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The gasoline price is at $1.10.9 cents a liter today a day before the long week end starts. The price represents a stable driving season and a management attitude by consumers. The absence of the McMurray fire this year may have  something to do with it and the Shell Station off Belshaw Avenue has not gone without supply as yet this season as was the case last season. At this writing a fuel truck is delivering there for the weekend.

The drought sign has gone up from normal meaning conditions are dryer act accordingly.

Gas buddy says that all  Merritt gas stations are on price. The average price is $1.22.3 and the lowest is 94.9 in BC. Trending up…


On this Day: August 3rd 1859
The American Dental association is founded.



Fire Smart Canada

two lines one at fire

Don Parno of Fire Smart Canada is having aa seminar on August first. The Seminar is on ways to lower your homes chance of ignition by wild fire.
The seminar is hosted by the TNRN and is at the Library 1691 Garcia st in Merritt.
IT is sponsored by the City of Merritt and FireSmart Canada. The time is 5-8 PM.
There is a sign up sheet at the library.

On this Day: July 19th 1976
Sagarmatha National park in Nepal is opened.

Smoke in the skies

The sun west of Merritt, Red from smoke..
Photo KDG

Smoke was back to the Nicola Valley on the weekend however overnight lows were 9 degrees C, with 1 degree dew point. Rain is expected here on Thursday.

On this Day: July 18th 1992

The first photograph is published on the World Wide Web.


All that remains of the Kengard Apartments.
Photo KDG

The Kengard apartment building  on Merritt Avenue was torn down after a fire earlier this year, leaving a pile of broken foundation blocks.


On this Day: June 7th 1975

The first world cup of Cricket game….

Cooler weather

City map on a shop on Voght Street.
File photo: KDG

The above map was made by a local sign painter some years ago, the art depicts the disposition of the two local rivers passing through Merritt BC.

Overnight brought a low pressure front to us in the Merritt area and a pronounced drop in temperature bringing the Nicola River level down about a foot at the Voght Street bridge, picnic  park semi submerged picnic table scale. Water also retreated back and past the last cross street/cul de sac on Garcia.
The overnight also brought rain and snow and snow is visible at the 4000 ft. level on Iron Mountain.

On this Day: May 24th 1940
Igor Sikorsky flies a single rotor helicopter for the first time.

Sand made available

Sand made available at city hall
File Photo KDG

Sand bagging was done on Garcia Street over the weekend as well as 2 nd avenue. Water levels are staying static during the good weekend weather.

On this Day: May 23rd 1911

The New York Public Library is dedicated.

Water off a duck…

A new brood of ducklings
Photo KDG[/caption]

This new born brood of ducklings seemed unconcerned with sand bagging and took to the water just like ducks would.

On this Day: May 18th 2005

A second photo from the Hubble Space Telescope confirms that Pluto has more two moons.

Boil water still in effect in Lower Nicola.

Garlic festival in Lower Nicola 8 KM to the west of Merritt BC :File Photo KDG

Lower Nicola is a small unincorporated community to the west of Merritt BC, on highway 8 to  Spence’s Bridge on the Thompson river. Lower Nicola is at the merging of the Guichon Creek and the Nicola River. Guichon Creek drains an area known as the Highland Valley.

According to what LN resident Sharon Woods said today a boil water is in effect for the community. Woods was down to the Nicola river in Merritt today checking it for levels.

Lower Nicola has community water and a park as well as other community property.

The community hosts a fall garlic festival that brings out antique farm and logging equipment as well as many home recipes and crafts.

They are also responsible for issuing notifications about drinking water quality. These are there notification levels, ranging from the least to most serious:

  1. Water quality advisory
  2. Boil water notice
  3. Do not use water notice

Note: Health authorities differ in whether they call such notifications “advisory,” “notice” or “notification.”

Vernon just had their boil water advisory lifted!

The advisory effects about 300 people in the community, and has been in effect for over a week.
Editors Note: Check official government sites for status reports.

On this Day: May 17th 1814

National Day in Norway established.



Run off

Friday March 12th saw road closure on Garcia St
Photo KDG

Flood control in the Nicola Valley saw the levels rise and lower with the controlled spilling of the dam on Nicola Lake and rainfall.

The green pointer on Voght street was back over the weekend indicating drought or ground level is normal once again. The rivers had been closed to fishing two years ago because of low water levels, rains on thanksgiving weekend in 2016 started a marked increase  in water content in the valley culminating in some more activities in management this spring.

Ground saturation is obvious.
The regional district have waived tipping fees for flood damaged debris and property, supplying a phone number is required.

On this Day: may 16th 1770
The marriage of 14 year old Marie Antoinette to 15 year old Louis-Auguste.

Exercising valves

Exercise water valves

Exercise water valves by turning

Photo KDG


No not casting out devils, but turning the water valves buried below the roads so they are able to function when needed.This city worker estimates that there are about 700 valves in the city in the main water lines. They do not exercise the valve that is near your sidewalk as there is a cost benefit to be considered.

If there is a waterline failure at your home the liability rests at the valve, anything on the other side of the valve is the homeowners cost to repair. The trench from the sidewalk to the home itself can be thousands of dollars in machine time.

water pipes,copper Can be a large expense item File photo KDG

Water pipes,copper, can be a large expense item File photo KDG

On this day: April 5th 1949

Fireside Theater debuts on PBS.


TGIF- Destroyed home

A home was destroyed on Midday Valley road on Friday according, to some at 8PM. A couple of people from the neighbouring industrial project were the ones to report it ( source). A person cleaning up on Wednesday said that there remains about 15,000 dollars clean up costs.

The home was in view of the security recording cameras at the nearby storage facility, it was closed at the time.

On this Day: October 2nd 1452

Richard 111 of England is born.

The local fire men were in front of the downtown community policing office with an information table on Monday. They were promoting National Fire Prevention week. One of the fire fighters when asked about a national statistic said that 50 percent of people who die in fires did not have a smoke detector. He said that people should have them and make sure they are in working condition.The young man thought that the average live of a smoke detector is 10 years; ” they don”t always chirp when that batteries are low” he cautioned.

The man in response to the question are fires in beds and couches are caused by smoking he replied< "they are down as less people smoke" National Fire Protection Week is coordinated between Canada and the US and always occurs in the week that October 9th is in. this year it is October 5th through 11th, however it should never end.

Today in history: October 7th 1987
Jeremy Brockie, New Zealand , footballer born

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