. At this writing a fuel truck is delivering there for the weekend.

The drought sign has gone up from normal meaning conditions are dryer act accordingly.

Gas buddy says that all  Merritt gas stations are on price. The average price is $1.22.3 and the lowest is 94.9 in BC. Trending up…


On this Day: August 3rd 1859
The American Dental association is founded.


A $110.9 cents a liter….

Heritage gas pump? File Photo KDG

Heritage gas pump, it was water that was dear…
File Photo KDG

The price of gas has been stable here of some weeks at 111.9 a liter, including through the Labour Day long weekend. Today the Petro Canada at Voght and Nicola is selling for a dollar 10 .9 per liter down a penny. That’s probably it for the summer driving season. However personal thrift and conservation could well spill over into lower prices for food at harvest and necessary trucking from southern states of produce.
Lets hope every one gives a little and gets a little in the way of quality of life this coming fall and winter…
There are no pumps at the local Canadian Tire .

The average price in BC is $115.9 per liter lowest is $98.9. Price trend is stable….
At this writing all five competitors are at $110.9 per liter, that’s Shell. Petro Canada, Extra Foods , Super Save and Chevron.


Leaf has direct connection to 500 volt quick charger in Merritt. Photo KDG

On this Day: September 8th 2012

Jimmy Carter former US president becomes the longest retired civil servant(office holder) at 11,553 days. He beats the record of Herbert Hoover held for 54 years.

Partial calendar survey

Happy New Year KDG

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from the Proprietor Review

See you in 2016….

The new year will bring a need for new calendars unless you completely rely on phones or computers here is a brief survey of calendar availability in small town Merritt BC.:
Hub Insurance broker’s were all gone in November same for Royal Le page Reality.
Royal Bank, and CIBC available, picked up one from each on the 29th of January.
The local Shriner s sell a cash calendar as a fund raiser with prizes. The first being $1000.00 on January first, the Coldwater Hotel has one displayed already.
A source says that The Dollar Store has calendar’s for something over a dollar.

On this day December 31st 1960

The Farthing is no longer coin in the UK



Music has charm File Photo  Photo KDG

Music has charm
File Photo
Photo KDG

Happy Holidays from The Proprietor Review.

Peace on Earth and good will toward mankind belongs to you in every conversation but not at the expense of truthfulness…

We will be back after the holidays.

On this Day: December 22 1992

The Archives of Terror are discovered.


A great family day

 Maury Sinclairs survivor dog

Maury Sinclair s survivor dog

Happy family day even if  your away…

Maury Sinclair passed away a few years ago the little dog was her only survivor, she had two boys that were killed in an intersection accident after a friend picked them up at school. Be grateful for those that are relations to you as it can change in a moment of time….

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