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TGIF-seed swap


Tulips breaking soil in Merritt, next to a warm house in a sheltered area.February 17th /15 file Photo KDG

The local garden society in Merritt is having its AGM meeting of the season on March 21 2018, it includes a seed swap.The meeting will be at the Local public library 6PM.


On this Day: February 16th 1937

Nylon is patented.


Happy Valentine’s day.

Lots of people love it
Valentine’s day goes back St Valentine who is purported to have performed marriages for soldiers who were not allowed to marry. In the 14th century the observance was enhanced by the court under the influence of Geoffrey Chaucer’s writings. during the 19th century sending flowers gifts and cards became a tradition. Valentines were often used to “unlock a heart”
Besides romance  valentines were used to protect  children from epilepsy, epilepsy was  know as Valentines disease in the past.

Valentines Day is an observance both Christian, cultural, and commercial.

On this Day: February 14th, 14th century

The Christian feast of St. Valentines becomes associated with romantic love through the writings of Geoffrey Chaucer


Nicola Naturalists host Bruce Walter


Merritt and its surrounds abound in natural splendor and local attractions that vary in scale and subject.  From stunning landscapes like Nicola Lake to burrowing owls and cactus blooms, beauty is in the “local” eye of the beholder. “I think that the beauty of this area is often overlooked in our daily lives, but when I have my ‘camera eye’ on I see this beauty and I am compelled to record the image.” says Bruce. “I enjoy spending my free time looking for photographic moments.  I can be found in the grasslands, at a local branding or on top of a mountain.”

Bruce will be presenting at the February 15th meeting of the  local naturalists at 7:pm. The meeting will have naturalists input until the break then Bruce will present on photography  . He has called his presentation The Seeing the Light, a local eye. He will focus on digital processing.

NVIT Lecture Theater, membership or donation requested, all welcome. The top of the hill on Belshaw avenue in Merritt BC. Ca

On this Day: February 13th 1542

Catherine Howard is executed for adultery by her husband Henry 8th of England.

TGIF- Good luck to the Olympics

2018 Winter Olympics February 9th to 25th , Pyeongchang South Korea.

Good luck to all those in South Korea as they start the 2018 Winter Games. Lets hope that politics will take the time off and that healthy young people, who are our future will enjoy a time of free and fair completion and up hold the personal value of sportsmanship.

On this Day: February 9th 1922

Brazil becomes the first member of the Berne copyright treaty.


National pride

Form, Figure, Faces

The Nicola Valley Arts Council is supported by the City of Merritt, the Thompson Nicola Regional District, the Province of BC, and the BC Arts Council.

The NVAC has a very good website  Nicola Valley Community Arts Council and are increasing the profile of art in the valley with consistent shows that allow access as well as quality to the enjoyment of art in the Nicola Valley. They have also won grant support for their participation in Canada Day, National Aboriginal Day, and the Lower Nicola Garlic festival.

The Societies current showing is titled Form, Figure, Faces, and runs through March 3rd 2018. The show is at the Old Court House Gallery , 1840 Nicola Avenue and is open noon to 6 PM Thursdays through Saturdays.


On this Day: February 06 1919

The American Legion is formed.

TGIF- The bread of life


Recent bake sale at local non profit...

You can always bake at home…Or:

So as to the recent bread price scandal:

Here’s a claim of a local artisan that may give you an option:

Our selection of artisan breads will have you coming back for more – and we have a different feature every day of the week, ranging from Alsatian Rye to Baguette and Multigrain Bread. Favourites like Country Bread and Sourdough are available daily, as is a variety of buns. Bakery’s’ Best Buns make great burger buns!

On this Day: February 2nd 1840

The first rememberance of a ground hog day observance.

Poverty reduction consultation. What is poverty?





The BC Government is having a consultation on poverty reduction, reporting at the end of March  2018.

Interested parties can participate by attending one of the 20 community meetings across BC; submitting feedback by email, mail or phone; completing the online feedback form; or hosting a small group discussion. More information is available on the Province’s website.

Key questions to consider include:

  • What does success look like in a BC Poverty Reduction Strategy?

  • What do you think are the best ways to reduce poverty in BC?

  • What can we do as a province, a community or as individuals to reduce poverty and contribute to economic and social inclusion?

    On this Day: February 1st 2003

    The Space shuttle Columbia breaks up on entry after losing heat tiles on its mission.

