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Art walk July 4-31 2017

Art displayed at the Baillie house
File Photo. KDG

Local Art
The local Chamber is having its annual Art Walk again this summer. Starting on July fourth and running the length of July, local artists are having their art in local business places.

A limited number of  bracelets will be available on the 4rth for 5 dollars at the Chamber office on Voght street. A bead will be at participating business’s, complete the bracelet and you can enter a draw.

Local Gale Simpsons art is available for viewing at the Merritt Desert  Lobby Inn at this writing.

On this Day: June 27th 1750
General Wolfe begins his assault on French Canada.

Fort McMurray Fallout

A Bus used by firefighters from New Mexico, in a local motel lot.
File Photo KDG
Photo KDG

The City and rescue bunch are having a Wild fire Community Readiness Day on Saturday May 6th. The training will include a 3 hour controlled burn at the park of Central Park off Vought street, next to the RCMP station. Fire Smart Canada

Controlled burning of grass was an annual thing here decades ago before being stopped due to concerns over air quality. The Canadian Pacific railway would burn the right of ways along the tracks and  put nitrogen into the back into the soil. As well as reduce the chance of damage do to uncontrolled fire.

The major news groups are reporting that California is employing goats at this time to accomplish some of the same results.

The City of Merritt anticipates conducting additional burns within the municipality in the coming months, targeting priority areas identified in the Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP).  An information bulletin will be distributed in advance of these burns. Fire Chief


An emphasis on some sort of fire awareness the pointer reading low risk today.
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On this Day: May 2nd 1918

General Motors buys Chevrolet.

Old fire truck on display, 100 years old the city has displays of what hey have July 2011
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Swedish Columnar Poplar

Nicola Avenue Beautification
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The new pavement on Nicola avenue in Merritt BC is getting beautification and it includes a type of poplar tree. Swedish Columnar Poplar is also known as Swedish Columnar Aspen. Transplanted at 10 feet it will go to 40 feet in an erect and towering disposition.

They are best grown in full sun.

On this Day: April 18th 1506

The corner- stone of the current St Peters Basilica is laid.


TGIF-Well maintenance



The government is blowing out the monitoring well next to the library. The well is used to see what solids are in the aquifer  “every thing except biological  ” source. The well also has a n aluminum box with instruments  .

Merritt is currently having a UV microbe killing system installed at all its producing water wells.

On this Day: February 24th 1955
Steve Jobs, founder of Apple and Pixar is Born.

Rural development

Projects are sometimes funded by government when conditions are correct File Photo KDG

Projects are sometimes funded by government when conditions are correct
File Photo KDG

The government of BC has promised rural economic development support in the next fiscal period. Starting in the spring they are committed to :

This spring, the government will implement a new Rural Economic Development Strategy. The Strategy has three key elements:
Moving forward with projects like Site C and LNG that create jobs in rural communities.
Investments to create jobs through necessary infrastructure improvements.
A long-term plan to diversify rural economies by encouraging the growth of new and emerging sectors.

Merritt is applying for support with the Community Theater project this spring.

Stimulus plan

Government activity includes infrastructure File Photo KDG

According to Rich Hodgson MCTS
On this day: February 16th 2006

The US military ends its use of MASH hospitals.

The Dome of the Coldwater hotel in Merritt. Photo KDG

The dome of the Coldwater Hotel in Merritt.
Photo KDG

Dr. JJ Gillis had an office and a practice in this hotel for may of the years of the first half of the 20th century.  The government long term care facility  near the museum and archives in downtown Merritt, bears his name.

Gillis had the fortune or misfortune of being the member of the provincial legislature for two decades here. His time included the great depression and the second world war. Dealing with local Japanese citizens and coal mine s in the valley.

A graduate of Mcgill University in 1918 he was invited by a director of the Canadian Pacific Railway  to Merritt as a Doctor. He was responsible for a work camp and he ran a nursing school at a Merritt Hospital .

A man in a wheel chair was covered head to toe by a blanket on the sidewalk during the December cold spell, when approached he said nothing a neighbor said his name is JJ and I some people left him there, ” I called the police” . The man then came alive and said ” leave me alone”. The police later were seen talking to him and it was resolved somehow.

