Alan Burger and a speaker discuss a presentation, File Photo KDG

Alan Burger and a speaker
File Photo KDG

The Nicola Naturalists are starting their winter program that includes an eagle count.The group is a member of the BC Naturalists and information is shared, it is also a registered non profit and has a track record.

Sunday 15th January – Nicola Valley Swan/Eagle count with Wayne Weber
Meeting place & time:  Merritt Civic Centre at 08:30 to car-pool.

Each year there is a mid-winter count of swans and eagles in the Southern Interior of B.C., with participants from many areas. A few members of the Nicola Naturalists have participated in past years.
Because of increasing interest by birders, in 2017 and future years, Wayne is organizing a special outing with all NNS members welcome to join in.
Duration: About 8:30 AM to 4 PM. (The count should take all or most of the day). Please bring a lunch and a hot drink!  Leader:  Wayne Weber
Area covered: Nicola River from Merritt to Nicola Lake; entire shoreline of Nicola Lake; Nicola River from Nicola Lake to Spahomin (Douglas Lake); Nicola River up to Douglas Lake P.O.  (NOTE: The Nicola River from Merritt west to Spences Bridge will be covered by a separate group, and will not be part of the main field trip.)

The Society will also start its winter presentation program on Thursday January 19th at  7 pm and are hosting the Nicola Tribal association in a presentation on salmon.

Thursday January 19th 2017, 7 PM at NVIT Lecture Theatre: Tracy Wimbush (Nicola Tribal Association) –  Salmon and salmon habitat in the Nicola Valley

The Nicola River system is the breeding site of important stocks of salmon, some of which are seriously depleted and threatened. Salmon are an important focus for local First Nations in the Nicola Valley. Tracy Wimbush is the program manager for the Nicola Tribal Association. She also works closely with the Nicola Lake Steering Committee, BC First Nations Fisheries Council, Esk’kn’am Management Committee, and is the Mandated Representative for two bands on the Fraser Salmon Management Council. She has been actively working to conserve and rebuild the local Early Chinook Stock that return to the Nicola System. Her talk will be about the Chinook and the work around them.

The local tribal council had a Salmon Count on the Cold water river, in Merritt that ended before Christmas. The study involved a ” unique trap, first in North America” according to the operator. The study was for Coho according to the operator and the the postings by the tribal council. The presentation on the 19th is on Chinook and the Fraser as well as the Nicola River system.

There is free parking at NVIT no food or beverages in the lecture theater. Admission is open to the public a membership or donation is requested.

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