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Poverty reduction consultation. What is poverty?





The BC Government is having a consultation on poverty reduction, reporting at the end of March  2018.

Interested parties can participate by attending one of the 20 community meetings across BC; submitting feedback by email, mail or phone; completing the online feedback form; or hosting a small group discussion. More information is available on the Province’s website.

Key questions to consider include:

  • What does success look like in a BC Poverty Reduction Strategy?

  • What do you think are the best ways to reduce poverty in BC?

  • What can we do as a province, a community or as individuals to reduce poverty and contribute to economic and social inclusion?

    On this Day: February 1st 2003

    The Space shuttle Columbia breaks up on entry after losing heat tiles on its mission.


TGIF- global records possible since 1880


File Photo KDG

According to earth sky news 2017 was the 2nd warmest since records began (NASA) 3rd warmest according to NOAA  records. Five of the warmest years have occurred since 2010.
On another note Genghis Khan killed 11 percent of the worlds human population making and ruling his world empire. An estimated 700 million tonnes of Co2 was taken out of the environment by the drop in population of humans and there oxygen C02 contributions (and the fact that the land and forest was under less stress by their absence.
The Carnegie institute produced a study on the 13th centuries warrior emperors impact on the world. The Guardian published in 2011 a headline “Laying waste to land scrubbed 700m tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere”. The Khan is also attributed to be the source of DNA for 1 in 200 people on the planet today. There is no comment on the impact on the environment from this, however in some of his battles it was noted that the earth was soapy from human tissue. What a way to clean up the planet; and accidental as well.
seriously the population of the planet is a potential for human resources and when a great majority of them apply them selves to a better life it ought to work without so much contention. Natural disasters not with standing the resources of destruction still need to be turned to plow shears, who’s going to do it? You in your own way and to your enlightened satisfaction will build us a future without the mess. Good luck and good will…

On this Day: January 19th 1977

President Gerald Ford pardons Tokyo Rose.


TGIF- International Tea Day

Tea cupsInternational tea day was first observed in 2005 and is an effort to promote the tea trade including prices. The event falls on December 15th and is important to the countries that produce tea as well as many tea lovers around the world.


On this Day: December 15th 2005
The first International Tea day is observed and promoted.

Christmas bird count


Mallards on Nicola File Photo KDG


The local Merritt Naturalists are having their annual bird count and identification of species this coming Saturday.

Data collected is shared for such things as global warming and conservation.

Merritt Christmas Bird Count – Saturday December 16th, 2017. If you are interested in participating send an e-mail to          For information on our 2016 count click here: 2016 Merritt CBC

On this Day: December 12th 2000

The Bush Gore decision is handed down.


TGIF-Saturday final book sale day, access to books..


Bright Red Book exchange 33 locations around Merritt File Photo KDG


The public library in Merritt is ending its Gigantic Book Sale at the Library on Saturday the ninth of January at 5 PM closing. Books are being offered in bags for  dollars as a special. The bags and some boxes have been marked by category ie: romance.

There are also 33 locations for book exchange around Merritt run by Literacy Merritt. Locations are available at the downtown Community Policing Station.
On this Day: December 8th 2010

A solar sail spacecraft from japan passes the planet Venus.

Book sale

The whole world is published some where
The local public library in Merritt is having a book sale. items will be out on tables at the library. From November 28th-December 9th. ” New books every day”
There are coupons for one free item on the counters and they may be used to have on free item a day.
The Merritt Public Library is at 1691 Garcia street downtown Merritt BC. Open Tuesday through Saturday 10 PM to 5 PM and to 8PM Tuesday and Wednesday.

On this Day:  November  21st 1783

The first untethered hot air balloon flight is made by JF Paltrier de Rozier and FL d’ Arlandes in Paris France.

Works like a Dam


Smart meter installed in trailer court

The provincial hydro utility is giving a challenge to conserve power. To take part join the power smart team, save 10percent on hydro over a year and you are eligible for a 50 dollar prize.


Looking to save money on your electricity bills? Become a member of Team Power Smart and challenge yourself to reduce your home’s electricity use by 10% in the next year. If you’re successful, you can earn a $50 reward.

Along the way, we’ll provide helpful advice, tips and success stories from other team members to keep you motivated.

