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The local Merritt high school is having its 2017 graduation on June 23rd (First Nations June 8th).

November 2017 will see the iconic Canada Savings Bond and symbol of a secure future discontinued. Gifts for grads are a great thing the style and presentation seals a moment important to the rest of your life.

November 2017.
Given the overall decline in sales, the access to alternative investments vehicles for consumers and the administration and management costs of the program, the Canada Savings Bonds Program is no longer a main component of the federal debt management strategy. The Government of Canada is able to source funding at a more cost effective rate by issuing wholesale debt.
The Government of Canada reassures Canadians that any unmatured CSBs or CPBs are safe and guaranteed, and bonds will continue to be honoured until the time of redemption or maturity, whichever comes first. Source Government of Canada.

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Editors Note:

Canada Savings Bonds :were talked up as a go to when the Chretien government was dealing with a derivative bubble and a sense that too many foreign counties held our debt some decades ago. Gold five dollar coins have about to same value as a 1000 dollar bond, however there is not enough gold in the world for everyone to have an 5  dollar Canadian gold coin.

On this Day: June 6th 1974

Sweden becomes a Parliamentary Monarchy.