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Schools back

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Schools Back!

Schools back today watch for speed zones, a moment of inattention can be a lifetime of regret.

On this Day September 5th  1836

Sam Houston becomes the first elected President of Texas.



broken sign no contract….
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The gasoline price is at $1.10.9 cents a liter today a day before the long week end starts. The price represents a stable driving season and a management attitude by consumers. The absence of the McMurray fire this year may have  something to do with it and the Shell Station off Belshaw Avenue has not gone without supply as yet this season as was the case last season. At this writing a fuel truck is delivering there for the weekend.

The drought sign has gone up from normal meaning conditions are dryer act accordingly.

Gas buddy says that all  Merritt gas stations are on price. The average price is $1.22.3 and the lowest is 94.9 in BC. Trending up…


On this Day: August 3rd 1859
The American Dental association is founded.


US Flag day


 american motor cyvle driver, US army captain

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The United States adopted its flag on June 14th 1777. It has gained associated credibility in  number of conflicts and lost some of it in others.  The equality of people was supported in the US revolution, being self evident. Further no taxation without representation and other ideals it has stood for have made for a bloody and conflict ridden path for “old glory” to follow in the pursuit of freedom.

The US is also one of the most incarcerating countries in the world and is less forgiving to those that mix up liberty with licence.

Editors note: US incarceration rate is 716 persons per 100 thousand, they hold 22 percent of the world prisoners, and spent approaching 80 billion in 2007. The US is less then 5 percent of the worlds population. 2007 US Justice

2017: 660 odd to 100,000

On this Day: June 14th 1946

Donald Trump born, Jamaica Medical Center NY.

TGIF- March distracted driving month

Pay attention
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The law enforcers are viewing the month of March as distracted driving month. Fines are big and patience little. Its not just cell phones its anything from emotional upset to…
The point is pay the required amount of attention to driving…
On this Day: March 24th 1837
Canadian men of African extraction given the right to vote…

Cover the brake….

Coutlee and Voght  File Photo KDG

Coutlee and Voght
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Some intersections have limited visibility, if someone misses the stop sign there is very little time to react.

Editors note: We believe that when approaching a limited visibility intersection the practice of taking your foot off the gas pedal and covering the brake with your foot will give you a split second that could make a difference .

On this Day: January 31st 1930

Scotch Tape is introduced to the market.






TGIF- Happy New year


Happy New Year from the Proprietor Review:

On this Day: December 30th 2009:

A pipeline ruptures in China dumping 150 thousand liters of Diesel into the Yellow River.



Even a small fence make a boundry against guessing File photo KDG

Even a small fence make a boundary against guessing
File photo KDG

Stable people are at a premium and to grow stability a virtue. Changeable is not always the same as adjusted, and adjusted not the same as successful but knowing your limitations  will help you to rely on the stable.

The two dimensions or axes, extraversion-introversion and emotional stability-instability, define four quadrants. These are made up of:

  • Stable extroverts (sanguine qualities such as outgoing, talkative, responsive, easygoing, lively, carefree, leadership)
  • Unstable extroverts (choleric qualities such as touchy, restless, excitable, changeable, impulsive, irresponsible)
  • Stable introverts (phlegmatic qualities such as calm, even-tempered, reliable, controlled, peaceful, thoughtful, careful, passive)
  • Unstable introverts (melancholic qualities such as quiet, reserved, pessimistic, sober, rigid, anxious, moody. Source Wikipedia/Eysenck personality….

If  you are quiet or loud, life’s for you or against you stability will be the better choice.

On this day: September 29th 1977

Wade Brookbank Canadian ice hockey player born.

Team work

Power pole replaced on Merritt Ave Photo KDG Last week saw a marked power pole replaced Photo KDG

Power pole replaced on Merritt Ave
Photo KDG
Last week saw a marked power pole replaced
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The core sampling by rebel contracting saw a pole replaced on Merritt Avenue at the parking lot of the Lawn Bowling club. the pole had once been braced by a steel beam and recent core sampling saw it condemned.

On this Day: August 24th 1936

The Antarctic Australian treaty is created.



Where would ranch's be without horses File photo KDG

Where would ranch’s be without horses
File photo KDG

110_3721 cow corn

Corn grown in the Nicola Valley Photo KDG

A little home on the range went to feedlots….

