A Bus used by firefighters from New Mexico, in a local motel lot.
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Photo KDG

The City and rescue bunch are having a Wild fire Community Readiness Day on Saturday May 6th. The training will include a 3 hour controlled burn at the park of Central Park off Vought street, next to the RCMP station. Fire Smart Canada

Controlled burning of grass was an annual thing here decades ago before being stopped due to concerns over air quality. The Canadian Pacific railway would burn the right of ways along the tracks and  put nitrogen into the back into the soil. As well as reduce the chance of damage do to uncontrolled fire.

The major news groups are reporting that California is employing goats at this time to accomplish some of the same results.

The City of Merritt anticipates conducting additional burns within the municipality in the coming months, targeting priority areas identified in the Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP).  An information bulletin will be distributed in advance of these burns. Fire Chief


An emphasis on some sort of fire awareness the pointer reading low risk today.
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On this Day: May 2nd 1918

General Motors buys Chevrolet.

Old fire truck on display, 100 years old the city has displays of what hey have July 2011
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