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Happy Holidays
Photo KDG

The local MLA is hosting hot chocolate after the Christmas Parade on Friday evening. All welcome….

Al and Dense horn are hosting a jam at the CCHoF Saturday, the 25th. The retired couple are fresh from their killing off of Alexander the Great after ten years of fall historical presentations at the Merritt Library. Start time 7 PM,asking for donations.

Their evening is titled Blue Bird Café. The hall of fame is at 2025 Quilchena avenue in Merritt, BC, Ca.

On this Day; November 23rd 1936

Life Magazine is reborn as a photo magazine.



Corn grown in the Nicola Valley
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The River Ranch has had a corn crop for the last few years, this year the bottom land was allowed to flood in part because of water management in the Nicola Lake system that saw the river at high records.

On this Day:  September 6th 2007

An airstrike takes out a nuclear reactor in Syria.



Summer fundraiser

Grass lands producing grass for cattle are in demand for feed lots and dairy cows They feed for winter as well. for meat producers.
Photo KDG ( some believe that protein from soya is a better alternative to grass going through meat.)

Head,Heart, Health ,Hands  are having a summer fundraiser  at the Purity feed store on Voght street in Merritt BC.

They invite  you to come and have a hotdog between the hours of 11 and 3 PM Saturday the 12th of August.

Hotdogs provided by blue sky ranch. Raffle tickets available.

Parking lot paving of Purity Feed store after renovation. File Photo KDG


Cattle on the ranch at Merritt BC; free range


On this Day: August 10th 1990
The Magellan space probe reaches Venus.

Fire smart

The day after a fire on Quilchena avenue sees a fire watch.
File Photo KDG

The City is hosting another Fire Smart seminar  on the 16th at the Merritt Library. Don the Wildfire expert and retired firefighter will once again present the seminar which includes video, pictures and a seminar manual out line. ” If your Home won’t ignite it will not burn”.
The session is free they take registrations at the library desk and it runs from 4:30 to 8 PM.
On this Day: August 9th 1999

The Russian cabinet is fired in whole for the fourth time by the elected  president Boris Yeltsin.



Rodeo weekend in Merritt
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The next cultural event in Merritt is the annual pro rodeo. Sept 2nd and 3rd.

The Merritt Pro rodeo celebrates and perpetuates the agriculture and lifestyle of the ranching community in Merritt and is approaching its 7th decade of operation. Merritt Rodeo Grounds 300 Lindley Road.

Rodeo clowns (some locals) are employed for rider safety.

This will be the an occasion to remember a local pro that lost his life to concussions and the link between football and hockey and other severe contact sports.

Ty Pozzebon never got the privilege of old age however his light burned bright for a time. He won hearts of many competitors. KDG

Ty Pozzebon gone at 25 January 2017.

The local fall fair building brings the farming community together at the end of summer every year.
KDG file photo.

On this Day: August 8th 1929
The airship Graf Zeppelin begins its round the world trip.


Not monopoly,a freebie!


File Photo KDG

The City of Merritt offers the old site of the historic city hall in the downtown as a poetic remedy to downtown parking. The City offices that once had the towns two policemen and cells as well as the library and some of the fire brigade was torn down decades ago. The lot was paved and meters placed. The lot was not used and later after free parking was allowed started to be used.
The downtown core was born in the horse age and was a progressive Edwardian town, however parking was always at a premium in the auto age and non conforming off street parking always a contention.
The plans for a new downtown theater has a parking concerns that may be addressed by reserve funds or opening times. There are only a few blocks in the old downtown core and there are no parking meters in Merritt. What they have done is made extensive walking trails and off lease dog parks available and in a progressive way placed EV chargers and an interesting downtown tourist info center.
The free parking lot is at the corner of Granite and Garcia. The City tourist center at Voght and Mamette adjacent city hall.

Its worth a walk in the clean air and sensible layout.


On this Day: June 22 1825

The British Government ends the feudal system in North America.




TGIF-Max at work

Max a Friesian Stallion
is handled by owner Dr. Paul Molnar

Max the object of attention for the Secret Door Group, (at Brambles Bakery) show this month. Pictured with Dr. Paul Molnar are a number  of the 12 artists that have made a renderings of Max for the May /June show in the Bakery. Max at 16 hands is said to be in the up coming movie The New Planet of the Apes ,coming in June.

The Bakery in the 2100 block of Merritt BC hosts art shows monthly organised by local artist Cassandra Dolan.

On this Day: May 12th 1948

Wilhelmina of the Netherlands cedes the throne.

Swedish Columnar Poplar

Nicola Avenue Beautification
Photo KDG

The new pavement on Nicola avenue in Merritt BC is getting beautification and it includes a type of poplar tree. Swedish Columnar Poplar is also known as Swedish Columnar Aspen. Transplanted at 10 feet it will go to 40 feet in an erect and towering disposition.

They are best grown in full sun.

On this Day: April 18th 1506

The corner- stone of the current St Peters Basilica is laid.


Yard sale, starts now,ends in the spring…

Where are you living... File

File Photo: KD G

The Baillie is having its annual spring yard sale in the historic property located at 2202 Voght in Merritt. The property is run by the local historical society and they show the 1913 Edwardian home after the sale items are removed May 1st to September 30th yearly.

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On this Day: February 2nd 1901
Queen Victoria’s funeral.

TGIF- Walks


New walk on Nicola Avenue from the bridge area of the highway 8 entrance to Merritt and the historic meat market store at the junction of 97c and 5A .

Under the walks new waterlines were laid and pressure tested to 200 psi on a time pressure loss scale. ” 185 psi at the end of the time was within aceptable limits, but it remained at 200 for the test” ( to the corner of Chapman and Nicola at least )

A new waterline under the sidewalk gave an economy to the repave as it saved digging up the exsisting lines under it. No word on the economy of future repairs.

A neighbour says that the meat market building was sold to Koreans as an investment in recent months.


On this Day : October 21st 1879

The first practical light bulb is developed.


Walking the straight and narrow... file photo kDG

Walking the straight and narrow…
file photo KDG

Chinook  salmon in the creeks, leaves turning, film society started. A particular pleasant context to shut out all bad conversations and enjoy the glory of the natural world.


On this day: September 20th 1946

After a 6 year delay for WW11 the Cannes film festival starts.



More pollards, no peace without security:

Across the street from the post office in Merritt is Spirit Square AKA Legacy Square a project of the very successful winter Olympics held in Vancouver . A peaceful and happy event enjoyed by all. Good will was the lot of many cultural backgrounds and fine memories created.

The local community policing office recently moved in from a block over. They renovated the old ware house once owned by the pioneer Armstrong family that operated a department store in the next block( now housing the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame.)  The removable pollards are designed to keep traffic out when occupied by people enjoying the stage and plantings.

Accidents can happen in a moment of time and people who watch out for our security may not be understood when only a lack of freedom of movement is cutailed.


This pollard kept some one off he sidewalk in August.

This pollard part of an infrastructure program was struck by a vehicle
Photo KDG

A pollard at the post office was struck shortly after installation a number of years ago, Mary-Ann ( a local historical fan) pointed out the hazard. ” it kept people on the walk from injury” a source said. It was later removed and not replaced. Go figure….


On this Day: August 31 1997
Diana Princess of Wales dies in a car crash.

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