Know as the trans-mountain apartments Photo KDG


Know as the trans-mountain apartments, they remain a legacy from inter provincial construction six decades ago.
Photo KDG
The photo above shows the building with buds in full bloom known as the trans mountain apartments to some. Built for the pipeline six decades ago it shows that Merritt has always had a drive for a future.
Two new offices are going into the Community Futures building on Voght in Merritt. Community futures was the product of Western Economic Diversification when the Canadian Government removed the crow rate rail subsidy that helped industry get their product west of Ontario and Quebec. The rail subsidy was a huge part of nation building and east west dynamics in Canada.

Free trade later made things like the auto pact with the Americans and tariffs less of a concern to Canada’s nation builders.
Editors Note: World trade is said to have lifted 900 million people world wide from poverty, but has problems associated with it.
The offices are at 2185B Voght street in Merritt and is shared with the local transit authority.

The carpenter that did the renovation said he was a qualified Red Shield Journeyman, Red Shield is an program developed in recent years giving recognition to trades across provincial barriers.

On this Day: May 19th 1743

Jean- Pierre Christin develops the centigrade system of temperature measurement.