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Health, don’t die…Dialogue on health…


M kroeker accident

Ambulance call, file photo KDG

Tuesdays , June 5th-26th, at the multi-purpose room, Merritt Public  library, 1691 Garcia street, 6-7 PM. Jim Stewart will host a dialogue on health around the book by DR. Michael Gregor , How not to Die.  An instant New York Times best seller.


Open discussion or questions.


Discover the foods scientifically proven to prevent and reverse disease.

On this Day: June 6th 1892

Donald Duncan Sr born, made the yo yo a commercial success, inspiration for National Yoyo day in the US.


TGIF- Heart and Stroke

The big bike was in Merritt this week raising awareness to the Heart health.


Heart and Stroke Foundation of BC and Yukon, Big Bike drive. File Photo KDG


On this Day: June 1st 1988

The intermediate range nuclear weapons limitation treaty  signed in
1987 comes into effect.

Walk facing the oncoming traffic!


So they build great sidewalks for the use of many people to walk to destinations. We know of people that lost legs to walking with the oncoming traffic coming in the lane right at their back. Never mind death wish crazed drivers there are heart attacks, mechanical failures, weather bursts any number of reasons to be one lane away from traffic when walking close to the curb or even on the sidewalk.

Walking in a group maybe talking about the game all the more reason to see the oncoming traffic in the closest lane.

Simple but people are not thinking of being hurt they are relaxed and mostly in attentive. The consequences are terrible to lose a leg or your life causes  distress to everyone involved.

Stay safe, pay attention, keep alert. Walk with the oncoming traffic in full view!


On this Day: May 1st 1869

The follies open in Paris France.


There can be up to 3 Fridays the 13th in a calendar year, 2018 has two one in April (today) and one in July.


Moon has sharp lower crescent, File Photo KDG ,March 13th 2013

Friday the 13th is selected once a year as Accident Awareness Day in Finland.

Some studies show that about 20 million North Americans have mild fear enough to change behavior over moon and Friday the thirteenth events.


On this Day: April 13th  1742

Handles Messiah makes its world  debut in Dublin Ireland.

Provincial spill response webinar


The province of British Columbia is making available a forum to understand new regulations for responding to hazards spills that came out in October 2017.

The B.C. Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy will present a one hour online meeting on May 4th, 2018 from 9:00am to 10:00am outlining proposed regulations to enhance spill preparedness and response with respect to land transportation of hazardous materials.

Ben Vander Steen, Manager of Planning and Preparedness, will facilitate the presentation. It will focus on four topics the Ministry is exploring: geographic response plans, response times, maximizing the marine application of environmental emergency regulatory powers and addressing loss of public use from spills. An overview of the phase one regulations which came into force in October 2017, will also be provided. source UBCM


On this Day: April 11th 1976

The Apple I computer is put on the market.

TGIF-Wood ticks



Animals can host ticks in the early spring
File Photo KDG

There have been some reports of wood ticks on workers around tall dead grass in Merritt.
Early spring can be a time for ticks. The nuisance creature usually gets on people from tall dead grass as it is walked by and contracted.
The first Tic was reported here in Merritt BC on March 6th, their presence is usually noted when the temperature is 4c and above. They are active today. According to a vets office they can be around for some time.
There many remedies in edible and powder forms. One local Vets office have removed 2 ticks so far this season.

On this Day: April 6th 1909

Robert Peary expedition reach’s the north pole.


March for MM

Gary Taylor Handlen December 1 2014 Charged for murder of a local child in 1978. Handlen processed early December 2014 at the end of an election cycle that saw a new mayor elected. Pressure on officials is apparent.

The March for awareness seems to have been coordinated with the provincial budget. In the group is former Merritt Mayor Clara Norgaard , and her Daughter City Councilor Diana Norgaard. Me

On this Day: February 22 1959

Lee Petty wins the Daytona 500 for the first time.

Health and wellness show


Wheel of knowledge
File Photo KDG

There is a health and wellness show at the Merritt Civic center on February 3rd 2018.

The booths include Planet Fitness, 3 Bar Farms, Dr. SK Saint and more, there is a 3 hr Cause for the Fitness Challenge  with a 1:30 PM  start 15 years old an over 30 dollars. Some proceeds to Body Love Scholarship. Register at the Civic Center 250-315-1050 .

Free admission to the public, the show runs from 9 am to 12 pm. Merritt Civic Center, 195

On this Day: January 30th 1969

The Beatles last public performance.

TGIF- intersection accident



Yesterday a  fully loaded logging truck clipped a 2500 series GM Pick up in the intersection of Nicola and Voght in Merritt. Both drivers left the vehicles to inquire as to the well being  of the other. Thankfully no seemed hurt.

Thank your lucky stars for your good condition and health you never no when it might change.

Drive safe keep accounts with people short…

On this Day: January 26th 1911 The Curtis seaplane flies for the first time.



TGIF- 132.9 a liter


Broken sign, no contract…. File Photo KDG



The gasoline prices going into the American Thanksgiving weekend are  from $1.29.9- $1.32.9 a liter. Long weekends should not effect prices as oil is done by futures contacts. However as a trigger to action we in Canada could reduce our driving by regulating speed, tuning up autos, pooling, planning trips to advantage, not driving unnecessarily.

 Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) works with provinces and territories, other government departments, and Canadian and international groups to explore how to meet our energy needs and adapt to changes in distribution methods while considering the environmental impact of doing so.

Canadian crude oil and petroleum product inventories have been relatively stable for the last five years. Inventory levels for some products, such as gasoline and furnace oil, fluctuate significantly over the year. Demand for these products is very seasonal and at its peak can exceed the production capacity of refineries. Therefore, refiners need to anticipate the peak consumption periods by building inventories in advance. Gasoline inventories increase during the first quarter of the year and are used during the summer months to supplement refinery production. Furnace oil stocks grow during the fall and are drawn during the coldest months of winter when demand is at its highest level. Source Canadian Government.

Sixty percent of Americans are traveling this weekend, slow down and save a little gas in your travels, better your chances to arrive alive and save some grief. Delay a pipeline a minute without costly retail gas prices encouraging it.

On this Day: November 24th 1973

An oil supply crisis sees a speed limit put on the German Autobahn , it lasts 4 months.

Asbestos Consultation under way


The BC Government of  is leading a working group about the threat of asbestos in the work place; “the number one killer of workers in BC”.
The group is seeking input formal, informal input of any kind on the safe use, handling, removal, abatement and disposal.
Public input can be given through the next few weeks at the BC Ministry of Labour, contact John Blakely.



Black Beard the pirate ( Edward Teach) is killed by the Royal Navy.

Artic front


When it comes it can be something to manage File photo KDG

 Artic Front:

British Columbia is getting an artic front with snow and double digit minus over night lows. This sudden onset old man winter has caught a few without snow tires in the interior, and the forecast is up to 50 centimeters in some pasts of the interior.

Situations can go bad fast in weather be prepared and think thing through. Video cams at the Drive BC site over conditions seen in real time.

Today in history, November 2nd 1936

The Canadian Broadcasting Company is formed.

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