Home show

Home show before opening doors, Dreams for viewing
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The feeling is awful when you lock keys inside or you wonder if the door is locked at home. There is coming available remote keypad/app/remote house locks.
there is a risk involved those that are early optors as not all situations may have been addressed, however it has been sometime since Telus and hydro have promoted the futuristic. smart homes, while some things may be less then practical it would seem that remote locking and unlocking would be an empowerment.

The lock can be operated remotely by mobile device, by keypad or by old-fashioned key. There’s the ability to set it up to lock automatically a few seconds or minutes after each time it’s closed, and friends or contractors can gain access with their own temporary keypad codes.source BC Hydro.

Before you trust Uber to drive your car perhaps it would be good to be versed in controlling your front entry to your home remotely.

On this Day: December 15th 2009
Boeings 787 Dreamliner take its first public flight.