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The last National Aboriginal Day

Dr.Eugene Atleos speaks to staff members and interested public at the , NVIT Speakers series
He is now a former grand chief.
File Photo KDG

June 21st National Aboriginal Day this year will be its last observance as sources say next year it will be National Indigenous Peoples Day.

What’s the difference besides a lot of printing changes.

Aboriginal, a group of first people’s Indigenous a collective term for first people’s, so you should not have to struggle with Metis, Indian , First Nations, Native should all apply without offence to Indigenous.

Canada according to Former PM John Diefenbaker was not to be hyphenated Irish Canadian etc however indigenous will go some way in relieving aboriginals PP


On this day: June 21st 1957

Canada gets its first female member of the Cabinet as Ellen Fairclough is sworn in.


World Refugee Day

 File Photo KDG

No it’s not everyone going to space. It is the observation of the world-wide trauma of refugees and the events that cause them.

About 70 million people in the world today are refugees. Earthquakes, volcanos, and other natural disasters are responsible for many , refugees from strife remain the most actionable and preventable to this day.

The asylum program in Canada works to provide refugee protection to people in Canada who:

  • have a well-founded fear of persecution or
  • are at risk of torture, or cruel or unusual punishment in their home countries

Not everyone is eligible to seek asylum. For example, people are not eligible to make a claim if they have:

  • been convicted of serious criminal offences or
  • had previous refugee claims denied by Canada.: Source Government of Canada

On this Day: June 20th 1982

The asteriod Eureka is found.


The true north strong and free…Photo KDG:

The Coopers grocery store is charging 4 cents for grocery bags, the good news is that the price of the reusable ones is down to 99 cents. IF they sell lots that way does that make it the same on the good old environment…
No more copper pennies made in Canada so enjoy the Maple leaf photo as you think on your better ecological footprint.

On this Day: June 2nd 1855

The Barnum circus begins to tour the United States.

Bike or walk to work or school week

Diversity makes for a broader community.
File photo KDG

This  is walk or bike to work or school week.  There are many promotions in effect. The local community police office is selling decals for 10 dollars, they attach to your bike and are linked to an app. If your bike goes missing the app will send out an alert for 15 Kilometers around its last location.

The Merritt CPO is at Spirit Square off Voght.

On this Day: May 30th 1975

The European Space Agency is established…




Quick charger

Nissan Leaf, gets DC quick charge in Merritt
File Photo KDG

We talked to two Nissan Leaf owners on the long weekend that used the quick charger at the downtown tourist info center on Voght street. Henny a brick layer from the lower mainland and on his way to Kelowna was driving a new Leaf and showed us the compact bakery under the front hood. He was saying that he needed a full charge to have confidence to carry on to Kelowna. The car was equipped with a solar panel on the roof as well and it only managed another lead acid battery that ran the lights and other then motor electronics.
When he returned the next day full of excitement we picked up on his confidence in the new experience.
The other driver a man in his 30s and a boy going camping at a local lake returned to recharge as well.
The comments were that the 500 volt quick charger was a green lot numbered one and it was surprising to see one that you needed to pay for.
Henning wondered if it was possible to use both the quick charger and the 90 amp 220 Volt charger at the same time as there are two charging ports supporting each one.

On this Day: May 25th 240 BC.

The first recorded passage of Hailey’s Comet.

13 the lucky number here

500 volt 120 amp quick charger
File photo KDG

There are a least 13 more EV chargers coming to the Kootenay region of BC through 2018. BC Hydro is installing them and they are the quick version. The 13 planned additions follow the US Border to near the Alberta border going east from Greenwood then go north along the Alberta border to Rogers pass. To side ways roads go to Sparwood and Field being the closest to exiting BC for Alberta.
The 13 are promised by the end of 2018.

Billed as Canada’s first regional and community-driven strategy to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles, Accelerate Kootenays kicked off the big push with the opening of a DC fast charge station in Cranbrook. Gone will be the days when longer electric vehicle trips in the region were marathon “making the most of it” affairs that might involve going on a local hike while your car “trickle-charged” for hours at a local campground. Source BC Hydro

Best Western under construction in Merritt includes EV stations
File Photo: KDG






On this Day: May 3rd 1973

The Sears tower in Chicago becomes the worlds tallest at nearly 1500 feet.