You’ll also have the opportunity to enter exclusive contests for a great chance to win prizes like an LED lighting package, programmable thermostat, and gift cards.

The not for profit utility is always having conservation initiatives.  And is required not to retain earning but deliver the efficiencies back to the rate payers by lower rates.

You will need an online account to participate.

On this Day: November 1st 1918

Western Ukraine becomes a separate country.



Red Cross funding programs


GB Armstrong 100th year Merritt homecoming play File Photo KDG



Today the BC Government announced a plan to support the condition of the fire effected! The program through  the Red Cross, a partnership, is to help after a prolonged state of emergency this summer.

As communities begin to recover from one of the worst summers on record for forest fires, the Canadian Red Cross encourages local governments and other organizations in the fire-affected communities to apply for funding through the Community Partnerships Program to help with recovery and rebuilding.

Local governments, First Nations bands, schools and community organizations all help build community, help each other through crises, and rebuild community – whether it’s structures or spirit.

Funding from the Red Cross Community Partnerships Program could help create projects such as welcome back gatherings, traditional Indigenous ceremonies, safe spaces and play activities for children, increased counselling services, etc. Source UBCM


You never no if you don’t apply … or email

On this Day: October 18th 1954
The first transistor radio is developed.

Crossing Home Ground, Nicola Naturalists


Lands producing grass for cattle are in demand for feed lots and dairy cows They feed for winter as well. for meat producers. File Photo KDG ( some believe that protein from soya is a better alternative to grass going through meat.)

The local naturalists are having their first full program meeting of the season on Thursday October 19th at the NVIT lecture, theater top of the hill Belshaw avenue, in Merritt. Presenter David Brooks will have a book for sale at the meeting.

Author and naturalist, David Pitt-Brooke stepped out for a walk one morning—a very long walk. He covered over a thousand kilometres through the valleys of southern interior British Columbia. He went in search of beauty and lost grace in a landscape that has seen decades of development and upheaval. Based on his recently published book, David will speak about his journey’s experiences, including moments of discovery and re-connection with the natural world. David is an eloquent speaker and his presentation, combined with photographs from his journey and of the nature he encountered, is a real treat. source NNS

On this Day: October 10th 1963

The Partial Nuclear Test Bann Treaty comes into effect.

A month and a half to go!

Farmers market on. Saturday 9-2pm

The local Farmers Market is into its after this Saturdays regular offering. The expression of home grown or farm to table produce is still under the leadership of Lucus Handly the proprietor of three bar farms.

The operation runs May to October at the corner of Voght and Merritt avenue in Merritt BC.
The lot is the parking for the curling rink and has two EV chargers in the corner.
The time is 9am to 2pm Saturdays. The Market is often used by local government with info booths as well.

On this Day: September 14th 1982

Born Soshy.

Summer fundraiser

Grass lands producing grass for cattle are in demand for feed lots and dairy cows They feed for winter as well. for meat producers.
Photo KDG ( some believe that protein from soya is a better alternative to grass going through meat.)

Head,Heart, Health ,Hands  are having a summer fundraiser  at the Purity feed store on Voght street in Merritt BC.

They invite  you to come and have a hotdog between the hours of 11 and 3 PM Saturday the 12th of August.

Hotdogs provided by blue sky ranch. Raffle tickets available.

Parking lot paving of Purity Feed store after renovation. File Photo KDG


Cattle on the ranch at Merritt BC; free range


On this Day: August 10th 1990
The Magellan space probe reaches Venus.


Rodeo weekend in Merritt
Photo KDG

The next cultural event in Merritt is the annual pro rodeo. Sept 2nd and 3rd.

The Merritt Pro rodeo celebrates and perpetuates the agriculture and lifestyle of the ranching community in Merritt and is approaching its 7th decade of operation. Merritt Rodeo Grounds 300 Lindley Road.

Rodeo clowns (some locals) are employed for rider safety.

This will be the an occasion to remember a local pro that lost his life to concussions and the link between football and hockey and other severe contact sports.

Ty Pozzebon never got the privilege of old age however his light burned bright for a time. He won hearts of many competitors. KDG

Ty Pozzebon gone at 25 January 2017.

The local fall fair building brings the farming community together at the end of summer every year.
KDG file photo.

On this Day: August 8th 1929
The airship Graf Zeppelin begins its round the world trip.


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