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National Indigenous Peoples Day


Dr. Eugene Atleos speaks to staff members and interested public at the , NVIT speakers series He is now a former grand chief. File Photo KDG

This is National Indigenous Peoples Day, the first since the government made Indigenous the official name for those that called them self’s Aboriginal, Native, Indian, First Nations Etc.  The day an invitation to all to share one of Canadas days.
Activities are on at the Merritt Rotary park, and the Princess Diana memorial band shell. Music by Randy Chillihitza and Aces in the Hole. Aces in the Hole

Indian day was self proclaimed in 1945,  today is the 22 year of an official observance of the day in some form or other. The day is a stat holiday in the Yukon and NWT.

On this Day:  June 21st 2009

Greenland assumes self rule.



The federal government in 2017 said that the low carbon programs would be being implemented. They are looking for partnerships with local governments

In December 2017, the Government of Canada announced it is providing Low Carbon Economy Funding to the Province of BC in support of projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The BC Government has identified matching funds to support a number of initiatives including organic waste processing infrastructure to increase municipal organics diversion and management of agricultural waste. Local governments are the eligible recipient for this funding program and will need to provide one-third matching funding. Local governments may choose to partner with First Nations or private companies.

The government will be presenting a webinar on June 26th and 27th and then looking for expressions of interest or input.


On this Day: June 13th 1994

An Anchorage Alaska jury finds negligence in the Exon Valdez oil tanker disaster.

Kamloops Wildlife Park

Enterprising non profits seminar brought different groups to Merritt this week. File Photo KDG

New Gold and New Afton mines are sponsoring a weekend at the Kamloops Wildlife Park at Easter this year. Including rides on its scale train, chocolate egg hunt and Chris the Clown.

The mining company operates a mine 10 kilometers west of Kamloops, and is operating 5 mines  around the world. It’s  New Afton project is an underground caving operation.

The Easter event requires an admission. 9:30 -4PM daily, wildlife park members are free.

Meet and interact with the resident critters of Kamloops Wildlife Park. Since its opening in 1966, the small zoo has cared for and rehabilitated native British Columbian animals who are injured or orphaned. See more than 65 species of animals and birds that inhabit the wildlife park, including predatory birds, cougars, deer, moose, grizzlies, and the elusive Kermode bear. Take a guided tour to learn interesting trivia about the wildlife and hear stories about the zoo’s residents. Quickly create a custom-made using our trip planner.

Source KWP Kamloops Wildlife Park


The BC mining industry has a long history of support for family and community events and facilities.

Highland Valley copper

Voght street Office of a local mine getting benefit  from new Hydro infrastructure. File Photo KDG

On this Day: March 13th 2003

The Journal Nature features 350 thousand year old footprints found in Italy.

MOre stimulus spending showing up

Federal Government works, file photo KDG


The 2018 budget was tabled yesterday and shows a deficit of 18.1 billion dollars. The document addresses a number of popular issues. The liberal government will present one more budget in their mandate.

Small Business Tax Rate

  •  Reduction of the small business tax rate to 10 per cent, effective January 1, 2018, and to 9 per cent, effective January 1, 2019.

Cannabis Taxation

  • In December 2017, the federal government reached an agreement with most provincial and territorial governments to establish duties on cannabis as the higher of $1 per gram or 10 per cent of a product price, through a federally administrated coordinated framework.
  • This tax room will be shared on a 75/25 basis, with 75 per cent of duties going to provincial and territorial governments and the remaining 25 per cent to the federal government. The federal portion of cannabis excise duty revenue will be capped at $100 million annually for the first two years after legalization.
  • Any federal revenue in excess of $100 million will be provided to provinces and territories.
  • As part of this arrangement, it is the federal government’s expectation that a substantial portion of the revenues from this tax room provided to provinces and territories will be transferred to municipalities and local communities who are on the front lines of legalization.


Rental Construction Financing Initiative

  • To encourage a stable supply of affordable rental housing across the country, the Government proposes increasing the amount of loans provided by the Rental Construction Financing Initiative from $2.5 billion to $3.75 billion over the next three years. This new funding is intended to support projects that address the needs of modest- and middle-income households struggling in expensive housing markets. In total, this measure alone is expected to spur the construction of more than 14,000 new rental units across Canada.

Beneficial Ownership

  • To improve the availability of beneficial ownership information, the Government proposes to introduce enhanced income tax reporting requirements for certain trusts to provide additional information on an annual basis, applicable for the 2021 and later taxation years.

Community Safety:

Opioid Crisis

  • Provide $231.4 million over five years, starting in 2018–19, for additional measures to help address the opioid crisis.


