The May 9th election saw a possible hung parliament! We gave 43 seats of the 87 to the incumbent Liberal government. Forty one seats to the last opposition party and three to independents.
A minority government passing a budget could happen if the independents support a confidence vote. If the speaker comes from either the opposition or the independents then it would be a hung parliament with out the independents vote as the speaker must support the status quo.
The government will run out of budget sometime before the end of the calendar year, that leaves warrants until the 5 year constitutional rule that no government can last more then 5 years should apply.
If no other party comes to the support of the liberal government by taking the speakers chair or voting to pass a confidence motion then the writ of 2013 should expire and an election should occur.
That gives basically a year of status quo to enjoy, you can hardly buy that for love or money! Parliament is going to be recalled on June 22nd the first oppurtunity for a speaker…

On this Day: June 9th 1934

Donald Duck makes his film debut.