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run for sports access

Run and walk for minor sports access file Photo KDG

The annual run to raise money for kids programs is on Saturday September 29th this year.

The run offers:

  • Certified Routes
  • Open to individuals
  • Walk or Run
  • Teams

Early bird registration ends July 31st and the event is BC Athletics sanctioned. FMI 250-315-9331.  run

Twice around the track at Merritt’s Voght  park, 10K or half marathon. All age’s welcome.  The event this year is the organizations 8th annual.

On this Day: July 11th 1576

Martin Frobisher sights the worlds largest island, Greenland.


TGIF- dogs life…

The annual Merritt Dog show took place this week finishing up on the Sunday the first. Wind has a factor in the enjoyment, its not normally a factor for the show here.

On this Day: July 6th 1990

Electronic Frontier Foundation is formed.

TGIF- Canada Long Weekend…

Norgaard flag

The flag the flies atop the hill entering Merritt from the west hyway 8, it is kept by the ready mix company that owns the land and gravel pit. File Photo KDG

Its not always a long weekend but this year it is, Canada’s 151st is yours to enjoy.
On this Day: June 29th 1915

The North Saskatchewan river floods causing Edmonton’s worst  flood in their history.

Starbucks reno done thirteenth of July…

Starbucks via brand

One of the Starbucks branding  of coffee products. file photo KDG

The renovation that is touted to include more washrooms  at the Merritt BC Starbucks is now said to be the 13th of July up from the 1st.

The Starbucks is now serving from a trailer at it same location, off  highway 5 and Voght street.
On this Day: June 26th 1483

Richard the third is made King of England.

Choice in EV vehicles



Nissan Leaf, gets Dc quick charge in Merritt Sunday July 13th/14 Photo KDG

There are at least a dozen and a half electric vehicles out there adding to consumers choice for enjoyment of the tremendous liberty of a personal motor car. Ranges vary and mixes of full EV to charging engines give a wide preference field for any one that can afford to get into an electric vehicle.

There are also 1000 public chargers and a number of quick chargers ( DC 30 minute ). There are enough quick chargers to go from Vancouver through Golden to Canmore Alberta and have use of them in nine communities. Range and planning around chargers still remain a challenge amongst users.

BC Hydro info page: Range

EVs remain a novelty at this time quick chargers may have line up challenges because of increased interest.

On this Day; June 12th 1939

Three strip technicolor is used for the first time. The film is used in Paramount pictures Dr. Cyclops.

Gas prices $1.29.9 per liter…


broken sign no contract…. Photo KDG

Seven gas stations in the are selling regular gasoline at $1.29.9 per liter 4 cents per liter over the low price in the province, In Grand Forks. One station Extra Foods is retailing regular gasoline at $1.31.9 per lite. Extra foods is in the mall area of the down off Spring Bank road, off Voght on the way to highway 5 to Kamloops.

Gas buddy is predicting lower prices coming. However lets hope for a moderate hurricane season in the gulf of Mexico.

On this Day: June 5th 1882

Storm and floods strike Bombay India leaving 100,000, dead.

TGIF- Heart and Stroke

The big bike was in Merritt this week raising awareness to the Heart health.


Heart and Stroke Foundation of BC and Yukon, Big Bike drive. File Photo KDG


On this Day: June 1st 1988

The intermediate range nuclear weapons limitation treaty  signed in
1987 comes into effect.


The sun west of Merritt, Red from smoke, of the 2017 fire season in the Sothern interior of BC File Photo KDG

Today the Province restricted open fires size under 1200 meters in altitude. This is a normal restriction.

Effective at noon on May 15, 2018, the size of open fires will be restricted at elevations below 1,200 metres throughout the Kamloops Fire Centre to help prevent human-caused wildfires and protect the public.

Anyone conducting Category 2 or Category 3 burns in those areas must extinguish their fires by the deadline. This prohibition will remain in effect until Oct. 15, 2018, or until further notice.

