500 volt 120 amp quick charger
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There are a least 13 more EV chargers coming to the Kootenay region of BC through 2018. BC Hydro is installing them and they are the quick version. The 13 planned additions follow the US Border to near the Alberta border going east from Greenwood then go north along the Alberta border to Rogers pass. To side ways roads go to Sparwood and Field being the closest to exiting BC for Alberta.
The 13 are promised by the end of 2018.

Billed as Canada’s first regional and community-driven strategy to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles, Accelerate Kootenays kicked off the big push with the opening of a DC fast charge station in Cranbrook. Gone will be the days when longer electric vehicle trips in the region were marathon “making the most of it” affairs that might involve going on a local hike while your car “trickle-charged” for hours at a local campground. Source BC Hydro

Best Western under construction in Merritt includes EV stations
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