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Success 10 years on…

2010 winter olympics

The Vancouver rendition of the winter Olympics is ten years on. The organizers of the event built on the success of the Worlds fair from 86 and the stability of the Gordon Campbell government to have one of the most successful winter Olympics ever.

Star of the show
File photo KDG

BC the best place on Earth

BC is a stable vibrant place to live it has one of the lowest death rates in Canada and quality of life is known around the world .

Amor De Cosmos

The second premier of BC was William A Smith who changed his name to lover of the universe. He was also a member of parliament for Victoria and wanted to head of the executive of both the province and country. He was considered to be an iconoclastic personality and set a reputation for the province to be a place of eccentric leaders. He also earned the credit for being the Father of BCs confederation when it joined Canada in 1871.

The label of eccentric was broken in the dialogue of the press with the election of the Vancouver mayor Gordon Campbell as the BC Premier, it has remained that way since

Vancouver a successful city . Photo KDG

Illegal blockade’s

We hope that the unfortunate use of illegal blockades this week is a wake up not to squander BCs leadership in stability and quality of life (Peace) .

On this Day: February 25th 1954

Gamal Nassar become premier of Egypt.

Hello World…

Process may could result in trial and election in 2020.

Bring to heel a US president…

Donald Trump impeached by House moves to Senate for trial.

On this Day: January 16th 2020

Impeachment of Donald Trump moves to Senate.

Counting birds this Sunday…

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Coordinated with the Audubon’s annual count the Nicola Naturalists will be out this coming Sunday.

You don’t have to be an expert birder to participate in Christmas Bird Counts. Participants spend all or part of the day in a group covering a specific section of the 22-km diameter count circle. It is a great way to get to know the local winter birds and contribute to the world’s longest-running citizen science project. For more details on the Merritt CBC keep checking this website or contact

Source NNS

On this Day: December 11th 1962

Last criminal execution in Canada.

Get used to it …

The committee on climate action met on November 13th. This was their third meeting. The group included BC Hydro with an interest in advancing their step code.

FortisBC also presented its Clean Energy Vision, and highlighted the different low carbon pathways that could be taken to achieve provincial emission reduction targets. 

The Committee reviewed and discussed Committee member submissions on key local government pathways for reducing emissions and for achieving a maximum 1.5 to 2 degrees Celsius global temperature rise. The submissions focused on buildings, transportation, energy systems, waste management, land use planning, natural assets, and carbon sequestration. Committee deliberations addressed both the barriers to successfully implementing these pathways, as well as the factors that would ensure their successful adoption. The Committee will continue to explore mitigation pathways and extend this to issues related to adaptation at its next meeting in December.

Another view from Merritt…

Not a good alternative unless for waste.

Peter Clark professor emeritus U of Calgary Chemistry in Merritt ” The Earth will be a dead planet in 80 million years.” November 13-20-27th

Peter gave the last of three talks on the energy needs of humankind and its ability to switch to alternatives in energy from fossil fuels. The pessimistic facts based talks dismissed many alternatives as political and we would use all fossil fuels with in the next few hundred years. He said carbon, phosphorous , ammonia etc is an crucial element to life on earth as fertilizer as well as energy. They are needed to support populations. ” In 80 million years the earth will be a dead planet with all its carbon locked up in limestone.” No reasonable escape to Space”

Population impact lessened by old age.

Peter estimated that if world followed Japans example of a population of 30 percent old people then crisis would be managed better. Material prosperity is also having a positive impact on smaller families in many countries.

On this Day: November 28th 1895

The first American auto race.

BC to look into cell phone bills: Global news

On this Day: November 20th 1962

The Cuban missile crisis ends.

Happy World Post Day,2019

Alexander Graham Bell, 1946 stamp
File Photo KDG

On this Day: October 9th 1874

Good to have a post office , hey Amazon.

The Universal Postal Union is created.

Merritt BC incorporation File :Photo KDG

The Mayors Gala for the Arts attracted most living former mayors of Merritt to the jazz themed event on Saturday: The only living former Mayor of Merritt not in attendance was Neil Menard , Neil had a conflict for the event is well according to accounts.

