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Choice in EV vehicles



Nissan Leaf, gets Dc quick charge in Merritt Sunday July 13th/14 Photo KDG

There are at least a dozen and a half electric vehicles out there adding to consumers choice for enjoyment of the tremendous liberty of a personal motor car. Ranges vary and mixes of full EV to charging engines give a wide preference field for any one that can afford to get into an electric vehicle.

There are also 1000 public chargers and a number of quick chargers ( DC 30 minute ). There are enough quick chargers to go from Vancouver through Golden to Canmore Alberta and have use of them in nine communities. Range and planning around chargers still remain a challenge amongst users.

BC Hydro info page: Range

EVs remain a novelty at this time quick chargers may have line up challenges because of increased interest.

On this Day; June 12th 1939

Three strip technicolor is used for the first time. The film is used in Paramount pictures Dr. Cyclops.


$1.17.9 per liter…


broken sign no contract…. File  Photo KDG

The price of gasoline is down at the Corner of Nicola and Highway 5A, that’s  4 cents from earlier in the week, 9 cents over the provincial low at Costco in Prince George.

The country  average is $1. 15.9, trending  by 11 cents this week,  from last years average in August.



On this Day: December 21st 1923

Nepal and the UK become friends by treaty.

TGIF$1.14.9 a liter

A fuel truck delivers gasoline to a service station
File Photo KDG

Gasoline is down another cent a liter here this week.  A good test weekend is coming this Sunday will be getting to near 40 degrees followed by 30 degree weather for the week ahead. Summer driving is apon us however grade schools last day of instruction is June 29th and June 30th an administration day.  Summer driving may increase after as a result. All 5 service stations in Merritt are the same price at this writing.




On this Day: June 23rd 1946

The Vancouver Island earthquake shakes the west coast of Canada.





Europe Day

These young men were from Eastern Europe and were going across Canada, observing freedom of movement. File Photo KDG

These young men were from Eastern Europe and were going across Canada, observing freedom of movement.
File Photo KDG

On this Day: May 5th 1964
The Council of Europe makes May 5th, Europe Day.
( May 9th for the European Union)

Since 2003, Ukraine celebrates Europe Day on the third Saturday of May

99.9 cents a liter

This is a long way from a gas pump File Photo: KDG

This is a long way from a gas pump
File Photo: KDG

The local Petro Canada station on the corner on Nicola and Voght is offering regular gasoline at 99.9 cents a liter. The price dropped from a $1.02.9 last week and has bridged the psychological barrier of a dollar a liter once again. In earlier weeks it had dropped below 90 cents.
The CBC is reporting that it looked into price increases on long weekends and found something under 20 occurrences which is not unusual for the system of refining. There were other price drops to long weekends.
Canadian Tire suffered a seven figure fine for price fixing between May and November 2007. The combines people usually use real estate zoning to encourage completion in big box stores!
Gas buddy: This service says that the prices are rising and BC is at $1.06.9 with national well under at 92.9.

There is a summer driving season that is about to the college year and summer hours this usually has an effect on prices it will be interesting to see if it is in effect this summer with gluts reflected in bank accounts of producers. (Or did they fix that with grocery prices)
Editors Note:   We believe that the refiner capacity is more responsible for the lag in gas prices dropping in relation to crude prices. No one wants one in their back yard. This may be good as it prevents dumping to a degree. Politically dumped production harms consumers in the long run and predatory pricing will do in competition that make prices stable.

Canadian tire fined  the Globe and Mail.
On this day: March 15th 1906

Rolls Royce LTD is incorporated in England.

TGIF-92.9 a liter gas


broken sign no contract.... Photo KDG

broken sign no contract….
Photo KDG

The price of gasoline is down again in Merritt BC to 92.9 cents per liter at the down town Petro Canada, corner of Nicola and Voght.
A check on Gas Buddy shows that it is a full 5 cents a liter less money here then 5 BC outlets are selling gas for. The BC average is 96.9 a liter national is 10 cents a liter less and prices are trending down.
The City of Merritt has just received delivery on two replacement 21 passenger Chevrolet buses, they are replacing two diesel units and are gasoline. Reasonably there can be no connection to this with gas price however we don’t have a gasoline levi for transit in the City such as Vancouver’s.
A referendum over transit tax was defeated in the lower mainland last year. That tax would have been a increase to the Provincial Sales tax like US cities Seattle and Los Angeles.
Merritt is part of the provincial transit system.
British Columbia Transportation Financing Authority (BCTFA)

The dedicated tax for the British Columbia Transportation Financing Authority on clear gasoline and clear diesel fuel sold anywhere in the province is 6.75¢ per liter.

Trans Link:Vancouver area.

The dedicated tax on clear gasoline and clear diesel fuel sold inside the South Coast British Columbia transportation service region (SCTA) is 17¢ per litre.

Frank Trenholm installs new license plates to new buses delivered to Merritt, Feb 3/ 16
Victoria Area:

The dedicated tax on clear gasoline and clear diesel fuel sold inside the Victoria regional transit service area (VRTA) is 3.5¢ per liter.
Total BC taxes including 7 (6.5) cent carbon tax is 21.17 cents for us here in Merritt. Most expensive is Vancouver @ 31.17 a liter.
The carbon tax element is supposed to be a neutral tax and is used to reduce personal and corporate income tax:

The tax puts a price on carbon to:
Encourage individuals, businesses, industry and others to use less fossil fuel and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions;
send a consistent price signal;
ensure those who produce emissions pay for them; and
make clean energy alternatives more attractive.

