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TGIF$1.14.9 a liter

A fuel truck delivers gasoline to a service station
File Photo KDG

Gasoline is down another cent a liter here this week.  A good test weekend is coming this Sunday will be getting to near 40 degrees followed by 30 degree weather for the week ahead. Summer driving is apon us however grade schools last day of instruction is June 29th and June 30th an administration day.  Summer driving may increase after as a result. All 5 service stations in Merritt are the same price at this writing.




On this Day: June 23rd 1946

The Vancouver Island earthquake shakes the west coast of Canada.





Golf-Fourteen holes

keeps his eye on the ball
at the Nicola Valley Golf and Golf and Country Club in Merritt
File Photo KDG

Water on the local links have deterred golfers this spring. Some came out when 4 holes of 9 were available now 7 of 9 are available because of water and fairway damage.

About 700 feet of rock rip rap were placed on the Nicola River bank on the north side of the links as well as some turf replacement in a coincidence that BC Hydro had buried electric cable and services last winter .

The seniors tournament for this Friday has been rescheduled for September 15th, the 75 dollar entry fee ( includes a prime rib ) stays the same. Carts an additional 15 dollars.

A 600 membership fee for new members is still being offered. The people on the links today were enjoying the course even though some of the esthetics were less then perfect. All trees remain standing and in glorious bloom.

On this Day: June 13th 1898

The Yukon territory of Canada is formed with Dawson as its Capital.

Starting plants

puting plants in ground still a concern to some people?

A way to start plants in doors
File Photo KDG

Conventional wisdom here at 700 Meters above sea level in Merritt is plant outside on the long weekend near the end of May, or all the snow is gone from Iron Mountain. Some are itching and raking already! Some get a start by having sheltered areas and using manure to heat he ground there is a myriad of skills and knowledge out there.
A community garden is available near the hospital grounds here in Merritt 25 dollars for the first year a partial refund is given after harvest and clean up. The Society is having its AGM and seed swap on April 19th. Nicola Valley Community Gardens: Hosted by Joleen Morrison, Facebook.

On this Day: March 29th 1849
The British annex Punjab.

Art follows life…



Cross Country skis as art File photo KDG

An art display used skis to effect a mood during a promotion a number of years ago. Cross Country ski trails in the Nicola Valley include Kane lake with a demonstration forest and Steak lake near Lac le Juene in the Highland valley.

Steak lake is recommended  for cross country ski trail maintenance quality.


On this Day: March 1st 1936
The Hoover Dam is completed.

11th Annual Community Art Show

 A artisan impression of a comedy icon. File photo KDG

A artisan impression of a comedy icon.
File photo KDG

The Arts Council is having their annual community show starting on February 24th and running to March 18th.

Three levels of cash prizes are available. The show is at the   Old Court House Gallery, 1840

Nicola Avenue in Merritt. Hours are 4-7pm Thursday through Saturday.

February 23rd is the last day to submit an entry. A search on Facebook will give further info.

On this Day: February 23rd 1971

Melinda Messenger  (Live From Studio Five ) host is born.








The whole world is published some where

KDG Photo

The Nicola Naturalists had their speaker cancel last night ,due to sudden illness. Allen Burger showed a film in her place. People of the Feather, produced by an SFU student, it had won three international awards. “he is now an established scientist” Allen Burger.

The film did not displace the usual photos by members segment .

Members such as  Murphy Shewchuck  are freelance photographers, the society remains not for profit at its core

On this Day February 17th 1933

Newsweek magazine publishes for the first time.


TGIF- Hockey player burger


Cooking hamburgers for hockey File photo KDG

Cooking hamburgers
for hockey
File photo KDG

The local Albert and Walter on Voght street has a new dedicated hamburger for local stops. The burger is named after a member of the local junior hockey team.
The restaurant is also having theme nights for the team on nights when they are playing in town.
No its not made out of junior hockey players, stop by and find out the distinction. It is called the Jacob and its a Berger.

On this Day: January 27th 1824

Born:  Urbain Johnson Canadian farmer and legislator, in New Brunswick.



Skating rink

Monday evening saw use of the Voght Street Rink used Photo KDG

Monday evening saw use of the Voght Street rink used
Photo KDG

The Lacrosse court on Voght street has been used as a skating rink with some success this year. Cold weather cooperated to give  a longer uptime to the facility this year.

“We are out tonight because the weather is warming Tuesday and it may be the last chance to use it.” A couple and a man with a grandson were getting ready for quiet enjoyment on the rink before show time at the Film Society showing.

The rink /court is a use at your own risk venue.

Editors note: Lacrosse is Canada’s official sport, Ice Hockey the official National Winter Sport.



On this Day: January 17th 17873

Sea Captain James Cook goes south of the Antarctic Circle.



book sale, File photo KDG

Book sale, public library
File photo KDG

The local Public Library is having a fifteen minutes of fame day on January 27th 2017. Read anything for 15 minutes and tell the library about it and you will be famous for your fifteen minutes here.
The library is at 1691 Garcia street in Merritt and you can report your read at the desk or by calling at 250-378-4737.

Library self checker File photo KDG

Library self checker
File photo KDG








Read and report anything anywhere and anything to qualify. There is an entry in a draw for a prize included in your report.

contest prize

A prize package for a library program.
File Photo KDG

This post was constructed from published material and conversations at the local library. Literacy is a concern at all times, usage and interest is a public interest.

On this Day: January 11th 1908
The Grand Canyon is made a public monument.

Have a great weekend….


Music has charm File Photo Photo KDG

Music has charm
File Photo
Photo KDG

Have a great long weekend keep travel to a minimum and be safe and sound for us and yours.

Have a great day from Proprietor Review

Have a great day from Proprietor Review

On this Day: December 23rd 1919
A Sex Discrimination Act regulates hiring in Britain

Remote locking

Home show

Home show before opening doors, Dreams for viewing
File photo KDG

The feeling is awful when you lock keys inside or you wonder if the door is locked at home. There is coming available remote keypad/app/remote house locks.
there is a risk involved those that are early optors as not all situations may have been addressed, however it has been sometime since Telus and hydro have promoted the futuristic. smart homes, while some things may be less then practical it would seem that remote locking and unlocking would be an empowerment.

The lock can be operated remotely by mobile device, by keypad or by old-fashioned key. There’s the ability to set it up to lock automatically a few seconds or minutes after each time it’s closed, and friends or contractors can gain access with their own temporary keypad codes.source BC Hydro.

Before you trust Uber to drive your car perhaps it would be good to be versed in controlling your front entry to your home remotely.

On this Day: December 15th 2009
Boeings 787 Dreamliner take its first public flight.

Love to Dance

Love to Dance Photo KDG

Love to Dance
Photo KDG

Lizette Nel and her dance studio are displaying mood clothing from time to time. This is the latest to adore the foyer of the Old Court House Gallery, the home of The Love to Dance Studio.
The Old Court house Gallery also hosts a Christmas showing of crafty wares.
The show is on until the 23rd of December Thursday’s to Saturday’s 12- 6PM. Director Jackie Stibart.

The Old Court House is at 1840 Nicola Avenue, Merritt and offer a Royal Academy of Dance registered teacher.

On this Day: December 7th 1963

Instant replay makes its debut in organized sports broadcasting.

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