The Gala presented a 18 piece big band, Michael Perkins and the Play More Junction Big Band. The Gala had lead up events including a Garlic festival, Fall fair photographic contest..

An immediate Tax receipt was available for sponsorships and admission. The sponsor was the Nicola Valley Community Arts Council…

Arts Council has history of gala success…

30 years an arts council gala!

Mayors attending

  • Jim Rabbit 1972
  • Bob Baird
  • David Laird
  • Clara Norgaard
  • Susan Roline
  • Current Linda Brown

On this Day: October 1st 1992

Cartoon net work launched…

How about all those orphaned wells NOW!

The Trans Mountain court ordered final reconsideration report is out tomorrow. This comes in the light of contracts to move 150,000 barrels a day that the Alberta Government entered into with CN and CP Rail. The scope is the twinning of the existing 60 year old pipeline and its increase of tanker traffic out of Burnaby.

Burnaby South By election Monday.

A By-election is also being held on Monday for the federal riding most effected by the expansion. The CBC is reporting a massive advance pole interest this week. The by-election may elect the current NDP leader but a loss would not stop him from running in the election next fall.

Gas price, the availability of fuel File Photo KDG

Pipeline in effect nationalised

Alberta is putting taxpayer money into rail and pipeline as well as billions spent by the federal government acquiring the existing trans mountain line. This is all peripheral to the efforts of the governments to re-examine the regulatory approval process ( NEB). With all the government activity it seems that they are far from a process that gives permitting any kind of guarantee of production.

Keep emotions cool…

The amount of effect this issue has on all of us is enormous. Stay cool keep on keeping on with peace and understanding…

On this Day: February 21st 1948

NASCAR is incorporated.


broken sign no contract…. Photo KDG

Good Value:

The Trans Mountain pipeline company ( now the Canadian government )have noted the policy. Gas prices in Merritt have been at $140.9 a liter for weeks here gone are the swings of the price of the last few years.  Ecology preservation is always worth the price in a free market as demand is usually blind and tensions over competing ones bring balance.

Monitoring of Vessel noise:

The policy is new and is to help the situation of the Southern resident killer whales. The species that was the center of the court challenge to the companies expansion.

According to the Vancouver Sun ,  the “Echo” program will monitor sounds and will lead to possible threat protection.

Earlier this week, the federal government announced new measures to monitor underwater ship and mammal noise in British Columbia’s Salish Sea to help develop measures to support the recovery of endangered southern resident killer whales

Anyway, consumers can enjoy stable but higher gas prices for a while perhaps it will end back in wage and price controls like PET’s time.

On this Day: October 26th, 1921


47% change in leadership…


Polling station Merritt BC file photo: KDG

New mayors, councilors:

The provinces 162 municipalities had a healthy change of elected public servants for the 2018 election.  There are 73 new mayors and 395 newly elected councilors a 47 and 48.8 percent change factor overall. Vancouver bucked the trend electing 16 of 21 new mayors to its municipalities.

The high level of turnover on Councils and Boards with each election was one of the motivating factors for the creation of the Local Government Leadership Academy in 2007. The academy’s mission is to provide local government and First Nations elected officials and senior administrators with comprehensive, timely and dedicated leadership development opportunities throughout their terms of office or employment in the interest of improving governance. The LGLA’s 2019 elected official seminars have been announced and once again will be made available in regions throughout BC.

For the full details on the 2018 local government general election, please visit CivicInfo.

Source UBCM

Regional directors:

There was a similar turnover for regional directors.  Fifty-Seven Electorial area directors were new a 37.7% change.

Merritt BC changed 5 of  6 councilors and elected an incumbent councilor mayor.

On this Day: October 24th, 2003

The last commercial flight of the Concorde supersonic airliner.


Victor York for Chief File Photo KKG


There are resources available to help any civic minded person wishing to run for office for the elections coming November. resources

The Election BC and UBCM says : What every candidate needs to know, is available through website, or videos,available through them. Good luck to those that try they will always be able to say I ran for office….

Vote from Merit

November will be here soon….

On this Day in History: July 19th 1871

The eve of British Columbia  joining the confederation of Canada.

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