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Christmas bird count


Mallards on Nicola File Photo KDG


The local Merritt Naturalists are having their annual bird count and identification of species this coming Saturday.

Data collected is shared for such things as global warming and conservation.

Merritt Christmas Bird Count – Saturday December 16th, 2017. If you are interested in participating send an e-mail to          For information on our 2016 count click here: 2016 Merritt CBC

On this Day: December 12th 2000

The Bush Gore decision is handed down.



TGIF-Saturday final book sale day, access to books..


Bright Red Book exchange 33 locations around Merritt File Photo KDG


The public library in Merritt is ending its Gigantic Book Sale at the Library on Saturday the ninth of January at 5 PM closing. Books are being offered in bags for  dollars as a special. The bags and some boxes have been marked by category ie: romance.

There are also 33 locations for book exchange around Merritt run by Literacy Merritt. Locations are available at the downtown Community Policing Station.
On this Day: December 8th 2010

A solar sail spacecraft from japan passes the planet Venus.

Artisan show


Artist and fans enjoy a show.

Local Artisans at the Gallery File photo KDG
The Old Court House Gallery in Merritt has an artisan showing to December 13th 2017 at its 1840 Nicola avenue location.

Members of the NVAC, Artists and Crafters in the valley, will be displaying their wares for the whole month of December and part of January.

Look for soaps and creams, honey, weavings, jewelry, stained glass, decorated gourds, upcycled clothes,art cards, and more…


The hours of the gallery are noon to six Thursdays through Saturdays.
On this Day: December 5th 63 BC

Cicero gives his last of the Catiline Orations.

Giant book sale started


The local library has begun their book sale at the 1691 Garcia Street location. Coupons were available for one free item a day on the counters before the sale, and may still be found in the program guide or published in the local weekly paper The Merritt Herald. 

Some great hard cover books are available for 2 dollars  and there is a room full of paperbacks for a dollar a piece.

The book sale goes to Saturday December 9th with new items being unboxed daily.

On this Day: November 28th 1919
Lady Astor Elected to British Parliament.

Book sale

The whole world is published some where
The local public library in Merritt is having a book sale. items will be out on tables at the library. From November 28th-December 9th. ” New books every day”
There are coupons for one free item on the counters and they may be used to have on free item a day.
The Merritt Public Library is at 1691 Garcia street downtown Merritt BC. Open Tuesday through Saturday 10 PM to 5 PM and to 8PM Tuesday and Wednesday.

On this Day:  November  21st 1783

The first untethered hot air balloon flight is made by JF Paltrier de Rozier and FL d’ Arlandes in Paris France.

TGiF- detailed hearings

The Trans mountain expansion is starting hearings on property ownership effected by the twinning project from Edmonton on November 20th 2017.
The Hearings will be held in Alberta ” Detailed Route Hearings” and are run by the National Energy Board.
The starting point for the expansion is the Trans Mountain yard in Sherwood Park AB.

The National Energy Board will begin Detailed Route Hearings to determine whether we have proposed the best possible detailed route for the pipeline and the most appropriate methods and timing for building the pipeline. These hearings will provide an opportunity for landowners and those potentially affected by the Project to share their concerns about the proposed detailed route.


On this Day: November 17th 1979
The Brisbane electrified railway is established.

A Christmas Carol New Version

On this Day: November 15th 1922 the BBC begins broadcasting  radio in the UK.


Works like a Dam


Smart meter installed in trailer court

The provincial hydro utility is giving a challenge to conserve power. To take part join the power smart team, save 10percent on hydro over a year and you are eligible for a 50 dollar prize.


Looking to save money on your electricity bills? Become a member of Team Power Smart and challenge yourself to reduce your home’s electricity use by 10% in the next year. If you’re successful, you can earn a $50 reward.

Along the way, we’ll provide helpful advice, tips and success stories from other team members to keep you motivated.

You’ll also have the opportunity to enter exclusive contests for a great chance to win prizes like an LED lighting package, programmable thermostat, and gift cards.

The not for profit utility is always having conservation initiatives.  And is required not to retain earning but deliver the efficiencies back to the rate payers by lower rates.

You will need an online account to participate.

On this Day: November 1st 1918

Western Ukraine becomes a separate country.



Happy,safe Halloween


Protection display in CPO downtown
File Photo: KDG


 Recommends trick or treat safety

Sunset will be at 5:41, a possibility of scattered showers. Be seen…

Photo source  downtown shop windows.



On this Day: October 31st 2011

The world human population makes 7 billion.

Shoe Fabulous

The Arts council and the Court house gallery are having a show with shoes starting November 3rd. The court house gallery has hosted many shows of diverse art: Here’s some file photo’s  for your enjoyment.


Artist reception is on November 3rd  4pm -7pm

On this Day: October 26th 1861

The pony express service is discontinued.

Garden club


There is a Nicola Valley Garden club here in Merritt, membership 15 dollars, a year and they are having a meeting on Wednesday November 1st at 7PM. Room 4 Merritt civic center, with a speaker presenting on cedar.

Merritt has over a hundred days annually with more then 0.2mm of precipitation. It is 605 meters in elevation, with over 2000 hrs of sunshine per anum. An average of 250 frost free days.

On this Day: October  25 1854

The charge of the light brigade,the battle of Balaclava, in the Crimean war.

Pipeline progress

Drill for dewatering

Drilling equipment for dewatering
Photo KDG

On This Day: October 19th  1900

Black Body radiation is discovered.

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