  •  Provide $116.0 million over five years, and $23.2 million per year ongoing, to the RCMP to support the creation of the National Cybercrime Coordination Unit. The National Cybercrime Coordination Unit will create a coordination hub for cybercrime investigations in Canada and will work with international partners on cybercrime.
  • Provide an additional $236.5 million over five years, and $41.2 million per year ongoing, to further support Canada’s new National Cyber Security Strategy.

Guns and Gangs

  • Provide $327.6 million over five years, starting in 2018–19, and $100 million per year ongoing, to Public Safety Canada, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Canada Border Services Agency. This initiative will support community-level crime prevention and enforcement efforts, build and leverage unique federal expertise and resources to advance intelligence related to the illegal trafficking of firearms, and invest in border security to interdict illicit goods including guns and drugs.


Land, Water and Species Protection

  • Contribute $500 million from the federal government to create a new $1 billion Nature Fund in partnership with corporate, not-for-profit, provincial, territorial and other partners. The Nature Fund will make it possible to secure private land, support provincial and territorial species protection efforts, and help build Indigenous capacity to conserve lands and species.

Indigenous Relations

Clean Drinking Water on Reserve

  • Provide an additional $172.6 million over three years, beginning in 2018–19, to improve access to clean and safe drinking water on reserve. Program objective is to have all boil water advisories lifted by March 2021.


Small Craft Harbours

  • Provide $250 million on a cash basis over two years, starting in 2018–19, to Fisheries and Oceans Canada to renew its network of small craft harbours and work with local governments where investments and divestitures can enhance local communities.

Critical Infrastructure Security

  • Provide Public Safety Canada with $1.4 million in 2018–19 to continue operations of the Regional Resilience Assessment Program and the Virtual Risk Analysis Cell. These programs support assessments of critical infrastructure facilities, such as energy grids, information and communication technology networks, and hospitals.


Gender Equity

  • The Government will bring in a legislated proactive pay equity regime in federally regulated sectors, which would apply to approximately 1.2 million employed individuals.
  • EI Parental Sharing Benefit where two parent families who agree to share parental leave could receive an additional five weeks of leave.
  • The Canada Workers Benefit will allow low-income workers – many of whom are single parent women – to take home more money while they work.
  • Source UBCM

The targeted Child Tax benefit was the remedy for Child Care after a universal plan died on the order paper in the senate when an election was called years ago. Licenced spaces are always a concern .The most progressive thing in the budget in our view is the water on Indian reserves. Perhaps it would inspire some of the people served to take up the challenge of clean potable water to the third world.

The 10 percent small business tax is progressive as well hopefully it will inspire some more payroll withholding taxes from more employees.

There is also of note something over 1 and half billon for preservation of waterways and nature.

On this Day: February 28th 1953

The chemical structure of DNA is discovered.

Brown: Kamal Al-Solaylee

land rover

What it means to be a brown person in the world today  ” (to everyone)”, a book, is being presented by the author at the Merritt Civic Center on Friday September 29th 7-:30 pm.

The billing says that Kamal is an associate professor  at Ryerson University after being a writer for the Globe and Mail.

The event is sponsored by the regional district and the Canada Council for the Arts. No registration is required,  no admission charge. Contact the library system FMI

Editors Note: icon and stereotype are only different by six letters and an attitude. KDG

On this Day: September 26th 1988

Mark Simpson British clarenet player born.

TGIF-Goodbye to Phylis

new life


Condolences and support to her family and especially to Moses Edwards her beloved son and toastmaster.

To see a world in a grain of sand

and a heaven in a wildflower,

hold infinity in the palm of your hand

and eternity in an hour.”

-William Blake

On this Day: September 8th 2012

Death of Ronald Hamowy Professor emeritus Intellectual history University of Alberta Canada:


The last National Aboriginal Day

Dr.Eugene Atleos speaks to staff members and interested public at the , NVIT Speakers series
He is now a former grand chief.
File Photo KDG

June 21st National Aboriginal Day this year will be its last observance as sources say next year it will be National Indigenous Peoples Day.

What’s the difference besides a lot of printing changes.

Aboriginal, a group of first people’s Indigenous a collective term for first people’s, so you should not have to struggle with Metis, Indian , First Nations, Native should all apply without offence to Indigenous.

Canada according to Former PM John Diefenbaker was not to be hyphenated Irish Canadian etc however indigenous will go some way in relieving aboriginals PP


On this day: June 21st 1957

Canada gets its first female member of the Cabinet as Ellen Fairclough is sworn in.


Leonard George

Leonard George has the arts council Old Courthouse Gallery show for June. Titled in the Siege of Roots , the grandson of first nations actor Dan George presents his aboriginal impressionist collection with  two new additions. Featuring  the eye George in his  first new rendition shows the focal face of a large predator cat with compelling  engaging eyes. A single eye centers the other painting in an impression of Cambodian elephants and temple tops “a  retrospective”

Dorothy Spahan also has a first nations pine needle display as well as mini teepees.

