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TGIF-seed swap


Tulips breaking soil in Merritt, next to a warm house in a sheltered area.February 17th /15 file Photo KDG

The local garden society in Merritt is having its AGM meeting of the season on March 21 2018, it includes a seed swap.The meeting will be at the Local public library 6PM.


On this Day: February 16th 1937

Nylon is patented.


TGIF- Good luck to the Olympics

2018 Winter Olympics February 9th to 25th , Pyeongchang South Korea.

Good luck to all those in South Korea as they start the 2018 Winter Games. Lets hope that politics will take the time off and that healthy young people, who are our future will enjoy a time of free and fair completion and up hold the personal value of sportsmanship.

On this Day: February 9th 1922

Brazil becomes the first member of the Berne copyright treaty.


National pride

TGIF-Happy Julian Calendar new year!


File Photo KDG

Sunday the 14th of January will be the New Year  for those that remain on the Julian Calendar.

For all those that watched the skies for Millennia ,  to give us many calendars in a progression of knowledge, Thank you.

The Julian calendar has been replaced as the civil calendar by the Gregorian calendar in almost all countries which formerly used it, although it continued to be the civil calendar of some countries into the 20th century.[4] Egypt converted on 20 December 1874/1 January 1875. Turkey switched (for fiscal purposes) on 16 February/1 March 1917. Russia changed on 1/14 February 1918.[5] Greece made the change for civil purposes on 16 February/1 March 1923, but the national day (25 March), which was a religious holiday, was to remain on the old calendar. source Wikipedia

For us at PR that’s it for Happy holidays this year! Have a wonderful day.

To those that the Merritt rod and gun club derby at Mamette Lake on Sunday HNW to you we understand that the final weigh in for prizes is 2:30 PM and it matters little what the calendar you make your resolution for the biggest fish under.

On this Day: January 12th 2005

Deep impact launches from Cape Canaveral.

A Man Called Ove


A sign displayed at a local pre owned shop in the down town of Merritt. File Photo KDG

The Nicola Valley Film Society is presenting its first 2018 film on Monday January 15th at the lecture theater of the local community college NVIT. the film is A Man Called Ove.
The society presents films from September to March (none in December) an is in its 10th year according to president Cathy Star. Films are selected and sources from TIFF, the Toronto Film Society.
Start time is 7 pm no food or drinks in the theater, top of the hill Belshaw avenue, free parking.


On this Day: January 2nd 2004

The spacecraft Stardust collects samples as it goes by comet wild 2, then begins to return to earth.


The  Nicola Valley Memorial Arena, File Photo KDG

The Nicola Valley memorial arena in its present form after a refit 22 years ago. Source Brain Barrett 32 year contract manager.

Brain says he is going to retire with the passing of 2017. Brain and the arena here facilitate a number of young people make the big league, including Grant Mulvey, Paul Mulvey, Ed Beers, Paul Kruse, a total of 17 NHL players skated with the local  junior hockey club. Brian is a member of the BC Hall Hockey Hall of Fame.

On this Day: December 29th 1851

The first YMCA opens in Boston.

On holidays


file photo KDG

On Holidays please enjoy this day in History while we are away.

( super Moon coming January 2nd…)

On this Day: December 27th 1977

Star Wars opens in London England.

$1.17.9 per liter…


broken sign no contract…. File  Photo KDG

The price of gasoline is down at the Corner of Nicola and Highway 5A, that’s  4 cents from earlier in the week, 9 cents over the provincial low at Costco in Prince George.

The country  average is $1. 15.9, trending  by 11 cents this week,  from last years average in August.



On this Day: December 21st 1923

Nepal and the UK become friends by treaty.

Giant book sale started


The local library has begun their book sale at the 1691 Garcia Street location. Coupons were available for one free item a day on the counters before the sale, and may still be found in the program guide or published in the local weekly paper The Merritt Herald. 

Some great hard cover books are available for 2 dollars  and there is a room full of paperbacks for a dollar a piece.

The book sale goes to Saturday December 9th with new items being unboxed daily.

On this Day: November 28th 1919
Lady Astor Elected to British Parliament.

Happy,safe Halloween


Protection display in CPO downtown
File Photo: KDG


 Recommends trick or treat safety

Sunset will be at 5:41, a possibility of scattered showers. Be seen…

Photo source  downtown shop windows.



On this Day: October 31st 2011

The world human population makes 7 billion.

Garden club


There is a Nicola Valley Garden club here in Merritt, membership 15 dollars, a year and they are having a meeting on Wednesday November 1st at 7PM. Room 4 Merritt civic center, with a speaker presenting on cedar.

Merritt has over a hundred days annually with more then 0.2mm of precipitation. It is 605 meters in elevation, with over 2000 hrs of sunshine per anum. An average of 250 frost free days.

On this Day: October  25 1854

The charge of the light brigade,the battle of Balaclava, in the Crimean war.

2017 Pacific Forest Rally Merritt BC


Rally cars on display before the run. file photo KDG

Canadain Rally Championship presented by Subaru Canada, In Merritt BC, CA

The 2017 edition of the Pacific Forest Rally is on this weekend in Merritt, at this writing rally cars are in town and getting reafy for the weekends event.

The cars are in Spirit Square, Quilchena avenue Friday for viewing before the official starting at 4:30 PM.

At the beginning of August, we sent a notice to all CARS license holders that we were considering re-scheduling the rally 2 weeks later, because of the ongoing wildfire situation in BC’s forests, and committed to making the final decision by Labour Day. While it is still possible that the fire danger will abate before the originally scheduled date, we have decided to make the call now, in order to give participants, volunteers and fans as much time as possible to re-arrange their plans. So, PFR will now take place on October 13-14, with recce October 12-13. Official regs with the new date and schedule will be coming soon. Thanks for everyone’s patience, and let’s have a fun event and not burn down the forest in the process!
 Source PFR

On this Day: October 12th 1971

A 2500 year anniversary of the Persian empire is held to October 16th.

TGIF- game


Horns from the deer population are filtering through the town with hunting season on. The season was not delayed by the state of emergency from fires this fall but ATV’s were not allowed off road, so the game did not get a break from the fire season.

This guys handle was BC hunter and was a member of the black powder club. Actual hunting with a black powder firearm may or may not be regulation. You check!!!!

On this Day: October 7th 2008

An  asteroid strike is detected before entering the earths atmosphere for the first time.

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