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TGIF- Happy Valentines Day…

Something is flowering

Words endure on special days like today. Be yourself but be careful, humor may work or maybe not! PP

On this Day: February 14th 2005

You tube is launched…

Good Luck!

Panel Disscussion

The local literacy Merritt group has a fun
function for young ones File photo KDG

There will be a panel discussion after the AGM of the local literacy society at the local public library on February 25th. The discussion will be from 6:40 to 7:30 PM. Every Family has at least one good story. What’s yours? The theme is howto source stories from family members.


Nathan Chenoweth genealogy researcher.

Iris Hodgson Self published author.

Marilyn Wright Biographer.

On this Day: February 13th 1880

Thermionic is observed.

TGIF- Dan Moore, historian and gold miner…

Dan Moore stopped in at a Merritt dinner and conversed with us as he had a burger.

Dan is going to Logan lake to do a presentation on gold panning on Saturday.

We look forward to hearing back on Dan’s success.

On this Day: February 7th 2009

Bush fires plaque Victoria Australia killing over a hundred and seventy people.

Court challenges falling…

Pipe for oil field File:Photo KDG

Trans mountain in its quest for permiting and Social Licence for its expansion to bring more Alberta fossil fuel and fertilizers to the sea coast is seeing challenges to its operations struck down.

On Tuesday, the Federal Court of Appeal issued an unanimous decision, dismissing four challenges to the federal Cabinet’s approval of the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project. The Court’s conclusion was that there were no legal grounds for setting aside Cabinet’s decision. While the parties challenging Cabinet’s decision are fully entitled to oppose the Project, reconciliation and the duty to consult do not provide them with a veto over projects such as this one.

On this Day: February 6th 60 AD

Trans Mountain today

Editors Note: A trillion tree promise in the US State of the Union relevant, is global politics still an issue how can we as Canadians hold their feet to the fire. Treaties, Sanctions, Tarriffs What do you think…

On this Day: AD 60

A Roman Graffito identifies Sunday as a day of a week.

Have a Great Day…

Alan Jackson, Waylan Jennings and Merle Haggard…

One of many musician that get Merritt BC on their resume. File Photo KDG

Three tribute artists are coming to the Merritt- Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame. The show is on February 8th at the 2000 Block Quilchena Avenue music museum in Merritt.

The Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame moved here from Calgary a number of years ago and took over a renovated historical hardware store building. It is a popular venue and enjoyed by many locals including principals Shelly and Ron Sanders Former Merritt Mayor Susan Roline and many fans.

FMI: CCMHofF or Experience Nicola Valley blogger group.

Show time 7PM

On this Day: February 5th 1879

A carbon light bulb is demonstrated, by Joseph Swan…

Happy Safer Internet Day…

Telus fiber stiching portal in, a source says can stitch cable. Used in upgrading to 5G some years ago.
File photo KDG

Rose Behar reported two years ago that Telus CEO Entwistle had big plans for internet in BC including multi fixture use capacity of up to 5 household items.Entwistle said developments are already taking place in terms of preparation but that activity will be heightened by the second half of the 2019-2020 fiscal year. He further noted that the carrier plans to deploy all manner of spectrum in support of the new wireless generation, from 600MHz spectrum to 3.5GHz to mmWave spectrum.The CEO also noted he was excited about the “synergistic nature” of the fibre and 5G combination.

Two years on it is Safer Internet Day and most of us still relay on authorities and presume that internet is safe, so be happy and use that public trust wisely by staying civil and careful with the use of this service.

Read more at Telus expects its 5G development to ramp up by the second half of 2019-2020 fiscal year

Higher speed more impact:

Have fun…

What’s inside a thing can mean trouble or success. Speed is a force to be prudent with in many aspects of life. file photo KDG

On this Day: February 4th 1801

John Marshall made Justice of the supreme court in the US.

Cooking hamburgers for hockey File photo KDG

The local junior team and the longest running franchise in the league the Merritt Centennials have yet to win a game in the 2020 year. Since January the team has suffered losses one after the other, the last was against Chilliwack on Wednesday away . Saturday gives a chance to break the streak as well as some peoples heart that suffer from Triskaidekaphobia. The team meets Salmon Arm in Merritt on Saturday.

On this Day: January 31st 1871

The sky is made dark by millions of birds over San Francisco.

Fifteen dollars worth of bottles File Photo KDG

According to today January 24th is Beer Can Appreciation Day, The current BC government doubled the deposit on beverage containors in November of 2019. The person above said she had 15 dollars worth ,that was before the increase. We can imagine that she appreciates the raise. Maybe she will inspire you to appreciate Beer Can Appreciation Day.. Thank your lucky stars!

National Beer Can Appreciation Day Activities

  • Buy beer…. in cans. Doesn’t matter to me where you buy your beer.
  • Marvel at those beautiful beer containers. When ready, remove a single can from packaging,…
  • Drink the nectar within. Now crack that bad boy and enjoy the flavor that has been kept air tight…

On this Day: January 24th 1915

The Battle of Doggers bank.

Trenchless pipeline…

Pipe for oil field File:Photo KDG

The Trans Mountain pipeline people are using horizontal drilling as well as other methods to cause less disturbance in the laying of the extension of its pipeline to the Coast of BC.

The project is said to emplyee 2200 people and is building on 60 some years of reputation operating the existing line.

We will use trenchless construction techniques, where appropriate, to minimize disruptions. This may be used where the pipeline crosses roads and railways, for select watercourse crossings, and places with restricted workspace such as in some urban areas. Multiple trenchless construction techniques are employed with the selected methodology based on geotechnical conditions, available working space, and length of the trenchless crossing.

There is an antimated display on Trans mountains site for viewing and comment. The company included water courses in the employment of horizontal methods.

Trans Mountain today

On this Day: January 23rd 1846

Tunisian slavery ended.

Trees make the man

The dealine for the imput for the provinces Old Growth review is coming on January 31st. The panel is interested in presenting a report on the ecological, economic and cultural importance of old growth trees in BC.

Appointed professional foresters

Trees made this province what it is, opinion File photo KDG

Gary Market and Al Gorley are working for the province to report on this important issue. The data will be presented in the spring of 2020 your say can be given online:

On this Day: January 22nd 1946

The CIA is created.

Moon Photo KDG

Its probably not blue in color or mood sensitive but here’s a thought save any unnecessary grief (dumping ) on your future and the future of the planet, global warming and conflict in a jar of thoughts and trash it under the next blue moon fully 8 months away. Tell me if it helped…



  hours  minutes  seconds


October 31st 2020 Blue moon

The time between one full moon and the next is close to the length of a calendar month. So the only time one month can have two full moons is when the first full moon happens in the first few days of the month. This happens every two to three years, so these sorts of Blue Moons come about that often.

Earth sky news

On this Day: January 17th 1773

The Antarctic circle crossed by sailors of Great Britain.

TGIF- 2019 life a week at a time…

World population in: 7,631,091,040

There was a population change in the world of 1.08 percent …

World population out:7,713,468,100

Carriie Ware CA on the way to muster for the
Christmas parade File Photo KDG

There were 200 thousand years of human struggle to reach 1 billion strong and 200 hundred to reach 7 billion. Some experts say that it may peak at around nine billion.

Accounting better…

Computer technology has made life more accountable and will continue to come up with acicularity remedies to concerns. From birth through life we will continue to face statistical scrutiny and fixs to problems.

Here’s to 2020 more to come of the same?

On this Day: 250 AD

The Roman government orders sacrifice to pagan gods.

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