Norgaard flag

The flag the flies atop the hill entering Merritt from the west highway 8, it is kept by the ready mix company that owns the land and gravel pit. File Photo KDG

Canada got its flag from the minority government of Lester Person in the 1960s. Replacing the red ensign with a Union Jack in the corner it was the result of  a poll sent out with a  3 choice question  to all Canadians. the choice of a single maple leaf  was widely excepted and is an example of successful consultation around the world.

The record of parliament does not reflect this acceptance as closure on the debate was necessary. The fact that many personal preferences of politicians such as the “Pearson Pennant” were not taken may be in part the reason for public  acceptance.

Prime Minister  made June 15th 1996 flag day after coming to office in the 1993 election.

Editors note: There are many people of good will and make fine choices for parliament however there is a saying that patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel,( worst case)  combine that with  nationalism and you may have trouble,you be the judge…

After sitting 210 days, an extended parliamentary session ends in December 1964 as the House of Commons votes for closure on the flag debate. The motion, introduced by the ruling Liberal party, puts an end to a wild session of name-calling and intricate political manoeuvering. Opposition leader John Diefenbaker says closure is bad for the parliamentary system and accuses Pearson of trying to impose his flag on the people. New Democratic Party leader Tommy Douglas says he’s glad to see an end to the Progressive Conservative filibuster, although the Liberals are to blame because they pushed for the maple leaf flag. Liberal member of Parliament John Matheson says the new design’s use of the national colours of red and white, rather than blue, is more “correct” for Canada because blue harks back to the Queen.        Source CBC


On this Day: June 15th 1996

Flag day is proclaimed ..