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Red Cross funding programs


GB Armstrong 100th year Merritt homecoming play File Photo KDG



Today the BC Government announced a plan to support the condition of the fire effected! The program through  the Red Cross, a partnership, is to help after a prolonged state of emergency this summer.

As communities begin to recover from one of the worst summers on record for forest fires, the Canadian Red Cross encourages local governments and other organizations in the fire-affected communities to apply for funding through the Community Partnerships Program to help with recovery and rebuilding.

Local governments, First Nations bands, schools and community organizations all help build community, help each other through crises, and rebuild community – whether it’s structures or spirit.

Funding from the Red Cross Community Partnerships Program could help create projects such as welcome back gatherings, traditional Indigenous ceremonies, safe spaces and play activities for children, increased counselling services, etc. Source UBCM


You never no if you don’t apply … or email

On this Day: October 18th 1954
The first transistor radio is developed.




Maudie is the international film being presented by the Nicola Valley Film Society at the local community college NVIT, top of the hill Belshaw avenue.
Start time is 7PM 5 dollar admission on a 2 dollar membership, season pass holders come early to get your seats. No food or drink in the theater.
On this Day: October 13th 1773
Editors Note: last seasons people’s choice was “The Man Who Knew Infinity”
The whirlpool galaxy, Messier 51a is discovered.


2017 Pacific Forest Rally Merritt BC


Rally cars on display before the run. file photo KDG

Canadain Rally Championship presented by Subaru Canada, In Merritt BC, CA

The 2017 edition of the Pacific Forest Rally is on this weekend in Merritt, at this writing rally cars are in town and getting reafy for the weekends event.

The cars are in Spirit Square, Quilchena avenue Friday for viewing before the official starting at 4:30 PM.

At the beginning of August, we sent a notice to all CARS license holders that we were considering re-scheduling the rally 2 weeks later, because of the ongoing wildfire situation in BC’s forests, and committed to making the final decision by Labour Day. While it is still possible that the fire danger will abate before the originally scheduled date, we have decided to make the call now, in order to give participants, volunteers and fans as much time as possible to re-arrange their plans. So, PFR will now take place on October 13-14, with recce October 12-13. Official regs with the new date and schedule will be coming soon. Thanks for everyone’s patience, and let’s have a fun event and not burn down the forest in the process!
 Source PFR

On this Day: October 12th 1971

A 2500 year anniversary of the Persian empire is held to October 16th.

Crossing Home Ground, Nicola Naturalists


Lands producing grass for cattle are in demand for feed lots and dairy cows They feed for winter as well. for meat producers. File Photo KDG ( some believe that protein from soya is a better alternative to grass going through meat.)

The local naturalists are having their first full program meeting of the season on Thursday October 19th at the NVIT lecture, theater top of the hill Belshaw avenue, in Merritt. Presenter David Brooks will have a book for sale at the meeting.

Author and naturalist, David Pitt-Brooke stepped out for a walk one morning—a very long walk. He covered over a thousand kilometres through the valleys of southern interior British Columbia. He went in search of beauty and lost grace in a landscape that has seen decades of development and upheaval. Based on his recently published book, David will speak about his journey’s experiences, including moments of discovery and re-connection with the natural world. David is an eloquent speaker and his presentation, combined with photographs from his journey and of the nature he encountered, is a real treat. source NNS

On this Day: October 10th 1963

The Partial Nuclear Test Bann Treaty comes into effect.

TGIF- game


Horns from the deer population are filtering through the town with hunting season on. The season was not delayed by the state of emergency from fires this fall but ATV’s were not allowed off road, so the game did not get a break from the fire season.

This guys handle was BC hunter and was a member of the black powder club. Actual hunting with a black powder firearm may or may not be regulation. You check!!!!

On this Day: October 7th 2008

An  asteroid strike is detected before entering the earths atmosphere for the first time.

Bruce Voght: A Grand Affair

The true north strong and free…Photo KDG:

The Arts Council continues its concert program wit a frequent Merritt performer, Bruce Voght will be at the Merritt Civic Center October 21st at 7:pm doors at 6:30.

The billing says that they are celebrating Canada 150, Merritt Arts council 35, grand piano  25 years and counting.

Editors note: The Grand piano was the fruit of Dr’s Glen and Margret Carlson of Merritt BC the donation saw a marked rise in culture to the Nicola Valley.