The Nicola Valley Ranch Rodeo, the other rodeo is being advertised for the 27th of August at the Rodeo grounds south of Merritt.  Merritt has had a labour day weekend rodeo for 58 years including the one coming up on the 3rd and 4th of September.

Merritt area has had many small rodeos  at ranch’s and reserves over time. there was once a suicide run on a very step hill at the Upper Nicola Bands Douglas Lake reserve. It was discontinued because  of injury and the possibility of cruelty to horses.

The rodeo bunch are civilized here now however an event can still become tragic if not properly managed. Merritt has produced clowns to manage bulls in riding events.

People like Bob Barker from the price is right have been instrumental in making change to attitudes that may effect stock and the way people perceive responsibility to them. Hollywood has also softened toward the use of livestock in movies. We invite the public to take an interest in the Nicola Valleys animals husbandry and attitudes that actions generate.

Local horses up for weather File Photo KDG

Local horses up for weather
File Photo KDG







The ranch rodeo is advertised as free admission and an 8:30 AM start on the 27th. The pro rodeo on the long weekend is a prize granting event; info is available at:

On this Day: August 11th 1968

The final steam powered train operates on British rail.


Bike security?

This person was in the restaurant or the pub, was the seat removed for theft prevention…

Bicycle theft is a common crime committed commonly in cities, areas with high population, as well as on college campuses. According to the Police Department at the University of Colorado Boulder, it was found that most of the bicycle thefts that occurred were due to bikes being unlocked, improperly locked, or locked with devices such as a lightweight cable or low-quality U-lock devices.

One can prevent bicycle theft by avoiding using bicycles with quick release wheels, as these are easy for anyone to take off without the use of any tools. Furthermore, one should use a strong U-lock to secure their bike. One should only lock their bike to sturdy structures and should not leave the bike in one place for too long.

The way in which the bike is locked to the structure is also important. It is important that a wheel and the frame of the bike is locked to a structure so that one’s wheel isn’t stolen and left with only the bike. Source Wikipedia


On this Day: August 10th 1948

Candid Camera premieres on Television.


The old substation off Voght is demonstrably going away with equipment on site removing the obsolete decades old transformers and structures. The new one was opened last fall and can be remotely operated from the Fraser Valley with a dish aimed at the towers on Iron Mountain.
The project occurred in the same time frame as the third 500 KV line to the Lower Mainland from the Revel stoke dam area.
The Merritt substation project includes an upgrade of a 61 KV line to the highland Valley and its biggest consumer the giant Teck, Highland Valley copper mine. The upgrade is to a 138 KV line coming from the Merritt Green Energy Project a 40 KV wood over steam electric generator that will burn green wood waste from three local mills. Sources say that the contractor is hoping to turn the keys over to the operator next year possibly March. The Merritt Green Energy Project is licensed by BC Hydro and uses public transmission lines.
The project created a lot of jobs including many members of the local First nations bands. It also generated ongoing relationships with band governments.
The lines for the green energy project are a this moment in progress to the Green Energy project including a crossing by the Osprey nest on Highway 8 coming into Merritt from the west. The ospreys returned to a cleaned off nesting platform this spring but rebuilt it in the shadow of ropes and new poles going up around them.

On this Day: May 24th 1626

Peter Minuit buys Manhattan for tools Wampum and other wares.

Kinder Morgan

Pig catcher for pipeline, File photo KDG

Pig catcher for pipeline, File photo KDG

The Kinder Morgan environmental response team is drilling this week in Nicwala park behind the local lawn bowling facility off Merritt avenue.
Different organizations are involved including Regulators from the regulator, provincial environmental responders and contracts that do the ” integrity work” on the pipeline that runs to Alberta through here to Burnaby.
Today they have a boom and collector spread out on the Nicola River in an exercise they have people stationed on the river with poles to catch anyone that may fall into the fast moving water.
A contractor from Hope that is responsible for the integrity of part of the line says ” every thing is GPS now we know where the welds are within 3 meters with our technology including the smart pig inline sensor”
Jason a person in charge of the response vans pointed out materials for sopping up oil as well as generators and small tools.

On this day: May19th 1921
The US sets quotas on immigration.

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