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The expansion and redo of the 60 year old Trans Mountain oil line to Burnaby from Edmonton is employing nearly 10,000 people at this point. A great deal of national prestige and the sense that we as a people can do something and do it right is balanced on the outcome of this venture.

Nearly all the social economic and cultural definitions of Canadians is being tested with this pipeline.Today we start to present a series of 🎭 article for your perosel

1000 KM and internet all the way.

The pipeline will have fiber optics on its own,the fiber will power ,a new leak monitoring system as well as provide internet to a number of isolated rural communities in it’s path.

Pig catcher for an instrument that Xrays internal pipe. File photo KDG

trans mountain pipeline expansion stopped stop work on it s the expansion and also shut down the supply line to the coast of BC on November 14th 2021. This is a voluntary preemptive shutdown due to the flooding in British Columbia.

The company have in some part committed it’s resources to flood mitigation.

At this time there is not a date for the return of production or construction in the norm and it’s timeline to complete the expansion by the end of 2022

On this Day: December 1st 1834

Slavery ends in the Cape Colony.

You can’t win a fair maiden with a faint heart!

You can not win a fair maiden with a faint heart! Nor can you win her with this quote!!

When I met you I started to whittle a lance! Hard wood and dull knife later, we pause.
To note that there was no shortage of worthy rivals to provoke.
 So, quote: if then you wait by the river long enough,  you will see your enemies  bodies float by.
  But I am not unnerved by seeing them with their smiles. 
A moment lost is a moment lost, without reply.   Philosophy a poor comfort to wrest.

The fact that you are more then the Rut, a mind worthy to test. With a high value put on the destiny of your thoughts, consent.
And never, a moment spent on frivolity and puss.
I will always stay my drive to see you, unless in the right. And judge it tight, a valour to you.
 With out a rudy fight.
Kevin D. Griffiths,
Flood watch, 2021.

Moon at three quarter August Merritt BC Photo KDG


Highway 8 destroyed.

200 repair sites in the Interior.

Agriculture meeting of cattlemen association

Highway 1 opened.

Milk supply, sufficient

Hurt in the heart of farmers, respect space.

Incredible workers from Philipines.

Business risk programs, cost for farmers to get back into production.

Test of resilience of farmer weather coming.

River forecast,

Saturday and tuesday storms


Short 72 hour visits to US escape testing. (Fully vaccinated)

Canadians cooperating in challenges.

On this Day: November 17th 2012

Fifty Egyptian children were killed in a railway crossing accident..

Level crossings safety

BC Government to get a deferral on old growth from first nations.

On November 2 the provincial government announced that it would be working in partnership with First Nations to defer the harvest of 2.6 million hectares of BC’s most at-risk old growth forests. Logging deferrals are viewed as a temporary measure – as recommended in the 2020 Old Growth Strategic Review – to allow for the development of a new approach to sustainable forest management that prioritizes ecosystem health.


Logging has been a good livlihood for BC.

Large logging trucks need industrial facilities as they can not be parked in residential areas. File Photo KDG

Ferry Creek March 2021

On this Day: November 12th 1954

Elis Island shuts down operations.

Today is National Cook for your pet day, Have you promised a treat to your pet and haven’t delivered it yet? There is still time!

Be coy with any apologies that might entrench future entitlement with resentment. Try to make it a positive moment and you keep it up over time without any manipulation. Be square, but dwell on the positive, not the oversight, and don’t keep score. Kiss is always a good program, keep it simple Sam! Complications often are a strategy to draw out a problem and shift responsibility, swallow the bullet in one gulp and move on to your new commitment to your pet.

On this Day: November 3rd 1903

Panama separates from Columbia.


The English bulldog is glad for the off-leash park.
File Photo KDG

More energic time, re sun…

In 2019 the sun started an 11-year sunspot cycle according to NASA. We just had a mass ejection on the sun and there is still a chance to see some energetic green aurora this weekend.

The strongest part of the storm and the best time to see the Northern Lights is expected to arrive between 5 and 8 p.m. ET on October 30, according to the NOAA’s predictions.


If the northern lights can be seen tonight, it will be low on the horizon. The rotation of the earth makes it hard to predict.

Bodycam protocols, body-worn cameras

File Photo KDG

The UBCM is having a part in the implementation of Body-worn cameras through its Public Safety Canada working group.

The group will take concern with the financial impacts of the equipping of police with body cams on local governments. The aim is to increase public trust in police through quicker court actions by using video evidence. The equipping of cameras will be a check on racism as well.

The estimated per-unit cost is 2000 to 3000 dollars.

On this Day: October 28th, 1726

Gulliver’s travels are published.

This week is small business week in BC.

Look back a decade to a small business week (Olympics Tenure)

Merritt BC pre 2010 Olympics, optimism reigned…

On this Day October 21st 1805

The Battle of Trafalgar.

Driven to succeed; as the tide comes in we wait on our approval of efforts.

long time local business

Natural world


The Nicola Naturalists are having their members photo night. The venue is tomorrow night at the NVIT lecture theater at 7PM.

NVIT top of the hill on Belshaw avenue in Merritt BC.

We keep the necessary business meeting short so there is ample time to enjoy local nature photos taken by our talented membership. We haven’t seen members’ photos on the big screen for many months so this will be a gala occasion.


On this Day: October 20 1879

Light bulb begins patent process..


A fellowship of history and wonder.

June 19th 2010 meet,
Merritt Railway enthusiasts club

Railways are celebrated all around the world! Today is national railway day in Azerbaijan. You knew that!

On this Day: October 13th 1988

The book Spy catcher survives UK government attempt to squash.

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