ground hog

Urban living: this marmot takes advantage of a concrete pad for shelter.
Photo KDG

Its good to be right, then you can go by your own name Ground Hog…

The April meeting of the local Naturalists is on April 20th at 7PM a graduate student of UBC will be presenting on the flora of the Arctic, in particular berries.

Sarah Desrosiers is a local graduate student pursuing her degree at the University of British Columbia. She has worked with Inuit elders, youth and land users in the Canadian Arctic for six years. She is collaborating with communities to help document, preserve and promote traditional knowledge of plants for foods, materials and medicine. Sarah will discuss her involvement with a community-supported berry-monitoring program in Kugluktuk, Nunavut. She will also talk about the importance of building capacity for youth to engage with the local environment as a way for healing and well-being. This will be a very interesting ethnobotanical talk.

The meeting  is at the NVIT Lecture theater top of the hill on Belshaw avenue in Merritt, membership or donation  requested. No food or beverages in the Lecture theater.

On this Day: March 30th 1905
Born Mikio Oda, Japanese track and field competitor.