60,000 liters gasoline delivery ….file Photo KDG

The price of regular gasoline is at $1.12 a liter, and has been that price even this last weekend. This represents a 3 cent drop in recent weeks. It is in the context of the Canadian dollar showing strength. 
Grade school is out now and this could put demand on gas prices so we should plan to keep it under control once again with conservation. 
All five outlets in Merritt are the same price, indicating good supply at this time.
Good luck and thanks for your sensitivity to fuel usage. Please enjoy the summer driving season and maintain a responsible attitude to fuel usage. 
Current trends are prices rising, the lowest price being 93.9 cents, the highest a dollar twenty one .one


On this Day: July 4rth 1634

The city of Trois Rivieres is founded in New France.à


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