On this Day: June 8th 793

Vikings raiding Northumbria starts the practice of Norse activity in the British isles.

TGIF-Baskets of the Nicola Valley


A conference at the Country Music Hall of Fame building on April 6-7 will feature Baskets of the Nicola Valley, with keynote speaker Dr. Marie Anderson. The show at the Hall of Fame is at 2025 Quichena Ave in Merritt.
Registration required @ 250- 378-2771
PSA: cultural concern for those interested. PR

On this Day: March 31st 1949
The Dominion of Newfoundland becomes Canada’s 10th Province.

First lanquage

Mandy Jimmie a grad from the local secondary system in Merritt BC
File Photo :KDG

Mandy  Jimmie teaches First Nations language at NVIT, the local community college. Mandy on the right with hands folded is  a product of Merritt Secondary School.

The friends are standing  at the entrance of the college lecture theater.

On this Day: March 16th 2014

Crimea votes to succeed from the Ukraine.


The Dome of the Coldwater hotel in Merritt. Photo KDG

The dome of the Coldwater Hotel in Merritt.
Photo KDG

Dr. JJ Gillis had an office and a practice in this hotel for may of the years of the first half of the 20th century.  The government long term care facility  near the museum and archives in downtown Merritt, bears his name.

Gillis had the fortune or misfortune of being the member of the provincial legislature for two decades here. His time included the great depression and the second world war. Dealing with local Japanese citizens and coal mine s in the valley.

A graduate of Mcgill University in 1918 he was invited by a director of the Canadian Pacific Railway  to Merritt as a Doctor. He was responsible for a work camp and he ran a nursing school at a Merritt Hospital .

A man in a wheel chair was covered head to toe by a blanket on the sidewalk during the December cold spell, when approached he said nothing a neighbor said his name is JJ and I some people left him there, ” I called the police” . The man then came alive and said ” leave me alone”. The police later were seen talking to him and it was resolved somehow.

Gillis was also the local coroner. He passed from this life in 1965: source

If the ghost of  Dr. JJ Gillis visited and I was him I would say leave me alone.

RIP DR.Gillis

On this Day: January 24th 1972

Sgt .Shoichi Yokoi of the Imperial Japanese Army is found  hiding in the Jungle since war end in 1945.

Despite hiding for twenty-eight years in an underground jungle cave, he had known since 1952 that World War II had ended.[5][6] He feared to come out of hiding, explaining, “We Japanese soldiers were told to prefer death to the disgrace of getting captured alive.”[1][5]
Yokoi was the third-to-last Japanese soldier to surrender after the war, preceding Second Lieutenant Hiroo Onoda (relieved from duty by his former commanding officer on 9 March 1974) and Private Teruo Nakamura (arrested 18 December 1974). source: Wikipedia

Hydro rates

Freen energy project has address. Photo KDG

A Green Energy project has an address. This site is an” IPP” independent power producer.
 File: Photo KDG

Smart meters give the ability to monitor your power consumption on line.  Rates are the same all day and the dream of off peak time is not here yet. However if an appliance is a big power user there are programs for better and more efficient ones, including are rebates for buying Hydro endorsed Energy Star  brand appliances and a buy back program for working fridges.

Increased supply does not necessarily mean a possibility of better rates as the utility’s charges are commission regulated, but when efficiency is increased the benefit of better rates is to go to BC consumers.

There is also talk of breaks for industrial users. If this concerns you call or email your MLA and say you want the direct benefit of the non profit status of Hydro.

It’s the time of year when many of us face higher bills than usual. If a spike in your electricity bill has you wondering whether our rates are the cause, be sure to take a look at how our rates compare across North America. One way to keep a handle on your bills is to monitor your electricity use online – hear how it works. We also share some incredible photos of what’s happening underground at the John Hart Generating Station. And in northern B.C., a look at the new First Nations gallery taking shape at the W.A.C. Bennett Dam visitor centre. Source BC Hydro Power Smart…

IPP’s ( Independent Power Producers) give an opportunity to sell at peak times at a higher rate. If this happens then it may be that the off peak rate may be perverted  however if users use the smart meter to advantage it could be a benefit to us all.

We are a mixed economy meaning that capitalism is not the only player in the system and basic utilities, and water are monopolies to the benefit of the society and as well as the industrial base. Profit should be  only a small part of that . Anyway you are empowered by technology to monitor your usage and adapt it by your smart meter.

Publishers notice: Found a fit bit device, email us at:…. with a description.

On this day: February 4rth 2004
Facebook is founded.

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