There is also federal excise tax of 10 cents and a 5 percent GST, there are no taxes dedicated to transit or road maintenance or construction on alternate energies. This in our view can make carbon tax regressive.
Tax on diesel fuel is slightly higher for BC but federal taxes are less then half that of gasoline.
Merritt’s total minimum tax on gasoline is 32.73 cents a liter,Vancouver is 44.28 cents. As taxes move toward 50 percent of the pump price it raises the specter and possibility of regulation and world market Alberta oil less attractive.


On this day February 5th 1958
A hydrogen device is lost by the US Air force off the coast of Georgia never to be recovered.


Crows at local gas bar !! File Photo KDG

Crows at local gas bar !!
File Photo KDG

Gasoline at the local Petro Canada are under a dollar a liter. 98 cents are a lot better but not as good as prices under 80 cents in some prairie provinces.

Average price in the province at this 112.4 lowest 94.9 trending higher:
on this Day: December 18th 1932

The Chicago Bears defeat the Portsmouth Spartans in the first NFL championship game.

Bear deterrent

Bear deterrent Photo KDG

Bear deterrent
Photo KDG

Does this work a recent TV show on Alaska showed a fellow that placed spray cans in trees to stop bears ” they get an bang and a taste” He didn’t show one that had been bitten into however a first hand account of a local ranch person relates a bear biting into a spray can and there was ” no deterrent ” turns out it was a can of whipped cream. I wonder why.
The dumpster in the picture had a deer hide and horns in it illegally dumped no bites yet….
Editors note: using ammonia in balloons can blind a bear permanently and make him very dangerous.

On this day: October 21 2013

Smog closes schools in Harbin China.

Interesting cars, a lifestyle that appeals, access to cheap fuel ,open roads and some leisure time, when this car was new... File Photo KDG

Interesting cars, a lifestyle that appeals, access to cheap fuel ,open roads and some leisure time, when this car was new…
File Photo KDG

The local gas price came down a cent a liter this week . Retail gas prices have a range of value including lower efficiency ethanol content. It is good to shop around loyalty programs can also take of cents per liter.

At this writing the British Columbia average is $1.13 a liter, national average is $1.05 and the trend is rising.

On this day: October 9th 1604
Super Nova 1604 is observed in the Milky way.

Robots, Joel Reid

There is an art show going on at the Old Court House Gallery here in Merritt, British Columbia. Robots is the brain child of two young men one an artist and the other a manager. Critick: Large oil on canvas renderings show impressionist near abstraction views of life. The less then perfect paint applications give the message of a passive on compliance to uniformity.  The form lends to giving expression to those that may question the why and will of a manufactured existence.

The Court House Gallery is at 1840 Nicola Avenue the  Joel Reid’s Robots show runs to June 28th with an artist reception on June 26th.

The shows closing reception was held on June 27th, Catherine OBourne, John Yellowknees, and others were in attendance and the artist Joel Ried was there to introduce the works a 48×48 painting titled face value sold for just over a thousand dollars. The work was in acrylic and was not displayed in the premier wall spot. Joel said that 10 years ago he was called an emerging artist and says he still is. He calls his style expressionism.

Today in History: June 19th 1970

The patent coöperation treaty is signed.

New crosswalk markings

The city is trying out a new way of marking cross-walks, the main work was completed in a timely fashion and as a right of spring by painting contractors, but this week the works foreman and a worker were using a torch to bond cross walk bars on the cross-walks across the way from MacDonald’s of Voght Street. They tried one application last year and it is still serviceable this spring. ” the stop line is very well preserved” ” we are not early opters they have been used elswhere” works foreman.

Cross-walks are by far the safest way to cross a street, however using groups and high-visability clothing is another way to increase your chances of not getting injured. There is no substitute to eye contact with drivers and awareness. Watch for some pickup trucks that have metal pieces between side windows and the back window, especially if they California stop. A person was killed here off Nicola avenue wearing dark clothing and relying on the cross walk to be safe after dark.

Not all pedestrians are licensed drivers to rely on there actions may be folly, and right away is cold comfort to permanent chronic pain.



Today in History: June 18th 1983

Sally Ride becomes the first  American women in space.

Regular gas at $1.20.9

500 volt 120 amp quick charger

500 volt 120 amp quick charger

Most of the main gas stations here in Merritt are selling regular Gasoline at $ 1.20.9 cents a liter. This happened about a week ago .However the best gas price can also be made if you take part in the loyalty programs. Extra Food offers 7 cents a liter in  their trademarked super buck program.

The DC 500 volt quick charger is turned on Voght street this week. A Source says you need an adapter to your particular EV. Tesla has a proprietary one at about 25 dollars.

Gasoline in Kamloops is at $1.14.9 , and a low in Courtney at Coast co is $1.12.9 a liter.

Today in history: January 30th 1964

The Ranger program Ranger 6 is launched.

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