Anglican church interior, Merritt BC File Photo KDG

Anglican church interior, Merritt BC
File Photo KDG

The local Anglican community has a church and alter as well as some missions on local reserves in the BC interior. The alter solemnizes marriages and does services. the Church also have a kitchen in a hall that gives a free hot meal once a week to anyone with no questions asked. Because of dwindling numbers they sometimes share services with the United Church of Canada, kitty corner from them on Chapman Street in Merritt.

A matter of some confusion for Anglicans elsewhere in the world is that while the Anglican Church of Canada is a province of the Anglican Communion, the Ecclesiastical Province of Canada is merely one of four such ecclesiastical provinces of the Anglican Church of Canada. This confusion is furthered by the fact that Canada has ten civil provinces along with three territories

Marriage is a personal affair, many civil unions are tremendously successful.

On this Day: January 25th 1533

Henry the Eighth of England takes his second wife Anne Boleyn.