Admission by donation.

On this Day: October 4rth 2006

Wikileaks launched

Happy Birthday Google Search


Google mapping car File Photo KDG

Google searched and found out that they started in 1998 and claimed it retroactively.


On this Day: September 27th 1998

Google search birthday. Video

TGIF-Silent Auction


KIm of the VVA

Some of Bev Veale’s art work is on silent auction at the Court house Gallery to 4:30  on Saturday, according to  Yano the gallery supervisor.

Ekphrastic  (The Fiber Art Network) the October show runs from September 28th to October 28th, with a reception Thursday September 28th,

The Valley Visual Artists VVA has also been a passion for Bev Veale.

On this Day: September 22 1990

The Dead Sea Scrolls are made public.


A month and a half to go!

Farmers market on. Saturday 9-2pm

The local Farmers Market is into its after this Saturdays regular offering. The expression of home grown or farm to table produce is still under the leadership of Lucus Handly the proprietor of three bar farms.

The operation runs May to October at the corner of Voght and Merritt avenue in Merritt BC.
The lot is the parking for the curling rink and has two EV chargers in the corner.
The time is 9am to 2pm Saturdays. The Market is often used by local government with info booths as well.

On this Day: September 14th 1982

Born Soshy.




The Nicola Valley Film Society is having a film called Lion on Monday the 18th at  the local community college NVIT lecture theater. The  showing starts at 7:00 free parking and no food or drink in the theater. Five dollar admission with a two dollar season membership.

This is the first film of the 2017/18 season. Season tickets are available at the event.

The trailer is available at: Film

On this Day: September 13th 1898

Hannibal Goodwin patents photographic celluloid film.

Bev Veale:Artist profile

Bev Veale File photo KDG

Bev has an oxy moron in her use of art materials, water based  oils. Bev works in Watercolor, pencil, colored pastels, Acrylics, oil pastels Soapstone, and wood carving.

Bev Veale says that she is still expanding her knowledge and skills by attending workshops, trying new mediums  and subjects. She is expanding into photography as much as practical.

Born in Okanogan landing near Vernon she has returned to the Nicola Valley after 9 years in the air-force including Nato and the RCAF. Bev had some time and opportunity for arts in her job as a recreation director and had studied some as a teen . Bev turned to art seriously in the 1970s  having a studio at her homestead near Chataway lake , in the highland valley.

Bev’s focus is semi arid plants , animals and landscapes. Bev has a showing at the Courthouse Gallery 1840 Nicola Avenue in Merritt to the 23rd of September.

Gallery times are noon to 6 Thursdays  through Saturdays.


On this Day: September 12th  1940

Cave paintings are discovered in Lascaux France


Chauvet cave: The rock paintings in the site date between 30000 and 32000 B.P, during Aurignacian period. The wall of the cave decorated with more than 1000 images of the ancestors of last stone age (between 50000 and 10000 years ago). The cave has remained hidden from the outer world since 20000 B.P. It was rediscovered by a group of speleologists in 1994.Source  You tube



TGIF-Live like Ty

Rodeo weekend in Merritt
File Photo KDG

The local rodeo is on this weekend, Labour Day. There are a few back widow signs saying in essence “live like the 25 year old star Ty Pozzobon. Ty died last year from issues coming from head injuries according to accounts.

The family of a 25-year-old Canadian bull riding champion, who died suddenly Monday, is warning about the dangers of concussions in the wake of his death. … Close friends and Canadians in the rodeo and bull-riding community are mourning the loss of the young bull rider.

Accounts also say he took his own life, something that should never be considered as good advise.

The truth is yes you may take risks to enhance your life . The law says not recklessly. This goes beyond most of us that may consider roller coaster rides as risk. The reality is many jobs and situations may cause additional risk for gain or to prevent loss and so long as reasonable efforts are made it is legal to take those risks.

We all lost something with the untimely loss of Ty Pozzabon last January. However it is complicated to enjoy life so yes live like Ty is a view to be balance, some it to be outright rejected.

You be the judge in your trade offs but never take that non reversible (taking your own life) step to preserve a persona at the cost of never making a personal decision again.

On this Day: September 1st 1905

Alberta and Saskatchewan join the become part of Canada.



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