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TGIF- Baskets and Bowls

Annual general meeting:

The Nicola Valley Community Arts Council is having it’s AGM on November 8th at the next door Kekuli Café. Start time is seven pm.

On this Day: October 15th 1957

Mira Nair born.

Healing bowls

Art center came in part from the
interest of the Valley Visual Artists

Japan a sea going seafood nation.

Japan is a seafood loving , long life expectancy, going to sea nation. Claiming poverty for living space because of a lage population on 5 main islands, there are thousands of small islands under their control .

Dolphins range about and have individual characters

Dolphins are distinct from Porpoise ( not by being aimless and without porpoise) but by their teeth Dolphin teeth are conical Porpoise teeth are Flattened.

Japanese History as Seamen

The Japanese have a tradition of seamanship and vessels. They are not to be mistaken for the Chinese and their junks. Both have a long trading history with the middle east and the sill road when it was mostly navigated by following the long coastline. Their craft resembles the Arabic sloops of that time.

On this Day: September 1st 1969

Yesterday is released by the Beatles.

Art and stuff, hello Hollywood…

Golden age of Hollywood

The Nicola Valley Community Arts Council has Judy Young at their gallery , corner of Nicola and Voght in Merritt BC. The Show will go on until June 17th at regular gallery hours.

Her show includes a black and white pencil pastel of screen actress Marlene Dietrich. One of Judy’s favorite classical actors. Marlene was a driven force in eight decades of screen. Playing with greats like Spencer Tracy and Jimmie Stewart, Marlene had a big input to what was called the Golden age of Hollywood. The painting ” one of my babies” according to Judy has a powerful effect in the demonstration of the show.

Classical movie buff come and see.

Judies show is a mixed image show about her interests and includes besides Dietrich’s some from Vancouver streets in the 50’s and old rural barns from the Nicola and much more.

On this Day June 8th 1912

Universal Studios is incorporated.

Happy National Canadian Film Day…

Today is national Canadian film day a day to take in some Canadian n films.

Popcorn in the shade file Photo KDG

National Canadian Film Day is a coast-to-coast celebration of all the wonderful achievements made in Canadian cinema.

There are tons of things to check out over on the National Canadian Film Day website including special events & film festival screenings, spotlight films, films to watch on TV, and films to stream online. Also, two special things you should definitely have on your radar: The Black & indigenous Realities Livestream with Canadian directors Charles Officer & Sonia Bonspille Boileau and Light(s) at the End of the Tunnel, a collection of 11 Canadian short films commissioned by Reels Canada and Netflix.


On this Day: April 21th 1982

Two American Baseball pros log 300 games..

Movie production…

Filming going on in Merritt
File photo KDG

There is a filming crew working up town in Merritt until March 4th. Word is that the film is Jurassic World 3 . Ed Hendricks the proprietor of Ponderosa sports says that there have been shots in his store for weeks. Crews and equipment cover Voght street from the Quilchena lights north to Granite avenue at this writing.

Jurassic world three, Chris Pratt.

The super star for the work is Chris Pratt he was interviewed briefly on global ” This Kamloops are is great, look at that sunrise.” Para phrase.

On this Day: February 27th 1939

Sit down strikes made on private property made illegal by the USSC.


Nicola Valley Film Society presents:

Transit February 11th 2019


On February 11th 2019 the local international film buffs will present Transit at the NVIT lecture theater here in Merritt BC. The film is for members, a 2 dollar membership available) and admission is 5 dollars. Free parking no food or drinks in the theater. NVIT is at the top of the hill Belshaw avenue turn off Voght ( 5A, 5) north end of town.

On this Day February 6th 1919

The American Legion is formed.

Theatre Progress…

Merritt BC incorporation File :Photo KDG

Major funding secured…

The Nicola Valley Community Theater Society has circulated a call to action for there Garcia Street project of a new Community Theater. The Group Including Rich Hodgeson and Dr Margret Carlson. Have been applying for money under the rural community intuitive and the federal fuel tax resource . The group has been successful in securing the funding up to the and including the construction phase. Construction is projected to take a year leaving seating and finishing unfunded as yet.

NVIT lecture theater at this time…

Groups like The Nicola Valley Naturalists and the film society use the local community college lecture theater at this time ( shown below when under construction ) . The downtown Garcia St. project will see three similar sized theater making scheduling more available.

A lecture theater under constuction In Merritt, touted as green certified, File Photo KDG

The CALL TO ACTION is to be involved, The 8000 + SQ foot facility is to be on the corner of Coutlee and Garcia at the Railway Mall, in Merritt.

There is still no start date the society has secured the building site and is having discussions on off street parking. PP

On this Day: January 22nd 1946

The Central Intelligence group is created.

Welcome 2019!

File Photo KDG

The Third Murder, Six Japanese Film Awards

Nicola Valley Film Society presents The Third Murder January 21st..The local film society will show The Third Murder on January 21st 2019 at the NVIT lecture theater, top of the hill Belshaw avenue ,Merritt BC Ca. The start time is 7:00 pm they ask for no food or drinks in the lecture theater.

The Nicola Valley Film Society is in its 14th year of bringing TIFF circuit films to the Merritt audience. Free parking.

Tiff for tat



File Photo KDG

The first film of the local tiff bunch is on Monday the 17th of September. The Nicola Valley Film Society  presents  Tulipani  at 7 PM at the Merritt Civic center behind City Hall  of Voght Street on Mamette avenue in Merritt. Civic Center

Schedule 2018-19

Free parking no food in the  lecture theater, 2 dollar membership 5 dollar admission,

PS: All other presentations for the season are at the NVIT lecture theater top of the Hill Belshaw avenue in Merritt.

On this Day: September 11th 1971

The constitution on Egypt is ratified and adopted.

Happy International Pi Day, be a constant!


File Photo KDG

International PI day is recognizes the mathematical formula that can be carried out in a constant form to infinity.

Pi Day is an annual celebration of the mathematical constant π. Pi Day is observed on March 14 since 3, 1, and 4 are the first three significant digits of π. In 2009, the United States House of Representatives supported the designation of Pi Day.

Rip: Stephen Hawking since the universe is still expanding you and PI will have to measure up.



On this Day: March 14th 1931

India’s first talking film, Alam Ara, is released.

Land of Mine, NVFS


A sign displayed at a local pre owned shop in the down town of Merritt.
File Photo KDG

The Nicola Valley Film society is having its monthly film on February 19th. The film will be shown at the NVIT lecture theater starting at 7 PM.
The local film society is a member of the tiff circuit Toronto International Film Society and is headed by local Cathy Star. This is the second to the last for the season the final film is in March, Glass Castle. films
% dollars for admission and a two dollar season membership. No food or drinks in the lecture theater, free parking, top of the hill on Belshaw avenue.
Season ticket holders should come 15 minutes early to ensure seating.

On this Day: February 8th 1952

Elizabeth the second is proclaimed Queen of the UK and Commonwealth.




Maudie is the international film being presented by the Nicola Valley Film Society at the local community college NVIT, top of the hill Belshaw avenue.
Start time is 7PM 5 dollar admission on a 2 dollar membership, season pass holders come early to get your seats. No food or drink in the theater.
On this Day: October 13th 1773
Editors Note: last seasons people’s choice was “The Man Who Knew Infinity”
The whirlpool galaxy, Messier 51a is discovered.


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