Their are  no camp fire  or forest use restrictions in effect at this writing. A camp fire or cooking fire is 1/2 by 1/2 meter in size. There are no restrictions on stoves or a like.

Enjoy the coming long weekend:  Specifics are available at, fire area the area includes ,Kamloops, Penticton, Merritt, Lillooet, and Vernon.

On this Day: May 15th 1928

Plane Crazy opens  starring Mickey Mouse.

Happy world intellectual property day.


Bev Veale File Photo KDG

This years theme of world intellectual property day is,is women’s input into creative innovation., The World organization promotes the creation of intellectual property;

Every day women come up with game-changing inventions and life-enhancing creations that transform lives and advance human understanding from astrophysics to nanotechnology and from medicine to artificial intelligence and robotics.

And in the creative sphere, whether in the movies, animation, music, fashion, design, sculpture, dance, literature, art and more, women are re-imagining culture, testing the limits of artistry and creative expression, drawing us into new worlds of experience and understanding.

The important and inspiring contributions of countless women around the globe are powering change in our world. Their “can do” attitude is an inspiration to us all. And their remarkable achievements are an invaluable legacy for young girls today with aspirations to become the inventors and creators of tomorrow.

On this Day: April 26th 1970

World intellectual property convention, organization, is established.

Merritt Centennial’s 2018/19,season


Cooking hamburgers for hockey File photo KDG



Centennials season tickets for the next local BCHL hockey season are on sale now. The local Merritt hockey team had a camp for players on the weekend and are offering early bird season ticket prices until April 30th.
The Merritt hockey team was formed in 1973 and is the oldest franchise in the league.  website

On this Day: April 12th 1934

A wind gust of 231 miles an hour is recorded at the summit of mount Washington, New Hampshire.


The true north strong and free… File Photo KDG:


The Nicola Valley Health Care Auxiliary, thrift shop, is having a sale to raise money for the new emergency room expansion equipment in Merritt. The group has a goal of 150 thousand dollars and are currently at about 108 thousand raised.
The sale takes place on April 10th to 14th at the store on Voght street. The sales theme is Vintage Metal.   NVHCA 

The Thrift Shop is at 1803 Voght street in Merritt BC.

On this Day: April 4rth 1964

The Beatles occupy the top 5 positions on the Billboard Top 100 chart.

Trans Mountain Pipeline, streams

Drill for dewatering

Drilling equipment for dewatering Photo KDG

The tripling of transport capacity from the oil sands via the Trans Mountain expansion to its Burnaby terminal and tank farm is a serious decision made. It  goes back decades to when permits to explore were let in good faith and standards for development were in place. Global concerns have made standards different now however good faith remains a valuable key to function in life.

Norm Hanson a registered professional forester (retired) said that there were 700 streams to cross. And some of note at Burnaby : Eagle Creek, Silver Creek, Stony Creek and others all have tributaries potently effected by a pipeline.

Trans Mountain has identified more than 1,000 potential watercourses along the Project footprint between Edmonton and Burnaby. Trans Mountain’s Environment Team has investigated every one to collect data, with the exception of a few locations where the team did not have access to the immediate site. source Trans Mountain Today

There is also the issue of water usage in the production of bitumen at source, some thing talked about in terms of a standard that can be civil.

To be frank the use of the term Warrior up by a prepared  First Nations youth, at the UN diminishes the credibility of  some of the arguments for the protection of the resource rather then enhancing it.

We are glad to see the concerns of the people and the expression of concerns by them, that is their right.  The amount of diligence being applied and published seems overwhelming and we hope that a broad agreement including living with,  on all sides, can be somehow be settled with out one side or an another dominating.

Good luck in all your  views , don’t hurt anyone.KDG

On this Day: March 27th 1980

Silver Thursday sees the silver market collapse after the failure of the Texas based Hunt brothers  to corner the market.

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