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A happy job Stewart talks to us at the start of the 3rd 500 KV line near Merritt File Photo KDG

On this Day: May 1st 1889

May Day becomes international workers day after the Chicago Haymakers trouble.

Happy Drink Wine Day 2020

File Photo: KDG

Wine in moderation can be a healthy thing however it is said that the health benefit is not enough to start drinking,

Embrace the positive benefits of this celebrated activity, it has been an important part of many occasions. Best of all you don’t do it alone!

On this Day: February 18th 1957

The last legal execution in New Zealand.

Oldest franchise in the BCHL

Cooking hamburgers for hockey File photo KDG

The Merritt Centennials lost out to the Coquitlam Express last night 9- 2. The team is said to be out of the playoff contention. Things started going bad in the 1st period according to reports.

The Cents opened the scoring just 1:10 into the game after Rylan Van Unen picked a pocket at the blueline, danced in and rang a shot off the post that Daniel Tkac was able to find and fire into the partially open cage to make it 1-0. The teams traded chances until the 7:47 mark when the Express started to blast back. Greg Lapointe answered to tie the game, then that seemed to open the flood gates as the Cnts didn’t have any answers for the high powered Express. Will Margel, Josh Wildauer, Wyatt Head, and Cooper Connell all added tallies to put Coquitlam up 5-1 after 1. Ryan Winter was chased from the net after the 4th goal, with Marshall coming in for relief. Shots after 1 were 14-14.

Source Merritt Centennials

Newly reorganized…

The team is said to have been reorganized for this year with few returning players. Perhaps the pressure will be off for remaining lame duck games. If there are any

However the team seems to be responsive to pressure as their most recent win was while short. Over thinking may be a dynamic here. The next game would have been February 15th in Merritt against Salmon Arm. The game is listed as if neccesary..

On this Day: February 13th 1993

James Bulger is abducted.

Happy Safer Internet Day…

Telus fiber stiching portal in, a source says can stitch cable. Used in upgrading to 5G some years ago.
File photo KDG

Rose Behar reported two years ago that Telus CEO Entwistle had big plans for internet in BC including multi fixture use capacity of up to 5 household items.Entwistle said developments are already taking place in terms of preparation but that activity will be heightened by the second half of the 2019-2020 fiscal year. He further noted that the carrier plans to deploy all manner of spectrum in support of the new wireless generation, from 600MHz spectrum to 3.5GHz to mmWave spectrum.The CEO also noted he was excited about the “synergistic nature” of the fibre and 5G combination.

Two years on it is Safer Internet Day and most of us still relay on authorities and presume that internet is safe, so be happy and use that public trust wisely by staying civil and careful with the use of this service.

Read more at Telus expects its 5G development to ramp up by the second half of 2019-2020 fiscal year

Higher speed more impact:

Have fun…

What’s inside a thing can mean trouble or success. Speed is a force to be prudent with in many aspects of life. file photo KDG

On this Day: February 4th 1801

John Marshall made Justice of the supreme court in the US.

Fifteen dollars worth of bottles File Photo KDG

According to today January 24th is Beer Can Appreciation Day, The current BC government doubled the deposit on beverage containors in November of 2019. The person above said she had 15 dollars worth ,that was before the increase. We can imagine that she appreciates the raise. Maybe she will inspire you to appreciate Beer Can Appreciation Day.. Thank your lucky stars!

National Beer Can Appreciation Day Activities

  • Buy beer…. in cans. Doesn’t matter to me where you buy your beer.
  • Marvel at those beautiful beer containers. When ready, remove a single can from packaging,…
  • Drink the nectar within. Now crack that bad boy and enjoy the flavor that has been kept air tight…

On this Day: January 24th 1915

The Battle of Doggers bank.

TGIF- CPO offering support…

A downtown shop got a break a few years ago.. File photo KDG

It was good to see this change of heart demonstrated some years back. It could be said that the Community Policing office locating near this shop had a something to do with it and a change of attitude.

2026 Granite Ave Merritt BC

There still is a CPO in Merritt it is now at 2026 Granite avenue. It is more inviting then a police station and likes community involvement. The office has information on programs and often offers ways to be pro active about trouble.

Editors Note: Trouble is the addiction of the unwise…PP

On this Day: December 20th 1955

Cardiff becomes the capital of Wales.

Counting birds this Sunday…

File photo KDG

Coordinated with the Audubon’s annual count the Nicola Naturalists will be out this coming Sunday.

You don’t have to be an expert birder to participate in Christmas Bird Counts. Participants spend all or part of the day in a group covering a specific section of the 22-km diameter count circle. It is a great way to get to know the local winter birds and contribute to the world’s longest-running citizen science project. For more details on the Merritt CBC keep checking this website or contact

Source NNS

On this Day: December 11th 1962

Last criminal execution in Canada.

The season is about to be on us …

This guy,Ted Embury, has 4 service medals from operation rednose- taking drinkers home at Christmas time ” three person team”

Office party time coming up…

One glass of wine can impair you for driving according to ICBC.

On this Day: November 21st 1905

The mass energy equivalent formula is published.

Cops get photos of alleged bad guy, truck.

Trouble in paradise


On this Day: November 12th 1793

Paris France’s first mayor goes to Madame Guillotine

Crime spree…

Watch your bills…

On November 6, 2019 shortly after 8 p.m., Merritt RCMP front line officers responded to a fraud in progress at a gas station located on Airport Road in the city. Police were told that an unknown male suspect was allegedly inside the store attempting to pass counterfeit U.S. and Canadian currency.

The suspect was associated to a burgundy Dodge Ram D-150 pickup truck. The responding officer encountered the suspect vehicle, which contained multiple occupants as it fled from the business.

The suspect allegedly accelerated towards the responding officer, and sideswiped his fully marked police vehicle before fleeing the area eastbound, not pursued by police, says Cpl. Jesse O’Donaghey, spokesperson for the BC RCMP Southeast District.

Source published

On November 4, 2019 the same suspect vehicle was reportedly used to utter counterfeit currency at a gas station located along the Trans-Canada Highway in Kamloops. Investigative efforts have determined that the licence plate displayed on the burgundy Dodge Ram pickup truck had been stolen from a vehicle out of the Armstrong area. The stolen B.C. licence plate KK2078 remains outstanding at this time.

They say call crime stoppers if you have info!

On this Day November 6th 1813

Mexico becomes independent of Spain.


TGIF- Arrest in Kamloops..

Dave Macauly of Nicola Valley Search and Rescue talk about missing person, with RCMP.
File Photo KDG

Merritt has had a lot of interest in cold cases for years after the disappearance of a local young person many years ago. We have no other info other then the retweet below.

On this Day: September 27th 1998

Google is born.

An innocuous model is

innocuous at a local library

not so much in the wild.

Source MPL

The local government bunch at the UBCM is having an emphasis on oil transportation by rail.

Representatives from the federal Fund for Railway Accidents Involving Designated Goods will be attending the 2019 UBCM Convention, and are seeking to provide information about the Fund to communities located near a railway.
Following the 2013 derailment in Lac-Mégantic, the federal government strengthened the liability and compensation regime for rail accidents involving crude oil. This led to the Fund for Railway Accidents Involving Designated Goods being established in 2016, under the Canada Transportation Act. The compensation regime is based on the principle that federally regulated railways carrying crude oil are strictly liable for damages
Source UBCM

Your still dead or maimed no matter who is responsible.

For the local government guys and gals visit booth 903 at the convention.

Jannie Bedard Gullimette is the name listed as a contact for communications.

On this Day: September 12th 2007

Joseph Estrada is convicted of Plunder.

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