Gillis was also the local coroner. He passed from this life in 1965: source

If the ghost of  Dr. JJ Gillis visited and I was him I would say leave me alone.

RIP DR.Gillis

On this Day: January 24th 1972

Sgt .Shoichi Yokoi of the Imperial Japanese Army is found  hiding in the Jungle since war end in 1945.

Despite hiding for twenty-eight years in an underground jungle cave, he had known since 1952 that World War II had ended.[5][6] He feared to come out of hiding, explaining, “We Japanese soldiers were told to prefer death to the disgrace of getting captured alive.”[1][5]
Yokoi was the third-to-last Japanese soldier to surrender after the war, preceding Second Lieutenant Hiroo Onoda (relieved from duty by his former commanding officer on 9 March 1974) and Private Teruo Nakamura (arrested 18 December 1974). source: Wikipedia

TGIF-Pomp and circumstance

Still waters are great.. Photo KDG

Still waters are great..
Photo KDG

Happy new president day to our American cousins….



On this Day January 20th 1981

Ronald Regan is made President of the United States, twenty minutes after Iran releases 0ver 50 American hostages.

TGIF- Darkness rules for 19 more days….

Nicola Avenue Merritt lit up for after pavement and traffic island redo.

Nicola Avenue Merritt lit up for after pavement and traffic island redo.

Some people suffer from SAD , Seasonal Affective Disorder. Seasonal celebration lighting may help.

The U.S. National Library of Medicine notes that “some people experience a serious mood change when the seasons change. They may sleep too much, have little energy, and may also feel depressed. Though symptoms can be severe, they usually clear up.”[6] The condition in the summer can include heightened anxiety.[7 source Wikipedia

The affliction may happen it summer change and may also have something to do with course change.

The shortest day is on December 21st at 10:44 UTC time. The north pole will be at its greatest distance from the Sun at minus 23 degrees . The sun will rise at 8:01 AM and set at 3:59 PM making for 7 hours and 58 minutes , 7:57:58 for you rocket science people.

Be happy be glad today is yours to have its 24 hours just like everyone else alive.

On this Day: December 2nd 1936

The CBC is created by legislation in Canada.





The city is celebrating 100 years of Incorporation

File photo KDG


Jackie Tegart the MLA for Fraser Nicola will be at the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame after the parade tonight and is hosting Hot Chocolate.

The Hall of fame is at 2025 Quilchena Avenue Merritt BC.
On this Day: November 25th 2015
Pope Francis makes his first visit to Africa.

Concrete meridian in sync…


Nicola Avenue redo Photo KDG

Nicola Avenue redo
Photo KDG

The Nicola Avenue redo has come to filling in the meridians ,the concrete being used is colored pale soil demeanor and has a planking effect.

The zone between the curb and sidewalk by the old court house gallery is to receive grass turf rather then seed.

On this Day: November 3rd 1954

The first Godzilla film is released to the public.

Coho Study

Fish trap Coldwater river Merritt BC photo KDG

Fish trap Coldwater river
Merritt BC
photo KDG
The local fisheries authority with the first nations are doing a Coho study on returning Salmon on the Coldwater river, I’m Merritt. The study will keep this trap up to December and harvest ships from returning hatchery Cohos, count and release wild fish, then walk the river and survey dead fish expired after spawning.
Rob on the site says that some of the fish he processed are in the 70 centimeter range. Coho are also known as Silver Salmon and don’t have the black lips of Chinook.

The trap will be stored at the authorities warehouse after the study

On this Day: October 25th 1995

Seven students are killed when a train strikes a bus in Spruce Fox Grove. Il.

Clean and smart Nicola Avenue, Merritt

Paving Nicola Ave Merritt BC Photo KDG

Paving Nicola Ave
Merritt BC
Photo KDG

Paving is about a third done on the Nicola avenue redo in Merritt. Curbing is also well under way as well as new sidewalks to replace the ones taken out to for new water lines for the City.
A crew of quality control from the concrete supplier were testing batch’s on site on the 19th, ” MPH 32 desired strength” a worker said.

On this Day: October 2oth 1781
The patent of toleration is given by the Hapsburgs.

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