Used clothing for sale

The Court House Gallery is having a used clothing sale to wind up January 2018. The gallery located at 1840 Nicola Avenue is open Thursdays through Saturdays noon to 6pm. The gallery will host the annual Community Art show in February.

On this Day: January 24th 1972

A Japanese soldier from WW11 is found hiding on a Pacific island.

TGIF- global records possible since 1880


File Photo KDG

According to earth sky news 2017 was the 2nd warmest since records began (NASA) 3rd warmest according to NOAA  records. Five of the warmest years have occurred since 2010.
On another note Genghis Khan killed 11 percent of the worlds human population making and ruling his world empire. An estimated 700 million tonnes of Co2 was taken out of the environment by the drop in population of humans and there oxygen C02 contributions (and the fact that the land and forest was under less stress by their absence.
The Carnegie institute produced a study on the 13th centuries warrior emperors impact on the world. The Guardian published in 2011 a headline “Laying waste to land scrubbed 700m tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere”. The Khan is also attributed to be the source of DNA for 1 in 200 people on the planet today. There is no comment on the impact on the environment from this, however in some of his battles it was noted that the earth was soapy from human tissue. What a way to clean up the planet; and accidental as well.
seriously the population of the planet is a potential for human resources and when a great majority of them apply them selves to a better life it ought to work without so much contention. Natural disasters not with standing the resources of destruction still need to be turned to plow shears, who’s going to do it? You in your own way and to your enlightened satisfaction will build us a future without the mess. Good luck and good will…

On this Day: January 19th 1977

President Gerald Ford pardons Tokyo Rose.


TGIF-Happy Julian Calendar new year!


File Photo KDG

Sunday the 14th of January will be the New Year  for those that remain on the Julian Calendar.

For all those that watched the skies for Millennia ,  to give us many calendars in a progression of knowledge, Thank you.

The Julian calendar has been replaced as the civil calendar by the Gregorian calendar in almost all countries which formerly used it, although it continued to be the civil calendar of some countries into the 20th century.[4] Egypt converted on 20 December 1874/1 January 1875. Turkey switched (for fiscal purposes) on 16 February/1 March 1917. Russia changed on 1/14 February 1918.[5] Greece made the change for civil purposes on 16 February/1 March 1923, but the national day (25 March), which was a religious holiday, was to remain on the old calendar. source Wikipedia

For us at PR that’s it for Happy holidays this year! Have a wonderful day.

To those that the Merritt rod and gun club derby at Mamette Lake on Sunday HNW to you we understand that the final weigh in for prizes is 2:30 PM and it matters little what the calendar you make your resolution for the biggest fish under.

On this Day: January 12th 2005

Deep impact launches from Cape Canaveral.

Heritage Hub, Salmo


broken sign no contract…. Photo KDG

Salmo has gotten some notice for its Heritage Hub project, it has received the 2017 Community excellence award from the Union of BC Municipalities.

The project was made possible by a number of unique partners who were able to work with the Village to identify common interests that were compatible with local priorities and strategic direction.  This included Imperial Oil, which has leased the land to the Village; the Regional District of Central Kootenay, which has provided grant funding; and the combined efforts of Heritage Hub Inc. (representing local artists and entrepreneur) and Heritage Salvage (the parent company and investor).

The project was cultural and arts leaning and included in the Hub were,  a garden center, arts display, tattoo shop, used materials shop and others…

Editors note: nothing goes anyone’s own way we must work together and get the best we can out of any opportunity.


On this Day: January 11th 1908

The Grand Canyon National Monument is created.

A horse of course, secret door show


Max a Fressian Stalion is handled by owner Dr. Paul Molnar, on horse Stephanie  travers a farrier and painter of fauna. 



Local farrier and painter, is shoeing at the Brambles Bakery downtown  in Merritt.
The local artisan has a style that brings a greatness of dignity to the creatures she puts on canvas. Stephanie Travers will be on hand at 6PM at the Brambles Bakery at  2151 Quilchena Avenue. On January 10th 2018.

So excited for this new show, opening night Wednesday January 10th at 6pm, but the show runs all month and I’d be delighted to meet you at the Secret Door Gallery any other day for a guided tour and coffee! Ok…back to painting! source ST.

The title for the show is Soul Searching.

For those who remember Ed Sullivan its a really big shoe (show)

On this Day: January 9th 1918

The last battle of  the American Indian wars, Bear Valley, is fought.

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