Symbols are a funny thing, sometimes used to reinforce power there gets to be a hand behind them. Sometimes random events bring symbols together  and there is a feeling that they need interpretation  so that our conscious minds ( if only that )can attempt action.

On Saturday last I noticed a new beaver swimming in the Nicola River here in Merritt it was headed downstream to the foot bridge area behind the Merritt Desert Inn. There it had a 4 inch in circumference root peeled back about six feet and protruding over the flow of water. There it was laying about a foot above the river on the stripped white wood, seemingly relaxed.

It looked so relaxed in its perch you would think it was a nesting bird.

The thought  struck me that the fact that his plate was secure made him feel more secure and happy. An affinity  began to develop and a distant memory of a time I was fishing through the Ice with a preschool youngster who was much taken by the small fish we were pulling through the ice with corn as bait. He abandoned his desire to see fish pulled through the ice when ne appeared with the yellow corn kernel outside its mouth. ” Ah he was just hungry” and that was it for our fish gathering that day.

Food security is a common need, according to councillors  its one of the three that need to be filled before social abilities are fully useful. The hundred KG gold Canadian coin taken from the museum in Germany on the weekend was an interesting symbol with the queen on the front I wonder if it was a Nickel Coin with our national symbol the beaver on it, and what that symbol means to those over there?

Canadian Beaver
File Photo KDG

Peace and security to you and yours.

On this Day: March 28th 1920