Nicola Naturalists

ground hog

Urban living: this marmot takes advantage of a concrete pad for shelter.
Photo KDG

Its good to be right, then you can go by your own name Ground Hog…

The April meeting of the local Naturalists is on April 20th at 7PM a graduate student of UBC will be presenting on the flora of the Arctic, in particular berries.

Sarah Desrosiers is a local graduate student pursuing her degree at the University of British Columbia. She has worked with Inuit elders, youth and land users in the Canadian Arctic for six years. She is collaborating with communities to help document, preserve and promote traditional knowledge of plants for foods, materials and medicine. Sarah will discuss her involvement with a community-supported berry-monitoring program in Kugluktuk, Nunavut. She will also talk about the importance of building capacity for youth to engage with the local environment as a way for healing and well-being. This will be a very interesting ethnobotanical talk.

The meeting  is at the NVIT Lecture theater top of the hill on Belshaw avenue in Merritt, membership or donation  requested. No food or beverages in the Lecture theater.

On this Day: March 30th 1905
Born Mikio Oda, Japanese track and field competitor.

Starting plants

puting plants in ground still a concern to some people?

A way to start plants in doors
File Photo KDG

Conventional wisdom here at 700 Meters above sea level in Merritt is plant outside on the long weekend near the end of May, or all the snow is gone from Iron Mountain. Some are itching and raking already! Some get a start by having sheltered areas and using manure to heat he ground there is a myriad of skills and knowledge out there.
A community garden is available near the hospital grounds here in Merritt 25 dollars for the first year a partial refund is given after harvest and clean up. The Society is having its AGM and seed swap on April 19th. Nicola Valley Community Gardens: Hosted by Joleen Morrison, Facebook.

On this Day: March 29th 1849
The British annex Punjab.

International Women’s Day an activist.

Sharon McIvor is a local Nicola Valley First Nations  person and is a lawyer. Sharon distinguished herself by winning supreme court decisions on the repatriation of status lost to FN women.

Sharon is a principal educator and pioneer at NVIT the first nations post secondary school in Merritt and Vancouver.

On this Day: March 8th 1927

Born  Irene Tinker economist, teacher women’s studies.

Indoor golf

Home show

Merritt Civic center, site of indoor golf this weekend: File photo KDG

The local Rotary club is having its 19th annual indoor golf fun day this coming weekend. The group raises funds for community projects and has been involved in the local skate board park, a full park and a water park. The organization takes on polio intervention internationally.
The event is at the Merritt civic , 4-11:30 PM  Saturday February 25th.
On this Day: February 21 1925

The New Yorker is first published.


Anglican church interior, Merritt BC File Photo KDG

Anglican church interior, Merritt BC
File Photo KDG

The local Anglican community has a church and alter as well as some missions on local reserves in the BC interior. The alter solemnizes marriages and does services. the Church also have a kitchen in a hall that gives a free hot meal once a week to anyone with no questions asked. Because of dwindling numbers they sometimes share services with the United Church of Canada, kitty corner from them on Chapman Street in Merritt.

A matter of some confusion for Anglicans elsewhere in the world is that while the Anglican Church of Canada is a province of the Anglican Communion, the Ecclesiastical Province of Canada is merely one of four such ecclesiastical provinces of the Anglican Church of Canada. This confusion is furthered by the fact that Canada has ten civil provinces along with three territories

Marriage is a personal affair, many civil unions are tremendously successful.

On this Day: January 25th 1533

Henry the Eighth of England takes his second wife Anne Boleyn.


book sale, File photo KDG

Book sale, public library
File photo KDG

The local Public Library is having a fifteen minutes of fame day on January 27th 2017. Read anything for 15 minutes and tell the library about it and you will be famous for your fifteen minutes here.
The library is at 1691 Garcia street in Merritt and you can report your read at the desk or by calling at 250-378-4737.

Library self checker File photo KDG

Library self checker
File photo KDG








Read and report anything anywhere and anything to qualify. There is an entry in a draw for a prize included in your report.

contest prize

A prize package for a library program.
File Photo KDG

This post was constructed from published material and conversations at the local library. Literacy is a concern at all times, usage and interest is a public interest.

On this Day: January 11th 1908
The Grand Canyon is made a public monument.

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