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Last Quarter Moon tomarrow …

Moon file photo KDG

The moon will rise in the middle of the night on May 4rth and it will be a last quarter moon.

The moon as a mirror to the world you’re standing on. Think of yourself standing in the midst of Earth’s nightside, on the midnight portion of Earth.

Source Earth Sky

Moon rise after midnight and later for the show.

File photo KDG Photo KDG

On this Day: May 13th 1787

The first Fleet sails for Australia.

TGIF- Flower Moon Mothers Day weekend…

Peace to you…

Digital flowers best in this time.

Happy Moms Day and humanity recovery.

On this Day: May 8th 1976

New Revelution roller coaster opens.


A co gen plant in Merritt, sustainable energy a goal file photo KDG

Power generation…

One wonders if these small power plants would serve us better then recycle for palstics and garbage when it comes to germs. The recent return of stored trash ( dirty trash ) makes one wonder about the way the world treats it self. The bugs just do what bugs do , infect.

Not possible to replace fossil fuel.

You be the judge, every body is going to have to be smart .

Compulsive hand washing.

Thats good for a while but…

On this Day: May 6th 1682

The Royal Court of France is moved to Versailles by Louis the 15th.

National Film Day, Canada

A sign displayed at a local pre owned shop in the down town of Merritt. File Photo KDG

Canada supports films

Today is national film day in Canada a number of events are encouraged for participation or consideration. We suggest. on line streaming.

Go to for official info.

On this Day April 22 1970

First International Earth Day

Planters still a month away

May long weekend in Merritt

The conventional wisdom about planting gardens outside here at 600 meters above sea level is the long weekend in May or snow gone from Iron mountain. However some daffodils are poking up from last year in protected warmed areas.

On this Day: April 21st 1977

Annie starts on Broadway.

Meteor Shower peaking tuesday night…

October 1st 1958 NASA open for business...
File Photo KDG

On Tuesday April 20th the Lyrid shower will treat people late Tuesday night to a naked eye event.

The wide variety of astronomy events this month will be great for people looking to spend some time outside under the night sky, including families with young children, as they will not require any special equipment apart from a blanket, warm clothes and a clear sky.

Source Acuweather

Earth day shower.

Because of states of emergency may limit availability. Households in rural areas should well enjoy depending on cloud cover. Others may be creative so as not to do any thing unsafe.

Comet Atlas coming

While a telescope is required now this event should grow larger until late April.

On this Day: April 17th 1970

Apollo 13 returns to earth.

Happy Mushroom Day

Rainy weather brings mushrooms

Stay in the dark and let people feed you crap.

Today is Mushroom Day being in the dark has its advantages however being feed crap and waiting for lightning to reproduce and get your spores out there is an acquired skill set. You be the judge.

Editors note: never eat wild mushrooms without guidance.

On this Day: April 16th 1990

Dr. Death Jack Kevorkian starts his practice.

To under state!

Free range Turkeys out and about , poultry workers are considered at risk for the flu and qualify for free flu clinics. File Photo KDG

On this Day: April 7th 1770

William Wordsworth born.

Happy Purple Day

Supporting people with epilepsy,the observance was founded by a young person named Cassidy Megan. The group estimates 50 million people in the world have this brain problem .

Stay engaged best you can there is support…

local doctors and a holistic view of
practice supporting an arts council
File Photo KDG

Cassidy Megan created the idea of Purple Day in 2008, motivated by her own struggles with epilepsy. Cassidy’s goal is to get people talking about epilepsy in an effort to dispel myths and inform those with seizures that they are not alone. The Epilepsy Association of Nova Scotia came on board in 2008 to help develop Cassidy’s idea which is now known as the Purple Day for epilepsy campaign.


On this Day: March 26th 1982

Ground breaking for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

More than homemakers in the modern age. File Photo KDG

Womens issues highlighted

There are many issues that affect women in particular. That includes personal safety, job equity, rights etc. Women have increased the GDP of the world in recent times contributing to a better life for us all.

Women’s issues our issues

A few years ago, The Economist put forward an assessment that the increase in female employment in the advanced world “has been the main driving force of growth in the last couple of decades. Those women have contributed more to global gross domestic product (GDP) growth than have either new technologies or the new giants, China and India.

Source Globe and Mail.

Personal safety and believability

Social distancing is not only a flu term women need to be careful when it comes to personal safety and social contact. We hope that momentum for their cause will be maintained and they will be well thought of this Sunday, and every day.

On this Day: March 6th 1899

Aspirin is patented.

TGIF- Happy Valentines Day…

Something is flowering

Words endure on special days like today. Be yourself but be careful, humor may work or maybe not! PP

On this Day: February 14th 2005

You tube is launched…

Good Luck!

Panel Disscussion

The local literacy Merritt group has a fun
function for young ones File photo KDG

There will be a panel discussion after the AGM of the local literacy society at the local public library on February 25th. The discussion will be from 6:40 to 7:30 PM. Every Family has at least one good story. What’s yours? The theme is howto source stories from family members.


Nathan Chenoweth genealogy researcher.

Iris Hodgson Self published author.

Marilyn Wright Biographer.

On this Day: February 13th 1880

Thermionic is observed.

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